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SICOT INDIA Newsletter 2014-2015
Stop Press : Dr. Prabodh Desai
Elections - SICOT President Elect, Vice President
SICOT 2014 OWC Rio de Janeiro
SICOT Session at IOA
Books by SICOT India Members
Visiting Professorship from SICOT India
An-Najah National University, Palestine
SICOT India Fellowships
SICOT India Foundation (SIF) Activities
SICOT Ortho Excellence Program (OEP)
SICOT ICL 2015, Pune
Upcoming Events
SICOT India - An-Najah University Visiting Professor in Adult Spine Surgery
SICOT India - Sir J.J. Hospital Visiting Fellowship
STOP PRESS: Dr. Prabodh Desai
It is with extreme grief that we inform you of the untimely
demise of Dr. Prabodh Desai the National Delegate to
SICOT from India between the years 2002 - 2011. A soft
spoken, kind hearted gentleman, a great teacher and a
leading orthopaedic surgeon, his loss will be deeply felt
for times to come. SICOT India offers heartfelt condolences to his
near and dear ones.
A detailed obituary will follow in the next issue.
Editorial: What further to achieve.....?
SICOT India has strengthened its position as one of the strongest national body within SICOT.
The resurgence began 3 years ago and its position of strength continues. Recent proof was the
election of Dr. S. Rajasekaran as the President Elect and the unanimous selection of Dr. Ashok
Johari as the Vice President for 2014 - 2017.
This position of strength was reached by hard work. SICOT India members have made their
presence felt as a team via the SICOT OWC at Hyderabad last year, the SICOT Ortho Excellence
Program (OEP), the numerous SICOT ICL's, the SICOT India website and Newsletters. The huge
membership of SICOT India adds to its strength and it is not uncommon to see the big numbers
representing India at the SICOT World Congresses or the huge numbers of papers presented
from India..
We need to continue to work hard, largely in the Education, Training and Research spheres.
More focused courses, workshops and fellowships are the need of the day. We need the
numbers, the strength of our membership. We need vibrancy within SICOT India and members
need to come up with ideas and opportunities for the younger members of SICOT India.
The future is bright!
Ashok Johari
Election of SICOT President Elect, Vice President
Dr S Rajasekaran, Director and Head, Department of Orthopaedics, Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore has
been elected as the President Elect of SICOT International- the largest Orthopaedic Body in the world
comprising of 127 member nations. He will be the 25th President of the Association from 2017-2020. He
is the second Indian to get this prestigious post after Dr. K.T. Dholakia from Mumbai who was the
President from 1978-1981.
Dr Ashok Johari, Chairman, SICOT India, has been elected unanimously as the SICOT Vice President for
Asia Pacific Region. He also heads the SICOT Education Committee, and has been instrumental in
developing the SICOT Ortho Excellence Program. Dr Johari has been the Past President of the Asia Pacific
Knee Society, the Indian Orthopaedic Association, Paediatric Orthopaedic Society of India and the
Indian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and is the Chief Editor of the Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics (B).
SICOT 2014 OWC Program Highlights
The Abdel Hay Mashhour/SICOT Award and Marcela Uribe Zamudio Award were granted to Akshay
Saxena (India) and Chasanal Rathod (India) respectively.
Marcela Uribe Zamudio Award at XXVI SICOT Triennial World Congress : Dr. Chasanal Rathod
I am proud and honored to have been awarded the Marcela Uribe Zamudio award at the XXVI Triennial
World Congress held at Rio de Janeiro. It is a rewarding moment to be a female orthopaedic surgeon
and receive this award for an original scientific work.
Currently I am a practicing Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai, however during my
clinical fellowship at Severance Childrens Hospital, Seoul, South Korea, I was working on
research projects dealing with different aspects related to the treatment of Cerebral palsy(CP).
