TORB Toroidal Roller Bearings

Rolling bearings
Plain bearings
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TORB Toroidal Roller
X -L I F E – P R O V E N T O B E B E T T E R
Longer rating and operating life –
higher technical and economic performance
Dynamic load rating comparison Cr
Benchmark competitor
(premium product)
100 %
Long, slightly crowned
barrel rollers (honed)
Honed outer ring
Honed inner ring
Up to
115 %
Product features
•Non-locating bearings that combine
the following features:
–Angular adjustment capability
–Axial displacement
•Honed surfaces on the inner and outer ring
•High running accuracy
•Optimized roller geometry
•Dimensional stability up to 200 °C
•New standard catalog product
Technical advantages
•Up to 15 % higher dynamic load rating Cr
•Long rating life
•Compact design
Customer benefits
•High performance and power density
•High operational reliability
•Low maintenance requirements
•Interchangeability of spherical and cylindrical
roller bearings
•Low overall operating costs (TCO)
X -L I F E – P R O V E N T O B E B E T T E R
•Paper machines
•Drives in marine applications
•Steel industry: Continuous casting plants
•Mining and processing
•Fans, blowers, and pumps
•Crushers and agricultural machinery
•Conveyors and roller beds
Types available (other types available on request)
Comparison of overall operating costs (TCO)
of locating/non-locating bearing systems
•C30/600 •C4030-V •C4122-V
•C30/630 •C4024-V •C4028-V
Rolling bearing rating life and replacement frequency in
locating/non-locating bearing systems ...
... implemented with two spherical roller bearings
... implemented with one spherical roller bearing
(locating bearing) and one TORB (non-locating bearing)
Replacement of both spherical
roller bearings (locating and non-
Purchase and operating costs over life
Range of types
locating bearing)
Replacement of both
rolling bearings (locating
and non-locating bearing)
Replacement of the spherical roller
bearing (locating bearing)
Calculated rating life Lhmr [h]
• X-life key aspects
• Additional aspects
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