r in k
Cm : F
l in t y .
intellectual proof of immortality. It is not a n
u of ’ ho
human intellect; it does not belong to the --;,i".ere of h .man
there are none of tin* applianra - of the n.ir.-i v.d.-n it
On Sunday evening', the 26th instant, Mrs. Tappan, as usual, j reason:
speculates upon external subjects th at belong to the realm >.r - ; '
hfld • large and intelligent audience entranced for something like — either disembodied or embodied mind. I t
,o;eiv ’•
v hour and a half by the charms of her inspirational utterances, j absolutely a question of spiritual investigation. The;--: j-.vi.---n
\V; ■re
Onthis occasion the hall was uncommonly full, the evening being : the atheist, the infidel, arid the material! • citrr fine. Put, wet or dry, the place is always well filled, a fact j are the proofs of im mortality ? ” we say: “ There are no proof-, f r
which speak-, very highly in favour of Mrs. Tappan’s inspirational the intellect; hut the proofs to spirit arc abundant a o i.-.ar, .
evidence is the conadoumeM of ti.
p-.rsr1, for it need hardly he said that the majority of her auditors This
alone satisfies; this alone is evidence—the ah-o! j ‘g-, . - .
m the same every Sunday.
positive, longing aspiration for the certainty of in.m oral !.:•-. I t
The evening’s proceedings were opened by Mr. Slater, who put is not anything th at can come from knowledge: I ,be
it to the audience whether they chose to nominate a committee to innate. I t is not anything th at is the result of work, la* ... -r
«;ect the subject of the evening’s discourse, or if they would intellectual struggle: it ia innate. For we believe tl
lesre the choice of the same to the control of the lecturer. The i interpretation of the scriptural account of rr- v i
th at O .d
audience decided in favour of the latter alternative. A hvran ! man in his own image, means the spiritual j r- of man : • ' • .
haring then be'-n sung CSo. 66 in the “ Spiritual Lyre”), Mrs. image of God is w ithin the human spirit; and th at is •! at
Tappin rose and delivered the following invocation:—
it im m ortality, and th at is w hat bin I- i‘ to r i. e et-.-rnal
Now, as we have stated, spiritual
• j-.-ve,n- t
rOut loving Father, Thou infinite Spirit of life and love! Thou
mce for the disemh
divine and p-rfect Soul! we praise Thee, We lay upon the altar talitv, hut a continued f ...
1 udy ceases to
of thy infinite being all our offerings of devotion. Dim though : When the mind that is now encased in the
! passes to am
o-jj vision If-, although clouded as i.-. the mortal vision in materiel inhabit that body, spiritual science reveal
elav, still would we praise and bless Thee, because of thine infinite ! stator of existence compatible with the spirit, and in ' -t
lave. 0 our Father, Thou art the light, Thou the source, Thou , vanced a state as it leaves the earth—no more, no 1- ; that it !
the beginning and ending of all things; and whatsoever may not plunged instantaneously into an abyss of darl.n-s.-, : r no
. :1ms
'.nooinpass the spirit in darkness, or in misery, thy life and thy human spirit is wholly dark : nor at once transplantlove enfold, sustain, and uplift us. 0 Thou ia-ting flame! Oj of absolute light and knowledge, for n-. :j :rl* i- • 1
Thou shining light in the midst of darkness! Thy strong hand earthly stains; that, a- J<
eT-r extended to -ave, he Thou in our midst. We know that 1leave them, “ In my Father’s house are many mar.-ion-y if it
*:.*rever we may he there is thy light; whatever our weakness were not so, I would have told you sho wing t!..". in id. c -r. - he i lily understood that
may be, Thou art our strength; whatever our infirmity or mis tion of the future
fortune, Thou dost sustain as. Even as the eagle that pushes occupy the same position, and that th- “ many n. n-i ;.- ini i' -1
font, her young from the nest that they may learn to fly alone, by those who had entered the spirit-life were adap-td t • ■ir
- *,
jet ever dives beneath to catch them lest they fall, so dost thy condition. Spiritualism, aa it is termed to-day, I.-:- r ! ,... !
kving spirit force us out from thy infinite love, that we may try- the outward consciousness the methods whereby end,
tar pinions, and learn to fly upward to Thee ; yet we know that! disembodied mind can convei >t getl r. Thi indivi
nitary, primal euh-tance.
thy infinite love and thy boundle.-.s mercy aie evr extended spirit of yours is a sentient, con
b'.r;*st!i iis, lest we fall upon the rocks of darkne.-s. So do we j It cannot lie composite; if so, it w ,uld at ■une tin.
ti In-: in Thee, and striving ever to fl v forward, we will endeavour It cannot he composed of nrlu-1 i-.nd malt1-.-.-, f . is
:.-rot i- o! - . . .
to find thy love and thy promised safety. Oh, let us not shrink come a term when its comp-r.-nt :
. 1
t be formed
from striving to know the truth! The past has revealed the he spiri
evidences of thy power; let us know that in the living preent j process, or the result of development of <Tgar,i- ti r;: if - .
it i Co--, abide, and that thy soul has. marked out the pathway the organi-m perished, tho spirit ah—would p-ri-h. 1' i- in i-- .fa
I life, heau! ified and glorified with the love of thy primal, air.-o!ute, self-existent princip!--, (a-existent f ,-i - Divine
■ -immortal being. I'ilgrims on the earthly strand, we still may Mind ; consequently immortal in it- .-'ilr-tane- and nat
i with our brows the immortal world; angels will cu.me to ingnone of the attnbut'-s of matter, n it being r-iit-d t:
**>t those that falter on the way, and thy spirit of light and cept by its power to govern and control i t ; hence when mind in
-.swill sustain, strengthen, and bless os all for evens ire. habits th« material body it gives that 1. sly f-rra, shap-,col..ur, i— tion—all the attributes of being; with iir it y-u might n.-f,
- .n
'f er the ringing of another hymn (No. 146 in the “ Spiritual
call it a hun
h • •p-aker again ro-.e to her feet, ami h- gun Si follows!— ; to ho entertained hv scientific men th t there v. ill c :n- a ti:..
when an exact semblance of tho human organism may b- f -r d,
T it k I.vmvrDfAi. H u ma n S p i r i t .
and tho breath of life artificially lue-'bed into it : u-.-'h a cr- :
The second letter of the spiritual alphah -t. Last Sunday we however, would not Ire a human being. Spirit must pr- -de f rm,
w our subject the first letter of the spiritual alphabet, ju-t as the germ precede.-the wheat or th- fruit of t!. - h;.rv t■ the
*r, f, io
Divine Spirit, its existence, its power over mortal.-, time: if you ..
j~ Jhe relation of the humanspirit to the divine,m e r e portrayed. mu-.- expect no fruition; so if there w ere not a spirit inhabiting
"*» t!i<> first letter of the alphabet. To-night we come 11 each one of your bodies, you could not understand n- w r l w - *,ato«d letter, wliiclt is the individual human -pirit, emh .died f v ; our utterance would fall up ui stone or m.-i: hi-, —. I tfc-rI. rh
sith in 3
A '' "‘'J 'i‘‘ 'T* ,u,fT the relation of the disembodied to the j
6S the bra:
spirit. As we stated last Sunday evening, there is no
T ill’ M E D IU M
0 r T O B K f l a i , I 8 7>
sfjenpfh tb" i onset',im p ,w, r coming from if
till,nigh lie divine no "fig, iv to vmi you (■, I'l (i'll. J ifn,
ill,. Illlliwill *«l J.-IVI11- Ml
V. 1111111 ill lillCe ink ilil** I Im elnugli of d< • porel t
- J1"
li jJlIlljj J. It b l i t
I hope, an,I no life, mid no immorfalii
mu lo t -line 1lie corn- 1 l.liut Ilium Was no
tUllIl It ‘III wIlMlfo IIII' I t'll 1111'i I'" '1 "Ilt!
t 1lie nilit II that j Now, as we 1',ive I•11«•.I, model ii spiritual
,i,. hi parts nf other mttt' ilwl mV"1" '1" ’•
1IIloi hi 1 i 1lie hotly. ' Connect mg link between ibe identified human spir/i, |j ,
wliiili i< spend' I*' our ut 11■riiiii1*’ i llint whin that v\ hit'll eau . . 1lie bod*, and 11ie identified Ii ii man spit it i* that h , r . , , .
il,•I'mmil *
hU,l , I,.tin i it either with i’iii'" "»
wiili inii'lliKDi"'' or to Kr"|»D in I In thi il elaim i to be a srienre : in tie methods «,| ain;
the miiul either In In'
but itol in lb" be I- of communion.
Hlill, 111•: ruellimi
i Hinance llmt in tin' !•'iwi't ....... or!i*l I"*'1 I*1”,
i i i The re Iurn, when thin imim.rlnl pm i ! muni.ui all. lint now; it ia a m illelie to Sttpiiow 11,,,,
of tlio spiritual ul
,„iul 1,11.1V, 11 h *h'H.I; til. n II CfMM to wholly ami ah di.tcly now lo the human mind ; f,,r v,,u i,
in inhabit IIi*1 mi*1
»•* ii
■ .
liii 1.1 ii I lovi'. Hi il now mod,. that in all a,re-, tlm >i h i ...... n g o or inhabitant of ||,i
I■111U mill In<litIh’i i*ml to t, mi
,■ | | ,
. olivlion which Ml. »i*y mil..Ill, im- world luivo been employed eomm.inieatiug um- , g , | t.irji
iVorta ’X " ’ il"-pito malarial ni-lrim, lh" worl«M.»» 'alien ini.. , i II IIalii Iall Is. Il is Mini'll than Oil,'ll I'"Veillod ill th" ■ •lit
il angels app.'iviod and boro nuv'tiges.
Ii i
i , 1.1,1, ,i,„ii,i itml w'l'iil t:i'in, on tlm ono point. ol j turtle
"I ),;•
wa- ,,,,
1!!i! Viii;' i'V!11•!i'.*• i.'-1>ioi tho t-'oi"'- ri....w ., ,
11mil111 of temptiilion, tlm angels appear".I to him; , |;
linih, ..ml I.-ok lorwaril I" <!>•> Aiwa -I tin. n«.iriW |
John w i m mi tlm I-lo ol I’almoa, and saw tin
Z ui.'.'t tlmir luted on**, havo s<>0>elhl..K ">
over tin,
came to him, Im would huvo fallen down and worships.i| ,
c | ltx, „ i o l d e a t h .
H o t t h o . o w h o l . a * * m . l llu .n ........ . . h i t i n n
,'.•„,o i).<**' tlm majority even in O in -tliu i r.m iilri-«? bmsai.se llm but I hey said, “ M"" that tliou do it not , for we am vaur f,. ,
jumultv "film inhabitants "f any »n!n>u
H,,ir,'h mmnlm, , lirethron, the pi, ,liel . ” m n l t h " ■■ a n d o i l i e r in-in- ■ J .
,1,, not I, |m\c tin; revelation* of ivny chtu^i. il" M alturli llmm- believers in llm < n i s t i u i i l l i l i l r t.i a c c e p t all lie:.-; aij,.i<:nt ,
|„ «nv .‘•tahlirlm.l creed, and am milling out. upon tlm tions. “ Ihit," say I hey, “ III" >• visililtions have
.t , i of iull.lolitv. Tin" ‘I'mhi llt«> eM'tonco "I n f.itnro Mtato,
mi,I n i v , if *»!>• *k«-n I" .m Iho .>i.l,j""t: “ W" ;«;»**”< jrmibl..... trsolve ,
will, i)„ .,• tliiiu; <; w,- leave tlm otlmr world K- tftkn cate «.r it mil : hecaitse of that that llm power of the * utholie I hurcli f l lm I’rote iiunt t'louvli alto wn tb" no- >n , .f a::.-,
|,im* enough t" *l<> in thi
The m"‘t perm, tou* of nindorii faded.
.|,m i,|, h, ii llint form of r.-li -i-u thut ignores tlm .pintuiil viilatioti: (.'alvin did not Imsitate In receive pi ri t.ml in
on,- I.-,
part ol inan ignore, il,,, de - i re lor iiiM|iinitton and communion and I,oilier p.'ivatelv received the vi it., ol a11.r•-1
>r. |;
with spiritual beingabsolutely t*ml exclusively lo that which belongs to its material Hippo .ui il to bo his .‘-'iitanic Majo tv, but. it might 11uv• |>.
welfare, bivauso it i.i tlm moat houIIc.m. hivo u rather tlm human heiug veiled in darkuc. . So, throughout 111*• 1.,-'
idolatry of tlm lhtthmin, give
r,ll*l‘‘r aM)’ h>nn of worship lie- I’rol" t.inl Chimtll, tlief" have been ViirioiH .lenoiuitia»i • ,
than tlm soulle s, intellectual, refined worship of tho mnterial oil-hot its of t ho Pint" t.inl Church, that have incorporated ;r.clamourcr of to-.hiv, \* ho, claiming to l,n liberal, lm.i loom for n\ orv- th.-ir bcliols the guardianship of angels; and many el the g-v!
thin;: . l o upon h i, pint form except llm piritimlity of llm human hymns ab-oluiely and distinctly state tlm belicl in the j»r, ■
V.'intt! These nr,' termed i ndieal ami front hitiknr.**, ami tlmir I".itm.. thc.-o angelic Is-itigs. It i.-, tnic they dill’cr a <" the •• I - i i , I. •
of thought lilmrnl million: tlmy, no <louhl, linvo tlmir work in the they are all ministoriiig- spirils. N ow Spiritu.ili.-m stops in, i:
worl.l; but while tlmy Mrani/lo tho spiritual nut tiro and ntiin llm believer, bill lo tlm unbeliever. A soon as there .•!••• a.|:i;,"
out line o.vmwn on tho intellertual cult urn of man, tlm .-pint to be a vast majority <d’ unbelievers in ('Ini tend,on who d y
Mtiiud.-i pale and lo/huit, a kiii|' for aomo token oi life that the exi.-tence of the soul, and doubt their own imotor!;h'.y,
may punt it to tho Infinite Heinp.
l.ot m have llm blind Spirituali.-iu lias brought to their consciousne.-, the fict t'o.t t:
idolatry of the Catholic worship, that taken the words of tho souls are immortal; that the . pirils they supposed to Ic <1« : ,.-..
priest as infallible, that hows down before a simple, senseless not dead, but liv ing; that they cart, under certain circiiiiiv n:..,
shrine, t>.'li> \iup everything, because in believing nverythin"' you hold comnumion with tlm u i; that those friends me ih,-ir mini. . * - >
are sure to tind something true; rather give us tlm lettered and attendant guides, and that ofttimes in hours of ii«l\i-r-ity . |
worship that takes blindly upon faith alone any belief in tlm soul’s danger tlic o ill are vvardc I of) by tho iuterv,'iition of gu.i:
divine origin, than this .untie iutellcctunli ui that inverts the spirits, and that alvvav . , if you will listen to their voics, they
spiritual process, and makes man llm self-conscious iigenl of advise and counsel von, though they do not compel y, >. I;
mftt.riaUsiii in tlii.-, world. Sucl, is tho tendency of modern H um that llm spirils do not claim infallibility ; bo .-tire tha‘. do
thought; hence the majority of liberal C'hri li.viif, are drifting out individual spirit posse . s infinite knowledge. It t -not giv-n ;o
into tho sea that borders upon absolute doubt and uncertainty; the mortal as soon as Im lavs ol)' the rob".s ,,l outward II : j
nay, wo have heard it said from the pulpit that there was a ’*hope become at once inlinilo in knowledge, lie sure tli,-y .!•>n >t,' j
of man’s immortality.” Ah, but there is a perfect certainty ! and this, but only that additional degree "I knowledge tlist i - .
without this certainty all external forms of expression between them I»v bavinc pas.-nd throuwh what i called dtatli;
mind and mind are a mockery ; you wear a mask to one another ; range ol vision, loftier scope, higher opportunities, Ireedetti j„:1
you are mere walking automatons, endued, it is true, with intelli from temptation till those things have limy; but n» human gin:
gence, hut with an intelligence tlm lirst pull of breath may is in lanlly triinsporteil to absolute, inlinite, and mouip•*.••t
blow away; so that when death comes you have nothing to knowledge. When, therefore, \,,u seek tlm communion of .-|i:u;-,
show f,,r all your splendour. This spirit, tins divine intelligence, bear in mind that vou do not thcrohv deprive y sii dt ,,[ tli.v.
thi- hit, nt spark demands something more than lino intollec- nearer and higher communion with tho Divine Mind. It i
tvndism ; it demands a living, breathing, actual life; it demands nothing to do with this; do not suppo.-e, therefore, that tlw
that between man and man hero on earth there shall be some guardian spirit, or an;■,die messenger is to take the place of v
thing inure than this refinement of intellectual culture that own conscience and individual reason. On the contrary, ,s ,
them shall bo a consciousness of the spirit, so that you need not w ise spirit distinctly disclaims absolute knowledge, but .-avs, h\\f
meet one another as strangers and pass coldly by, but as brothers, leave only such opportunities as am allbrded us by our li:ii!!-!
each having a spark of the 1>ivii,o within v<>ur minds. Ralph vision;” for even in pint-life vision is limited by ktiewled
Wal.lo ].hnerson, once in a discourse on immortality, said that, if they have not tlm knowledge if it is not given them—how,
of the mao
it would take a thousand such lives to make an they teaeb vou on t h o s e m \ .-tevious .Hiibjec! s that lie fart her a n d / :
immortal soul.