After completion of my paper on CP hips, I had decided that I will apply for this prestigious
award in the next Triennial World Congress. I submitted my manuscript titled: Reconstruction
of Hips In Severely Spastic CP: Procedure of choice, and assessment of HRQL following
reconstruction, along with my CV and application for the award and waited patiently for the
announcement of the winner. It was indeed a happy moment for me, when I received the email
that I was one of the award winners, which would be presented at the closing ceremony of the
Triennial World Congress at Rio de Janeiro.
I attended the SICOT.CBOT 2014 XXVI Triennial World Congress held at Rio de Janeiro from 19 th
Nov to 22nd Nov 2014. The scientific program was excellent. The Specialty day: Paediatric
Orthopaedics by IFPOS was an enriching day, learning about various topics in Paediatrics for an
entire day from the most eminent and experienced Paediatric Orthopaedicians from all over
the world. The free paper sessions had wonderful and thought provoking papers. Overall, it was
a great experience and a gathering to acquire knowledge and interact with people from various
Apart from the educational enrichment, I enjoyed sightseeing in the beautiful city of Rio de
Lastly I would like to thank SICOT for this award and for giving me an opportunity to attend the
World Congress
Dr.Chasanal Rathod
SICOT Associate Member, Mumbai, India.
Invited Speakers from India at SICOT OWC, Rio de Janeiro, 2014
Innovations to Compensate for Inadequate Infrastructure: Arindam Banerjee
Education and Training: SICOT's Role in Bridging the Gap: Ashok Johari
The Value of MIS – Against: Samir Dalvie
Road Safety by Advocacy -an Indian Experiment: S Rajasekaran
Value of MRI and CT in thoracolumbar Fractures: S Rajasekaran
C1 C2 Fractures: S Rajasekaran
Managing Intraoperative Signal changes in neuromonitoring: S Rajasekaran
Selective thoracic fusion? Pearls and Pitfalls: S Rajasekaran
Computer Navigated Surgery: S Rajasekaran
Management of the Carnage on the Roads: S Rajasekaran
Radial Head Fractures: Shantaram Shetty
Paediatric Upper Limb: Ashok Johari
Elbow Arthroscopy: Deepak Bhatia
Clavicle fractures: Shantaram Shetty
DipSICOT Awardees
SICOT India congratulates the following successful candidates of the 12th Diploma Examination held on
19 November:
Ashish Bajaj
Kishan Bhagwat
Ramakrishnan Raghavan
Rahul Upadhyay
Sujith Vellathussery Chakkalakumbil
My experience of Dip.SICOT exam : V.C. Sujith
I am glad that I could pass the prestigious Dip.SICOT exam conducted on November 19th , 2014 at Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, along with the XXVI SICOT Triennial World Congress combined with 46th SBOT Annual
Meeting .
After my training in India, I did not get a chance to appear for any other quality exam and assess my
knowledge level. As I was eager to update myself academically, I was looking for an opportunity and
fortunately came across the details of this exam from the SICOT site .The eligibility criteria was very
specific. Apart from the CV & recommendation letter from your senior colleague the candidate has to be
a SICOT member and should have completed adequate years of training after basic qualification.
The exam has two parts – MCQ component consisting of 100 questions which have to be answered over
two hours and a viva examination .MCQ questions are made in such a way to test your theoretical
knowledge and clinical experience from all the subspecialties of Orthopaedics. The oral component
covers whole of orthopaedics under four headings- adult reconstruction & pathology, trauma, paediatric
orthopaedics and hand and last but not the least basic sciences. The duration of the viva exam also was
2 hours and we have to face two examiners in one panel who exclusively will test our knowledge about
one of the component of the oral exam like trauma, basic sciences etc. Initially one examiner will ask
you questions for 15 minutes, while the other examiner will be marking your answers and recording
your grade. After 15 minutes the examiners will swap their roles.
