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The New Paris Church of the Brethren PURPOSE STATEMENT, as
adopted by the Church Board: The New Paris Church of the Brethren exists to
proclaim God’s Word, share God’s love and acceptance, and encourage
spiritual growth, for the glory of God and our neighbor’s good.
The New Paris Neighbor
March, 2015
I am ready for warmer weather. Yes, I said I am
ready for warmer weather. Did anyone pass out after
reading this statement. Have I gone completely bonkers? Well not exactly. I am experiencing something
I did when I was on blood thinner before. I had kind
of forgotten this; when I take blood thinner it makes me cold. Now I am sure I
still have the ability to sweat, but this is different for me.
Some of you have noticed. I have had many comments that I am wearing
long sleeve shirts on Sunday mornings. Some of you have caught me wearing
a hat while I am working at my computer. I usually don't wear a hat inside a
building, especially a Church but I have to tell you it feels pretty good.
The last couple of days I have been wearing a long sleeve shirt and a pull
over sweatshirt. This has brought some more
comments. Now I know this is winter and in winter
we experience cold weather. So I am not wishing
my life away; saying I can't wait until warmer
weather arrives. I am simple stating that I will be
ready for it once it comes. If you are on Facebook, perhaps you have seen this cartoon on the
right. The cow is looking for grass and has captured the snow man. She is at the ready with a
hair dryer if the snowman tries to be cute. Now
please, I am not endorsing terrorism or torture
with this cartoon. I am not making light of the people who are going through terrible times even as we roll merrily along in our
lives. I simply thought the cartoon was cute and wanted to share it with you.
This has been a different fall and winter for Nancy and I. Please understand, I am not complaining. We have it good, so many people are really facing more difficult circumstances. So understand, I am simply sharing what has
been going on in our lives. As we began 2014, we would have never expected
to both be in the hospital before the year ended. Nancy has been to the hospital more than me, having some surgeries and babies. This was only my third
trip to the hospital. Many of you ask how I am doing. I really feel good, I am
breathing better when I walk. It's been a challenge to get my blood as thin as they
want, but it seems to be OK now. Through this experience, I heard two things that
will be with me for the rest of my life, unless the Lord intervenes. My doctor says I
will be taking warfarin, the generic of coumadin for the rest of my life, because my
leg is still trying to make blood clots and my heart went out of sinus rhythm. I have
also been told, as long as I am on warfarin, I cannot donate blood.
I was always afraid to give blood as a kid. One time, a relative needed blood, so
I gathered up my courage and gave. Much to my wonder and surprise, it was nothing to it. So after that experience, I gave every two months as I was able.
So just about the time I was starting to feel normal again, Nancy had a series of
things happen to her. First she went to the hospital for four days. We were both
concerned that she had another stroke, but they said it was the flue. I was really
surprised they admitted her with the flu as her diagnosis. Perhaps her blood counts
were off, because she was really not herself. She couldn't get out of chairs, walk or
think very well. She had trouble driving. So for sure something was up.
Due to her hospital stay, we spent Christmas in Indiana. I believe this was the
first time this happened since we live in Indiana. Nancy was very weak and we didn't want to get her run down with the trip and activity that went with the Godfrey
Family Christmas. It was a good choice, even though we missed seeing everyone.
So we rested and had the Indiana Godfrey Christmas on January 2nd. And we
couldn't have pulled that off without the work and assistance of our daughter-inlaws and sons. So we were hoping that Nancy would be close to normal, as we
came back to work in January. What we are noticing though; we don't seem to get
back to where we were anymore. Having ministered to aging persons, I know this
to be true. It's just that we aren't the ones aging, are we? 
Oh yes we are. So with the holidays over we thought we were ready to tackle
2015. However, Nancy contacted the stomach bug. Actually, most of the Indiana
Godfrey's got it. I had it about a week earlier. I tried very hard not to spread it to
anyone. For me it was only diarrhea, it was bad but I was able to make it through
without losing work time. The strain everyone else contacted added vomiting. It hit
Nancy and hit her hard. Several more lost days of work for her.
