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Merak Peep
Economic evaluation and decline analysis software
Economics, business planning,
and decision making for upstream
oil and gas
Make investment decisions with
greater confidence
Introduce more structured
processes and analysis throughout
your organization
Improve the consistency of your
economic evaluations
Incorporate risk and capture
probabilistic analysis
Standardized fiscal models for diverse
global investment opportunities
Customizable interfaces for engineers,
geoscientists, and economists
Plug-ins to manage challenging industry
User-managed document permission
settings for security
Merak* Peep economic evaluation and decline analysis software is used to calculate the
economics of projects close to home and around the world. The software enables users to
enter figures, run calculations, and report the results, and then use this information to make plans.
Once production data, prices, capital costs, and operating costs have been entered, Merak Peep
software will apply the taxes and royalties needed for the relevant fiscal regime and calculate the
results. This information can then be used to forecast economics based on indicators such as net
present value (NPV), rate of return (ROR), and before- and after-tax cash flow (BTCF and ATCF).
Economic data you can trust
Merak Peep software enables you to have confidence in your valuations—you can use common
price files, inflation and exchange rates, discount rates, and methods to ensure that everyone in
your organization uses the same assumptions.
You can also make easy and rapid corporate consolidations, building up corporate hierarchies
with the click of a mouse and rerunning corporate consolidations with different assumptions
to better understand potential corporate value.
Standardized fiscal models
Fiscal models define how costs are treated and revenues are calculated, and can be based
on jurisdiction, political region, or geographic area.
Using Merak Peep software, you can choose models from the Merak Fiscal Model Library (FML),
which provides researched, transparent, and auditable models that are updated regularly.
Alternatively, you can create your own custom models.
Create “what if” scenarios
Besides analyzing actual data, you can also analyze “what if” scenarios. For example, if the data
from last year is in a Merak Peep case already and you have forecasted next year’s production,
you can create a new scenario (e.g., a significant change in oil price or delayed well shut-in) and
try different numbers and ideas without having to commit to them. Reports can then be generated
and the results compared to existing data.
Calculate and report data
Merak Peep enables you to refine your “what if” scenarios throughout the year and, at the end of
the year, present your best ideas. With the powerful Merak Peep calculation engine, you can rely
on your numbers—no need to spend time checking them.
After the numbers are calculated, you can create a report—standard reports are available and are
completely customizable. Exactly how the reports are generated is up to you, but once created
they can be viewed on-screen, printed, or exported to numerous file formats, including
Microsoft Excel, HTML, and tab-delimited files.
Analyze risk
Using the Monte Carlo simulation method in Merak Peep software, you can determine the
expected value (EV) of a project—create cases for all possible outcomes, weight them based
on the probability of each outcome, and then roll up the results to produce the EV. This feature
requires a Merak Development Tool Kit license (sold separately).
Merak Peep
Merak Peep software with the Merak Fiscal Model Library includes a complete
suite of reports that detail every calculation for the project, contractor, company,
and partner—customized reports can be built to address specific needs.
Integrated risking allows Merak Peep users to quickly generate a tornado chart or
calculate a Monte Carlo simulation (shown here) within their familiar Merak Peep
Analyze sensitivity
Merak Peep SDK
Through the use of spider or tornado diagrams, it is possible to determine
which inputs (e.g., capital, operating costs, or production) have the
greatest impact on a selected economic result. For example, if the
price of oil doubles, you will be able to discover how it affects your ROR.
Similarly, if your reserves volume is less than expected, you will know
to what degree this is likely to reduce your BTCF.
Forecast production and estimate reserves
The Decline Analysis module allows you to import data from your data
vendor or other Schlumberger products (e.g., OFM* well and reservoir
analysis software or ECLIPSE* reservoir simulation software) and
generate production forecasts or material-balance calculations. This
enables you to fine-tune your forecasts by including or excluding data
for a best-fit curve, then manually adjust them while Merak Peep
automatically recalculates the recoverable reserves.
Using volumetrics, gas material balance, or decline analysis—combined
with economic calculations—you will know the bottom line in terms of
cash flow or reserves. You can then create plots and reports based on
different analysis options.
The Merak Peep SDK (software development kit) is a collection
of documentation, code templates, code samples, and assemblies
that developers can use to extend and enhance the capabilities of
the application. The kit enables innovation and offers oil and gas
companies—as well as third-party developers—the ability to tailor
the application to their specific business needs and to address
challenges that may be unique to their auditing, planning, and
evaluation processes.
Secure data
The Merak Peep Security module enables your company to
maintain all data within one database. This module allows you to
Integrate economics and reserves
The Merak VOLTS Integrated Economics functionality enables closer
integration between Merak Peep and Merak VOLTS software. Through
a single system, this provides seamless integration of the volumes and
values related to reserves and resources.
Decisions you can trust
By rolling up information grouped by geographic area or price forecast,
for example, you can see the total value of these groups at a corporate
level and on a global scale. All information collected, forecasted,
calculated, and analyzed can be brought into focus to show you
the overall picture. With confidence in your numbers, you will be
able to make decisions you can trust.
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maintain all data within a single database
set permissions for individual users or user groups on a documentby-document basis
lock data that needs to be maintained at a corporate-wide level,
such as prices, fiscal models, inflation, exchange and discount
rates, and methods
allow users to view or edit only the data that pertains to them.
Your company administrator can accomplish all of the above tasks
through the Merak Administration Console utility.
E-mail [email protected] or contact your local Schlumberger
representative to learn more.