Direct Supply Call Center Request for Proposal (RFP)

Direct Supply Data Center
W233 N2095 Ridgeview Parkway
Waukesha, WI 53188
Direct Supply Call Center
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Replacement of Rooftop Units
Established 1914
Phone: 555-293-6455
FAX: 555-241-9154
Direct Supply Call Center
Request for Proposal (RFP)
TO: Bid Participants
FROM: Clark McFarland
DATE: April 20, 2015
RE: Request for Proposal: HVAC Rooftop Units (Replacement)
Direct Supply (also referred to as owner) is seeking bids from selected contractors for the
replacement of two (2) Packaged Rooftop Units at the Direct Supply Call Center facility in
Waukesha Wisconsin. Contractor must acknowledge an understanding of all services and
requirements outlined in this RFP in their proposal.
The intent of this RFP is to solicit bids with a project completion date of July 1, 2015 at our Call
Center facility located at W233 N2095 Ridgeview Parkway, Waukesha Wisconsin 53188.
Contractors are required to provide Please provide their Experience Modification Factor (MOD)
rating (Based on total cost of claims over a 3 – year period), and a reference list of three similar
facilities that they have performed similar projects. Successful bidder will be required to
provide all applicable Insurance Certificates. To ensure financial responsibility, successful
Contractor will provide Dun & Bradstreet Number to verify solvency and ability to fulfill
contract requirements. During the contractor selection process, contractors must provide
Safety Program documentation as part of the required RFP response. Safety documentation
must include Safety Training; OSHA required training and Drug testing/ Background checks.
Existing Facility Overview
The Direct Supply facility currently has two (2) York 30 ton packaged rooftop units serving the
North end of the building. The equipment is nearing the end of its life cycle, and is being
replaced due to ongoing “costly” maintenance issues.
Scope of Services
Contractor services shall include:
 Refrigerant reclamation per EPA guidelines and regulations.
 Removal and disposal of existing rooftop units.
 Install two (2) new Contractor provided York (or comparable) 30 ton packaged rooftop
 Provide all electrical power and line voltage wiring.
 Provide all crane services.
 Coordination with local municipalities to confirm compliance with local requirements.
 One (1) site visit if necessary to verify accuracy of Owner provided information and field
verify existing conditions.
 Provision of feedback on more efficient methods to reduce project cost and maintain
level of quality.
 Schedule coordination with Owner as required maintaining site security, services,
occupancy and protection from the elements during replacement as well as minimizing
impact to Direct Supply operations.
 Preparation of project schedule for review by owner.
 Permit application and acquisition. Bid shall include all permit fee(s).
 Contractors risk insurance.
 Installation.
 Equipment start up and owners training.
 Final walk-through/punch list at completion of work.
 Provide operations and maintenance manual.
Direct Supply is responsible for the following:
 Provide all pertinent information and space availability for inspection.
 Provide designated parking lot space for crane and mobilization use.
 Provide “limited” facility use during project duration.
Photographs of the facility showing the location and layout of the existing two (2) rooftop units
is available on our website:
Key Dates
RFP Launch
Site Review
RFP Responses due to Direct Supply by 1:00 PM
Contractor Interviews begin at 1:30 PM
Project Awarded 4:00 PM
Targeted project completion (will be determined based on contractor’s project)
Proposal Requirements
1. Provide your proposed bid based on the scope indicated in this RFP.
2. Submit a schedule of hourly rates for any additional work identified.
3. Any miscellaneous requirements from Direct Supply related to question follow up from
Site Contact Information:
Mr. Clark McFarland
Office 555-293-6455
Cell: 708-774-0573
Email: [email protected]
Proposal must be received by 9:00 a.m. on 4/22/15. Submit proposal to Direct Supply in hard
copy and must be submitted in person. The interview process for each contractor will take
approximately 30 minutes.
Based on the uninterruptible HVAC requirements of this Data Center/Call Center it will benefit
all bidding contractors to provide all copies of current original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
training and factory authorized equipment start up certificates.