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Abdullah Bin Karam Hajj & Umrah
Abdullah Bin Karam Travels and Tours established in 1996 having 03 branches in UAE with
head office in Abu Dhabi. Bin Karam main purpose is to assist and manages the Umrah and Zia
rat Tours. The management has over decade experience of Hajj & Umrah and backed by the well
known reputable Saudi Hajj & Umrah Company.
We are committed to serve all your Umrah, Zia rat and Hajj needs with the help of highly
professional, trained, experienced, dependable, dedicated , Service oriented , who work with our
direction, specially well experienced under the new Umrah Rules & Regulation. Our staff is
integral part of our firm operating in kingdom especially our office in Makkah.
Our Group is one of the dynamic tourism companies, famous for its prestige's services, Bin
Karam main motto and prime task is our services, pilgrim retention and safe Holy Journey
through satisfactory customer's service.
Our Group is different, rather than just describing the theory of Umrah & Hajj Business. It
describes real life from the professional point of view.
Our Mission is to reach out to all of Muslims community for the sake of Allah Subhanao wa
Taa'la, reach out to all those who have desire to perform Umrah and Hajj without worries for
Prayers (Ebadah) and Support all pilgrimage whatever they need during the Umrah and Hajj with
* Pride of Performance in our service.
* Respect others by honoring our commitments.
* Integrity and believing others needs.
* Development in the program all around year.
* Evaluate the program constantly for Pilgrims benefit.
We are thankful to you and hope you will feel comfortable with choosing us as your Umrah and
Hajj service provider. We know you will enjoy our association with you at this trip.
Abdullah Bin Karam Hajj & Umrah
Booking requirements of Hajj 2015/1436
Passport colored copies 02 no (passport validity up to 15th March 2016)
NIC/NICOP colored copy 02 no
Passport size (2.5*3cm) photograph with sky blue back ground 06 no
Next to kin, NIC +Contact No in Pakistan
Blood Group (should mention on pp copy)
Previous Hajj details if any
50% advance payment at time of booking*
Hajj visa will be process (after Ramadan 2015) from Islamabad Pakistan*
Rate from UAE:
Rate from Pakistan:
Dhs 23000/-* UAE-KSA-UAE
Rs: 630000/-* PAK-KSA-PAK
*Limited approved quota of partner companies from Pakistan
*Cancelation charges applies
*Pakistan Rupees exculding connecting flight charges
Abdullah Bin Karam Hajj & Umrah
Furnished shared apartment in Makkah at 750 meters from Masjid haram or 3 star hotel
at 1000 meter from Haram.
3 stars hotel in Madinah at 550 meters from Masjid-e-nabvi*
Maktab no 03 close to jamarat******
10-15 Persons/Tent, (Tents will be combined)
Private Bathroom area for our Hajj Group
Air Cooled Canvass Tents in Mina
A/C Buses (seat by seat)
Normal Arafat Tents
Doctor, scholar and Guide accompanied throughout Hajj days.
Departure from Sharjah to Madinah and Arrival from Jeddah to Sharjah by Air Arabia
Buffet in Makkah, Madinah and Mina. Box meal in Arafat and Muzdalifah.
Buffet Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) with 24 hours hot/cold drinks in
Hajj 2014 figures*******
Booking will be confirmed with minimum 50% initial deposit only.*All pilgrims have to pay/clear all
dues/fees before hajj visa process*. Hajj visa will be issued from Islamabad after Ramadan. Group
organizer is not fully responsible for dispatching passport. 50% to 60% chance/arrangement to
dispatch passport through reliable source, otherwise pilgrims have to travel on their own expense
for Visa issuance at given time.*
Pilgrims cannot change the accommodation which is given to them by group organizer according
to the package. If a pilgrim changes his/her accommodation then all the responsibility and
expenditure would be on the respective individual.
Shared rooms are provided for the accommodation of men and women separately. Separate room
for couples can be booked at the time of booking at extra cost.*
Group organizer is bound to submit application in Hajj ministry and to get passport and visa
according to it.
Buying of tickets and schedule arrangements would be done in cooperation with group organizer
and ministry of religious affairs.
Every pilgrim is bound to travel in the buses provided by Moalim.
Madina's schedule would be before Hajj or after Hajj according to the policies of Pakistani and
Saudi government. It would not be subjected to any change.
According to Saudi law, the responsibility of transport for Mina/Arafat and Muzdalifa is of Moalim.
In case transport could not be arranged due to shortage of buses then the group organizer would
be apologetic but still group representatives could guide you.
If a pilgrim missed his/her designated flight or wants to come back early then all its expenditure
and responsibility would be on him/her.
During traveling on plane and on buses, pilgrim would be himself responsible for carrying luggage
greater than the fixed limit and pilgrim would pay for it.
Group organizer would be responsible for providing Hajj visa and tickets.
The responsibility and expenditure due to fake passport and ID card would be on pilgrim and his
package fees would be confiscated. If Saudi embassy rejects/refuse pilgrim application/visa due to
passport issue or any other Issue, group organizer is not responsible for any rejection and could
not able cancel or refund at that time.
If pilgrim could not go on Hajj after submitting the application form or after Issuance of visa for
Hajj then the fees would not be returned. If pilgrim wants to cancel before Ramadan/before
signing original application form.5% cancelation charges will be applied on total package.*
Pilgrim would not be charged any extra fees nor would any money be returned in case of any
increase or decrease in expenditure other than stated above.
Food is included While Holy sacrifice (Qurbani) is not included in the package (pilgrims can get
extra facilities by giving extra money).*
Hajj Registration Form 2015*
Full Name: __________________________ Father /Husband Name: _____________________
Date of Birth:___________________
Passport no________________ Date of Issue _______________Date of Expiry________________
NIC/NICOP_____________________ Date of Expiry _______________
Blood Group______________
Full Name: _________________________ Father/Husband Name: ___________________
Date of Birth:_____________________
Passport no_______________ Date of Issue ________________Date of Expiry________________
NIC/NICOP____________________ Date of Expiry _______________
Blood Group_______________
Full Name: _________________________ Father/Husband Name: _____________________
Date of Birth:____________________
Passport no_______________ Date of Issue ________________Date of Expiry_______________
NIC/NICOP_____________________ Date of Expiry _______________
Blood Group______________
Next to Kin ___________________ NIC #_______________________ Contact__________________
E-mail /contact no of Applicant _____________________________________________________
Name of Mahram for Women _____________________Relationship ___________
Previous Hajj details if any_________________________
Date & Signature _________________________* understand and agreed with terms and rule for Hajj on next page