Well, the days came and went and Nancy was feeling better. Finally I thought,
she can feel more like a normal person now. We woke up on a Wednesday morning and it was icy outside. I left for the office and slipped. I went back in the house
and told Nancy to be careful. A little while later, my phone rang. Nancy had fallen
and she couldn't get up. I went over to the steps and got her up and she was hurting. She was able to work, but was in a lot of pain. On the day of the fall, she began turning black and blue. I thought, oh my this will not be pretty. Nancy bruises
easily and boy oh boy, she had many colors on her. After a few days she was
black, blue, green. She was all kinds of weird colors. She had fallen on her side so
her ribs were bruised, her neck and head hurt. Nancy's doctor said that no bones
were broken, that her healing time would be painful.
Add to this the fact that Nancy's mother and sister have been in the hospital
This is always hard when we are a good distance away. Of course we are always
concerned about the health and well being of my parents too. Can we say ahhhhh.
As I type this, I believe Nancy is as healthy as she has been in 2015. And we
are praising the Lord God for this. We are not just praising him because Nancy is
well, we want to praise him always whether good or bad things are happening.
As I type this, I am again reminded how fortunate we are. This week a family
will bury their 7 year old daughter, Bridget. She was a student of Nadine Godfrey
and is also a student of Rachel Stiver. Nadine has Bridget's sister in class this
year. This is not the first child this family has lost. I can only imagine their pain.
This week 21 Egyptian Christians were beheaded. Their crime? Loving Jesus
Christ as their Lord and Savior. We read the horror of Boko Haram and the killings of thousands of Christians. It is beyond our ability to comprehend what is
happening to Christ believers
And those little things I told you about that Nancy and I have gone through are
nothing but a drop in the proverbial bucket. How are we as Christians to respond? My first thoughts are not always very godly.
But then scripture reminds me of the way we are called to respond as Christ
believers. Philippians 4:10-13 10 I rejoice greatly in the Lord that at last you
have renewed your concern for me. Indeed, you have been concerned, but you
had no opportunity to show it. 11 I am not saying this because I am in need, for I
have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. 12 I know what it is to be
in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being
content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in
plenty or in want. 13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
We may want to do more. We must remember, for grace age believers, this
world is not our home. We are just passing through. Anytime we face injustice in
this life, it will be corrected by the Lord God either here or in eternity. Losing our
life because we believe in Christ is not the worst thing that can happen to us.
Think about it, the believers killed by these horrible terrorists are out of this
world's awful situations. They are in the very presence of Christ.
One of my friends lost his mother recently. He said something to this effect.
Mom is now in the place where I long to be. Death is not a bad thing for the believer. It is a promotion, a place where all is fair and nothing ever goes wrong.
There is no evil there, no death, the tears are wiped away. It will be more fantastic than the words in our worldly vocabulary can describe.
Neither you nor I know how this terrorism against Christians is going to end.
We know of the eventual ending but we don't know where we are in regards to
God's timetable. Right now individual countries are taking on ISIS and Boko
Haram. Perhaps the Lord God will use a more united army from many countries
to punish the perpetrators on this earth.
Perhaps we are approaching the time when Jesus Christ will call His body to
heaven. After this, the tribulation will come. I don't know, you don't know and it is
not important for us to know.
What is important is to believe the gospel of grace. 2 Timothy 1:11-12 11 And
of this gospel I was appointed a herald and an apostle and a teacher. 12 That is
why I am suffering as I am. Yet I am not ashamed, because I know whom I have
believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him
for that day. And what do believers entrust to Christ? Our lives and once we
accept the finished work of the cross He says He will never let go of us.