The text book recommended by the SICOT website was Review of Orthopaedics by Miller. My
preparation was also based on Miller’s text book. Apart from this book I also tried to answer as many
MCQ questions as possible from Orthobullets. My other sources of reading for the preparation of viva
were books recommended for FRCS (Ortho).
A total of 24 candidates were accepted for the exam and were divided in to two groups. Both the exams
were conducted on the same day. Contrary to the usual practice the first component we faced was the
viva examination before the theory-MCQ examination .Though I was quite tense before the exam, I
became calm and very confident once the exam started. Actually the examiners made me so
comfortable by their approach and encouragement. They were using slides of clinical photograph,
Xrays, CT & MRI pics to introduce the clinical scenario. The questions were standard ones expected in
any post graduate exam and if you couldn’t answer any further while going on to more details, the topic
was changed to another one swiftly .This helped me to answer more questions in the prescribed short
time and also covered a variety of topics. Moreover I think this way of extracting answers from the
candidate helps them to score better as they could do well in some of the areas where the candidate
has got a strong grip.
MCQ exam was quite impressive representing almost all subspecialties of Orthopaedics and
Traumatology with special emphasis for basic principles and newer advances. The questions were really
inquisitive testing your knowledge and choosing the correct answer was really difficult in few questions.
The result of the exam was handed over to the candidates individually in sealed envelopes, next day
morning itself. A total of 14 candidates passed the exam. To the best of my knowledge the following
candidates from India cleared the exam - Ashish Bajaj –Dhanbad, Kishan Bhagwat –Shimoga, Rahul
Upadhyay –Delhi and Sujith Vellathussery Chakkalakumbil –Thrissur, i.e. myself. We were awarded
the diploma during the closing ceremony. Apart from the delegates, examiners and office bearers of
SICOT , stalwarts of Indian Orthopaedics like Dr.Rajasekaran (President elect SICOT), Dr.Ashok Johari
(SICOT India National Committee Chairman) & other senior members from India were present to
encourage and bless us during the ceremony.
We all enjoyed the hospitality of SICOT and the Brazilian orthopaedic fraternity and had a wonderful
time in the beautiful city of Rio.
I would also like to express my gratitude to Mr. Mark Patterson , Chief examiner and all other examiners
for conducting the exam in an unbiased and inspiring manner and for finding time from their busy
schedule for nurturing the new generation.
Overall the DipSICOT exam was a refreshing and rewarding academic experience for me. I would like to
encourage and recommend my colleagues to take up this challenge. It not only give us an opportunity to
update ourselves academically but also give the advantage of acquiring an international diploma of
repute. Moreover, two of the candidates selected by the examiners who score high in the exam are
entitled to get the travelling fellowship to Germany arranged by the SICOT German section.
Dr.Sujith Vellathussery Chakkalakumbil
SICOT Member, Thrissur, Kerala, India (Dept. Of Orthopaedics, Oman Medical College, Sohar, Sultanate
of Oman)
SICOT and SICOT India Foundation announced 3 scholarships for young surgeons whose abstracts had
been accepted for the Rio De Janeiro WC. The scholarships allowed them grant towards participation in
the SICOT WC. SICOT India Foundation awarded Rs. 50,000 per award winner. The selectors were Prof.
Maurice Hinsenkamp, President of SICOT, Prof. Jochen Eulert, Secretary of SICOT and Dr. L.N. Vora from
the SICOT India Foundation side. 6 candidates applied. One of them was ineligible as he applied after the
last date. The three selected were:
Dr. Kamal Bali
Dr. Mrinal Sharma
Dr. Dinesh Choudary
All the three presented papers at the WC and had a great time in Rio. They report briefly:
SICOT 2014 Rio de Janeiro : Kamal Bali
Kamal Bali with Prof. R. Ganz
SICOT 2014 was a wonderful experience for me and I would like to thank the SICOT India Foundation for
making this possible.
