Our menu offers something for every taste. We make... finest quality ingredients, free of additives, in the preparation of...

Our menu offers something for every taste. We make it our priority to use the
finest quality ingredients, free of additives, in the preparation of our home-cooked
dishes. If you aren’t familiar with our food, please allow us to provide a sample
taste, since many of our recipes have spice/heat that varies with the ingredients
and it is our goal for you to enjoy your meal.
Thank you for joining us, your patronage is truly appreciated.
3931 W Hwy 390 · Panama City · FL 32405
850-215-4355 Call ahead for Take-Out
Hours: Tuesday thru Sunday 11:00am until 9:00pm
Bites and Starters
“Adouille Ugly”
Cheese Baked Oysters
Sue’s spicy Andouille sausage dip served warm with pita
chips, crackers or garlic bread
1/2 dozen - Baked to order with butter, Mozzarella and just
enough seasoning
“Boudi Balls”
Parmesan or Feta may be substituted for Mozzarella. Add
Jalapeño, Sautéd Mushrooms & Onions, or Feta for .50 each
Six deep-fried authentic Boudin Balls made right here in our
kitchen, served with Sue’s Voodoo sauce
Raw Oysters
Fresh oysters shucked to order depending on availability
Sautéed Oysters
1/2 dozen—Baked with a topping of Feta or Mozzarella,
spinach, mushrooms & onions
Sue’s Favorite Baked Oysters
One dozen oysters gently sautéed in a seasoned butter sauce
served with garlic bread
Fried Oysters
Spinach Baked Oysters
1/2 dozen—Baked with Mozzarella, Parmesan, sautéed
mushrooms & onions, spices and white wine
Baked oysters served with garlic bread
Boiled Shrimp
One dozen oysters with your choice of tartar, cocktail, or Voo- 1/2 pound shell-on boiled Gulf shrimp with your choice of
doo sauce
tartar, cocktail, or Voodoo sauce. Cooked to order served
warm or iced.
Fried Shrimp 7.25
1/4 pound Gulf shrimp, with your choice of tartar, cocktail, or Garlic Sautéed Shrimp 7.95
Voodoo sauce
1/4 pound Gulf shrimp, gently sautéed in our seasoned butter
sauce, with garlic bread
Four Fritters (corn or jalapeño)
Garlic Bread .50
Simple Side Salad 2.25
Small Greek Salad 5.95
Mixed greens with freshly sliced mushrooms, onion, and cherry Mixed greens with freshly sliced mushrooms, onion, cherry
tomatoes, cucumber, pickled okra, pepperoncini peppers,
kalamata olives, mozzarella and feta cheeses
Sue’s House Salad 4.95
Mixed greens with freshly sliced mushrooms, onion, cherry
tomatoes, cucumber, pickled okra, pepperoncini pepper and
mozzarella cheese
Large Greek Salad 8.95
A huge salad with all the ingredients in the Small Greek, just
much more of it!!
To any of the above salads add grilled fish, shrimp, chicken, or tuna salad +4.50. Grilled Grouper +9.50
Dressings: Ranch, 1000 Island, Honey French, Bleu Cheese, Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch, and Sue’s Greek. Extra Dressing .50
Slaw 2.25
Sue’s Cucumber Salad 2.25
A non-traditional slaw made from cabbage and onions. Not
your grandmother’s sweet slaw!
Fresh cucumber, tomato and red onion in a balsamic marinade
House Favorites
Jody’s Creamy Tomato Soup
4.95 Cup 2.75
Made from scratch with pureed garlic, onions and tomatoes,
served with garlic bread.
Chicken Vegetable Soup
5.95 Cup 3.25
Comfort in a bowl!! This soup is made with the finest fresh
ingredients...a timeless classic served with garlic bread
Red Beans and Rice
6.25 Cup 3.35
Loaded with a combination of spicy Andouille and Smoked
sausage, few dishes are as notoriously delicious as red beans
and rice. Served with garlic bread
Sue’s Excellent Chili
(Seasonal) 6.95 Cup 3.75
Plenty of fresh browned ground chuck, tomatoes, onions, just
enough beans and Sue’s special formula of seasonings, mild
Spaghetti with Homemade Meat Sauce 7.50 enough for kids, but appreciated by adults. Served with garlic
Also our Wednesday special, so popular we serve it all the
time! With garlic bread
Extra Sauce +2.00
Many of our sauces vary in spice/heat due to the nature of the ingredients; ask for a taste if you are sensitive to spicy food.