Who gave him the power to decide f
rii.71 levond Y Vour mother and father, to whom you were accost -c’ 1
immortal spark is there. Jems selected from among tho lowly to go for udviee and counsel on earth, still are permitted toe:
tho.-e tlnit were to be his followers; and among all the inhabitants near you perhaps am your guardian spirits, though not alvv.'.vof the earth there is not one not even tho least of these little still permitted lo veil you; and if yott seek I'm' t heir :ulv
ones -that dues not belong to tho heavenly bather’s kingdom. counsel, thev givo Uieir advice and counsel a- parent- vv til.
N o ; intellect does not make tho immortal s o u l; and when your Hut they are not, of course, infallible; their advice ifriends go out from your side be sure, however humble they were I Im judgment of t he disembodied spirit, free from the tranim- !in the sphere ol greatne.-.s and intellectual culture, that the love external time and sense, and in some degree initiated ini >
that hound them to you and tho thought (hat ina.lo them yours, wonderful regions of spirit, of mind, and of thought, ’ll-iA
as well as the a-piration that lifts them upwards this is their your child Inis loft your side, and you have deposited llm iva v *
immortality, thi . the evidence of their continued existence. The in tho careful Iv guarded um, lai sum that tho .-ame love wD
materialist say -: “ We can get along very well without your spirits, linked you together was not ol the body, but of the spirit,!
"lint if they do exist?” if you were to shut out tho ntmosphero that if you seek for a wav of communication, a sweet and v
fr un vour room, if no fresh oxygen were admitted, presently t he presence will respond, and that presence will tell yeti n
room would become tilled with carbonic-acid gas, and in less than things you did not know. Still it does not claim to knew .•• 11
■; bodies w<>.i1<1 cea o I,, breathe : ,, if you shut out lies ia tbe region of the great lmreatler; lor there be atnc
the spiritual utmosphero from the mirth, and allow no r,,minimi,m, archangels, elierubim and . enqibiin ; the e -older aiv tlm'
ami pofti pirfttton, and Do prayer, and no consciousne of the I tivine, time ! these could teach you !<• •••>11 of infinite depth mid wiyou beeotuo spirituallv m-ad. Nuy, if il were not for the very hut vou are not ready for them yet. llm individual spirit
JffNftnce and guardianship of those who are permitted to be (loirs its ability to convolve with its hived ones constitutes tlm
messengers to you, your spiritual existence would appear all dark letter of I lie spirit Hu! alphabet ; but wlieu y ou lmv .< eiit. e' >'}
and vapoury, and you could uot breathe in mind or spirit ; lor you its investigation, it opens at once a broad and limit 1■■
Iitlv, not as tlio pa-i 11*1'*
ur*. ilepimleiit upon this spiritual atmosphere for your mental life, thought. You cannot take it
your spiritual life, and your constant anil tlaily aspiration ju I u< hour, nor . imply from curio.- it y mi ol'.lel' (|> plea e II llli'lld;
ire to know more an.ii’
you are upon the
ple rn lo r pin i<..I breath. Uoubt from an inward conviction you de -in
that which belongs to the spirit, be sure in doing o
it who will; but if you have walcho«l your whole lives the
of your Individual mind, you know that without llm sustaining a burden you cannot lightly boar, for it deiuaml- yur c*
llllllllUl lilftill
iV (r un tin'
if v »ii • i>k*’ ,lw
p- I 'm i" 11 ■f u n c ti o n s ; MU'
Id, yo i Im* d
thin fill!' tj'iul) ..I 11iviii*' I
•u . 1873.
^ tLr the sianOTW’w ona, ana sometimes vo
/h ^
who sem. linunications. Try the spirit.
-.,'.. -: : .
h1 "
*ren';* ^fyoar minds,
<-’■. 1 ^ftourinte--®— '■■_■;
yoar heart and
»* iot :oo captious aa to ita worting: xbr if Franklin wished
' :.i s mess** t° your earth and he ?e:s hold of a suitable
sometimes you are liable to \» deceiv l
« vr l i k t i v l i e C A n c h a ? r * e r p
<PTT ^want cni^V; '!
--- ..
“ uc>-u«
^ v - •~z
*•- -
\ _
" L ??™ * ^
“ d * ^
& ?.
- -asitorv
d o e s itS ’?
human Ixixura to determine v k*i m
tie ,;r to S - P cr'^hv'"- '
existent truth, uVe A £
“ * •
. r, renirmur. i\o v , -here are n.inir^a of human *^-it
c.-Vcis*1 v;: * .
' • ...
zZ j exclaim. Why is this ? Why cannot they choose their not add to the popular, to tL
* * __ 1 ftorn ou:_ cu.rA rt._ ; r t r . tu
. ... - i
.• .
. ... _• ..
.... _
in olden tim es (_hnst .. old not perioiru many miracles known many hearts to jt# l
his own people because of their unbelief! This may izt: state of
•*J*tv*here: for institutions and churches are certainly closed loved inenda. It ‘.■eachee that tL-*-i>
. .Lx .vnnmiioion oi soirixs : ^x ■ ax i..r >*
- - -- ......
—_ T *
>\-w. many persons have closed
.T..v p. sdiue avenue : a t i so tnetiztrs too tzrre ts a ztt.e zarazess
hAuissaitSi that cannot be overcome—that is not a matter
sill and volition, but simply of external organisation that y;
icstantf. to produce physical sounds—the medium must have a
«rt«aeiganisation that
;s :i' an aunt or atmosphere sufficiently
h ;;r the spirit to employ. and tzat zas z-;t_tzc to cocttZer
e._ .hlire, morai status. rtzzious vtrws, or azvtzinar cxtrot
payseal cncanisatioii. Now. whenever the spirit can Ima such a
cas a! is desirous of communicating'. it wi.. do so: ana if yea do
a :.ze the instrument, it cannot be avoided. All persons, z: we ver.
the eritt cf tzr.tiuz.shiv.
t:_ route tt ts an ur.u-.nzt
c■zs.itus kn.wleaae
aa: ■ h.... . of the • t.s-. _ce of -v it its : wttz
ttzets tt is
the sift of seeing
,m#>B proa ta lly :
stztts, cat t..at .tz. '"I. aever
v.*a.za:.:.z elves ti.-.tv. sttetaath. I . .*re tze lactnty aza zevrr
•heany use of it. and it becomes deadens a. It is iase placing a
t .. r c.arz
...aa: ana
...a. tzcu
ca - exaect
r.v ; aarc a.tr cvrs
evrS to
.. oe
- - st:
_ a zc tze
:z and r.eve? .a..: we a to
• * ? * child is placed in a dark
the s'miizh:. its siXht ••vill ut.l aV." le very weak : tut :t its eves
vt .C..1 .
- -
a ,r thr t.saa:
has s- it.t.h. siuht iu eziiaz;-::.. aa.. .::a up-1-vtu•»*. -!•
saza, t. wav
as czt.e.ren s:atrttatr; r.o. . r -w
^ e do Ect knov -vaat tz
Sririrzalistu zzs zone or e
pavea tar ~ay t: t_e tt:-.
p.ace. aza at i----y — —
—tmster —ttz —» pa_ttt.z
rest:nse _t- tz; :tr..t_ t_„
*• a : ar rrteza ts tr:t at....
t-...—.rr. >.— . vr;c Lacireatr has t
tze presence o r.atritaz acz-is.
—............... ..
i wr:
vartcas .....-........-- -. .. re - S j .---
--- \d.......
.-” w
. T . IX „ . . 0
a ;
- . f hit a at.a.
. the i...a . : at
- ' '
r ‘-v '
m**r- fc
d a .- a z .ra ®
you do not cive irre-—
'' '
..r .—
':' rvfitv w .
; Vr . Sr_:
tat question it .as to what it rea-v
arz. ;tatt; a
:c;s. ttr.v b
persons are
h"IzhT^. 1
Za” *- T,-.*,
Then, •indeed,
a;..... ~ - • -- r v.' - . . —r*
^ in me ca>e oi me
A t
■•.h ^ V
: r : . Lh; ; i : : : : : a a : : a ' . - - h
■ ' ..........................
ai ^
; ; A
I ll, l , ° . ur mz I a
t wonld bem ved to w r i a s 11 — a-....................' .
- - ■ :: ....:■
• i
- '
' ®® ■wnthm that ha'
_. .
^ t any .........
are made u
.. .
.. '
ix .\:
. ..
> ^ J fy
. a . v ; ------- - s
Of' h
... . - -
. .
■ ■
.X X
t_ ..t
niliy not In' sinned mid ciucilled, Imf lm in pursuiul willi 1.1m aliuflii
nmt arrows of envy mml malignancy. Thanks, however, In llm
inliglilenumnl. ol llm present generation, llmsn may iml lm pul. In
dealli. If, tlmri'liirn, a hind iimMStign nr a. lovinj; word greet your
oiviv from minun unknown source and soma far nil voice, do nol. pul.
il, aside because you liavo nol, Imurd if before; but- listen and see
if il do nol bring you a incsi'.iigo of Invo a voic.n from linyond 111at
11mi It Ilm.1 lian boon mi dark and cold and drniidful In you. And
wlinii llm (dluin of individual life in niadn coinplole wlmn it really
in osluliliplmd mid understood among iiimliils that Micro in no
breaking ol Ibm chain, if will bo an ('111111111111 lor you In bold
Ctunniuninn willi doparlod friends an In send a ltd,for or iimsHugn
|.n Honmono that in abmmt; nay. if will bo unite I'oniinon lor
you lu boo llmm walk by your nido, and you will liold a pleasant
ciiiivoVBiilion willi Bourn guardian npirif ovou in llm vary midnl. of
humanity. t'noon will appoar, forms will walk by your Hido, a now
ulnionphoro will mirriuiml llm earth, and, an of old, angels will
iiboi'Ihi and donooiul, and tlmTo will bo no nioro four.
You will not
bo afraid : llm I’aiMJH will not bo strange, but familiar; llm IhiikIh
will bo loving IuukIh, and l.lm lormn will bo llmnn ymi liavo
cherished. Tlmy will lio by your allain and lironidoH, libido ill you 1
councils, aid in tlio great. work nl currying Inrwui'd flm oarlli’n
gnvortiui«'iiIn In tho time of poaoo, Tlmy that am groat and wmo
and pond, Boalftd flow in llm councils of Invo and immnrlal lifo, far
above ymir vision, will thou (•.min' nonror, and your rulorn will bo
guided, your ntalonmon inspired, your loadorn taught, Mm pooplo
iimvod io llm groat purpimoB of liumiin government, and biimftii
law, willmul tlm ilroad arbilroiuont of llm nwnrd. All alignin'
voices will lm nmn' potent than llm voioo of favour; right will
tuli0 llm place uf mi ght; and llm law of kindness and of Invo,
taught by justice, will become ill, hint tlm abiding and crowning
glory of your earth I
After a paimo of a few bo Oo i x In , flm speaker guvo off, with tdow>
mdi'iim intonation, llm following linen:
O Thou, who trnd’at lifo’ii weary way,
Willi luiinhlo brow and fai'i' all puli',
Bend Thou from repiorm of bright day,
And lead our hj>ir11h up to Time.
Tliou did'it llm lift Io on«i ol old
Visit and I>1<*hh willi soothing power,
Ob, onoe again lot il, bo told
That Thou in Ibin sweat quiet hour
Dost li*'ud above t.liy earl,lily onen.
Thou, llrol.her, leneb us, I'Viend and fluids,
Teaeb no thy ways, thy path to tread,
Let t.liy love willi us abide.
Where on the Mount of <)liv*‘Hpoured
Thy strains of love and eloi|UPimo;
Anew lei. that bright, word be beard,
Let iih anew i10 glad portents reveal.
Thou that beside (lethseinano
Did’st bitter tonrH all weep
For earth ; upon the handl'd knee
Of sorrow many a eliilil of earth
Weeps now with burdens grievoun sore,
Far greater than they seem to hear;
Oh, let thy loving spirit pour
A comfort and a blessing there!
Thou who did'sf heal toe nick and rnise
The dead from out the tomb,
Oh, heal the nations while they seek
Thy guiding from l.heir gloom
To the bright glory of thy day.
O Hpirit, full of life and love,
We follow where Thou dost hut lead,
And soft descending like a dove,
Ood’ii spirit a n s w e r s Io our need.
A fter llm ringing o f another h ym n , tint exorcises o f tlm livening
w ere brought to a conclusion by th e fo llo w in g lieni'ilie.lion :
We Commend you to Mm guardian care o f th e angels, lo tlm
m iniaturing sp iritt th 111, atloinl you, to th e footsteps and exam p le o f
th e niee.lc and low ly Jvbuh, to Mm Father's ciiiIIonh lo v e th a t ahidoH
w ith you for ever.
( )n Thmvdny even in g , O ctober T.’lrd, 1H7M, in WcMthmivno H all,
Wostboiirn© d r o v e , London, Mrs. (lorn L. V. Tii.ppiin delivered the
first of a Morion of discourses explanatory o f llm c o n n ectin g link
between Spiritualism and S cien ce lo a very Heleet and iippree.iative
Hiidienec. The proeoedingH eom m eneeil at e ig h t o’clock.
In presenting tlm lecturer, Mr. Wilder, llm chairm an, raid Mint
th ere had been a very generally oxproHMod desire on tlm part i>f
thoMo who had atti'iuled Mm. Tnppuu's Sunday even in g NerviccM
that a series o f lecturi'H hliould lie g iyeu by llial, lady on w eek-day
evening' on Mm su b ject w hich hud called them togeth er Ihid,
• veiling. He had long know n Mud, (Imro w ere ninny truths co n
nected with Spirit indium Mud, Hcietice failed lo explain ; mid h aving
himself a sumMcring know ledge o f th e iieienenH of’iiKtroimmy, optics,
piu'iiiiinlics, hydrostatics, ehiunislry, neoiiMticu, elect,licity, im igaot)nm, Ac,, bn found, from persomd experii'iice, Mini, nil flm,so failed by
any recognified law lo explain to him the pheiioiueiui he had from
I i me
1,0 I idle
witnei1' e'b
I hough I. file I,i 1110 had eu 1lie when Mi'ien
lilm iih'ii could no loiigi'i' ignore Ilmen I'aetu, and il. behoved llmm,
pmiu <■r • in I lm
wield d
W o rld ,
lo I'ome forward wil h I lm haI I lo axe 11ml
mill if they c.iiiil'l prove llial. there iu any otlior law Minn
Hi nt of ! ipiril iiiilimii lo r<xj>Imin llm phenomena culled upiriliml, limy
would indued cogfe 1 n boon iipnu liuiiiiinlly, It was with this
view with l,ho ile.uirn llml, Hpiiilunlisrn. with )|./|
plmiuiiiieiiit, mIid ii M bo Ili'ii'niighl y sifted lino <'<plained |,, i),,/, "''I
al. largo l.luil, l.lm pioiioiit cuurnn had been inaugurated,
(In rising, INIkm. Titppnii wan received willi marked ontboj-ii
Thou, in luieonhiuco willi Jmr umml c,ijbI,o iii , u)io . c...
iliiicoiii'Ho with a ahorl. and impressive prayer or lu
Voeulji,,^ '
which Mm following in a literal tramieripl,:
() Thou infinite Spirit, where lifo pervades Die naiverwi (l|
tinieu and on all oecauioiiH, whatever may be llm tlieinn r,/’,
inediliitioiiH, we would aspire to Time, ! Tliou ai l, the Hjnril,f,|
life I I'Yiiiii thy being oiunnaleH all worlda and all iiyi'luiwr \lt
Thee all law and nil knowledge coino ; and lo T h e e nil Jiatiui;|l)('1
an Mm H'nirc.o of being. We praise Time for the lili; wbioJi ubouf,iJ
everywhere, for that beauty and harmony which ahidc in nil ||
imivorBo. Matter ilnelf in Iml. an expression of thy beingj (l|ij
whatever knowledge wo may gain in acquired through timt ioUdj,
goneo which in derived from Then, Thou iSomeeofal) i/il.olligsn^i
() divine Spirit, lot 1111 light our torc.li of knowledge upon llnn|^
of thy being! Lei iih kindle anew tlm flanieH of mapii'alion, H,,,.
they may light iih in Uioho pathwiiya that lie beyond the run^ ,,
reiiHon, and at laid, guide nn to there realniH where the golden t,;i|
of Irii th i 1111 n1ini'M tlm mind for ever!
Title (JoNNKfiTiNd Link
j iu t w k k n
:; ii Sn an i/a /.o.i.j
I'lver Hinco Huron von Iteiehonbach dineovered llial, tbens an
morn elcnmnln in matter than tliou© that appeal merely In ig.
flenHi'M Mint a!! HiiliHtanceH have an aura invii.ihle to daiimon
iiiiu'IiiIh, Iml, dinc.ernihlo hy I.JiOHo that liavo th© Hjririlual ;« n (j,
the minuter jiereeption tlm world of neienee lia.*. hee/i nwnterh,|
alive to tlm fact that there are certain inner principled ituderiving
all Urn HciencdH that no form of modern inve.Hligalion can reach.
If Iiiim been flm favourite theory with many advanced minds, andj»
ho to-day, l lial, Home Hiibtlo agent uniten and IhikIm together
Hyntoin and known science ; that there in a philoHophy aoin©wb>:ra
in tlm realm of in venti/ml ion llial, would explain nmny thin
which H©em incongrunUH and iiiifathoinuhle lo the niiire exUtrna!