By virtue of my current fellowship, I had to fly from Canada for this conference. It was a long flight, but
definitely worth the effort. I had six presentations at SICOT, and I presented some of my research works
that I completed during my arthroplasty fellowship training in Canada. One of them was a retrieval
analysis comparing the wear in rotating hinge type and highly constrained non-linked knee implants. The
study clearly established different polythene wear patterns for different implant types; with hinged
implants more prone to high grade and backside wear and highly constrained implants more prone to
articular side and low grade wear patterns. I also presented two studies on results of cadaveric
dissections following hip resurfacing to put more light on femoral head vascularity after posterior
approach hip resurfacing. My other presentations included role of biomarkers in diagnosis and
management of young adult hip disorders; incidence of pseudotumors in asymptomatic females
following metal on metal hip resurfacing; and results of subcapital osteotomy for healed severe SCFE. I
also attended many academic sessions related to arthroplasty and sports surgery. All the talks were
followed by high-level discussions, which were highly informative. In particular, I was highly impressed
by the proceedings of the open Hip Society meeting at SICOT 2014.
Attending SICOT 2014 also gave me an opportunity to explore the city of Rio de Janeiro and get a feel of
Brazilian culture. Sugarloaf mountain, Christ statue at Corcovado, Santa Teresa, Lapa, Copacabana and
Ipenama were some of the city attractions that I really enjoyed. The best part was obviously getting an
opportunity to interact and meet with many of my colleagues and teachers from India after such a long
time. It is always a great inspiration and pleasure seeing Indian surgeons perform so well at international
platforms like SICOT.
I really want to thank SICOT India Foundation for their financial support, which means a lot at the
current stage of my career. I think it is an excellent initiative by the Foundation and it will definitely go a
long way in encouraging youngsters like me to strive towards an academic career and trying our best to
place India at the center of the world’s orthopaedic map.
Report of SICOT INDIA FOUNDATION Scholarship for SICOT WC at Rio : Mrinal Sharma
I would like to thank SICOT India Foundation, Dr Ashok Johari, Prof Hinsenkamp, Prof.Eulert, Dr
L .N.Vora for selecting me for the SICOT India Foundation scholarship for travelling to SICOT WC
at RIO. I was excited when I got the mail from Dr Ashok Johari that I have been selected for the
award. This email confirmed my travelling to Rio for the conference. I had four papers and one
poster to be presented at the conference and this scholarship was of great help to me in more
than one way. One, it helped me in bearing the expenses of the trip to an extent and secondly it
strengthened my resolution to travel to Rio. I was excited because I had never travelled so far
and this was my first trip to South America. I reached RIO on 16 th evening and checked into my
hotel late at night. For the next two days I travelled in and around RIO. On 19th morning I
reached the Sul American Convention centre to attend the conference. I had three papers
which I had to present on 19th. I presented papers on Impaction bone grafting in primary total
knee replacement-When, Why & How? ; Accurate balancing in total knee replacement is just a
needle away and RCT comparing the pithing technique with the subperiosteal release for
balancing a total knee replacement. All the presentations were appreciated by moderators and
delegates. I also listened to other interesting presentations from delegates across the world. I
had an E-poster titled Total hip replacement in neglected childhood dislocations and childhood
trauma. In the conference I met orthopaedic surgeons from across the Globe, few old friends,
teachers and colleagues and spent some gala time together. Next day I presented a paper on
Total Hip replacement in sicklers-management and functional outcome in thirty nine patients
which was attended and appreciated by some of the greats like Dr C S Ranawat. The next two
days I attended to proceedings of congress with sub-specialty lectures in knee and hip
arthroplasty. I found the lectures to be useful in increasing my knowledge in the field of
Rio conference not only incremented my knowledge in my field, it also served as a gateway to
a new world, a new city and new people The picturesque sandy beaches of Ipanema and
Copacabana, the Statue of Christ The Redeemer that ever blesses RIO, the sunset at sugar loaf
mountain, Samba music and night life at Lapa and Leblon, the Rio scenarium night, late night
parties at Largoa, trekking and hiking in the Tijuca forest, paragliding and surfing over the cold
Atlantic waters and sunbath at Ipanema are some of the local attractions which are not to be
missed and I indeed enjoyed them a lot. I made few friends from Brazil, Greece, Germany and
Spain and we had an amazing time together.