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow; in Christian love, Pastor Stan
Second Sunday of Lent
“Prophecy vs. Tongue”
1 Corinthians 14:1—5
The Gift of Tongue has been used by some as a salvation test.
You are saved if you can speak in tongue; you are not if you
can't. In this message, we look at the history of tongue and
how it compares with the gift of prophecy.
Third Sunday of Lent
“Tongue Interpreted”
1 Corinthians 14:6—19
This message begins talking about an order that needs to be in the
Church. Oh, do you mean when we should take up the offering, pray,
give announcements and such? No I am talking about our worship being
orderly and not confusing to the ones worshiping. The first order that we
will be concerned with is the use of tongue in the worship service.
Fourth Sunday of Lent
“Tongue, A Sign”
1 Corinthians 14:20—25
This message continues with the Holy Spirit's concern that more people
would be saved. If someone is speaking another language to an English
only audience without an English interpreter or if someone is speaking in
tongue without an interpreter how is anyone going to benefit
from this message? They probably won't, in fact,
it may drive people away from Christ's Church.
Fifth Sunday of Lent
“Order in the Church”
1 Corinthians 14:26-40
Oh how these verses have been taken out of context.
Some of these verses are used to wrongly prove that Paul
was a woman hater. If we approach these verses sensibly
and in context, we can see these instructions are
given to have order in our worship.
5th Sunday—Food Pantry Day
Palm Sunday
“Why a Blood Sacrifice?”
Love Feast and Communion
Romans 3:23
What we now call Palm Sunday was the day the Hebrews selected that
perfect lamb for the Passover sacrifice and service. Some people really
get grossed out about the blood of sacrificial animals, even the blood
of Christ. In this message we will see the spilling of blood for sin is an
absolute for our salvation. We will look at three absolutes of scripture.
Experiencing the loss of loved ones: Baldridge Family, Loss of 20 year old Tyrel;
Everette/Wenger Families, loss of Tom; Miller Family, loss of 7 year old Bridgett; Miller/
Whitehead/Fox Families Loss of Marge, also a sister-in-law of the late Owen Fox; Mishler
Family, Loss of June; Morrison Family, Loss of Jr. High age son, Dillon; Umbaugh Family,
loss of Mike.
Experiencing/recovering from health problems: Sandi Bollinger, Anna Bowman, Margaret Clayton, Casey Drudge, Christy Emmons, Harper Garris, Janet Gladfelter, Jane Holdeman, Lillian Hughes, Reed & Shirley Juday, Lee Kurtz, John Martin, Susan Mathews, Judy
Miller; Jean, Kermit & Mary Mishler, Bob, Ken & Pat Nettrouer, Doris Runyan, Erin Smeltzer's grandfathers, Rachel Stiver, Greg Stump, Diane Symensma, Dorothy & Sam Troyer,
Jamie Yoder
Babies-Toddlers: Babies with Bells, Sarah Ewing, 2 Church pregnancies
Other Concerns: Brandon Bickel, College Students, Al McFarren, grandson of Norm/Vera
Reynolds, also Stephanie; Penny Williams; Kidnapped Nigerian girls, especially Tabitha
Pogu; COB CHURCH in Nigeria, Youth Program; Unnamed Requests
Those living with serious illness: Alzheimer’s: Fayne Abel, Annie Ashby, Lori Cripe,
Bob Jackson, Janet Miller. Diabetes: Bob Waters, Jr. Cancer: Amanda Arnold, Melissa
Bebout, Gene Benedict, Bonnie Best, Linda Brown, Aubrey Clayton, Brandon Cripe, Dennis
Cox, Thelma Gibson, Patrick Green, Shane Hapner, Marilyn Hughes, Jeannie Kehr, Rewanda Kirt, Elberta Landenberger, Rosemary Lerew, Rosetta Laudermilk, Norma Jean
McClure, Bernard Meir, Jackie, LaVerta Miller, Dick Nettrouer, Greg Patton, Bob Plummer,
Mark Pope, Lisa Rogers, Kai Sanborn, Kenny Smucker, Laurie Sukow, Lon Symensma,
Shirley Unley, Karen Williams, Cheryl Yoder. Heart: Bill Alfrey, Kathleen Brunk, Cleora
Cauffman, Susan Conrad, Carolyn Fields, Norma Hershberger, Daryl Hovey, Cindy, Ervin
& Zoda Miller, Marge Neterer, Myron Oesh, Jim Parsons, Norm & Vera Reynolds, Loyal
Rogers, Phyllis Showalter, Ray Vira, Sandra Witham, Jamie & Wilma Yoder, Melissa Zimmerman Liver: Jerrold Kauffman, Kathy Scott, MS: Barb Arbor, Fran Gingerich, Pat
Hammond, Lisa Pluska, Sandy Thurn. Parkinson’s: Jim Altizer, Geraldine Gooch, Jay
Graber, Dale Slenker.