Hc.iiMCH. When we remember how exceedingly modern nil nhw
in, when we renioinhor that every form ol’ preHcnt inveTigationis
iilimml, new, if cannot be HiirpriHing that every fuel, however occult
if may be, uemandH a careful and minute coiiHiderntion. Youwill
all recollect that tlm present Hyntem of aiifrononiy id not Ihat of the
ancientH, and that until (JojierniciiH discovered the wonderful prin
ciple of tlm solar systom, and explained iln arraiigunienl: and jev,1ul.iotiH upon known mathematical laws, there wiihan entire abeerire
of all absolute knowledge concerning tlm heavenly hndioH, (ralileu
died with perjury on his litis wiih pc.rHcciited hocaiiHo he dared to
declare llm discovery of the oarfliH revolution. And when «e
remember that no neienee lias taken Uh place in the world without
(his Mime jiorHCCutioi), Mint every advanced mind or iliHcovererofa
now truth Jins been pcraccuiod or ]int to death, if bohoviiH us all to
he careful bow we denounce any new discovery or hewlate In
receive iIh confirmation, bocauHO there may he underlying it k
truth that will at last prove ilnelf to the comprehension of umnKind, livery science was once a theory-- a speculation; everr
system of modern Hcioneo existed first uh specnlalion.s in thn
inindH of Mioho who discovered them. At lirst there waft»
glimmering poHsihility llial, the dawning science might bstrue,
gaining confirmation by each now fact, until at length, In'
steady investigation, by Iboso processes which intuition only
knowH, the mind became conscious of tlm wonderful trutln
that exist to-day in modern science. Of course, mathoniftliw
is an old and well-establislm(l science : wo might call it the koyHtone to all exlernal sciences, and of course no new principle can
ever be revealed in simple mathematics. Mathematic* is only
Valuable as tin exponent of other sciences ; and all llieso forms "I
science depend, not upon mathematics for their discovery, lint
merely lor their solution and I'eprosontafioii to the wmlil in a langible form. Indeed, flie science of astronomy tooius willi wonder
and beauty. Hy direct calculation, certainty I,altos the placed
speculation; and nintlienialics, willi ils wand of golden power,
ojieiiH up flie broiul area of boaven to the exploring mind ol ma11'Ibis was not so in olden times. Then astrology Imld (lmplaceof
astronomy, and superstition took tlm place of absolute acionco mill
experiment, (biology is still young in modern science: it wasonly
flm other day that il, dared to take its place as an oslublisluulsy*lem, while if still receives flm ban and proscription of ninny
canonical minds. Hut as a scienco it is iinuiiest,humbly proven:
imvoi'flmhiHM, how many geologists are still lost in the region "I
speculation I and how few scionl ilic men agree on the gniieno
piinciploH of the science I It, is yet in its infancy. Olii'miuln,
derived from the ancient systems of ulclicniv , Iiiim m iid o gigiiiiUO
advances, and lias porl'ccl.od itself into a tangible form; and yd
even it is still in the infancy of its exist once! Many of lie**
forces which were I'ornmrly supposed lo lie primal, have Kci'iifound
to be composite, and patient investigation into the iiiil.nii' of lhing-H
will bring ns into tlm realm of still morn subtle agencies.
Mill, it is not. of any of tin' oslaldinliod sciences ns Midi, nor cl
any ol the systems you can learn in llm schools of scienct', that we
wish to speak to-night. It. is of tlm connecting link of Ilm iimlci'"
lying clism of causes, t hat nil scioiil ilic men have sought, lor, and
have liii led l.o nrri \ o at, by IImi r e xIormil in vest ignl ions, IIinnliold*
lioliovod in a chain uniting'all mslli'r into one grout cotonirid I'U11'
ciple ; and various load in;'; minds Iiiim' I'limosl ly and fully
in mm 11inh'dying sn Idle force Ilist, uniting all forhimof sip'iiro, wo
iilt.imalelv tiring; llmm logotlmr ns one grand scioiico, 1,1 r1111'"1
such n)i/ids (U'o rare I lliov are the result of coiduricn <'I jn’ol's1**
tVioBKB 31, 1873.
human thought, and when one dawns upon the world it
It is true that this scienco will not answer your bidding, that
j! like the bursting forth of a new planet in the constellation it will not manifest its power at the call of penuriousness and
niind. But these truths are abroad— the truths of spiritual selfishness, that it will not answer individual wants and wishes,
'\,,aee; aud it is firmly believed, confidently known by those for instance, as to how to arrive at a certain object. It is most
% have investigated the subject longest and most closely, that stubborn. It will give to the world an idea of machinery to
is the underlying principle of all science, the connecting link elevate the toiling masses, but it will not reveal to you the way
Jween mind and matter that science has failed to discover. It to make diamonds and precious stones. If there were any great
belived that clairvoyance, mesmerism, psychology, and various need in the world for diamonds, if they would add to the happi
‘“•her approaches to it, were but the indicators, the stopping- ness of the toiling masses, or aid in elevating the great world of
^ines to this spiritual solvent that will finally unlock the doors humanity, undoubtedly there exist in the spiritual world minds
temples heretofore closed to modern science. Suppose, as Von that could tell you bow to make diamonds. But who is to be
geiehenbaeh asserts, that every substance is surrounded by an aura benefited by such a discovery? The gold flows for the most part
.if its own not appreciable by the senses—that is, by physical into individual coffers, and diamonds are tho subject of wrangling
sense—this accounts for that mysterious law of gravitation in the and contention. Truth is of more value than these things; and
attraction of particles of matter to each other; this solves the the great solvent of humanity possesses potency to uplift men,
repulsions in chemistry, and sets the mind at work in an unknown especially those who are desirous of solving these problems. You
regionof investigation. And suppose, as clairvoyance has revealed, ask why somo great truth is not revealed that will throw newthat every individual human soul, as well as all substances in light on these questions. It is not time for some great revelation
nature, is surrounded with a similar aura—an atmosphere like that that would overthrow existing forms and methods. Besides, it is
which surrounds the planets—that will explain the attractions imperative that the human mind should toil, and when, with strife
and repulsions experienced by human beings, their likes and ana effort, it reaches almost just upon tho discovery, this is the
dislikes, the diseases of a contagious nature to which they are hour when the guardian spirit steps in, producing the certainty of
subject, and the various forces that are antagonistic to human investigation. Newton struggled for years trying to make 'tho
well-being. This being the case, it will behove all investigators wonderful solution as to why things were attracted to the earth’s
of sanitary science to find out whether these two contending surface instead of from it. At last, in the very moment when ho
magnetisms do not produce sickness. We know that crowded seemed to be weary, and bis brain had become exhausted by tho
cities are not conducive to health. Thus the philanthropist may investigation of the wonders he could not solve, there came the
be led to see the necessity of benefiting mankind by removing thought of this mysterious law that he named gravitation, and
themfarther from each other. Magnetism proved the existence which, for tho tiino being, has satisfied the world. But do you
of mind independent of matter. Here, then, is a step beyond all suppose there are not other laws underlying this one ? The system
parallel in the annals of science ; for no science, however it may we have revealed would entirely supersede it.
Franklin, the great electrician, he who first brought electricity
have admitted the existence of mind, has ever been able to show
to the men of understanding in the scientific world that mind within the range of scientific experiment, accounted for the separa
can exist without the organic form of material life. This is a tion of particles and atoms of matter in the universe by what he
valuable discovery ; the magnetiser throwing his will upon the called the film of resistance. Ah, here is a wonderful story con
brain of the subject produces the trance condition, and the subject nected with this speculation of Franklin's; because this film of resist
goes away from under his influence into the independent world of ance may be the very same aura or atmosphere the clairvoyant baa
mind, to discover new orders of being and new substances that he discovered that surrounds atoms. The smallest substances—the most
(the magnetiser) has no knowledge of. This was proven long infinitesimal particles of matter—are separated by small spaces, so
before Spiritualism was known, and before psychology bad that there is really no contact between atoms of matter; and if vou
revealed the wonderful powers of mind acting upon mind. If, could have a microscope sufficiently powerful to examine these ulti
then, it be true, as we have stated, that these discoveries have mate particles, they would all appear severed, and each one inde
been made under the circumstances named, what is to preclude pendent of the other. There are no atoms in nature that are not
the possibility of still greater truths being won by the same means thus separated by spaces, and the intermediate atmosphere consti
from the realm of scientific discovery and invention? For if tutes the one element by means of which mind and spirit can pro
clairvoyance be true, what may it not do in the way of the duce motion and life. Science lias never discovered to you what light
discovery of new forces, and the investigation of subjects that lie is, although spectrum analysis has decomposed it aud shown you "the
beyond the ken of material sense? No telescope lias yet been different rays by which it is formed, together with some of their
made to penetrate to the objects outlie surface of the moon. If qualities; and although photography has turned light to the uses
there were one the object-glass of which were five feet in diameter, of man, no one has yet told us what light is. No, vaiied as are
undoubtedly it would discover most of the objects on the moon; the theories upon this subject, there is nothing that clearly explains
and if the moon were inhabited, as scientists declare it is not, still the essential nature of solar light.
With this incipiency in science, is it wonderful that the human
your scientific methods could not proceed further. Clairvoyants have
asserted that the moon is inhabited, not, indeed, by a high order mind grasps at anything that promises even a little light upon
of beings, but by beings in an embryotic and transitory state, the subjects that are now in darkness? Is it strange that the
who will, however, eventually become developed. You are not human mind is never satisfied when such wonders are spread out
able to determine whether other planets are peopled; but before the world and there is no answer given ? Be sure that for
psychometry and Spiritualism say those planets are inhabited; every question that the intellect can frame there is some
and the more advanced spirits say that they have been able to where in nature a satisfactory answer. She has not sealed up the
communicate with the beings of other planets; that the in store-houses of her knowledge. There is no mysterious principle
habitants of some of those planets are far in advance of yourselves abiding that the human soul may not understand. Between God
in relation to all science and to spiritual truths; that many live and you the various gradations of life are marked, and where
in an atmosphere which to you would seem to be like Paradise, so matter leaves off and mind begins spirit asserts its wonderful power.
transcendent in its lightness and in the perception of the beauties The laws of mind are as tangible, and may he as clearly under
of the spirit. Indeed, you would seem to some of those inhabi stood and demonstrated, as the mathematical problems of Euclid.
tants a3 beings of a lower order of creation and life. Now it is There is no mystery in mind. It is only because the mind bus not
possible that at some future time, astronomy, or astronomical been considered that it is a mystery to you. You leave it as a
instruments, may discover that there are beings in some of the realm that may not he explored, and then you expect by somo
planets; but it is certainly worthy of your candid consideration divine process to be transported to the region where mind abides,
to bear in mind that these things have been foretold, so that and yet you do not choose to investigate what that region may be,
should science ever make such an announcement, she shall not or what is tho mind that dwells within you.
Spiritual science declares that there is some connecting link
carry oil’ the palm and say, We have made this discovery first.
Andrew Jackson Davis, in his “ Nature’s Divine Revelations,” between the mind and the nervous force which uplifts your arm
anticipated the discovery of the eighth and ninth planets long and moves your frame. Now, the force which enables you to lift
before astronomers detected them in the heavens; and many your arm will also enable the disembodied mind to move a table
mediums have given specific ideas of substances not known before. or any other object. That occult force is contained in the aura
An horticultural chemist, Professor Mapes, pursued for years a which surrounds all things. It is the force which acts between.
system of investigation, under the direction of spirits, whereby be God and man, between mind and mind, and between man
attained the most wonderful results, and his farm in New Jersey and disembodied mind. It is upon this element that spirits—
became quite a model one. But it was not revealed by the so called in the science of Spiritualism—direct their influence
learned professor that he received his ideas from the spirits, be when they wish to control mediums. It is upon this sub
cause that would have destroyed the usefulness of his work; still stance they act when they desire to give expression to their
he never disguised from his friends the fact that he was an will through tangible bodies. It is upon this substance they
investigator of those spiritual laws. Many of his discoveries were act when they materialise themselves—show themselves in the
published in the scientific journals of the day, but the source whence physical form. It is into the mysteries of this force they
thej came was unknown. Many of the inventions, by means of would initiate you—that force which explains so many phe
which labour lias been uplifted, have resulted from direct inspira nomena. It is that power which would enable vou to overcome
tion ; they have come through mediums, and yet no one has as all forces and all law—the law of gravitation, if you would. The
'at credited them with it. The system of telegraphy known as same seer in America, Andrew Jackson Davis," said, years ago,
fuglies’s system, in which the letters are communicated by that a time would come when the inhabitants of tho earth would
Minds, and the recipient, conscious of the sounds, translates them navigate the air in large ships, instead of traversing tho seas and
into words, was a direct spirit invention. Many of the sewing land as they now do ; that these air-ships are in a manner antici
machine*, those wonderful little instruments that have lightened pated by your present system of balloons, but that this system
toil of the poor sempstress, have been direct inspirations by will have to undergo a wonderful series of transformations before
•pintujtl influences. Those spirits who revealed them to the world it becomes a regular means of navigation. It is nevertheless
throuid, earthly mediums are recipients of intelligence from higher true that there is coming a time when the human mind, tiuight
by investigation aud research, will lift you above the earth, arm
T in t M ftW ttM
A N !) h w m u w t
\\\ \ ill hr. nM® |rt
t U t , Im U .u l o f W l v RroVtfHInj » r in it, V«
Hint m u ) mnl
tho hoirtoii--, •»' v'H n -w I m i w - i th o I »n
r in t i l l y n t
t h i n w o u l d ' ’1' »■>
" Miiloifill, w o n i | t In (K)
„ „ „ hull'll'' 1
>\ it (•oiiii h'niil
(III 11:11 Ig II t I <l|
t l u m M»ur |»ri'M, nl _si ■loin nl ui*
n ilv
iflllllO II W<' 11 1<I
1 11 \ our fori
tho t mm ii mi
I' "t euti l ' ' M iu o ; mi'l
\ W "lgnl *,
(<» t a r n
t< i " 1 I'r "
h i m ' w' Mih'tl I h o 111< u of
p i o n U i U i i o l |l imj>i"a' l b l o t h u s
( V tiuri'"-'
i i u r i ' 1 |uniiouiiin
ptl ft )>(/, T
Will' I |ii0
thrni' j/h I ho tit
tin 'no'll It lull
A ll In i' .
(!■,< rtul 1104
' h«*tIn . tli
I > 111V111g I (11111o* t j ■n
"I ii nn mu inn lion nl It "I
' H n irit, tin I | | | | , |
III' ' mil
Ii m i! y, tlm c <nt i i|
<i•I lh
>. m
llm i ' I toil i . t o ijii111« <l" n
ill llm <0.
I "i to inly, I In > hr In>. I- ii ' ■' unit
■lino »I..11f; tho Inn ;( nl I 'l" I MU"
I* lit:! ( I n i y o t i n n | " i o i i m r tlm
to ll' ll ii I ruin ■<• 1 ■I ii'il’,'
liniihl Im i inly wlmh'V "i I It" ill I ru iii' iitiihI ■ nniV
I In
tlli'U illlili 111’ ("II •
for nn v now cli*o"Vory "r
. urn
now lig h t tio ili/ th ro w n ii|'u i mi " I d . n i n ", in i n i t m r f u m<w sp in e l's, |u il as lim y c c in e y I hflin
li nK , in lli ' t i n " <vmillitic ii i i m l , Im 1111111i 11’. M ind lim y h u v " im d 11ii111,
mii'iloo ah'V"th«M . fm
In 11 I•'i i n i ' t ■. i)ii • 11 "ii I, re guru im lli" im
AVfinue ol know ledge ,M -In cl. It 11, im loi il, t h o h-uiil "I m’h u n i
its r< 1st ion I" t In m iii'l, Ih' r ooti I mini t
thftt it l.i ov< i i n il for
,:i,| v • i w . n o '< • , i " iy l loll ' on nl ilio 1 e g " i in mi' Il I ll 11 i If I" I o ui■ tlm time
Mein1 o f a
not h i n ' liual
t,i (loimuiii'O, Mnl t l m u i " ;l b i g o t e d in t l m i r I lie I)"! V" c e n t l " "I l l m c o l l "
u , Mini III
,j I I: n.d: III. Till S 11 I I " II 0 'Hill' Olt I" ' t o n i l . "I e v e i v p | i n n i l e i . f ' I m It il i n e l h " d ' 11 COl/lllllll
f nn now t r u t h in I h o n ' m i l l i n g n t u g r e a t t III, I' igll I II' I" IV" III < -a :l "III.
si "II: I I
U*o ill th o (li ;o \o ry
I.lilt by i"
in ii' uution. If it ho t r i m tluit luillioiH of in i ii -I < uro lab o u rin g l i h i ' m , i i 11' I c. oiiiiiiiiiiical' S " i l l i l i e
u a lu m , mnl tli il thoi'ii i.-i no Mpii*itun) I lolls, w l i i c l i pi ii'llIC" ' Il
h en e y er a
unde r tho do Ills mil of Soil i
spirit mil phoim inrun, w hy tim nn- lit><Iy is d i c e ' t u l , a e i . r i " ji ' i c i i n
i (I t. o f t in:
WMr i d , n o inoiitiil tilo,
p n lic i o f p h ilan th rop y o f c h a rity nl"no w .iuld lr i'l th i' m iontitio ii .pi n i d i ; m n l it- h i le "U r e n o I by a "yst
w orl'l to ilnoovor w hut t h u ilolu«i"iin cis,, mnl
mi ox, pom it.