I think SICOT conferences have always been serving as a mecca of learning for
orthopaedic surgeons around the globe and SICOT India Foundation is doing a great job by
helping young surgeons in attending the conference. I would once again like to thank SICOT
India Foundation for selecting me for the award.
Dr Mrinal Sharma
Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon
BLK Superpseciality Hospital, New Delhi, India.
Report of Rio Congress : Dinesh Choudary
With Dr. C.S. Ranawat
Rio, the city of beaches, in the country of Brasil, hosted the XXVI Triennial SICOT World Congress and I
was one of the lucky three to be selected by the Indian subsection of SICOT, to receive a scholarship to
help me attend the SICOT congress in Rio. I arrived in Rio on November 18, with the congress scheduled
to take place between November 19 and 22. 19th was the Educational Day and this year the emphasis
was on shoulder and elbow. Excellent lectures with thought provoking sessions made the Educational
Day a memorable one. It was followed by the conference for 3 days wherein various surgeons from all
over the world presented their papers and invited lectures. I had the opportunity of presenting a few
papers during the congress, which to my delight were received well. I was pleased to see a substantial
rise in the number of Indian delegates and was sincerely happy when I heard the news that Dr S
Rajasekaran, from Coimbatore, India, became the President Elect of SICOT. I once again thank SICOT for
giving me this great opportunity, helping me to travel to this distant land and for recognising the hard
work of young surgeons like us. I wish SICOT the best in all its future endeavours.
SICOT Session at IOA: Emerging trends, Future possibilities
SICOT session at IOA was held on the 20th of November 2014 at Hotel Novotel, Hyderabad
The session was chaired by Dr Mandeep Dhillon and Dr Anil Jain
Dr Sharad Prabhakar enlightened the audience with his talk on “The role of genetic factors in
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries”, with his recent research on identifying potential genes who
are at risk for ACL Injuries.
Dr Mandeep Dhillon gave us a glimpse of Ceramics as a bearing surface in Arthroplasty. With
changes in surface granularity and material composition there has been a recent increase in use
of Ceramic On Ceramic bearing surfaces and Ceramic on Polyethylene bearing surfaces
Dr Vaibhav Bagaria provided an overview of using Rapid Prototyping in complex fracture
Dr H Gopalan discussed at lengths about the use of “Newer technology in Arthroplasty- and the
Evidence to use it”. The presentation is available in
Dr Vinod Panchbavi, Professor of Foot and Ankle Surgery from the University of Texas, USA
discussed about the Future of Foot and Ankle Surgery. Dr Panchbavi is also Chief Editor of the
Journal, “Techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery”
Dr Amit Nemade presented his paper on “Advances in Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery”
Books by SICOT India Members
Dr Ashok Johari: Current Progress in Orthopaedics – Book Review available in
Dr Mandeep Dhillon- Fractures of the Calcaneus
Dr Anil Jain: Neglected Musculoskeletal Injuries
Dr H Gopalan: Evidence Based Orthopaedic Principles- Upcoming Edition 2015
Dr V Bagaria: Orthopedic Clinics
SICOT ICL the annual event of SICOT India was held in the pink city of Jaipur between 26 th and 28th
September 2014. The ICL was a whopping success with more than 275 delegates attending the course
that was designed with a theme- “Optimizing skills in orthopedic surgery”. The course had 70 didactic
lectures by experts from various orthopedic sub-specialties and over these three days Jaipur witnessed
a heat wave of academic deliverance. This 5th SICOT-ICL has maintained its tradition of bringing together
young surgeons, residents, fellows and seasoned orthopedic surgeons to guide them to successful
One of the key agenda of SICOT India is to help younger surgeons receive optimal training, and help
them in their transition from residents, post graduates to consultants.. The ICL started with an eyeopening talk by academic stalwarts about the current status of the post graduate exams, tips to score
high in the exams also they threw a light as to how pattern of exam can be evolved to a higher level of
assessment. This was followed by a series of talks in various orthopedic sub-specialties: pediatric
orthopedics, upper limb, lower limb, spine and orthopedic oncology. The talks were mainly focused on
how to carry out regional orthopedic examination, the techniques and the pitfalls in examination.
