Sardis Soto’s Story Spr ing 2013

Spring 2013
Sardis Soto’s Story
By: Sardis Soto, learner
Story: Norielit Lara
Story: Vicente Olguin
Story: Nieves Bello
Volunteer Appreciation
Article: Sarah Ramirez
Activity: Reading and
Disney on Ice
Activity: Dictation
Activity: Crossword
Music is something very
important to me. Every cell
of my body is full
of music.
changed throughout. There
was no more music. I started
to work, to take care of my
thinking about music.
Fortunately, my daughter is
grown, she is in the Air Force
and I’m trying to
improve my English. At the same
time, I’m studying
cello, and I am
working in a factory. It is really
hard, but it is possible.
I can say that
music is a worthwhile gift. My
father loves music
helped me to
young. For a
long time I studied music, theory, violin, and
voice. I played
and sang in my
country for many
Sardis and her tutor, Leigh Eicke, have been working together
since June 2012.
For many reasons, I came to
the USA 11 years ago. It was
a hard time for me. My life
daughter, and to try to learn
English too, but always I was
I’m so happy I
found the
Literacy Center. I
want to say thank
you so much to
all tutors. They are
working together
with the Literacy
Center. They give
their time to help
others. That is so
Thanks, thanks, a thousand
times thanks.
Recipe for Shrimp Ceviche
By: Mirna Lopez, learner
Ingredients needed:
Do you have a friend,
neighbor, or family member who would like help
with their reading and/or
English skills? Encourage
him/her to contact the Literacy Center for tutoring or
English classes.
The Literacy Center has
New Learner Orientations
monthly and anyone interested in improving their
literacy skills is invited to
attend. Please call 616459-5151 to sign up for an
1 Pound of uncooked shrimp
(no shells)
5 Limes
1 Avocado
3 tomatoes
1 onion (medium)
1 bunch of cilantro
2 cans of V8 juice (5.5 oz
cans) (163ml total)
½ tsp salt or to taste
First wash the shrimp. Cut the
shrimp in pieces, about 1
inch size. Put the shrimp in a
plastic or glass bowl. Then
squeeze 2 or 3 limes over the
Leave them
for 15 to 20
Mirna and her tutor, John MacKeigan, have been
working together since May 2011.
Cut tomatoes into little
Place the
diced tomatoes in another bowl.
Cut the onion in small
pieces and
add to the
tomatoes. Chop the cilantro
in small pieces adding ½ cup
to the bowl and mix with
tomatoes and onions.
Add the shrimp to the mixture. Add salt to taste, approximately ½ tsp. Squeeze 2
limes in the mixture. Pour V8
juice into mixture and combine.
Cut the avocado in small
squares and add. Slowly mix
Serve with crackers or tortilla
chips. Serves 5-6 people.
Spring 2013
Page 2
A Trip I Took to Mexico
By: Norielit Lara, learner
I’m Norielit from Mexico. I
came here awhile ago. I
went to visit my family 3
years ago. It was really
fun. We had to take three
flights. The first was Grand
Rapids to Detroit. My kids
were so excited. It was
the first flight they ever
had. We arrived to Grand
Rapids Airport around
am. My
dropped me and my two
boys, Christian was only
two years old and Jotran
seven. I was carrying my
four suitcases and my
little one.
someone who work there
helped me with all my
suitcases while I check in
with my passport and my
flights tickets. After then
they weighed my suitcases and I was over. But
I had one suitcase with
not much in, so I
changed things. After
then, we went to the security gate and went to
the waiting room. We
were there for over an
hour. I asked my kids if
they wanted something
to eat, and they said no.
After waiting we board
the plane, and I had to
check my carry-on, because the plane didn't
have much space for
luggage. We flew for
about half hour to get
When we got Detroit we
had to wait for my suitcase in the tunnel, and it
was really cold in there.
We have to wait about
20 minutes and we only
have 45 minutes to
board the next flight. I
was worried, because I
two coats and one little
boy, I was so tired. After
then, I found the gate
and waited a little for my
When we board the
plane, we waited a long
time before taking off,
because they had to
wash the snow off the
plane. After that, the
Norielit and her tutor, Jennifer Griffith, have been working together
since August 2012. Jennifer, Norielit, and her daughter, Yaretziat the
Literacy Center’s Disney on Ice event.
thought I would miss my
connection to Monterrey. When I finally got
my suitcase, my boys
and I had to run. We
went down stairs to a
tunnel, through the tunnel and then up the
stairs. And I walked long
carrying my suitcase,
plane took off. We were
very excited to go after
a long wait. My kids slept
for a while, I didn't. When
they woke up, they were
very hungry, I didn't have
any snacks. A lady sitting
in front us had lunch for
her kids. My kids just
watched the others kids
eating, and my boys said,
"we want something." I
was expecting the airplane to have lunch and
they didn't have any.
After another long wait,
we had some little snack.