I I I'll! Ill' :I' I li ! I. I", pl.lr'illg ' 'll" poll .! II b all'
Miinv ii'.u i.
't o
11 irvuid I m i rsil i ap p o in ted a O'U nm ilte" d ill u "il pm l
"HU he di o l ' i' d.
I" ,,
to im osl'i.' ito tli" alleged tilo: " f S p irit iiuliini. A m ong ,1“ '
Mm I'o u p l ol
i (iMI r 111111h 11 ol llm m uni
t i T woro .-morn! i> i. ntiti ' moil mnl prol'o ' r
Tli* > worn to lift hr.>ill M III"
11 III |||I< h i.'" lire ,
I I.
I (in [ , , u r i f t i n • w o r n n il'T i-m u , nil I I " [iiililisti | | , o r e i i j l f * t o
Iii' illlies, w h ile t in lo w e r o rd e r o f jtropioi iin
th „ » trM in tlm form of n ropm 'l. Mnl th o rojiort n o io r ujijm iro'l. • a n d n e a r llm
pinnl co lu m n .
I . ■ry f. i.;.. o
T h e public to.lit I pat ion t h y ea r a fte r y u ir , Ireqiu'iitly ask in g tl"> llldepi ndelll 1. 11'
lull. W llh'. >' III' . .
co m m ittee for tho re m it of tlm ir labour*} h u t «In y w ore not ready. spirit t lmi " i'iri I." isi i i i i i i "
I in ........ . . 1
Tim pulilic W iiit"! uiioiimi' hn i f <l o u m m .
M-wnw liilo lo n m of spirit i.a en a b le d lo e.i.iuuim neaf.- w i'o ••■■■ ■
tho pr *fo ■ i • tiii'il, innl. mauit< ting tlm m .lives th ro u g h m o d iu h im, C \ l "l Illi' lllipre . "ill
.-.r. I lii v worn now v. oily. Hut tlm ir C oadjutora worn not ; mnl
In ftU 'u'er to (jii"-'l i',ri ■>, m. to ho v in,- i m
t!i ' n p vt w .n ii"\i-r published.
Ih o m inority
tlm o wlm liuvo gl'eal. di ilaiiC' j, Mm |e<e :i;• i .ir l I n .: M, . i
passed aw av liuvo arrived u t u e o in lu iio n , h u t tin ’ liv in g m ajo rity Iin>ni th e m ind w hich d o - n o t belong ' •
■ •■
nro .still inii.i,bug thoir in'|itirios at l l a r i a r d , um l limy nro not s e t w lm rever Micro is a n o th e r niiinl
. b p " ' to or i,,
r- ,i !y. V"U,' own 1'.
ot . i ■ n'ioty (Joriilod I" invest igute tho th a t mi ml, tile I'll l.e|' C.olll'l in ' op .,
1 ...
i ih jo 't. mnl li i t ivo.'i tin' i'r.-ut, "t i t ' im , .1 igul mna in h rojimt. reiiiotcHt diritain c.s. ,\ e.hain of s , m i.'if.h v
,1alto g e th e r w.irti v ol th " i" i'ii'i\ ; imlooil, no !>• »<1y pri’tondiiiK to llm one m ind a c te d upon l.lm oflm r,
I fins a.
iniO'tiifpito t l i " . liij'i". im- ilnno sn tu in h fur tlm M im itilir ftspoot imli "i- m ig h t he in one place, arid th e o;, "" .i;.
,.f (im ','io ' i ' i iri'■<i tin- mlw>nt o f Moilorn Spirituftli.-uii. V rt is IlO ..pace and Ho lim e I.u tlm. ,;p;»i 1.1 1 ' I"
tin y m int not ]>.iu. <• tlrn m ; n vm t. hold o f in q u iry itill voirm ini; in its n a tu re infinite.
nm iiium i t'M ; in .11jun•.Im:11' ; fftciliti i uro fil)<>ri[rd in fUuioit
In rep ly to a q u estio n fN o , O'), .v to tlm p ( o b l f i t j
f v n v city in your c o u n try ; uml tlm lum niu m in d w ill novor a m eans ol passing one bodv th ro u g h anot,h< ; i t W fcA
tovurv " f invi .itiy-.itin^ a .v.ilijrct tlu it li.ii such mi u ll-iin p o rtiu it qileilioll I" olve'l ito If ill I oil" o f r ijil-ti V Co
bi ariiiif upon m an.
o f fh e p a rtic le s ho I th e n re. u n itin g tin r,.
I’o- ,
W o w mill lim p ly sta te , in conclusion, tlu it th is is u p re lim in a ry m ig h t be in v e n te d to ellec.l. th i oj.
■. m, I.
di.-.'m is.', or ;i
up ui tli" gmmi'ul p iin cip h .s of scimice and th e ra p id ity o f its m otion.
th e ir reloTanr.y to S p iritu alism .
(,)uesl ion 7 had i ■
to (
ii.:i ;.mC".
f Im contro l nd : h.i.‘ "m I
In a-vorduno*: w ith ,i. d - d r o fi.xpiv '- I hy tlm le c tu re r, sever;il viduals and n atio n s
jronth :u":: lmt <( io
>n i, mm of w hirl), not. b "in ^ re le v a n t to th o not. the. first, to believe that, th e p la n e ts Ice I :m i::.!
beings and n a tio n s ; th e an cm n ls Im I I, "I ;■
.: •
tm hjert mi'l- r c in iid eratln n , did lm t elic it an answ er.
-a ii is i
In answrv to a n i ■ ti ,n w ith refeivnc". to th e pn driy o f solid
h dies ! nr 'ii_-!i w a .i, Ur., '1 . Tnpp.ui, or ra th e r Imr co n tro l, . ■i<I
th a t i' h a t ht—n
<1 in tli- course of th e preceding lectu re tlu it ev e ry m ind is re la ted to ever-, o th e r inn. I. 'm
no m a tte r was solid, hut. th at if sullw ient pow er could be. b ro u g h t is re la te d lo ev e ry o th e r p lan et lli.c f o . . . t </ Me: . m ^
to ti" ir tim en tire sub. '.am-e of tie- building th e y w ere in m ight hr te r n ; and since lig h t a n d b o at- tlio -e m a rie ! ol ■ lor
conupr-i-'ed jnro a spare no 1 o'.n r t h i n tli" end o f y o u r linger. are Iran sin it. ted to you from simii im m nW h e rev e r tiler" was ufii -i'-nf pow er tluit. Could he done. C rystals be, ft" o rd in g to th e law s o f th e " .. '> 11 e o. .
w ere formed in th at way i.u tim lo u t of tlm e a rth hy a process co rresp o n d in g v ib ratio n on th e nn ions of :
know n to .NaVire. Mind po . ■■. "d th a t p o w e r w ln m d i e.mbodied ; believe that, n o t only ev e ry n atio n , hig. n v r i.. ,i ..
an'l when th ey were c mv-r.-.int w ith those o cc u lt forces o f N atu re or le s Affected by p la n e ta r , infill' nee.
In a n sw e r to a fu rth e r re m a rk , th e lectu rer • Ti
th ey would h»- ah l- so to separata particle, a to enable th e m Lo
.in ’ ;.,) ■ .
p rm cato all m a tte r. T h a t w m regard to th e l.’liades it. is ta u g h t by
w hy
,|id bodies ],.isscd through o th e r aro th e sou ren of th e in-pi ratio n o f po gy ,■i. : th ■ .
p id ic fan
b o d ie s ; and th a t w as w hy m th u
ing th ro u g h o th e r substances
a t w h e n ev er M o m w m in tli- : , .
a body received no in ju ry , provided th o particle w ere allow ed to
come tm /ether again before tin! law o f attra c tio n bad en tire ly lost d a n t th e re w ere a lw a s th e uio.it ra p in e an 1 1/ t .. i.
its hold. W ere a person to cu t his han d and then q uickly unite the an c ie n ts nam ed tho p la n e ts acco rd in g to the inti; • •
th e parts, th e blood would continue to How in its accustom ed e x e rted .
In re p ly to q im itio n 8, w itli refer-n ee to lh - cer.r.
ch an n els; so, if nn in tau t re para lion of part icier took place, fol
low ed by im m ediate reunion before any atm osphere could in t'T - hetwc. n th e ph en o m en o n o f th e m irage ami in: vs-- ...........-I i
Vene, th e attractio n by w hich th ey w ere held together w ould not th e sp iritu al atm o sp h ere , it. w as an wi r' d th a t unh >J, •• r .
be completely <v n il, but they would Come to g eth er again on the phenom enon know n as tho m irag e is th e res-T' of a
force wniHi separated them being w ith d ra w n ., Tlm rem oval of a em an atio n from th e ea rth in tie- form o f a .pjrite d coat, w ith o u t p,is ing over th e arm s in tho usual w ay, seem ed to w h ereby th e rays o f lig h t are refracted . It, i- true tin t f .
t": a miracle. I', clothes we.re m ade of fibres; and if th ey could force o r th e sam e law that, prodne s tlm mil,i. ■•-. i- d
he separated and instantaneously reunited, it was ju t. the same ns edlv connected w ith the. p o w er m anifested in the W"—.;
if no separation had talo n place.
ft was effected by rapidity of m edium s to m ake sp irit-fo rm s visible to tlm md""! ■
On th o ex liiiu ‘1ion o f Mm qu estio n s d e s ir e d to be ar.-"-r■ ■
m otion a power w hich bad n o t been acquired in any form of
extern al knowledge. I f one were to take a stick’ lig h ted a t one Mrs. I'appnn offered iq> a sh o rt benediet .ry praver; vi. Mr
.• r. liend and pass it, rr idly before the vision, it w ould seem to be a I.u x m o re rose and proposed a vote of tluniks to tli;:
circle of fire, r:m- | by th e rapidity of m otion
It i ■quires tlm said it bad nev er )>;•*•» )ii ■ good fortune to hear ;in i:;six tie th p art of a ■- md for an object to im press itse lf on tlm eye, speaker speak so m uch to th e p o in t a- Mr :. Tapp:m. If.
and Were it to pa
in le ■. than th e six tie th part of a second tho had been most ex cellen t -full o f good, sound, logi.-.d rto.eye could not see it,.
A nything, therefore, w hich occurs iimru T he vote o f th a n k s w as seconded by Mr. Morse and cani-J
rapidly than th a ' is invisible to tho e y e ; the eye w itnesses the flcclam ation ; w lm rcupon th e evening's proceedings termii.aV.■!.
y tta lt, b u t is unconscious of the process. I t is by this ra p id ity of
m otion th a t physical m anih stations take place.
T im Modoc. In d ian s who killed sorno American soldi, ri hav* h"
A n o th er g en tlem an wished to know how i t was th a t one atom executed a t New Y ork. T heio taw ny w arriors are styled m ari', '-1
passed th ro u g h an o th er, seeing th a t th ere was a Jaw in n a tu re JKmfieror W illiam is a saint and a hero. Captain .hick said. “ Is
called im p en etrab ility .
The reply was t h a t i t hud u o t boon said ready to go and eee my great tiith e r abort*.” Ho-ton C'iiarlev si; i. " '
th a t atom pas <cd through a to m ; w h a t had been sta te d was th a t no am a hoy, h u t f feci like a m an.’ T h e inaiiifeatal ions of aif.-eti'.ii i~ ’«" ;
at.-.ms were jo in ed to g eth er in substances w ith w hich we are the braves and th e ir families was buaul.ilully human, and <*v.-h
fam iliar, and th a t wlie/i one body passes through unothear it is th eir m urderers. These In dians killed tho Ainor.cans tsvaux', Id sim ply the atom s w hich aie separated, allow ing o th er atom s to paat exporienco, they believed they intended to betray them.
u iK
I I , l& tt.
j (oSC K 'S A V Y O C A d
afwHhtf Col
X ib D m w
>K M '/ R j 'n ''AL1HM.
; 6hf>ftn t <V;
j, i,{ y,•j
I wi thin Hi*. I-.**. fu?/ f l a y
from Hr
n » ^ ’tf v /r *
'tHc/ti* for f/r/n^ir;/ Kj»jrji
»;j ' „ r. m o m * »•«
; .Iff11 „„|,Jie which nf; f.11 r i/j'Vi in l,nffhtnfl i,<,
jififl hxrln info Hr-
m in d * .
A N D Da
y b r e a k
I>r M
ir ■■p> ?...
of i r j
if, (
yoontioii 'a' I r. .'n ,'. / •C 1."7 or,'I.
Unff W -procedure rush, h it. it n.
1 o/.ntifliir micbh procedur
,v-.K *""Vaii(J <f e o n vi r t l i ' i n " " *' I U't l.ll it }J , | ;
of h'» utatcniciit*, It,'- ik i'l
absolute truf hfulriew
„ ibr n*1
t;' ^ iiwl "I
. 'jj,,. fallow ^rounfl III 1.1,0 lino
•, k it till! *
U**1 rrat<:l"i'g on the
i ' . - i (| r kv|| deeply flown Hit.'' Ill"
(JJll! -t-rial'*1" "
for fiL" * trod'li ri
light '.I troth.
> ■ o filialI
I'r. - :,;uoo|
f ;. (
M" ' _(f) apartment to hold a e*f. *o
nr re
**' ,f*tiP*ilAtrfl should I*; r<-por <t in
'■ !*
of itself is worthy the er
natures fi. , if ft,
1JtifiX UP on<> ° r ln"f'> P,<blic aa to fli'i wiii.'i''
f , 04/h to wso*l»t' tl*« challenge
arc certain lo coerce t.li' in if:
lk« fW
•. '>! w;i.' fi
ifi* 'JhlM
/•.'•Wi'iry in
i'rem I '• count!*
if; },e, (If.tbll*,
Aiii,;.'' I VAYM'/j Of
•ritiiai'f*"' t ° the f'o'mv Uioii'.;ui'l who p< r o i ii' .r eo.-,: nr
Hi.'.'h-'i t',
' ’’ifti-r It)1, f’1'* l i f t urc in Jiriii'.ol a auce. of tnc
.d nV,
■■rl j x at which tw o c lerg y m en an d tw o p , v-.oui,.
ft; /-I' -r-, ' /;l ,
hf:nrnt ‘
y . tb' V wore exp resring tli'-ir iricr' d u l-fy , lo o d rap
w}jl^h wi’h p.ooti Cairo
• iji-iiiar: who r e p o r ts tin; fact- * a y -. that, a m i,'-, w v
wii.Co t was 1
" l a - cood
be recoD"" rl, and ariotln-r ntl'-fnan fir'-.
answer cat ter-!J forte
,. a- tiu'it of a dffi ;nrd .vjiiainthrir;''.
f" lir.r rn;;.r., f -*o.l jonc, o
.e- 'd Hr. Mr
r0orr<!‘|'On'J<'fit, “ qiii'dtly follow'd; imrl yon irny im-i{»:•.<; tti'; look* mOiS.y r'-eces
ion. 'iids r'-'
' r lifibrdievcrc. They
*l— their f,i*. .re oecasior:
iiirpnse in the countenance- of
. in to re v .
•j'l-.b'ii wore severely
clr tsh ak en , a n d no do-iV th e y w; testify to their
.■I.,.,r|g font, a!t T all, f|.e.-f is comet i. iop in Hjiir.
ro ' Here, then, a r]i-/sr,urse on
compiled with. 'Jii.
ji» weapon- a veritable mitraille
.. •< •••
it, do. rie ettect
gpinlcaUft*; and we hope they will not n< ;'
'their views. Hr. Alonek is really capahie of (jischarginfe a tfr'-at ft. should b>r; ol rvad t
rarietv of duties on behalf of .Spiritoa):*™. Hoc-:: stir up foe p .i. e night as on the firs.?., t v
was t>
(,n the piatforin; and, M a Chri itian irmiu'er, o.'f.iio- the sp e he .r.-.^ conformist le
of that sect. He can, after his lecture, net up an impromptu =»ear co, hourbood, ar.d the gr-a' ra ;a;eal fe«
in anoU.er large bu :d::.g.
and ws'ain bis slat' ruents by the logic of i:.conf s'able lac s.
. e of th<: ■ o . . . . ' . .
ok ’
Itr. Jlntick is willing to visit families and form circle*, and in every
Jjr. Mo
practicable way to devote himself to the promotion of the movement. filling the Broadmr-ad /too ns, f-.v,td def
'li.'.$e C'l.mrnittfes who are too poor to pay him his prop'-r fee are met h j s convictions, and re-din s to 'J .:,'
a s' .-or g impression in favour or" *>;
'. the riles', gcnerotia terms, if they will grant him his travelling
' ' 7T
trie f. ipjeet of pretty gener-.i inv■.hi him as a g
hr rides taking ■ich step a
1-ad to f.iecss. Jr. that case he will be eofit' .ct to ree' ive the proceeds o' Some sceptics, for era..,.,ie, have f'oi
ii. " lectures after the expenses arc paid. Indeed, if the rna't' r be properly astoni-ned to fir.d t .at they ;,o;sess
worked, a large, balance might be available on each occasion. .Surely it phenomena having csen ob*ai:.ed ov
'J he Bris'ol newspaper* contain, o
is not n'-c-'-ssary to allow auch a glorious work to be lowered down to
th®basis of £ a. d .; and surely amongst the fhoir-mnds, who read this rcpor‘3 of the lectures— indeed, t.oe e
article th"re are hundreds who would aciueve victory through JJr. tualiam has undergone a mark' j
Jtr. Mo.oek’s a,ie lecture* h av had i
M... n i agency, even though it cost, them a pound or two.
tic;pace .Similar ." - s .
from Hris’ol, as the basis, of operation-!, 'Hr. .’ lor.cl: d ; .-i.’'s to « ’/•:/] and w
the campaign into the surrounding rmur.fi'-- .Sorners.etsiaire, W i!'shire, more extended.