Our Shut-Ins: Gene Bitting, Eleanor Eisenhour, Bettie Igney, Evelyn Johnson, Janice Lantz,
Dorothy Larson, John Loucks, Eunice Marchand, Marilyn Smith, Bob & Marge Stiver.
Our Missionaries: The Bells in Kenya, Africa; Becky Keister, Sharon Bruckhart, David &
Veola Bucher, Blaine & Sheila Copenhaver, IU Christian Fellowship; Linc & Kaye
Myers Family in Budapest Hungary; Pat & Karen Myers Family in New Zealand, Karen
Neff in Taiwan; Lorinda Newcomer, TNT China, Ken & Janet Winebark.
Our Country, Government & the children of this community.
Those in Leadership: Pastor Stan and family, Deacons, Church Board & Commissions.
In the Armed Service: Michael Brown, Joseph Cole, Kari Copenhaver, Matt Hall, Nick
Manges, Andrew Mooney, Eric Marhover, Chad Sechrist, Owen & Daniel Stech.
How many years was Satan to be imprisoned in a bottomless pit?
(Revelation 20:2-3)
Which disciple was called the Rock, upon which Jesus would build a
church and the “gates of hell shall not prevail against it”?
In Jesus’ Parable of the Rich Man, who was in heaven with Abraham?
(Luke 16:19-23)
In John’s vision, who was cast alive into a lake off fire burning with
brimstone? (Revelation 19:20)
5. Which Prophet found himself in a strange predicament which he described in the words: “Out of the belly of hell cried I”? (Jonah 2:2)
6. Who has the keys of hell and death? (Revelation 1:18)
7. According to David who would be “turned into hell”? (Psalm 9:17)
8. Who did Jesus call “the child of hell”? (Matthew 23:15)
Which book of the Bible contains many references to hell?
10. In which of Jesus’ teachings did he say: “And if thy right hand offend
thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one
of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be
cast into hell”? (Matthew 5:30)
Answers on Page 10
May your thoughts be on God today,
As His are on you constantly.
Do You Want a Church Filled With
Young Families
Let’s be honest about why we might want young families in our Church. Are
we saying we want these rare and valuable Young Families for what they can give
What if – instead – the “why” of this demographic quest is about feeding souls and
sharing authentic community? I always hoped – as a young mom – that church
would provide adults that could help me nurture my children. I always wanted to
know that – if my kids couldn’t come to me or my husband with a problem – they
would have other trustworthy adults to whom they could go (and they did.)
Young families are great. Old families are great. Families made up of child-free
couples are great. Families of single people are great. Imagine if every church
simply wanted to Bring In Broken People. Now that’s a church.
