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Torah Reader: Joseph Marciano
Dvar Torah - Rabbi David Silberberg,
Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash
We read in Parashat Teruma of the aron – the ark in the
Mishkanwhich contained the two stone tablets which Moshe brought
from Mount Sinai. The ark was made of wood and plated with gold
inside and out (25:10-11).
The Da’at Zekeinimm mi-Ba’alei Ha-Tosefot cites a theory
claiming that it would have been appropriate for the aron, the most
sacred article in the Mishkan, to have been made of pure gold. The
reason it was made of wood and only plated with gold, according to
this view, is because the ark was transported through the wilderness
by the Leviyim on their shoulders, and if it would have been made
entirely from gold, it would have been too heavy for the Leviyim to
carry. In order to enable the Leviyim to carry thearon, God
commanded that it be made of wood, instead of gold.
As the Da’at Zekeinim then notes, this theory must account for
the Gemara’s famous comment in Masekhet Sota (35a) that “aron
nosei et nos’av” – the aron did not need to be carried. The aron
miraculously floated through the air, and in fact it even carried those
who outwardly appeared to carry it. Why, then, would the ark’s weight
matter? If theLeviyim did not actually carry the aron, it might as well
have been made of pure gold. The answer given, as the Da’at
Zekeinim cites, is “lefi sha’a haya” – meaning, the miracle of “aron
nosei et nos’av” was not permanent. The Gemara mentions this event
in discussing Benei Yisrael’s crossing the Jordan River, when the
river miraculously dried up when the kohanim who were carrying the
aron stepped into the water. As soon as the last member of Benei
Yisrael reached the other side, the Gemara relates, the waters
returned, and the ark then miraculously “carried its carriers” over the
water across the river. According to the view cited by Da’at Zekeinim,
the Gemara refers to a one-time phenomenon, where the people
February 21, 5775
Torah Reading pg.444
Haftorah pg.1157
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Dvar Torah
carrying the ark miraculously floated through the
air above the water. At all other times, the ark
needed to be carried, and thus it may be said
that the ark was not made of pure gold so that it
could be carried without too much difficulty.
But the Da’at Zekeinim then questions
this claim, based on the Gemara’s ensuing
discussion concerning the tragedy of Uza. As
we read in Sefer Shemuel II (6), David had the
aron brought to Jerusalem in a festive procession,
until the aron, which was being transported in a
wagon, was jostled and appeared to start falling.
Uza, who was riding alongside the ark, put out
his hand to support it, and was immediately killed.
The Gemara explains that Uza should have
known that if the ark “carried its carriers,” then
certainly it was capable of supporting itself, and
he thus should not have held the ark to prevent it
from falling. The implication of the Gemara’s
comments, the Da’at Zekeinim observes, is that
the ark always “carried” those who were
ostensibly carrying it, and this did not only occur
at the time Benei Yisrael crossed the Jordan
River. The Da’at Zekeinim leaves this question
unresolved. An answer to this question emerges
from the comments of the Maharal, in his
Chiddushei Aggadot (Sota). The Maharal
explains the concept of “aron nosei et nos’av” to
mean that at times when the spiritual power of
the ark was manifest, it carried those who were
assigned to carry it. And thus when the ark
caused the waters of the Jordan River to retreat,
it also carried the kohanim over the river. The
Maharal claims that this was true also during the
time of King David, and thus Uza should have
anticipated that the ark was capable of supporting
itself. According to the Maharal, then, the ark
did not always carry itself, and thus it may be
theorized that it was not made of gold because it
would then have been too heavy to transport.
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Mazel Tov to Dr. Hymie and Rome
Fox on the forthcoming marriage of
their daughter, Aylee Fox to Dr. Sol
Azouz. Mazel Tov as well to Sol’s
parents, Dr. David and Angie Azouz,
of Dallas,Texas.
Mazel Tov to Dr. Barend Zack and Judy
Boxer Zack on the occasion of the birth
a new baby daughter. Mazel Tov to
grandparents Dr. Jack & Tannis Boxer
and Dr. Philip and Judy Zack.
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