It wasn't enough for a
long time. After 3 1/2
hours we landed in Monterrey, Mexico, I was very
happy to be back in my
When we arrived, we
were very hungry so we
had to find something to
eat, but the problem was
we didn't have Mexican
money. We had to find a
place to exchange the
money. Finally we found
it. And we found sandwiches to eat. Then, we
had to wait 2 hours for
the next flight. After two
hours we took our last
flight Monterrey to Guadalajara. We were finally
there. Then we had to
find our suitcases. My
mom and my sister were
waiting for us, we were
very happy to see them.
After much waiting, we
traveled another 3 hours
by car to get my mom's
house. On the way home,
Jotran and my mom
made jokes. After a day
of grand adventure, we
were in Mexico for six
Tutoring Tip: Language Experience Stories
A good way to find reading materials that are relevant to your learner's life is to have him/her dictate
stories to you. This is known as the language experience approach. The story can be factual or fiction. It can be one line or pages long. What is important is that the person recording the story writes
exactly what is said. By writing what is said, the student can see and hear the words. This sight/sound
relationship is basic to effective reading. After the dictation, the story can be read and re-read by
both the learner and the tutor. Words and sentences can be extracted for more concentrated practice. These stories can be collected in a portfolio and/or as part of a book.
Extracted from
The Reader
Page 3
My Thanksgiving Vacation
By: Vicente Olguin,
This is my favorite time of
Thanksgiving starts off a wonderful time of family and
friends coming together. I
got off of work on Wednesday and had the next two
days off. My wife purchased
a 16 lb turkey. It was a big
turkey for our family of three,
but we thought maybe
some friends or family may
come over for dinner. My
wife asked me to take the
turkey out of the freezer
Wednesday morning to defrost. We awoke early Thursday morning, we washed
and added spices to the
turkey, waiting about four
Vicente and his tutor, Sue Gladstone, have been working together since October 2011.
hours and stuffed the inside of
the turkey with vegetables,
small red potatoes and carrots. We put the turkey in the
oven by 10:00 AM. It was done
by 1:00 pm, it was very moist
and good. My wife also made
green bean casserole, rolls,
mashed potatoes and gravy
and we also had cranberry
sauce. We bought three deserts at the store. We had
cheesecake, sweet potatoes
and pumpkin pie. At dinnertime we gathered together
and gave thanks to God for
the many blessings he has
given to use and loved ones.
After eating I played with my
10 year old son Joel and relaxed the rest of weekend.
I had a great Thanksgiving
My Biography
By: Nieves Bello, learner
My name is Nieves, I am
34 years old, born on July
15, 1978 in Altotonga,
Veracruz, Mexico. My
parents are Desiderio
and Guillermina. I have
two brothers Enrique and
Berenice, they are now
living in Veracruz. I studied 12 years in Altotonga
and then continued my
studies in a small ranch,
where there was not
enough water. The climate was hot and there
is coffee, lemons, oranges, mangos, avocados, peppers, tomatoes,
corn, papaya, banana,
guava, peach, blackberry, beans, etc. It was
very difficult for me and
my family to adapt to
the place and climate.
The means of transport
were horses or walking for
3-4 hours to reach the
school to continue my
studies, but, I could not
continue studying because of lack of money.
Nieves and her tutor, Susan Stefanski, have been working together since May 2012.
nearest town to buy basics
or to go to the doctor. In
1990-1992 I went back to
In 1998 I returned to high
school to graduate, but it
was difficult to learn Eng-
lish. When I was 23 I had my
first child, Diego. In 2004, I
decided to come to Michigan to work. In 2007, my
second child was born,
Brayan then in 2008, my
third child was born,
Gerard. Brayan is now 6
years, and Gerard is 5
years old they are studying
in school. Now I am learning English with my tutor
Susan from the Literacy
Center. To me it’s very, very
difficult to speak and understand English, because
the vocabulary and sounds
are different. I am very
grateful and happy to
have someone who is interested in my learning and I
want to thank you for your
patience, teacher Susan,
for your time and support In
my English class. I learned a
lot with you.
Idiom Practice: What does “In a pickle” mean?
Daniel is in a pickle. His car won’t start and he has to be to work in 15 minutes.
The Reader
Page 4
National Volunteer Week April 21-27
The Adult Tutoring Program would like to thank all of
our tutors for improving our community through
literacy and helping adult learners achieve their
Adrienne Alexander
Sharon Cole
Karla Heuker
William McKee
Joe Schmidt
Linda Alkire
Peter Conrad
Joseph Hogan
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The Reader
Page 5
Welcome Sarah Ramirez
The Adult Tutoring Program is excited to introduce new Literacy Assistant,
Sarah attended Caledonia high school, and is a
graduate of Grand Valley State University, holding a bachelor’s degree
in English Language and
Literature. Her biggest
passion is helping those
who want to learn to
achieve their goals. She
has recently worked as a
teaching Spanish at the
high school level. She
enjoys helping people to
learn a new language
and get excited about
expanding their world
views. She is excited to
help those who are seeking to improve their literacy skills to achieve success, because she believes that literacy helps
and encourages participation in the community.