The culture in which we live and move and have our being has changed, but we
are killing ourselves trying to maintain a dated congregational culture. News
flash: Families of every kind are drawn to communities that are in touch with real
life. So how can we be the kind of congregation that welcomes Young Families for
more than their energy and wallets? We can:
1. Be real. Deal with real issues in sermons, classes, retreats, conversations,
2. Listen to parents’ concerns. Listen to children’s concerns.
3. Ask how we can pray for them. And then pray for them.
4. Allow/encourage messiness. Noses will run and squirming will ensue. There
might be running. There will definitely be noise.
5. Check our personal Stink Eye Quotient. Do we grimace when a baby
cries? Do we frown when the kids are wearing soccer uniforms?
6. Refrain from expecting everyone to be the church like we have always been
the church.
7. Help parents, grandparents, and all adults become equipped to minister to children and youth. How can we learn to offer such loving hospitality to the younger
people in our midst that they will always experience church as home?
8. Do not use children as cute props. Yes they say the darndest things during
children’s stories, but they are not there to entertain us. —-> Cont. or Page 15
9. Give parents a break. Really. Help struggling parents get coats and hats on
their kids. Hold an umbrella. Assist in wiping spills.
10. Give parents a break administratively. Make it easy to participate. Minimize
the unnecessary.
It’s also okay not to have Young Families in our congregations depending on the
context. Some neighborhoods have very few young ones living nearby. But there
are still people who crave some Good News.
As a church, let's minister to whomever lives in the neighborhood in the thick
of these cruel and beautiful times. Let us blossom where we are planted.
A mother was concerned about her kindergarten son walking to school. He
didn’t want his mother to walk with him. She wanted to give him the feeling
that he had some independence but yet know that he was safe. She had an
idea of how to handle it. She asked a neighbor if she would please follow
him to school in the mornings, staying at a distance, so he wouldn’t notice
her. She said that since she was up early with her toddler anyway, it would
be a good way for them to set some exercise as well, so she agreed.
The next school day, the neighbor and the little girl set out following behind
Timmy as he walked to school with another neighbor girl he knew. She did
this for the whole week.
As the two kids walked and chatted, kicking stones and twigs, Timmy’s little
friend noticed the same lady was following them as she seemed to do every
day all week. Finally she said to Timmy, ‘Have you noticed that lady following us to school all week? Do you know her?’
Timmy nonchalantly replied, ‘Yeah, I know who she is.’
The little girl said, ‘Well, who is she?’
‘That’s just Shirley Goodnest,’ Timmy replied, ‘and her daughter Marcy.’
‘Shirley Goodnest? Who is she and why is she following us?’
‘Well,’ Timmy explained, ‘every night my Mum makes me say the 23rd
Psalm with my prayers, ‘cuz she worries about me so much. And in the
Psalm, it says, “Shirley Goodnest and Marcy shall follow me all the days of
my life’, so I guess I’ll just have to get used to it!’
The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine
upon you, and be gracious unto you; the lord lift His
countenance upon you, and give you peace.
May Shirley
Goodnest and
be with you
today and always!
Making Kites
The winds of March begin to blow,
And it is time for kites, you know.
Here's the way I make my kite,
Watch and help me do it right.
I cross two sticks so thin and long,
Tied together good and strong.
A string I fasten to each end,
And across the middle to make it bend.
I measure and cut the paper straight,
And glue along the edge and wait.
A ball of string to hold my kite,
When it sails almost out of sight.
And here's my kite all ready to go,
Please March wind begin to blow!
March Wind
March wind is a jolly fellow;
He likes to joke and play.
He turns umbrellas inside out
And blows men's hats away.
He calls the pussy willows
And whispers in each ear,
"Wake up you lazy little seeds,
Don't you know that spring is here.