Young post graduates from different regions presented their cases in the competition for the best-case
presentation. Dr Umesh Meena who presented a case on a neglected anterior dislocation of knee
managed by Ilizarov ring fixator bagged the first prize. The day ended with enlightening and inspiring
talks on the recent trends in orthopedics including the use of Evidence Based Orthopaedics, Diploma
SICOT Exam, orthopedic publishing, medico-legal aspects in orthopedics and future trends in
DAY 2, 3: The second day started with the traditional lamp lightening symbolizing removal of darkness of
mind by the light of knowledge and wisdom by the senior faculty members. Dr Ashok N Johari through
his few words expressed the aim of SICOT ICL and the goal of SICOT INDIA. His recently published book
on ‘ Current Progress in Orthopedics’ was also released
Dr D.D. Tanna’s plenary lecture on balancing professional and personal life was an eye-opener for all the
delegates. The answer to most difficult and unconquered path of life in everyone’s life was revealed by
the teacher of teachers. Plenary lecture by Dr Ashok N Johari-“Mistakes made and lessons learned in
more than 25 years into Orthopedic practice” was an insight into an orthopaedician’s professional life. In
this journey it is very difficult to accept mistakes, but it is how we manage them that is the key to one’s
success. To err is human but to accept, learn from them and share with others is extra-ordinary.
Interspersed between these plenary lectures were series of lectures from faculty all over India. They
covered almost all aspects of orthopedics.
To keep up the heat of sessions post lunch and to stimulate the already bubbling minds of delegates,
academic quiz was also conducted by Dr Vaibhav Bagaria. Dr Mukesh Parmar bagged first prize for the
VALEDICTORY FUNCTION: The ICL ended with concluding speech by Dr Ashok Johari. The prizes for the
winners were given by Dr Ashok Johari and Dr Hitesh Gopalan. On behalf of SICOT INDIA, he
congratulated the entire organizing team for the grand success of the event and setting new
benchmarks and levels of standards for SICOT ICL’s. Lastly vote of thanks by Dr Rahul Katta and his
enthusiasm to host many more such events showed the enthusiasm for academic events. This event has
maintained the tradition of Jaipur for its hospitality and planning.
SICOT INDIA - An-Najah University Visiting Professorship:
Dr Ajay Puri, Orthopaedic Oncology Head, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Dr Ajay Puri visited An-Najah University, which is the only University Hospital in Palestine, as
Visiting Professor from SICOT India in June 2014.
He has been instrumental in initiating a Musculoskeletal Sarcoma Service in the University with
the help of Dr Alaa Azmi Ahmad, HOD of Orthopaedics at An-Najah
During his short stint he stressed the importance of multidisciplinary approach and operated on
two complex cases; a large liposarcoma and an upper tibial osteosarcoma
ORTHOPAEDICS, AnNajah Univ. Hospital
Dear Ashok,
It was nice meeting you in
Rio. I just want to thank
you for the collaboration
which enforced the
beginning of the
orthopedic oncology
service. After Ajay's visit
to us here, we did 3 cases
of osteosarcoma , one
case of Ewing sarcoma
and 2 cases of soft tissue
sarcoma. I have now a
schedule of tumor cases
that were not done before
in the country and our
University hospital is now
the only one approved by
our Ministry of Health to
do this service. Hope that
we can improve this
service to be most
Thank you again
An-Najah National University is Palestine’s leading academic institution in medicine and health care.