O.'iij"' s'
re, Worcesfersinire, ar.d South Wai-s. J>,-ers to him may
be addreosed to our offic-, and •' e hope that, in a few days he will have
a 'l .r f/;;orf liirn the accomplishment of ■•.hici. will e.ugro.-.-! his • ri'-rgies
Or, Sunday last .Mr. John Collier aya! co d , tv o .during the forthcoming winter months. Jtr. Afonck lectures at Trow
service at the AthenEcum, Bi-:nlnyr.am. T v i.a 1
bridge o’, the •/.'! and Oth of A'oaemoer.
at. appreciative auJience, woo ..rte.vd v,o*h root
lecture, which was on “ .Mediums a id Me
! interest of these b^rviefrs c if'rir.v/ 3
r- r
: e fe n in v of an or. gi na I s p !r i .-poe-n. J his
(p.y r,i;R ow.v CORRKHP050BST.)
and rivets the attevion, not or.lr of Spirit ...
;C'*- -•■
; aE w..O
On Monday and Tuesday evenings, October 20:h and 21st, the Rev have a taste for good poe*rv and finished eioc
:.,u :.y -—
I)r. Monck, E.A.S., lectured in the Broadinead Rooms, Bristol. The tears at the sweet pathos of the po-m d*1
even tog.
tali ia reputed to hold 15?/) persons, and it was thronged at each The Athenrcum ia now engee u by tne H r
v'.c '.•ion
. . lecture witii a bighly-respectable and appreciative audience. On mount of Spiritualists for a period of six
. ;jc Air.
ing the platform, the lecturer was received with loud and repeated Collier will occupy the platform on iTiday
ncir:'' at
murid* of applause, plainly showing that he has in Bristol a large half-past six o'clock. The hall wiil
o be open
circle of lriends who respect him personally, and believe in the sincerity afternoon of every Sunday at eleven ar.d th
work i-i
°f bis claim to be consider'd a medium, and an earnest, believer in connection with the association. I t is pro
Spiritualism. Some half-dozen noisy individuals were present at the versa!ions, and experience in••••'•' ir.g-;: c.re
lectures, and did their utmost to prevent the lecturer from having a fair form to any capable Spiritualist who will
.ge of
.: aa v
hearing; the audience, however, were not in sympathy with them, and the cause. T'riendg from a diatan are sp
v v it'd , ar.d the
> rrfpj V CGI spor.d with any
•bowed energetic and unmistakable sign* of disapprobation of tb-'-ir secretary of the asssoc
w o;.'
crnidiict, acd speedily put the disturbers down. I t was discovered that speaker coming to or passing near Birr:,i.ngham. T at committee have
tbe*e roughs were the men who so disgracefully persecuted Dr. Monck laid themselves out for good earnest work during ‘.,- co u..r, / seaa'on,
before his church was burnt down by incendiaries. These friends of and they solicit wit!; confidence the p e r E unu p- -: ■Wiry assistance
orthodoxy have now, we understand, gone so far as to threaten his life, of all triends. Books are w ant'd for the l.brary n w ir. forma-I 'D.
awl it. is not thought safe for him to walk out alone at night. In spite Cheap, attractive, pithy li-'-rature .* wanted for dvtr.o. 'bin, and money
of this, with true English pluck, Dr. Monck has agreed to preach in the is wanted to meet the t vivy
7 creep:
Kune hall on Sunday evening next, and to re-deliver his lecture in workers in the movement, The ■Jg^'-sfi
r - - it3 ita.-ted
seing carri-'d out. A ar^e num ber
Bristol in the corning week. In so doing he deserves the sympathy ar.d at the last service is in pro
thanks of all .Spiritualists. We want a few men like this who can dare of seats are already let, and others will be secured
next Sunuay.
to do their duty, even at the cannon’s mouth, and in this way prove Up to the present time, the collection lias increas'd i
iOunt or. each
that Spiritualism is a living power in the land, and does not stirink occasion. This, at least, shows that
is attenr
rv .cea
from the public gaze, however withering that gaze rnay be.
are sati-.fied with the platform, although, v r p . M r .
C o lli-,
During the delivery of the first lecture, a person asked for “ proofs,” it is a......... : I anc 3 one. 1)!
iere are
object to
n. .>
and requested the lecturer to hold a seance there and then. He ex the ultra-progressive views of the lecturer, but
r certainly
plained that this would be impossible, but publicly invited the reporters, admire h:s free, outspoken style, ar.d rt:;sa his d-.-:.;.;.*
or.s of tao
several of whom were present, with the editors of the local newspapers, political, social, and theological shams of the day. Or.
idav last a
to attend a seance to be given for their especial benefit, the whole to be trial was made with respect to
spiritual literature* a t th e
meeting, and the result was most sat/factory.
More than four :7 .zon
reporter] in their r -poctive papers.
The whole of the dissenting ministers of Bristol had been specially copies of the M e d i u m were sold, and th--ro were not enousrh to m eet to e
invited, and informed that Dr. Monck would answer any pertinent demand. Other papers were also sold. All this will doubt!ess 3t:muquestions sifter the lectures, but not one of them was observed to be late inquiry and rouse an enthusiasm on the subjec-. In or.e corner of
present. There were, however, a number of clergymen and other pro the ball, in which sat several mediums, load raps were heard conlv during the recital at th e
fessional turni in the hall, and they gathered round the lecturer with tinuously during the lecture, and especially
meuiums soa.: cnretujiy
Words of kindly congratulation after the lectures, and at their request close. What is now needed is that the various
8) loeomponied them to a neighbouring house, when a seance was held, | and diligently sit for development, for little can be done unleta tb »
______na occurred* which were admitted to be of an extraor- propagandist effort is seconded by local mediums ready to supply th e
r character, and unexplainable except on the spiritual hypothesis. phenomena so necessary in a town like Birmingham.
of these gentlemen to attend a test-seance was not i We trust that this rigorous movement* “will
i” vbo well
’ sustained.
t u p
m e d iu m
a n d
d a y b r e a k
^ 'T o n i 'n
Tjc* PuMishw L instituting tho greaU- t facilitie* fur rirouUklmu this
atul submits th* following Scale of Subscriptions
One copy, post free, weekly, 1lid .; i*»r annum, 0* 6d.
Ids, lOd.
Two copied
Three „
„»»•M .
F in
8ix copies and upwards, in one wrapper, pout free, Id. each |»er week
r 4*. 4d. per year.
Ail *<,« h order a, arut in >’iununi<aii'U!» fur the Kditor, should t»e addreiuuH]
of | ns Mam cm, 16, Simtka$npton h»u>, Hlnomtbury
to Ja m a- Bv k ms , (
Aiyi*r»., fidhorn, U ad's*i. i r . c
Pitman, It', Patemoeter How, London, K. C .;
\\ h- iesale A>jent
Curtin^ and Co., IX Catherine Street, Strand, London, W. C. John
11*v w-K«i, Maiu’btMilor; James M'Getuhy, St*, Union Hireet, (ilantfow.
Th* l*ubli.*h*r u lloMrvrns of establishing agencies and depots for the
e periodical*, tracts, and standard w o ks, and will
Mil# Ox ot her
be <Wi1 to rooNW (Mill uuuK'aU. >ne from such as feel disposed to enter
tfu* lu>Id g u m Iu IuI4NM.
V w.»n. ato ri d u t r i n j further information m iy itate their
1i rfrt j h u> im
mmts f berly to 1fr. ,/. A' raj, Syi ritu if 1 mtituhon, 15, Southampton How,
c *eko if y< teralltf mUt ti> afford introduction! to experienced
| hitherto Hold at a guinea, hut in tin tie I
i eiUutdod by llm author, in throe vujiir/i' " f a iijoi
I h" “ Tract* and I/otters” will main
*t fourth v
| with the othoiv. I lie4i four volume* we hope Ui
•t I,
i morn than half o f the price o f the two Voluu,
J depend on the number of suhwiihers receive.]
have to ho made, which will require a Iarize
r a
alter that is a< <
I'OIIIIJdished copies will CoMl c/nirth
M.- (hat the in-iro wo trinl tlii- eh'-Hiw-r will 1)i•:v t/4'/'/
We have writtt-n to New York
1 '"r
d<-tiriiig that the
it ol the new nag- in
r : « liter into < tinnt«Mi, i
of which wo nit all
Uy u
tuiili'ila of Gn ui ib it am the price at wl,llf'li r 1
li HU| M•11> and truly national editn,in o f th
writings. The *1 Dial i-clii *al Re rDort ” in •in* th* t* int
frionds, and if tl toy wrill kindly sustain u« -A'lj
g.»«><i reputation achieved by publi-hmg that voluue
an acceptable form the work* of our American frturf
Spii it ualintM to lauir also in mind that this u te»Uue/tn
will not come from us, hut from them. Without your h
.Spiritualists, we cannot proceed with the work. \V* ou<
not money to spend in it, ko that if you hiIh : i v , to u,.
enable it to be brought out, it will he your edition, t,
inonial from everyone wlio tak<n part in fhe work to t:.
and devoted gentleman who ha* for so many y.a u
lor Spiritualism,
This week we issue a number of sixteen pa/ei, wl
F R I D A Y , O C T O B E R 81, 1873.
so me sort o f apology for our extravagance, it has be
stated that there is a loss of several pounds wo*.
M e d i u m , and that the responsibility of sustaining this dTESTIM ONIAL TO JU D O E EDM ONDS.
is undertaken bv an individual who, as the saving is, jo
penny in his pocket. From week to week, and from rear
For *ereral veers it has been our privilege to enjoy an intimate this great expense is incurred with faith in the return
Judge Edmonds, a gentleman whose name intuition promises. I f tho time had been waited for t .,
Spiritualism, second to none in the world, was in hand to make an organ of Spirituaii-n a c
success, then there never would have been such an ergat.This -untrv has been indebted to him repeatedly for parcels of bis sacrifice must take the lead, and lylf-inter-;t w; .
celebrated •* Tracts and Letters,” which have found their way into ! follow, but it seems to us unnatural that the work of
the Lands of Spiritualists at &c o t barely covering the expense of j should he contingent on its being made a paying 'n.-'.
importation. Tho new and enlarged edition of his “ L etters/’ now j on tho.se who would suggest that it should lie made so, Lg. tm
being advertised at such a low price, is so offered because of the j
those who have risked their all, including health an.
kindness f the author in forwarding a quantity as a donation to itself, that this work m ight go on
W ere our object to make money, we might reduce the M?
the >: Lritu.,1 Instituii n, an I to the promoters of Spiritualism in to the lowest minimum of size, and give
little as pc
En_riind. JudiTv Edmor. i', on a recent letter, says: “ I have kept the p enny; but that is not our aim, which is rather to eel
the • I': i
’ cot:-: mt!v in hand now for ,*otue fifteen years or more, tualism, and not fill our pockets, and starve the morem
and have circulated, fir-- and last, at lea-t fifty thousand. The so. Our paper belongs to Spiritualism, and it is the .•v.
demand is © : -tant f-.-r them here, and I therefore, every once in a every Spiritualist, and it grieves us to repress a line or de
w h ile , publish an edition of a thousand copies, as I did this readers of any grand thoughts that might prove a ble~=:iig
g am m er*
Acting in thi- .'pint ■f 1 -v-- mr the iL .u-ands wn • p
ring this tpeful and popular work more prominently before j columns, we have this week given an extra-sized number
the S p.rit m m - of Europe, Jud_'e Edmond- intimates that he is o f Mrs. Tappan s orations mav be placed on ra *_>..
~««u*tch,per steamer, the stereoplates to our care, that the j matters may also achieve publicity. The movement demands tk»
any b e supplied with copies for the mere cost of paper, j service, a n d it must have i t : h u t’the qm
r. r prin
■* ’ncidental expenses. In a short time this reprint money to come from f A b cad y hoary -xpenses menace eaftj
W ill be
and no doubt it wril meet with an appreciative pockets. Spiritualism is not devoid ol genet- us sou.-, as n - >
j scription lists show ; but, unfortunately, th largest chanty I*:
W ithin the last few weeks we have heard rumours of a j alwavB overladen with the greatest w
oi goi
eight of
gold. It t
testiiu n;ai proposed to be given to Judge Jidmonds by the a few gentlemen amongst us who would place ri wu the:: v-V :
SpaitaaNstB of England. W e understand that it is intended £500 as freely as we and many other poor brethren g.vt u-::
to take the shape of & set of English works on Spiritualjsm, then the most glorious movement earth has ever •• - * uniformly bound, and a collection of photographs of English be the worst supported. AN e shall, from time to time, be x : • ■■
W e mentioned the matter to Judge Edmonds 1 i.-sne extra numbers of this week'.- rize ; and to <!
ir. me •T": •
in a recant letter, and suggested that it m ight be grateful to 1of the millionaires not coming to the rescue, we must app.-a: t '-is
him if a Uutin. r.ial edition of his works could be brought out in j mechanics, and charge three halfpence for such numbers. Be. re
this country,
the volumes m ight testify to his labours lor we do so, however, we desire to elicit the view; of our rem-ri.
n in the home of every Spiritualist in Great Britain W ill you, then, kindly say whether you would rather pay three
and her
s. In response to this, the Judge
;—" You halfpe’nce f-.-r the M e d i u m w ith two o f Mrs. Tapj.aris .rau :■ r
speak of a testimonial which is being got up for me. This is the one penny for the M e d i u m with one of them, and anotndr pemy
mat I have heard of it, and allow me to say that your publishing for the second oration in a separate form r
that work (meaning the celebrated volumes of spirit communica
In addition to the-• W> bM leave tOBtate that v a t f a i
tions), so that it could be aiforded cheaply to the world, would be, greatly in want of money. W e could use a few thousand po-uu?
to me. the most acceptable memorial that could be devised.”
a.s capital to bring out spiritual works at the present moment w.:a
The Juihre further adds, that in publishing works on Spiritual great advantage. Do sects and bubble companies absorb til me
ism he never expects to receive any profit, not even a reimburse- money ? And are there no capitalists who will go in shares in tie
ment f the actual cost. Recently his two volumes on Spiritualism work of the Spirit ? W e do not like to say openly k w much *■*
have g me out of print, and he adds— “ I am so frequently im require the assistance here indicated, for we ao not like to srr nt
portun'd for them that I have attempted to have a new edition | our friends ; but at the same lim e we desire to state explicitly that
l i:_i_. j
j prepared it some time ago, but found that it would co-operation would be heartily accepted, and we shall be nisi t:>
cost me £500 to get it out, and that I could not afford. I went so receive the proposals of our many readers who may be abie to nalp
far a? to have the first 200 pages stereotyped, but there I had to in this particular way.
stop the work. I have these plates ready to be used, and have
most deeply regretted that I could go no further. W hat I pro
posed was to publish that new edition in three volumes, of about
The arrangements continue as hitherto. Tickets for the coarse
300 pages eacn. small octavo, and I could make such alterations as
Sunday evenings, terminating on December 21st, 10s. Od. each.
Wuuid materially add to their value and attractiveness.”
W e are further oriered the “ copy,* which is now complete, and These tickets may yet be obtained. Admission to the reserved
the plates already done, if we wril bring out an edition of this seats for a single visit is 2s. Gd. Tickets must always be procured
noble work, as above indicated. As this is the kind o f testimonial before Sunday. A ll other parts of the hall are free bv ticket,
which the learned Judge most highly appreciates, and as he so ; which may be obtained at the Spiritual Institution and of various
once to sustain us in bringing
work* ol Judge Edmonds. They w ill comprise the two volumes
Those who are favoured with tickets (which, indeed,
.(HER 31 , 1873.
i» ,,|) tiro
fidl'llljV (bat there aro mjvorul eluimanla for ouch ticket
,o coniribnfo lowitnl.s (Ik* muiiitoniincn oi’ llio
4 07
T H E "C O R A I,. V. T A J T A N " N U M B E R .
Tlio portrait of Mm. Tappim in in prejiaralioli to print Oil the first
page of a spi'i iiil number ol tin* M i.m in, w h ic h will also give a skeluli
A qiiarl**olio in about to bo formed. Tlio first in<-o( ii
j . .,liu'o (his evening, u( llio .Spiritual Institution, «(. hovoii i l l I i n r cnlr a n r d iiiury career mi it medium, and mioli othnr nntRers as
j|k \ || who fan aid in (lm musirnl department aro onmostly will malic 11, a " ( 'ora I /. V. Tajipttn " ii umber. 11 will ooimi.it of sixlecn
,] to coins forward ami submit llioir sorvifos. The following pages, printed mi superior paper, orders for which are b' liig received
ill. tlio rale of tin. per It i l l . VVe hope our friends will make n special
ii'1 id *Jnl
" *i* *J0 Hlll)K ,)n Sunday evening:-
“ S nnm /A i. J/vitH."
L. M.
r ,
,____ t r ..