Serving You This Month
March 1
Kaysen Leiter & Zoe Zimmerman
March 8
C J Drake & Logan Miller
March 15
Lydia Griffith & Gracie Zimmerman
March 22
Katie Kuhn & Natalee Lambright
March 29
C J Drake & Logan Miller
March 1
Becky Drake & Evelyn Nettrouer
March 8
Diana & Deb Whitehead
March 15
Jason & Katie Miller
March 22
Chad & Ashley Lambright
March 29
Brandon & Janette Griffith
March 1
Josh & Heather Steffen
March 8
Sam & Nadine Godfrey
March 15
Nate & Sam Steffen
March 22
Dan & Jenni Godfrey
March 29
Buck & Emily Barton
March 1
Pam Reedy
March 8
Worship Team
March 15
Cindy Clayton
March 22
Worship Team
March 29
Dorothy Rogers
March 1
March 8
March 15
March 22
March 29
Dorothy Rogers
Cindy Clayton
Kay Method
Diane Symensma
1. 1,000 years 2. Peter 3. Lazarus 4. The beast and false prophet
5. Jonah 6. Jesus 7. The wicked and all the nations that forget God
8. The Pharisees 9. Revelation 10. Sermon on the Mount.
MONTHLY STATISTICS: February 1—February 22, 2015
Average Sunday School Attendance:
Average Worship Attendance:
Average Offerings: $4,107.36
$ 34,313.52
$ 32,858.86
$— 1,454.66 In The Red
This and That
GOOD NEIGHBOR NURSERY SCHOOL is sponsoring a Hacienda Give Back
all day on Monday, March 9. GNNS will receive 20% of all receipts when a
coupon is presented. We’ve been encouraged to get more gift card sales to
greatly increase our earnings. If you would be willing to take gift card orders at your place of work or with your friends/family, please pick up a
form in Narthex You can take those orders in Monday, March 9 & get the
gift cards or we can. Just be sure to get the order to Janette on Sunday,
March 8. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your support!
Janette Griffith
CAMPERS of all ages, it's time to register for this year's camps.
There are camps for everyone--day long camps to week long camps.
Children completing the first grade through seasoned citizens.
Grandparents don't forget Grand Camp. You may take your grandchildren ages 5-10 to this 3 day camp and spend quality time with
The church pays 1/2 the registration fee so don't delay. Early registration deadline for the children's camps is March 20 so we need
your money by March 13 in the church office. Parents, if 1/2 the
registration fee is too much, contact me because we can apply for a
camp scholarship also.
If you need a camp booklet, see me.
Kay Method, Camp Representative
60+SENIOR CITIZENS will meet at 10:30 AM in the NPCOB cabin March
20th to play games. A carry-in dinner will be served at noon. Pastor Stan
will bring devotions and a program will be held by Cindy Hill on Hospice and
Miller’s Merry Manor.
No matter how long you've been attending your church, you can help others feel
like they belong. This means people who are new to your church and community, as well as people you see every week in the seat in front of you. Just because they come to your church doesn’t mean they’ve connected and feel like
they really belong. They might be there simply because they like the music or
because their kids enjoy Sunday school. So your role is important in helping
others feel like they belong. It’s easy, but it does require you to be intentional.
Here are a few ideas:
Share a Meal—Food has a great way of bringing people together! Invite someone over to your home for a meal. If you invite two couples or families it will
take the pressure off everyone to make conversation (“the more the merrier”
really is true!). If inviting someone into our home is a bit too intimidating, suggest meeting a few others at a restaurant or coffee shop. A neutral location
may make it easier because no one has to cook or clean up afterward.
Host a...Something!—Invite a few others from your church over for a board
game night, a movie night, a football (or other sport) party, cheese tasting, or
anything else that strikes your fancy. The point is just to get together, meet a
few new people, laugh, talk, and become better acquainted.
Take a Hike—What are your hobbies? Unless you collect poisonous snakes,
it’s likely someone else in your church has a similar hobby. Start asking
around. Or wear a T-shirt every now and then that relates to your hobby. One
guy noticed another guy wearing a superhero patch on his jacket, and they
learned they had a shared interest in comic book collecting. A woman commented on the necklace of the woman in the pew ahead of her and learned they
both liked to make jewelry. Keep your eyes and ears open to the interests of
others, and see if you can gather a few people to go hiking, to a movie, to a
photography seminar, and so on.