The Best of All
Shrimp J. Michael
8.95 Cup 4.75
Created at the original J. Michael’s in 1977. A thick and creamy, somewhat spicy sauce with a touch of curry over a generous
portion of shrimp with a side of rice, topped with mushrooms and scallions, and served with garlic bread.
Want it all in one bowl? Ask for “Old Style”
Shrimp Creole
8.25 Cup 4.40
This is a dish often imitated but seldom prepared in an authentic way. One of our spiciest dishes, a hearty combination of
tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and celery loaded with shrimp and served with rice and garlic bread
Garlic Sautéed Shrimp
A generous portion of Gulf Shrimp, sautéed in our garlic butter sauce and choice of two sides and garlic bread (add 50¢ for
Gouda Grits or Sweet Potato Waffle Fries)
Shrimp and Okra Gumbo
7.95 Cup 4.25
This traditional Louisiana recipe is all about the unadulterated flavor of the shrimp, just enough rice, and just enough heat.
Served with garlic bread
Hamburger Steak 11.95
* Fresh ground chuck seasoned and grilled to order, topped with freshly grilled mushrooms and our special homemade peppery
gravy. Served with rice and your choice of a side and garlic bread (add 50¢ for Gouda Grits or Sweet Potato Waffle Fries).
Extra gravy +.60
Ribeye Steak 24.95
* A hand-cut 10oz. Ribeye steak seasoned and cooked to your requested temperature, topped with sautéed mushrooms, served
with two sides and garlic bread (add 50¢ for Gouda Grits or Sweet Potato Waffle Fries)
Grouper ouveau
A beautiful filet of fresh grouper, grilled and topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Your choice of two
sides and garlic bread (add 50¢ for Gouda Grits or Sweet Potato Waffle Fries)
Grouper Creole
A grilled grouper fillet on a bed of rice, smothered with our classic Creole sauce, served with your choice of one side and garlic
bread (add 50¢ for Gouda Grits or Sweet Potato Waffle Fries)
Grouper J. Michael
This is the ULTIMATE! A fresh grouper filet, grilled and draped over a bed of rice, smothered with tangy J. Michael sauce
and topped with mushrooms and scallions. Served with a one side and garlic bread (add 50¢ for Gouda Grits or Sweet Potato
Waffle Fries)
From the Fryer
Seafood Platter
Fried Fish Basket
Delicious flaky Alaskan Cod, tender juicy scallops, plump
oysters and beautiful Gulf shrimp, tossed in seasonings made
in-house and fried to perfection!
Substitute Grouper for the Cod +8.00
Fried Shrimp Basket
A generous portion of perfectly fried Gulf shrimp
White flaky Alaskan Cod, a truly delicious fish
Substitute Grouper for the Cod +10.00
Fried Scallop Basket 15.50
Juicy little scallops, fried just right
Fried Chicken Tender Basket 8.95
Breaded Breast Tenderloin Strips
Fried Oyster Basket Market
Plenty of fresh oysters, fried just right
Fried entrees served with two fritters (corn or jalapeño) and choice of two sides (add 50¢ for Gouda Grits or Sweet Potato Waffle Fries)
Sandwiches and Burgers
Roast Beef Supreme
1/2 Sandwich 4.95
Fallen-apart tender roast on an open face hoagie roll, smothered with peppery gravy made from it’s own juices, sautéed onions
and mushrooms, and Mozzarella cheese. A classic feast! Extra gravy +.60
Eliminate the bread …Substitute rice and extra gravy 8.95
Fabulous Fish Sandwich
Flaky Cod filet, your choice of grilled or fried, served on a toasted onion roll with lettuce, tomato, and onion, with homemade
tartar, cocktail or Voodoo sauce on the side
Choose Grouper +6.00
White Albacore Tuna Salad Sandwich
Sue’s special recipe! Served cold on rye or sour dough with lettuce, tomato and onion or make it a Tuna Melt with your choice
of cheese (American, Cheddar, Swiss, or Provolone)
“The Best Chicken Sandwich in Town” (or so we’re told)
Your choice of grilled or fried tender chicken breast fillet covered with shredded mozzarella on a toasted onion roll, served
with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Ranch, Honey Mustard or Voodoo on the side.
Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich
Sue’s homemade pimento cheese with a kick, on grilled sour dough bread
Shrimp or Oyster Sandwich
Fried shrimp or oysters on a hoagie roll, dressed with lettuce, tomato, and onion. Served with Voodoo Sauce on the side
Pulled Beef BBQ Sandwich
With Jamie’s awesome tangy sauce on an Onion Roll. (Especially good with slaw!)
Classic Reuben
Sliced corned beef, Swiss cheese, and grilled sauerkraut on toasted New York Rye, served with 1000 Island on the side
One Exceptional Burger 8.25
*1/2 pound fresh, ground chuck, hand-pattied, seasoned on the grill and cooked to your liking, served on a toasted onion roll.
Includes any one of the following:
Lettuce, tomato and onion.
Grilled sauerkraut.
Sautéed onions and mushrooms.
Cheese: American, Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone or Pimento.
Add additional options to any sandwich, each +.60
All sandwiches are served with fries or Zapp’s regular or voodoo chips and a kosher spear
Simple Side Salad 2.25
Sue’s Cucumber Salad 2.25
Slaw 2.25
Rice 1.50
French Fries 2.25
Garlic Mashed Potatoes 2.25
Fried Okra 2.25
Fresh Tender Rutabagas 2.25
Fritters (4) corn or Jalapeño Gouda Cheese Grits 2.75
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries 2.75
Garlic Bread .50
Check the Specials Board or ask your Server about available fresh vegetables.
Daily Specials
These specials often sell out, but when they don’t we will carry them over… check the board
Like us on Facebook where we post additional specials!
Tuesday—Black Beans and Rice
Served with Cheese Quesadilla
Wednesday—Spaghetti with Sue’s Own Homemade Meat Sauce
Served with Garlic Bread
Extra Sauce +2.00
Thursday—Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya
A traditional spicy rice dish containing chunks of chicken breast and hot Andouille sausage. Served with Garlic Bread
Friday—Catfish Basket
Tender Domestic Pond Raised catfish Filets served with your choice of corn or jalapeño fritters and your choice of two sides
(add 50¢ for Gouda Grits or Sweet Potato Waffle Fries)
Saturday—Check our Special Board!
Sunday—Sue’s Grouper Chowder 8.25
Cup 4.50
This recipe started with Sue’s Aunt Gen’s Jolly Skipper Chowder and has been altered a little over the years. A creamy white
chowder loaded with potatoes, onions, celery, bacon, Grouper and Sue’s seasonings. Served with Garlic Bread
Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee 2.25
CocaCoca-Cola products include Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Pink Lemonade, Mr. Pibb, and Barq’s Root Beer
Our selection of bottled or draft beers and wines can be found on your table. Be sure to check the sign above
the taps for new or special beer and wine
Our pies are lovingly and meticulously made by Jody, Sue’s husband and partner.
Frozen Chocolate Mousse Pie
A frozen two layer chocolate lover’s
delight! With a chocolate graham
cracker crust.
* Consumer Advisory:
Key Lime Pie 3.75
No description needed!
Tart and Sweet.
π—The Dessert Formerly
Known as ,o ,ame Pie 4.25
A frozen creamy two layer confection,
delicious beyond description! Graham
cracker crust with caramel and toasted
coconut and pecans.
Consuming raw oysters or any raw or undercooked meat, eggs, poultry or seafood increases
your risk of contracting a foodborne illness—especially if you have certain medical conditions.