■f g f p
• r
•- p
1 rX £3,
r :i, i r r
1 1 *1' It A:.: 1
Dll. Mii.i,nn, 17H7.
__t —C j , , I |
J J 3 'J
1 1 1
1 -*> -J
r i
r i
- - 1 . J i S3..’
effort l.u give this number a universal circulation, as if will bo m ost
admirably adapted to introduce Spirit mil mm in a pleuung form to tlio
public. If vve can get a long list of order* tbo prim, will be, As, per J00.
A considerable list ol silbseribers Ih now enrolled to n.ablo .Mrs
Tnppan to give a course of special ndilres.-es on Thursday evenings, tbo
prel uniimry meeting oi l be series being that reported by us in till* num
ber, nnd wiiieb took place n( VVestboiirno Hull on Thursday week. 'J im
plan m lo imiue tickets, price 1(1*. (id., admiMiiig tlio bolder to seven
l*|,0U to whom in ancient time Thu lyre of I Ichrow hards worn strung, meetings, l.erminaling on Ueeomber IH. 'J In- lin t, would therefore take
place* on Thursday lirsL, but that will depend oil the number of tickets
applied for. Jl. lias also been further proposed that the bolder* o f
r=± . i i i
1 = J 'J 4
ticked* have the privilege of introducing n friend, and (bus render the
scries subservient to the spread of Spiritualism, as well u* to the instruc
tion o f experienced investigators.
'These meetings will indeed be
I 'r jj
A .I .«• ~
seances,” and enable those who attend to elicit from the controlling
spirits'answers of an important and special nature, w hich there is never
i ?
l - S3
~~— r
— ;~ r
ador'd in songs sublime, And prophets prais'd with glowing tonguo opportunity to discuss in a public meeting. About eighty tickets must
be sold to meet the expenses. The friends of this movement would do
13 Not now on Zion’s height alone
well to take such steps us w ill enable the series to commence forthwith.
Thy favoured worshipper may dwell ;
Tickets may bo obtained at tbo Spiritual Institution, 15, Southampton
Nor where, at sultry noon, thy Son
.Row, W.O.
Sat weary by the patriarch's well.
S From every place below the skies,
The grateful song, the fervent prayer—
The incense of the heart—may rise
To heaven and find acceptance there.
4 To thee shall ago with snowy hair,
And strength and beauty bend the kueo,
And childhood lisp, with reverent air,
Its praises and its prayers to thee.
HYMN 60, “ Sr ir it ua l L y r e ."
The Townhall, a handsome and spacious building, has been formullv
secured, and a large committee is in operation, using every energy to
crowd it on tlio 17th November, when Mrs. Tuppan w ill deliver an
oration on Spiritualism. A preliminary meeting of those desirous of
promoting the success of Mrs. Tuppun’s leoture w ill lie held at Tavlor't
Assembly Rooms, Martin Street, Stratford, E ., on Monday evening,
November 3rd, at eight o’clock. A ll who read ibis are heieb j invited
to attend and offer their best help for the success o f the forthcoming
demonstration. Tickets will ho on hand to distribute to those who can
promote their sale. A list of those who have kindly consented to sell
tickets w ill bo found on our last page.
0 6 8, 6 0 3.
an - gel- forms des - cry ;
day; The friends of ear - ly years,
■=rz— f z
:C =
Fromtheir ex - alt-ed spheres, Walk with us on our earth-ly
2 No moro we sigh and mourn
O’er loved and loving gone;
They throng around the path wo go ;
They bless us in our homo,
Are with us when we roam,
Our conflicts and our triumphs know,
3 The grave hath lost its dread,
To us there are no dead,
Rut all do live and love ns one,
Our doubts and fears depart,
In each and every heart
The holy will of God is done.
4 Thanks, grateful thanks, we raise
To him who crowns our days
With blessings numberless and free;
In one united band,
As brothers, hand in hand,
Henceforth mankind in joy shall be.
IIYMN 54, “ Spiritual Lyre." Tunc— 0m> Hundredth,
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow ;
Praiso him all creatures here below;
Praise him, ye angels round his throne ;
Praiso God, the high and holy one.
interesting event, which took place on Wednesday ovening, was
§ ??f the most successful efforts which has as vet. marked the history of
F'dtualigju in London. Wo may congratulate Mr. Morse in having so
if r ie n d s of a class of whom nobles need not be ashamed ; and the
may likewise congratulate itself on having an advocate reared
ijj ' bosom, anil who can command so much respect as Mr. Morse evii<H<, docs. Next week wo shall give an extended report of the
^ting proooodings.
The regular Saturday dinners of the Lotos Club were resumed last
night, about sixty-live sitting down to the first Saturday dinner of the
season. Mr. Gerald Massey, the English poet, was the guest of the
occasion. Being called on in response to a toast, ho said that he ex
pected that he would bo the object, within a few months, ot much
obloquy at the hands of tho American press on account of his con
nection with Spiritualism, which has continued for the last fifteen years,
lie asked only for fair play. Among other speakers were Charles
Bradlaugh, Dr. Charles lnslee Pardee, Secretary of the Club, Colonel
H. S. Oicott, John Elderkin, and others. Song, music, and speeches
kept the members in the club-house until a late hour.—AVic Y ork Hi rid,
October 5th.
Tho Banner o f Light has also a long article on Mr. Massey's arrival
in America.
I was present at a seance last Tuesday evening, at which some re
markable phenomena occurred. Tho seance took place in a small buck
drawing-room of a house at Holloway, the medium being Mrs. Guppy.
There were present Mr. and Miss Shorter, Mr. Guppy, and six or seven
other ladies and gentlemen, who had met to spend a social evening,
which was for the most part devoted to music.
The company took their places round a table, and when seated there
was no room to pass behind. On the light being extinguished, raps
were at once hoard, by which we were told to wish for tilings to be
brought, whereupon several requests were made; among the rest, turf
was suggested by myself. In less than a minute I was forcibly struck
on the breast by a heavy substance which fell into my lap. One
gentleman, the proprietor of the establishment, was struck on the head
in the samo way. Others had evidence of substances coming into con
tact with them. On the light being struck, a curious scene presented
itself. Five of the company were surrounded with wreaths made up of
ivy, dahlias, Michaelmas daisies, and rosebuds. -I large piece ot turt
with long grass was lying in my lap, and several similar pieces were on
the table, mixed up with which were several apples and pears and two
hazel nuts, and various flowers. But the most astonishing event was to
come. On the. light being again extinguished, the curtains were scon to
open, and the window-blind to rise, and then outside the window ap
peared a figure, which was recognised by those who sat nearest as a
female form dressed in white, resembling the spirit-loriu that appears in
tho photograph. This figure appeared lo come into the room and then
vanish. In consequence of a lady being a little alarmed, a light was
struck; on quietness being restored, the gas was again turned out, and
the spirit again appeared at the window, and was visible for a space of
two or three minutes.
On the termination of the seance we set to work to clear up the mess,
for tho dirt adhering to the turf was scattered about in all directions,
A moderate-sized tea-tray was brought to collect the debris, but this
would not hold the whole of the turf, Ac., and a second tilling had to
be resorted to. The turf alone would have tilled a half-bushel measure.
On examination of tho window outside it was found to be upwards of
R oukut Oooruu.
four feet from tho ground.
Mit. M orse leaves London on Saturday, and will speak in the
Islington Assembly Rooms, Liverpool, on Sunday first. Afternoon, at
2.30; evening, at 7. As Mr. Morse is very popular in the above town,
crowded meetings are expected. For Mr. Morse’s address seo list of
his appointments in another column.
M U. M O S S E S
***** v ^ f
P R m iT
tfc r*
r\* V T K O
. , r» > T ; v V
* «,• «f . - *" j *^
W * |N V S > T ^ k »
- >
• *r *
I., .^40
tA *
■<* 1
<f V .-^
k M
I d * .
li> . . - ,
* * d i* w v » - k i V
t W
tv M rO k
• a ftp rf l j
' d '
v a
» d r ls k .- g .
* I o ^ ii o f
:1 * f o r * * t h * a
a *
OftftT <
b i« s
- i.
y. ■ ■ .
- r
for kiaaael: *a ; t k » .- r i .i» r.v« c r-r.
=- >..r. "ft *r. ;
s ..
f t >1'
>- .
• ».
> rr-il :i* - i ; ■
v a t
4 *
t k '^ R u K .
- *
c* : >*• T *.•
• a d
k m
r r
" -
T - _
t^ . .
f t
o r ■- *«i
■ .. •r
s ra d m o t O M e U a g tk f a e d n hr tM p i
;i: Iftrr .T. ▼_
i l l x z z ' r . x zi.
T^' -v
- * »»
j o f p m f r : :u. v .r -
~ . 7 ‘ . jJ
" . - S- ’ • 7 ’ r
L-r*LT> 7.
; 7_
k .— I f t n k r i t c ;
v a
Jkp1%• ■•
r -
r 1. 7 _ A .
■ " ^_x
}" 5 A
m. .
: - *sr .17 ;-j.5 5 • me
r. & Ter
5 '. S .*■7 ' .... . ■*771
c k n a t r a t
!■: '.■ I . ••• ;•:*
a ' c o m e c .-a m fe ft*
t i i
> ._i
- r - l : » r - " ;-- - ;-» .S
a i l o n n
■.- i
_ i i
T k e c c a u v -l
sow 1
• fts V"?* ■»- - ■■ s *-».;■ 1-*
i •
k a k
E . :i » *
1 31
..: . ■
A: cc.-r :v
.- .vs :' e v; i ;
»ftr £ / * — O k : ’ •? i
A Hj
MX? £r*i L-x- I woo.i :.£♦ b.a :o t-*- » :hftt L »
^S ftr
*•’• ..
J a . ■» V»i ft';.;- • '
. :' > «r
v :
4 ^ ; t i w , ft;-. J
'MAT k«e»r,r!^ »
^ i ||
ft 'S-'Zb — i t :B i>^ftr? : S . i t ^
- Jr
v .s i
m -
Zj _;
*m ‘“^ r n
« V- «
^trft -
% r*
tb***i<Are r«i ^
B# f f W Jkl. frt^.jk7(T-iA Bt fll s *?3L-+-9
K r AT. T
t o B tN fO M d
f t "»|S f t * . . -.ry.-
***• 1 pftM vdi B B ftf t
f% l«> to
*4 mm*
tke«fti£te»_ IM«. L_i iw . . oft a».jt
I k •AdfV'S* o . bk T ~«4<o «
f* .ttsr rMBff
>-t ’-' T- ft Jv > > Ur .<«dkft pf , _
, 4MPKi m c 4 1 \
r k w
Lftti tftAft*lt$ :OT K4ft* '- pftftft IB Si'.i f.ftT ftl *fB
•»■• n« « ft* iaftrv«c.o«4— ~ C —rl m Br i '
I k a^<
W M R k M L Bfti IfB fttd A^rvArd. v lit t « hiftr d* <j - h:
* . » -. ?j- -■'
' i' ;
r« -.tft.*W :';r:v
Cfta* :.•
^ fokk' c
<rf f tiim t ^ r, kr*d l ■mjm 1
(M'ft£ <*( * o Vi .>. ~t f a u ba! FMt
•T f
.. foMBfer Jft -^a f f>
«f {V-A Mlfllj. i .
•* 4 w fw r
fiiiii qfri
if Ml*
f f f W&A& B U V r.-l
f 4 *SAfcS ‘if V * Jh. j * (
’f' ’■■ ifcN.i i a# \ . fe t»f .
r •
» 1. . - ;**.» .
W h at » -» ! -
*? 1l ?7*‘ V
B i4 U # f i f
,t t
. ‘* 1
r£ :
» *•* ;*
r* M *4 r ‘i f t l
** J gj- ' .
'<*.» m mi.
i fr* V m u
» 4 V 't b $ f t
m i
t w ; ' - .* k V a *
J a o ( nftW >ft* *ee*> t o *
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p.*\v f v w f:« y n
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k w » © • «s**r<4«l vbt -.k* ->.-■». ,'V> m
Iw**t*a.. O n F w I * t e\**ii* » ^ f - • ■?
SK A X C**
ft r ^ M a b r * ^ <*f o ld r
» ? ir * * ftM r a t e n
% **! | | m h * r v r - ,
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m r d .i R s " * TK>w*irv
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p i m ■'.- -•' - -^
ta ttr i
I k w
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*•;j; 5» : • •-r *. _• ~ r
r s v .* .- r j.
I p r o p e r t o a r oo i i t o c t k
• - ..:...
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a i k i . f t y f c t k
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-a* i .................... - -
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•. •—..S 3 B " *
btvift 1- i-'-r d —.'■ -b..;w»T; * f f r tl'r . * * .1
r tw : .*«ftJ ft* _r ■■; —. <
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“ W k f t i l mat ftlv .:
d ft'i : ' i a a » . . ' . t ~
«r k f t f k ikfs .*' . <* -
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— 7 " ‘ - •' T Z .-; ! - * : ■
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bieiwa talk; Mi vhiek mm pi*M mmmmmI *V
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c c r s t lw i w v v r i.r
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«?! fo ro r. r n a H l f t B a i t t r a i
B tu a f o r A t tiM O H O ft o f m in d ,
* h m £ ; b e t » s t £ e e e d a e d o im o f
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T O M ttM
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k toe5w «iT A bk » p m t j r n k t o f o f lk >
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; ‘ •
QtflOBX* 31, 1878*
, Atiful lights float about the room, still 1 saw nothing. In about & " good night*" i can it-v.wo yon, we never (ball forgo* lhl» beautiful
«hs gentleman sitting next, me (one of our foremen) and 1 enw and very interesting phenomenon.
" n t appeared to bo three small balls of light riao at one end of the
M r . W i l l i a m - d e p a r t e d on t h e f o l l o wi n g m o r n i n g f or I h e H a g u e ,
,|Ui and gracefully revolving round each other disappear in the
rt’.'|w and strange to say, no other person saw them at the same time.
Iri'o lights were non-luminous; they did not enable us to distinguish
ytliing in the room. This singular phenomenon occurred frequently
f ing the evening and in all parts of the room, taking various shapes
J‘(1i all
*11 manner
maimer of directions. \\ bile wo were singing tho
the hand-boll
, by the sound, it tloated round and
|l from v...
tlio .___
table ___—
and, judginr
'.Vital the room, within the circle, beating time to the music; 1 a»lu d
r' ( jt should go outside the circle, and it at once went round again,
i is time close to the wall. At the same time the concertina ruse and
,l|i>vsed the bell, producing musical sounds quite in harmony with
ii,,. pme being sung, and the whistle blew, and the rolls of cartridge
|n‘it time most unmercifully on the heads of the people sealed round,
j ,,ot a liberal share of it. and wondered that 1. had no headache ne*l
Horning. The musical box performed the strangest freaks ; playing
moment, t hen stopping iu the middle of a bar, beginning again,
,n suddenly stopping, and, although the instrument was looked,
ying wound up, beginning again, stopping, then sounds were produced,
though someone were playing an air by lifting the teeth of the combs
^itli the linger, at last being whisked through the air while playing,
flie name of the spirit who took control of the musical box, the same
pjfit who thumped our heads with the paper tubes, was ‘ Jack another
Jled ‘Joe’ amused himself by pulling the hair and beards of several
pi,-inkers of the party, and pulling oil' articles of dress and placing them
others of the party. During the evening the young lady who was
pntrsneed was lilted, chair and all, on to the table, when a light was
. i-uok, the spirits turning the gas on, and we saw her. She was lifted
’•u,wn again, when the light had been put out. Eventually the table
uU turned upside down, and one end deposited on Mrs. McKays knees,
„h:ls the other rested on those of a gentleman opposite. Tho concertina
*ss found suspended by the strap over the chandelier, the other
articles were found on the floor, and tho spirit of Charles Dickons (who
„:ii desired to come) had signed his name on tho paper, and the words
■good night’ bad been written, and signed by the ‘ knaves ’ ‘ Jack ’
•‘Altogether the affair was full of mystery, and there is either in
existence some force which we know nothing of, or some of tho parties
present are remarkably clever scoundrels. I have endeavoured to
investigate the subject, but with very small success. I shall toll you in
no- next what I think of the affair from a scientific standpoint, and
perhaps you wiil be able to render some assistance.”
Ms. E o it o r ,—About a month previous to ray departure from London
I was present at a seance held at the house of Mr. Richards, of Tachbrook Street, Pimlico, where the table (as usual) began to move. A
spirit unknown to our circle presented itself, from whom we could not
jhtain any answer. Lpon this I questioned him in French thus : —
Q. Bon esprit, etes-vous Francais?— A. Oui.
Q. Yotre nom, s'il vous plait ?—A. “ Allan Kardeo.”
Q. Avez-vous quelque chose a me dire ?—A. Oui. Je sui3 avec vous
[Translation.—Q. Good spirit, are you French ?—A. Yes.
Q. Your name, if you please?—A. “ Allan Kardec.”
Q. Have you anything to say to me ?—A. Tes. I am with you always.]
On my arrival in France lately, I put myself cn rapport with spirit
"Fraternity,” thanks to Mr. G. P. Leyraarie of the Revue Spirite of
Paris. Madame Dunand, a writing-medium in Versailles, received me
very warmly, and her brother also. Paper and pencil were brought,
»nd I wrote in French—
Q. “ Allan Kardec,” did you communicate with me in England?—
A Certainly. I was with you. I wanted a confiding brother, and in
veu I recognised a brother and friend. Your seances, permit mo to
say will be very good in that good English country (ce bon pays Anglais).