Make Introductions—You might meet someone who’s wild about gourmet
cooking and think, “My friend Dave is also into cooking.” But if you don’t make
any introductions, Dave and your new friend will never get together and make
you a gourmet meal. So say, “Come over here and meet Dave. He’s an amazing cook, and I'm sure you’ll have a lot in common!” Be a person who helps
others make friends even if they don’t share any interests with you.
Serve Together—There’s no doubt that when people serve together they grow
closer—and fast! Plus, many younger adults are very cause-conscious and
appreciate a church that serves outside its own facility. Look for super simple
service projects that can be completed in your community in a few hours. You
could rake leaves for an elderly person, paint shelves at a school, do basic
home or car repairs for a single mom, or go on a fundraising walk for a good
cause. Invite two or three others to join you serving together. The work will go
quickly and friendships are certain to bloom over a shared care in a cause.
I finally experience a “I’m one of them” feeling when I was a teenager and
started attending church with a friend. I believe it was the second meeting I attended when the youth counselor assigned me a snack to bring to the next outing. Nearly thirty years later, I still remember the “Wow, she’s including me!”
These are some ideas for your own success story. Which one will you put into
action this month?
DO …
 Introduce new people to your friends.
Take the first step.
Even if you are shy, take a chance and introduce yourself
 Get connected yourself so you’ll have a place to invite others to
get connected with you.
 Embarrass visitors by making them stand up in front of everyone or wear a sticker—or anything else that makes them fee like
they stick out.
 Assume the church’s greeters or ushers are being friendly so
you don’t have to.
 Put it off. Take an action step today!
Darla Miller
Jonathan Miller
Nathan Steffen
Olive Steffen
Joe Correll
Kaysen Leiter
Sam Godfrey
Ed Miller
LaVeta Neff
Pam Reedy
Esther Burger
Eliza Method
Heidi Mathews
Doris Whitehead
Angi Belsly
Ruth Alfrey
Lynn Marchand
Stan Godfrey
Rachel Stiver
Liberty Barton
Willie Miller
Wanda Weirich
Kayli Miller
Drew Lengacher
Amanda Lengacher
6 Jim & Linda Parson
20 Randy & Vanessa Steffen
9:00 AM
Children’s Church
11:30 AM
Deacon’s Meeting
5:00 PM
Witness Commission
5:30 PM
Nurture Commission
6:00 PM
Stewards Commission
6:30 PM
Worship & Ministry
5:30 PM
AWANA (weekly)
6:00 PM
Jr. & Sr. High Youth (weekly)
6:30 PM
Adult Bible Study in the Cabin (weekly)
Mike & Annette Neff reserved the Fellowship Hall
2:00 AM
Daylight Saving Time—Spring Forward
6:00 PM
Lenten Services at Yellow Creek COB
Speaker is either District Executive Torin Eikler or Mark
Bendes Pastor at Yellow Creek COB
9:00 AM
Children’s Church
1—6 PM
Community Blood Drive at Sunnyside Park
3:00 PM
Greencroft Seniors’ Bible Study
10:30 AM
8:00 AM
Men’s Breakfast at JoAnna’s Restaurant
6:00 PM
Revival / Lenten Service at Maple Grove COB—
60+ Seniors Meet in the NPCOB Cabin—Pastor Stan
has devotions
Speaker is Charles Ilyes, brother-in-law of Pastor Stan
7:00 PM
Revival at Maple Grove, Evangelist Charlie Ilyes
7:00 PM
Revival at Maple Grove, Evangelist Charlie Ilyes
9:00 AM
Palm Sunday—NO Carry-in
4:00 PM
Love Feast & Communion
April 5 7:00 AM
9:00 AM
Sonrise Service and Breakfast at Maple Grove COB