In her free time, Sarah
enjoys reading, writing,
and spending
time with her
Sarah is bilingual in Spanish
and is available to assist
communication. Sarah can
be contacted at (616)
459-5151x25. Sarah habla
español y puede
contactado en
Activity: Reading and Discussion
Below is the full text for reading and dictation. Read the story together and discuss. Next, go to page 6 for the
dictation activity.
People need exercise for good health. Walking is very good exercise. If you walk 10,000 steps
every day, that is very good for your heart. 10,000 steps is about 5 miles.
Some people walk a lot when they do their job. They exercise while they are working. Some
people don’t walk at work. They sit at a desk, answer the telephone, and use a computer. They
work hard, but they don’t walk.
How many steps do you walk every day? You can wear a pedometer to count your steps. It
is interesting to see the answer. But you don’t have to wear a pedometer to get healthy. You can
try to walk more every day. If you walk 30 minutes every day, you will soon be healthier.
1. Do you walk at work?
2. Do you walk to school?
3. What can people do to walk more steps?
4. Do you like to walk outside? Why or why not?
5. Where can people go to walk in your neighborhood?
This activity was extracted from Hands-on English, Vol. 16, No. 5 pg 10
Publish your work in The Reader
We are now accepting learner submissions including, but not limited to personal stories, fictional
writing, and recipes. Tutors are welcome to share success stories as well.
Submit your writing to Valerie or your Literacy Coordinator by June 12, 2013
[email protected]
This activity was extracted from Hands-on English, Vol. x, No. x pg x
The Reader
Page 6
The Adult Tutoring Program would like to
thank Feld Entertainment and Disney on Ice
for sponsoring Family Fun Night and donating
100 tickets for Disney on Ice to Literacy
Center learner and tutor families.
Activity: Dictation
Directions: Once you have read the text on page 5 together, try the dictation activity below. Tutors, read the story on
page 5 at a fairly natural speed while your learner fills in the paragraph below. You can pause as long as you like between sentences while your learner writes. You can repeat the whole sentence if necessary.
People need exercise for _______________health. _______________ is very good exercise. If you walk
_______________ steps every _______________, that is very ________________ for your heart. 10,000 steps is about
_______________ miles.
Some people _______________ a lot when they do their _______________. They exercise while they are
_______________. Some people don’t walk at _______________. They sit at a desk, answer the _______________,
and use a computer. They work hard, but they don’t _______________.
How many _______________ do you walk every _______________? You can wear a pedometer to count
your ______________. It is interesting to see the _______________. But you _______________ have to wear a pedometer to get healthy. You can try to _______________ more every _______________. If you walk
_______________ minutes every day, you will soon be healthier.
This activity was extracted from Hands-on English, Vol. 16, No. 5 pg 11
The Reader
Page 7
Activity: Crossword Puzzle
Word list:
Down clues
1. Two months ago I _____ walk very far. So I started walking
a little bit every day. Now I can walk for a long time without
getting tired. I’m getting fit!
2. If you exercise _____ day, you will feel better and get
healthier. Some people say you will live longer, too.
3. “Do you get any exercise at work?” “No, I have to _____
all day. But when I go to lunch, I take the stairs instead of the
4. If you exercise _____, you will burn more calories. This helps
you to lose weight.
5. “My nephew plays sports at _____ and on the weekends
he goes running in the park.” “Oh, he must be very fit!” “Yes,
he is.”
10. I like to go for a walk _____ dinner with my husband. We
do this every evening, if the weather is okay.
11. “Where do you go to exercise?” “I like to exercise at
_____.” “You don’t go outside?” “No, I do my exercise inside.”
12. I would like to exercise more, but I’m too busy. I have to
_____ and take care of my family.
13. “What kind of exercise do you do?” “I don’t exercise.
Usually I feel too tired.” “Why don’t you walk with me in the
morning?” “Okay, that’s a _____ idea.”
Across clues
2. Some people like to lift weights for _____. It’s
hard to work but it helps you get stronger muscles.
4. People should exercise at least 30 _____ daily.
That is good for your health.
6. “Do you exercise every _____?” “No, but I
play soccer with some friends on the weekend.”
7. My teacher told me she’s taking a yoga class.
She goes two days a _____. She enjoys it.
8. “My cousin is a little bit overweight. She would
like to lose about 10 _____.” “She should exercise more!”
9. “Do you want to go to the gym with me for
some exercise?” “No, thanks. I’ll stay here and
_____ TV. I’m feeling lazy today.”
12. Jogging is faster than _____ but slower than
running. Some people like to do this for exercise.
14. “How _____ steps do you walk every day?” “I
don’t know. I don’t have a pedometer.”
15. Some people _____ to school every day instead of driving or taking the bus. That’s good
This activity was extracted from Hands-on English, Vol. 16, No. 5 pg 6
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