Since the inception of its Faculty of Medicine in 1999, the university has made tremendous
achievements in the promotion of medical science and care for Palestinians—the latest of these
achievements being the An-Najah National University Hospital in Nablus. An-Najah’s Faculty of Medicine
and Health Sciences, began construction of NNUH jointly with the Ministry of Health in 2008,
establishing Palestine’s first university hospital.
Today, although construction continues aiming to have 450 beds in the near future, the hospital’s main
facility now with 120 beds and a total area of 17,000 square meters is operational and currently treating
patients, and hosts multiple departments providing the best quality of medical services in Palestine.
These include Radiology, internal medicine , medical subspecialties (Oncology, Hematology, Nephrology,
Cardiology ), pediatrics , general surgery , orthopedic surgery , surgical subspecialties (urosurgery,
vascular, neurosurgery, pediatric ophthalmology), the Laboratory, Emergency Room, and the Intensive
Care Unit (ICU). Each department is managed by a medical director along with his/her staff, making the
hospital the most advanced provider of medical services in Palestine.
SICOT India Fellowships
Fellowships started by SICOT India in collaboration with Hiranandani Hospital (SICOTHOME fellowships including AJRF - Advanced Joint Replacement Fellowship Program @
HOME – Hiranandani Orthopaedic Medical Education), Johari Medical & Research
Foundation (SICOT-JMRF fellowship), and in collaboration with Apollo Hospital in Delhi
(Spine and Joint replacement Fellowship Program @ Apollo Hospital) and some other
places are continuing. These are focused specialist fellowships.
Recently a SICOT India fellowship has been started at a premier teaching institute in
Mumbai, the Grant Medical College & Sir J.J. Hospital. This is a visiting fellowship for 2
weeks. Similar fellowships have been agreed to by Dr. Mandeep Dhillon, Dr. Manish
Agarwal & Dr. Ashok Das.
SICOT India will offer a stipend of Rs. 20,000 per fellowship and their stay arrangements
will be looked after by the hosts.
SICOT India Foundation (SIF) activities
The SICOT India Foundation awarded the scholarships to attend the SICOT WC at Rio. Some
other activities are noted here:
SICOT India Foundation conducted a hands on Basic and Advanced Trauma Cadaveric Course at
the M.S. Ramaiah Medical College at Bangalore. The course was held between the 30th May to
1st June 2014 under the chairmanship of Dr. Ashok Johari. 63 Orthopaedic Surgeons
participated. International faculty comprised Dr. Cyril Mauffrey and Dr. Bruce Ziran from USA.
The Indian faculty had stalwarts like Dr. D.D. Tanna, John Mukhopadhaya and Prof. D.C.
Sundaresh, President of the M.S. Ramaiah Advanced Learning Centre. The basic course
focused on the Upper & Lower Extremities, the Advanced Course specifically looked at
Pelviacetabular trauma.
In addition to a live surgery - a neglected fracture of the acetabulum, operated by Bruce Ziran,
different cadaveric exposures to the pelvis and acetabulum and anatomical exposures to the
hip, knee, ankle and upper limb were demonstrated and then done by the participants. Dry
bone exercises, case discussions and lectures kept the proceedings lively and all who
participated felt that they gained much from this exposure.
SIF wishes to thank Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. for sponsoring the course.
Participants with the faculty of the SIF Cadaveric Course
SICOT Ortho Excellence Program (OEP):
This webinar program started under SICOT Education benefits 6500 surgeons. It is open to
SICOT members throughout the world by accessing Under this program,
sponsored by Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., a monthly webinar takes place delivered by an
eminent international surgeon to the viewers. The focus was on Trauma.