But I recommend prayer and more research (plus dc recueillement)
as highly conducive to right preparation. You will find friends, but,
above all, you must possess zeal and firmness without fear. I shall help
you, as I come of my own will toward you.
Du. E. B. B oulland.
a n d we h e a r t i l y h o p e t h at his Meaner* t h e n will h a v e the s a m e
I h o p e t o see bill) a g a i n b e f o r e hi* d e p a i t n r e , a n d h u p o lie wi l l h a v e
ma d e Spi r i t uali mn m u r e p r o g r i ssivt in H o l l a n d .
I r e m a i n , d e a r -Sir,
yours truly,
C. J . W a s o i f .
knrte li ./n itron/,, Ao. I*-’, L'ultti dom , I / l l i Ou t a b . j - , 5.
t i n : c a m i’ANOLOOi*’AT. m e d i a m u
To the Editor. Sir, Last Tiiur-day week I a-M d fine friends to my
h o m e l.o meet \le*-ii*M, Uuigidi
and Lapkins, who bad kindly vahint eerrd to assist us n- inediuiu-. J need hardl V * qV I here wa* uu h un<i*n
possibility of dioeptiuli, iilnulim1 all mv friend.* were n< w to 'ju r iiu jinn a* well a* in1-' It. N.ilwilli
we Had one m
ordinary nianilf.-tations Alii r tb" g . o' lln.itmg niee our lead* and
Bpirit.-* oiceg (not the UU'dliitu* ) answering
rul t« - qui-*i nn* .
surprising manner (my bruin rand ni*lf balding 'In- iN'diuum uii tin
lime), the spirits iipris.-eeil llieir readmes to limlern.l i-e I In-ini'i-lves.
Short 1y, a leiimle figure appeared iu tin- ru an, but loo in . -Ii i n vt-lalx-d
in ligliL and to<> shorl-lived tor os to be aide to renog, ■in p ju . »,.:}
almost, immeiliately utter wards the figure at n intii *.i . a bog h a rd
and a triangular light in the middle at los cbi-s c*u) iota the
centro of the room, and in a ch ar voice
d *,« w: 11,. ,■ w
recognised him. All the time the mediums were, m a profound trat.c •.
Wo then broke up tor a short line-, and on re.-uuiing our sitti > r , I
the table. Mr. Kingsley, whose bands wi et I 1 by two t,
mine, called out that, hi* chair had b- oil taken Irani undi r hi o and <n
striking a light, surely there was one of our heavy mahogany c h a i r s
slipped on to his arm like a curtain ring!
All I can add is, that I am willing, a* well as all my friend*. *o
vouch for every item of the above, and for that purpose enclose ",y
card and address.—Yours, Ac.,
S. Y.
Junior Athonffiim Club, October lfi.
[Another communication respecting these extraordinary inrdinms Las
been received, which wo regret we have not had since to publish_
E». M.]
During Miss Godfrey's absence from town we had n u m e r o u s f< ■
respecting her clairvoyance and healing power. Sit • bn* now ret ■: • d
and has communicated to us the following letter respecting tb- .• -.. ...
ful termination of a case of which she had charge:—• M D—
been an invalid for the past five years, suffering from enlargement and
falling of the womb. Under the treatment given her by va-ioug
medical men, she had become almost, a confirmed invalid. For trie
past two months she has been under Miss Godfrey's treatment an i. as
far as can at present be judged, the disease is quite cured. 1
remains for the cure to bo permanently established, of which th'ro
appears to be—speaking humanly—no doubt/'—Signed by the IV.b-nr.
B a r r o w -in -F u i: v e «*.—hi:'. J. "YYalmsley
of the progress taking place
the spirit-circles at
are being developed rapidly, and influences of a high orcl r are c . n.municated, though those of an inferior quality sometimes intrude.
There is evidently the basis of a great movement in th :s tow n, and no
doubt it will soon make itself manifest, as the D u-row Spiritual’.its ..re
extremely earnest in their endeavours, and pay more aiu-r.ti u to
cultivating acquaintance with the spirit-power than in making a noise
amongst their neighbours.
E a s t -L o k d o x A s s o c i a t i o n o f S pi r i t u a l i s t s .—This ns- . iaticn meet
every Tuesday evening, at the Temperance H a ll,103, Mil-’ End Road. E.
On one evening in the month they use the large hall, and on the oth-'r
Tuesday evenings a smaller hall. On Tuesday evening las: Mr. M ars',
in the trance, gave the last of a series of address,* with which i o r. i«
favoured the society during his brief sojourn in London. “ Ih n spoke
of the conditions of the spiritual life ; and the “ Strolling Flayer, alter
an allegorical description of the relations of Spiritualism to theology
and science, concluded by proposing that the association roc. . J their
hearty thanks to Mr. Lambert for his indefatiguable exertions as secre
tary. Mr. Morse was now so much engaged out of town
the in:!
honours of secretaryship should be accorded to Mr. Lambert. Tbc
Bear Mr. Burns,—As you will know, M r. Williams left London on meeting was a very interesting one.
Wednesday, the Sth October, to visit Holland, and arrived here the
Mo ui .ey .—Mrs. Butterfield, under the influen •• of h •
“ Dr. Campbell," preached two sermons in tiie Co-op'ra!ive H'vli. on
following day early, and in good health.
The first seance he gave was on Friday evening, the 10th, in the room Sunday last. Thev were said to be the most instructive serin-ms tuat
of our spiritual society, and was held with very much success. About have been preached in Morlcy for a long time. The aftern >on sub;, e:
0-15 o’clock, we sat in our dark room, forming a circle; by the rappings was, “ W hat is Spiritualism?” in reply to a sermon by tho Citholie
wo were informed that a little change would be made in the places of apostolic priest, on the Iffth iust. I am liroud to sty the D 'eror t k
the sitters, and to take away a table. We had set two tables together, Spiritualism and its adherents in quite a cl itie rent Uglit from that of our
°oe not being large enough. The changes were made, and we sang opponent. Ho explained Spiritualism in a scientific manner, and did
* spiritual hymn. Different sitters felt themselves touched; and not make a lot of statements which he could not substantiate. H e also
*t once the bell, ringing, was taken away. Tho musical-box was taken showed that Spiritualism was the only “ ism " that could prove the im
UP, went through the room, and came behind me, reposing a moment mortality of the soul, and this was proved by a long and impr> ssive
°n my shoulder. An iron ring was looped on to the arm of one of argument, which made the tears to trickle down the cheeks of those
those present. Several spirit-lights were seen, all which took place I present. The room was full, and all seemed to tak ■a great interest in
Without breaking up the circle, for the sitters held one another. And what was said. The subject in the evening was, “ The teachings of Je-us
[*0'v, last, but not least, I had made a cabinet, the table was placed compared with modern Spiritualism." It w..* argued at e mie length
before it, and we sat down, forming a circle. Mr. Williams became that, the gilt* of healing, speaking, Ac., po<«. s-cd bv the g od and gr at
entranced in tho cabinet. Very soon a spirit-ligbt shone in the cabinet, medium Jesus, were to bo found in the mediums of the p,-. sent d-iy.
immediately'we all saw appear the interesting visage of “ John Dr. Newton was roierred to as having in his possession mnnv pair* ot
King.” Some of the sitters, as well as I, recognised him us tho same crutches, left by those that had been healed through hi* medium ship.
wbose portrait was given in the “ John K ing” number of the M e d iu m \Yo had in the room mediums that could lay on the healing band, and
D a y b re a k .
“ J o h n ” showed himself several times on another those that could see the spirits; others that could speak in different lan
°cctwion. My friend, Mr. Riko, of The Hague, introduced by me at guages, others that could interpret the same. Upon the whole, the
bb'8 seance, asked “ J o h n ” to allow him to give him his hand, which he meetings were a great success, and all passed off’ well. We shall have
did, and at the same moment “ John ” addressed himself to me, called no meetings next Sunday, as wo are all going to pav our Leeds friends a
toe by my name, and presented me also with his hand. I stood up, visit, on the occasion ot Dr. Sexton’s lecture. 1 hope friends of S piri
b°ok his hand, and received a very hearty squeeze. H e wished those tualism for miles round will rally-round our Leeds friends and make it
Ptosent good night, and went. We also received by tho alphabet a a success.—Yours in tho cause, B. II. B r a d b u r y .—Oct, ‘2 6th, 1873.
-|*HK M K D I D M A N D D A V IU tK A K .
O c ro u ta
i i;\ 11 * r l <>\ o
1\< ll».’ M lt-'l
|W*r Si:,
t o*
m i < i o 1111
M m Fc.iu, Fe»
• m l I l<MV >4 Us vm nt
tutu ll n r l i - e
U .t
<%H M o i h U v «»>
pv##o»>t. mol m K vtAi o d U lit* tt
W )iM AINMu IoaI, it rtiMlIvl lw ##U
I Mi
oN\ i i:u
\ " 'r
•'■“in'. M >. I
y«MI I Ik*
1 »r tM
hv lift turf t u (i%M. o W
'• J* . k |\h M ' put in )it« u#ua! Am**A
\\ * now jmiiwl IiuihIi *»ut
Ih# jjr\ui»ol aIh>u( t * o fori id ill#
out |h # jHii wlu'n vu» hml liu* ilirrot tolW nl „IUV ^.hli.ssn^ ru,It'll ol
tin* "J*
I'livlv* l*¥ UAIUtf lilt) AlV*MU<
*4' *»“»*
iIdIU I, AH*i l i 'l l i u» t o # m * u t o * Ho
Mio K It ilo
t ll#
ht'.U ItID* to tho
IV #11
i%l1 jvirli t*t tho fxsuu \\ o H»'W Hstl tlw* |*v*i1umrs, aiul thsil wo
touvluni r«}HHll«iUf Kith siurit Hu»uU.
U llus sto^o I #»*»| lio mil#
i\ iuoro
m a n who** h»»'d I held tvU something I»H ii|tou onr Hkiiiii, sim
s m tho i t u | hsltwi^r up iHir IW*us, At this In^o l.otllo i oulor »ru *|
Out, *• Oh.
th*V *r#
t»'if **,▼ hair f mtJ wt imo# *0 iisuhl tho
• * as out tii. *A oiul ltMo*i up i » l ho
v*»i (ho l*hh\ slot thru I
rw l‘ lSg t Atu| thou lot | ^ u t h «h»ww upon ill* othoi #dI# ot H>« titbit* into n
• I A I O N *S
vi rui.N i mi
I If
I M ;.H 11»tit
S.lUtltvv, M . m t h t t ittul lm e< |itv , N Vt'lliiM
W r t tu f u M m .No ¥ r 111ht i o i h
Mi nnsi » . i ‘ l l t i n s t i t t v N o v o m l i f i ill 11,
I t . J t t , \ •>t « 11| hi | J t||.
I I m m'.U<-OIMtlM
lit,'. " i ' I • •• i
\S »»tnrp»h» v , 1 iiur»tl(t¥, ui.«( I (
w tii. iHi11, *i>tt i i i i i .
T i* t oil I'III11« I n \ ■;»• III »l I > III VIt O f| Irill Is III t
ill | III ' lip ».•• >M lltor11l»|*s \N r llui.k th>)»« vtl>.. Uiukr
nit tils titi^ltt l ik, tho trouhio Iti m l,uni u« »,( i | (r hsl li
Athnissmn to tho ihooIiii^m, Huoh imhiloitl mi>
puhlir l v tu rrils tho litllur,' it is «'< rtnm to s«
th i o u ^ h stu b luullt urritiif.', iitiMits, h um I-...1 mwli
thou i, prut tin* *1«*t %to tho il.oiittj',' nl lit., uni,.
I It IS tit .I pi It ' 11IMI I•’ M l, 1*1'I »M lit, rv|K,.L*I
'< iloll t >11 this toui Kill U«>l hf «'h(ti^‘(«| tf#Vl
I lr. !S« \l on, 17, li u lu h ‘i Kwuil, Old Km ,I h..,.| j
lo:u%n't s r m s Nh# thou isuh* to
»s,tuulUiu'ou*U M r b|f#rtou
r ,i(
MK MnllSI s UM'Ol.N I VII \ h
*u.l ho oiul i'h:ur *l»■» kfh* M%foi> »h’p> oli»l mi t h s
M h .»is»‘lt kT"
Nut imuIhu* Jut I, Iffiiiifli u A'SimM
t Iv
noon. '.VMM t t' iuu^, /
S u i u Ja v , N.,t. .ul„ i '«i: ui
W # now 111 u p miuI h*uio tho •
ih his »ngtD*l jHisittvvn.
u iu l t i m o s
«u#c IK 1.0 U ptM»l Utui tilslnol <
ftifW * I limit b#r* Hkt that tho jfralr pujM'r mki
spiHt trioUil*
|tol *a sp
m u l 8 t h Ni t I 1111H*I*•
Mi soot, u ul tho s\ttors ullIt got
rm |
ii W ***
v i upon lb # Uhlo *
Ih At Kilt ms. Niiv#mb«r 10th.
Y ours truly,
.•r#l Unit*# i i u r m ^ t k s o t o i u i 'j
k bo#UIos i w, ttiugt
t o follow.
1 M am *ii -*i su.
I, A. L a u o .n t .
ti o o ri
i M kk t \ > i »K Suiulny, Noftiiiooi’ ortl. ()UI I miiuoii*
\ s i t't'r> s i i i
N ,
at 7, " Intel it* l/.tw* ami U-t».iui
M.Ulllay r,e-|
- F h. at H, " \\ hat ,• Spirit ual'»m F 1 I alar eyetntig, ,N
l l i u r t d a y erru m g , Nu»cm
at b, " Diaonibodioil Man
“ lloavrui and lltdl Vlow,-d in rrlatii.n to M> u,:
K i'h 'o u r
l\ v t r S,r, \ o u no thmht roniomhor ms<'rting m tho
Tv* lb# Kvl
i>;n»iii> lor ui:,, im Liii ^’ l.ir » lew Irioiui.
M i i ii #
iV. b#r Hrtl a jMsrcv;
l*> form * tMfvhs M tuy 0 .1 IV#!», I hint tlu>y, ur tour apuliiv,ii(*. itiul
F rid ay ry o n iu g , N oroutbor ItHih, at H, " I hr Krligmi, u/
1 lu'ro wuro
y o#t <•rvUy v d I\? ^ o yo itn^ w<i furitie,) o u r llr»t ,'irole.
r u k r t * for th« I'ourart lit Ir. t u r . » III. howraatle may Ikn rw e « t,
w j*r!f, oik, U>1v atul four ^ rtU lo m m
W „ » ,t «t i*
J . Illake, -LI, G rainger Street, price -*
AJ iu im ;.,; ,
U <» Ji-arijf Ukhir,' r » t h r t * ' v ,U ir h alf an h o u r w ith o u t an.,tiling
lecture, Is.
,» t ; , f'iaiWi K'vomi raj>» an d » o r, >. »;!,( tilt*
NS,' t!u'i\ n t ro u n d it G a I'ti'iiK vl>
No, rmher .'ii t;h.
*:n*.l r* t:t I .-aril taSlr, an d in h '« th a n flvo n u n u l. s it ru »h rd along S k i .ini i„ Deoembwr find.
lb* oaroH v!l r\'un d tho ro.. n, tiltod »«•, or »1 l m *, n uanorod i|uo 5tnm* Jxunow a n d H k h s id k . l'o follow.
nut by aoto m l of u*. an d la»: i , i ‘J •'■■ > »•
’ ,,,r •'■' 11 Mahkow i s I'i mnk's
l'owii Hall, 1 iiiirstlay D*. eii.'n.r i
V v t ; . a a ; -f; tiro /*■..
1' h n it r i> .V.d throo o r four timo», and
Friday, Deeember oth, private meeting.
t h r u , h a ' i i - o a . U u» to uus t a ^ a m tun t I ..o»d.,', w i . h r d u» good night
D a h i . i soro.x.
Dee. iuN r ilh, Sth, Hill, Huh.
hv a »oi>Y i r a j " at i ttlw.
l Uoro waa no profraaioual or dovolopod Sroi k i o n o n In--.
Deoeudier 1 lib.
Bi.aii tin prrw*nt, bv.! ona o f tho ouvlo waa y . r v muoh atfia'tod, ami
Ni w Sntl.niiN. Devviuber I'illi
alnui*: » r : : i i:iii> a trauoo, a lt h o u g h ho n o r r r » . u at a •t'atu'o hoforo.
lliAiior Vii ni a m i . December 1 llh, loth, Jfith. atal I'.'iti
ng you « i i l g *w Ui i puhlii'iiv, atu l iniorn t uio it you know ol
S a l i u i u.n av 111r Srv. l»e,vmtier 17th and lS:li.
any nor»i>n*
m \ a oar Sir. your* truly,
1,V, .1 .to K.'.tJ. t . .V-
NV. r. 11VKVKY.
1.', N . . O o t o b o r I.
M r. Morse has b u t Very few dates, as will !«• seen Hy 1 ,
to sp a te up to Christ mas. Farlv.upphe itioti
• j- . >
w ho desire to r e c e n e a v is.t from him during li » m i l.
Ml*. ,1. d . Morse, eare ol Mr. 1. r n.e.iuaii, Hi. llitnin.l v..
Derby Hoad, Liverpool.