The OEP program has become very popular. The webinars are archived on the OEP website.
Also the lectures and the FAQ’s are presented in a book format to all registrants in India.
In 2013, 7 webinars were held featuring eminent SICOT speakers like Prof.'s Gershon Volpin
(Israel), Khalid Emara (Egypt), Peter Biberthaler (Germany), Pierre Hoffmeyer (Switzerland),
Vilmos Vecsei (Austria), James Waddell (Canada).
In 2014, 10 webinars were held and the speakers included Matthew Abdel, Tad Mabry (Mayo Clinic,
USA), David Hak (Denver USA), Evalina Burger (USA), Matthew Costa (Coventry UK), Cyril Mauffrey
(Denver USA), Michael Gardner (Wash U, USA), Gregory DellaRocca (Columbia USA), Bruce Ziran
(Atlanta USA) and Ashok Johari (India). Between them they covered a huge area of Trauma and
Orthopaedics. The 2015 webinars promise to be exciting and the program is noted below
OEP 2015 Calendar
Time (IST)
13th February
1600 –
1730 hours
Complex Elbow Injuries
13th March
1600 –
1730 hours
10th April
1600 –
1730 hours
Life Threatening Shoulder Injuries
8th May
1600 –
1730 hours
Surgical Priorities In Polytraumatized
Patients (DCO Vs ETC)
12th June
1600 –
1730 hours
Complex Knee Injuries
10th July
1600 –
1730 hours
Ankle Injuries
14th August
1600 –
1730 hours
Non Operative Management Of
Management Of Major Fractures In
Rural Environment And Delayed And
Safe Definitive Surgery
1600 –
1730 hours
9th October
1600 –
1600 –
Pelviacetabular Trauma
Minimally Invasive Osteosynthesis
Emergencies In Paediatric
Orthopaedics & Trauma
Venue: Hotel JW Marriott, Pune, India
Dates: Aug 28, 29, 30, 2015
Course Chairman: Dr Ashok N Johari, SICOT India Chairman
Organising Chairpersons: Milind Kulkarni(Miraj), Parag Sancheti(Pune),
Registration forms will be available on from 1st March 2015
IOACON Jaipur 2015
Indian Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting 2015
Venue: BM Birla Centre, Jaipur
Dates: December 9-14, 2015
Ganga Hospital Arthroscopy Course:
Venue: Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore, India
Dates: March 6-8, 2015
Organising Chairman: S Rajasekaran
SICOT India - An-Najah University Visiting Professor in Adult Spine Surgery
Applications are invited for a Visiting Professor in Adult Spine Surgery to collaborate with the
Annajah Univ. Hospital in Palestine. The Annajah University will fund travel and
accommodation. It is expected that the visiting professor will stay for a week (working 5 days relax 1.5 days), perform a couple of surgeries and lecture to the postgraduates and faculty.
Interested surgeons please apply with your CV to Dr. Ashok N. Johari at [email protected]
by 20th February 2015.
SICOT India - Sir J.J. Hospital Fellowship
Applications are invited for the SICOT India - Sir J.J. Hospital Fellowship open to SICOT India
members for a 2 week stay in the Orthopaedic department of Grant Medical College and Sir J.J.
Hospital. The convenient dates for the fellowship are between the 2nd to 21st March 2015.
SICOT India will provide a stipend of Rs. 20,000 and the hosts will take care of local
accommodation. The fellow would be exposed to general orthopaedics and trauma and
specialised work in arthroplasty, spine surgery and paediatric orthopaedics. The institutional
fellowship Chairman is Dr. Piyush Gavai, the Head of Dept of Orthopaedics at Sir JJ Hospital and
the institutional fellowship Director is Dr. Swapnil Keny. Those desirous please apply to Dr.
Ashok N. Johari with your CV at [email protected] by 20th February 2015.
Newsletter Prepared by Dr Hitesh Gopalan, who is available on