To th* E ditor,—'Sir, —G lorious now* baa rraohed us from Grriuivny.
Tho Kwp<>ror NN lliam has takon tho all important stop of appointing
G. K. M i r k v , T elegraph Street, Stafford, is d.siren* tint .*.r - —
bishop* of tho Oathol.o Oburob on hi* own rospo:isibility, without tho spondent " I ’." give him the names of the persons m Stall r.i
content of the l ’one, and t h s is done with tho approval of a largo p o r been the recipients of spiritual manifestations
tion of tho Fath l o population of tio r m a n r. 1 his act is similar to that
Lomivon D i u . r e r u n, So. ir.rv, 1. Adam Street, Adelpl . W t
taken by H nr. V111. in t :. o sixtrotitb century, when E ng land throw oil’
NVednesday, November Sth, IS, o : adjourned debate on Mr J
the authority of Kouio and adoptod L uther’s Reformation, which co n
pajier " O n the Relation of I’lielogy to Religion and Me a* 1
ferred religious liberty on Kugl.md. Hut for that Not, England would luent proposed by Nl r ,1. Ellis, seconded by Mr. lire!! Du \ \ probably have N on m tho sumo position as Spain is now.
A now and
November 19th, 1873 M r II li I n n Honn " I
glorloiis reformat;oti h:is hrok. n out, and 1 trust it will not bo long in
the Religions Aspect ol Spiritualism.
I’lie cliatr wdl he tales: ;C. >..*
finding its way to England, where i! is so much wanted, for one-half of
o'clock precisely. Hv order. Frederic N. Ford, Hon. Nv :.c<
the i . .
church of iato , ears has become Oalholio under the name of
M vnnti*. t'.vin.on'A I ' v m *v b< gs to announce that >!n- w .• - . ,
" Ritualism.*'
NN• >.v
T he quest to n now arise*— W h a t direction should the now reformation forte Recital, at Mvddelton Hall, I 'p p e r Sire.*: Islington,
fake * bh.i .id it adopt fr«v wdl and liberty of oot science, or t'idvmism ?
Every friend of tr u th and l.N ty will prefer free will, and I trust that S p ill, t and M r. May luuek Reserved seats Is.. >, eot..i sr
wi. i
ti;.’ tuturo F .ii'm ism was tho ossonco of Luther's 1'iekets may be had at the Hall, or of Madame t'arlotta l.wr.i. *
l'o eeia*iir:..v -vl .
U< i. r : : . . o n , and a luisOrahle (allure it has turned out to be. bo weak residence, d, M orm ngton Street, Regent's Hark,
is it
ivsroad of being able to ovorcouio Koiuo it is constantly losing o’eloek. NN e hope tho friends of Spiritualism will iC.trn.!. I ■
gr . id. It is tin* weakness of Protestantism, owing to ils contradictory t'ornmnee will be of a high character.
St X11AV S uit'll I.' IN I'lO'I.KI XW1.1.1 . I lie tlosw i'll Hall
doctrines, and not the strength of Koine, which gives the la tter its vic
tory. If the new reform ation will boldly take hold of tr u th , and expel to the doors on Sunday evenit g last hv a respect ihle .e l • 1 • *
all contradictory doctrine*, it will »]>ei dily put an end not only to e rro r audience, w bo listened with rapt attention to an *■!.vpicot .
delivered Lhrougli Mr. ,1. ,1. Morse, by Ins spirit guide* l'i.e 1- g ’
in the Cburoh of Koine, but m all other churches.
I hope you will tiike this matter up, for *o long a* the churches remain thoughtful matter, and the suggestive and pertinent apnea1' ’
uninform ed, it will W ditlicult for (Spiritualism to make that progress hearts of tbe audience d uring the lecture, produerd a inarkixi
Sion on nil present . Pressure upon our spare preehiile* s .Ha .w
which it ought to do.
A n t i -Ca l v in i s t .
tb i Sunday evening next, Nlr. Prentice Mulford will Mi'.iirn, a — s .:.,y Mr. H e r n e ’s visit mediuiuship has developed w on speaker. Doors open at (i iiO, eommeiiee at 7 p in. Admi*»i.'n irrs.
Si Ninv F ' i x i Vi. ix l . x n o x .
Phe National Sunday 1 n. '
derfully in this town.
1'un CoNJi'itg ;* KvrostD.-—l) r. S e ito n ’s lectures are beginning to hear resumed llieir attra, tive Sunday Evenings for the IVep.o v: the I w
\ series of see tiers cf a* »*'
fruit amongst the more respectable and influential members of tho Masons I'avertl, G reat Queen Street.
natu re lire being held on Sun.lav evening* at lied lord llnll. t'f. • *
Press. The following review is from /V '/ .o O o i t i : ■: of a recent date •
Phe Sundav lecture Sec tv ’v-'
“ S p i r i t . V r . < t .,/ t'ca/a'v.-.v (K urus) is the title of an oration, In Street, Pottenluvni t'o u r t Koail.
George Seaton, ,\1 A., eto., etc., in which the lecturer in dignantly denies resumed th e ir leeture* on Sunday afternoons, at St, ileer *.•'* !■'
the assertion of certain conjurers that their tricks of slcight-of-hand eommeiie nr on N ovem lvr •_*, by n lecture frem t'r t .viav ter
b a t e anything in common with spiritual manifestations. So far from " Recent Investigations into th e F'unvtions of ditl'erent par.* e ’■
1 here is much activity manifested even where in the * a*
th is being true Dr. Sexton publicly challenges the conjurers to produce Drain.
any one spin! manifestation, however simple, while in illustration of vour to lead people away from tlit' puhlichouse and priistcnr .,» ■'•
Ins oration, lie, with the aid of a non professional assistant, repeated present them with som ething to inform and elevate their muuls.
Pb.* SMOOiation t m lA*
th e most s in k in g of the aforesaid conjuri i
. and ,*!. ariy i vplaiued ; S h ILOON A s s o c ia t io n o r SriRtTUALtm
of the others. Dr. Sexton properly disclaims any | Wished on August 'Jtvth, at a meeting held at Id, Strand Street, N*«
d e s ire to interfere with the p opular e ntertainm ents of 1 wizards of the Slul,l,m. Amongst o th e r resolutions, it was voted " Hint a fund tw
n o r t h , ' 'g re a t illusionists,' ..
. but warn.* the gentlem en j raised by weekly suh-eription* of (hi. tor the first sitting, and net !«•
of that ilk that if they presume to bring ridicule upon S piritualism , than Id. each member per week afterward* I'hat the fundi he for th*
by p r e te n d in g to expose what they are pleased to deceive the public sole purpose ol engaging an d rem unerating lecturers, medium*,
in oallin.' ‘ spiril manifestations,' ho shall make it. his business to show o th e r spiritua l advocates. Thai not less than Is. each member be wid
the deluded public bv what very simple agency, dexterity of hand, annually to the S piritu al Institution, lfi, Southampton Row, Letw."1.
or perfection of mechanical contrivances, their 1marvels’ are produced. NN , l \ . in sujiport of too Miuuim ano Dvviuntva." Seance* are lid,I
W e advise the magicians to avoid Dr, Sexton ns they would a scorpion, Siiinlay evenings at six o’eloek, and on Monday and I'liursduv stenmp
for he lm* evidently a very powerful sting, and knows how to use it." at eight, o'clock. 'Phe President is Mr. George Metcalfe; Pr.visurer.
O u r friends in the'country should have this lecture given as often as Mr. d o h n 'P . n k l e r ; a n d the lio n , .'Secretary, Mr, David Hall, 11>,Strand
Street, Nov Shildon,
•• '
, 1 ?:3'
. 'I is..
" " •. - -■ i
F o r a per .t a*« •*■•x
tb nk it qaite ebeap—
I octal \ :.... . i
*<►w *.
-■m -
pro{- er
■ ■ •- ■ ■
' v : * ' :^ T v 0 « an-T fri*“d * « “ «**«N * tro :Dle » fe e in g
/ > v s;«.v i« is formed
^.r-^ at s •’ *
- -v* ^ • A.Hir.y IvO>iit, C .me*-i"* h I
r ...yi
...m m ; i
S:h of November.
s »* A;,Xi wr:h the
" •;• r.nay
f Aai<? ■r. r„e : * . :* wi . 0
JO:j . :iva-*
XL? t
' i . . .- r ..--..a •
Tu- er. i v .. ;L§:;ii~ tlu.- L» t '; ; '. ! te T a r
>uiil u ...*od
from c u r i-.rir.
Home, and
-■ —
„ .,
His j a i is mu-a locker
^ *
a*: i fast rave sr.- •. : ’
To tiro t i .o r
* -u '.'. p <uor :
■ .
. .
- - - a •'..
to tended w: a a icn -ss a r .i rvr-t.
of „
W a ahoold be glad to retain M r. Home, but he I
rlim ate, p ro b ab lr >*;ce. H i io- w ' Wm v n
t w c of Mr.
:*" —
*::: : iai
T ■wr •-■ ■- are n » '::
w •’ «- - _vl •ach
Ih ae rnr E.i tor - • ; ... c • >i .. . : .
W h 1- f,. ; r V -V a r. .rubor—the
.1 rruai:
A: tie rise or mv par- r u- s ■
* \v < ,i. j^bers are requested to communicate w.-.h Mr. W.
- '•
i ,boT’x T' address.
• there are tw e;rcl*s in Fljm ou*::. and about
•> '... .. •■'•■
. •.
. "
^ X’be existence c
Herd, of London. He La s also f rumd some circles
' v.- '
South Devon
;■>:l ...-trY w r; —- - m ' —A .-"
'"■ ’ . -vVHo
i : : J-v ' —
I E:
• ' - '•
- •
■ . \v '7 ' . n
'• " ■' ■
•>' 7 ex-30
1 ' 14
i -'1d **r -r — > member a s ::-.rrr.v ir---
T b is book w ill ooot&ia tc .r tr -tw o pacrA^ o f
Ijfox >-•;«.
A 'i. • • r s : : r
■'eresr ~z
..-T. ?r.i ••;
re z - - t "or’A.ru“U ‘ •• - - -------- •-• m " ^ L 9 a 0 K d aw sr
-i--7 ^ :::
... ; u :^V -rtd . - em
; ^ 7 V ; f achort aM paimul iLnem, he rasseu or. in a full and T^ WJ or* d Xerent su. -u ai
'7-imuaem of .p.ntaa. commun.oo. arrd w::r the fcowledee Hearer. God
Tr_-u F j
d jo rue ua.rrei were ooaniuumcared. G o re
^ ■ 1 d soon. Irc u rre n ie s t m aie ru i.r reu iri'.i
a e « ^ ; ^ r . t o f th l M sr rrN. M r. B ra r 5lVS:. James's S trek .
.„ _YCe bare had a eommurreario-. from Mr. Jamis De-rot
. pF iv
j ^ e. , I*rton
= -v laiton Boad
r.oau. D
i i e r;, e.uurr-ruve
jeans ot age, rras
™ d*r< log£ under me infi.ueaee of
: -. c o w ro te th e w ork on A n r r s tm m tj a n d > o lar W o rs e rp, rrhior:
- - id . '- i - - - - - - .1 ' - - •
ca' .-r,
' -
w _Zr- pf!" ’*
;-a z
> :: 1 ,*S. : r z:; -:. i : i r
Orcr.-s rran re -cn: La ar once ~o ruar an r.vrlj del ~: - j
rue ; -:z.
= rr be secured. J . B u m ;. Publisher m S-'-■ _ a n r^ 'o n 'r . — L
W .C.
---------------- ----------.
y i V a " Spiritualist*
_o „ Ob s u a t s t
” ;d l-> arprored of the step taxes bj us in giving puhLcitr to hue
r _ _ . Hlr. ^
- : Y T 7 -- ■
m , ' ",
Hariiage. id.
- -
:: t ; j ;r u r
: -:
V- 7 7 M -w
mein rnrrxs. irnrrn ocnsr-rec ot
ue urn ear u : i an.n C u -er
• The Blood W iitic g on rue Arm.' • Dobler's B o re X jir r .'
were porrormeo in an arc m anner
vrd rrerimens o: .eger’U.em.y.n.
_ l a::/ app r,
The Doctor
assrsranri. and elv.red a xrear aeai
culvuei the rrirks a-'terwards. and rdie auc->r.oe -^ere m urd amusea
he .‘mnlr mean; wii.ru -were em rlo re c ro ehecr rue ddusirns.
C T> t h ‘ ks th
I: _ . 1
. . —ill 1 v
- :
r. -
: r 'r m . 'r
Kei.rs a .. me : m :
_ .
- v~ Mur :me ;aap, By T k a a s H«i«i S. to mm e x n iin t gmUrn » a «
Co j;nsam >o M m ecsES. t v r . Srevior. 3d
j-rc' and •• Spirit o: God are sjnu-sjm us. XTe think ue in e
b.r ,-n readflr excuse dim. seeing that rueolcgj i; a stu d - at rresent so
W aa_r S r m r v . m j x s a s twr&HT. by Ti U iam H i — u
M r jL in u sm x c z s o f r-rmmriUUSM. ’ B y i£n?. Z-rrr-. i i.
H e s l o I x x .'sr a x m r
v r r F a —'s. a r* r hrmuw _e'ri-c ea J M : ru
- i :: n r; Le —: — mere meet m id .l-rar d-dnirirns :: Grd. rue
-ih ’.;' ~v : _h Tri::
i h TLzie*.
j.i~ r ::
/-•m— Primal Being—rue masculine nrrsciu-le. and H i; spirit rue reoen- ^ H a : is “V
o W arid?.’ ie . CIo ± , I s . ; p tfier, f i:.
r u : r . e -wmou r;
irr.me ann is the m erner c: a— m._g. H u x a x Iatm nram irr: ’o By
*-■; - n : : i of God points our that rnese r. r p.e d rsrn :rr;n s v-ere apune; ■;
-- - .- . .
1 - - 1' - - ■ - ;
'G od cur F srd er and run M tru er" is a on. opirg up in rum
i j. j .
f f —i— iong-i'ergotten ideas. A m an’s spirit :n :;nmar;ve sp'uene :s ADDRESSES DELIVERED US’ THE TT.Tyd
' • . rue
. r e ;: ! ; ; -.m u : — H . ::: m
M O R S E " 'E T E E E X T E E S P IR d T -IX l
' -o s: —due :p n : r ; :: m d .-lr ml; f :
rrnsrirnie ru?
TThat of the Dead ? Throe 1d.
■ --=e : Spiritualism, as —; u seem ro think. Spirit ; rm m uni;- The Phenomena rf Tenrm Frioe ID
5 nrrs. lire
m r-m i; r u e
n u ' ' '. 1 ' mm : 1m
ml ' 1
' p • . _ : 1 m ; : . ; : : : ; • • I; * --1 : . . ru urn u: r r .:. : '
. i ***
jo n are in f a n n r of 1therm of opinion;
-•^n.rg ot tire term
E :.r :5 :he
that term does n
1fHE '.If,e Bib! . s - AL -h . A U O
m a n
im m o r t a l it y
pr o v e d b y
t ' -a r- a
-one Der'ore reo:rd» of experience, became w 1.::? t t : a m u
tgu ^ . . - r m :- - . a : : : • : m rs ;1 is r; l i t : : : :
"ml : . I d —
o ' v d rue ludrlr-r
-n:gn?;s v r::. - - ml: 1m ' : ;: nnerr
r u ; or r l m - i Y r E W E eh mran
a n kAnna
in d :m
s-~T*' ir m .^ C ’nds o f p a s t tim e s w ill’b e c o m e d o u b lyj rvalu
a lu a ':
n .r ._ T '; T “— : i — m to t h a t p c s ir m n in w h rn d t n e r a lr n e can be
^ • • ^ - s e r r i c ^ b ’e.
inisrttf t» . _
. . . .
T h risrian ;
- m n :eu : n A- :r.t...vr — •:
mm mm • :m n . - ; ; ;
-is .. .1 J-J r- — the userulness of such an ins::' :::n n; ruar v.m :u
^ t t E ' I ‘O*7' established or. Clvde Terrace. Xisu'-p A--’i.anu. rj
W ^ T u y friend M r. S. S. 1mm nd :; abu:■i
apparent. It is.
to gav that rue ;j;r rmrrm' .r d
:m ; m
* 9ei**.- ' ~ ~ ~ wo d d , ro a large extent, annih late •• rue ...; ruar m.;u
: ..h
nen»> » v . . .
w la.
'm » a r emcient in her knowledge of the treatment. A_
"■■oiid for, the charge on three cars . th ? .mm : n§
IVfr.b II IE' rES-f . 1 I ' l 'I S ! - " -T I I EHTEHE‘ EE 11 E.S 7 ru tf
: • .
^ ' - ewe and justice, ir. mem ecu
Are ireur e* roue a *cti r e :.-.
T ie r.
Ami a .- rev ; uaiuiDg g.mur..;.
Lo—z— cor.:.*-pi'.a—- :-m
: . in :e m -t ■'■men; om en r u b 1.c a r t; n s a r e
rid • ... re m ud
■: ' : . ■ ‘
T :r* ’
il v ?
' '. IE
*: : h ;
' -
-. ^
s D :v T '. ru ra l A. I k .-.
: with speci... .tf . :h.
rXtElEt •> ' m
- es.
*t a n :
- . ' . Y f “Y,
11T.I^ I tl •a— h*.
E m b j J . Errscts, 15. A 'u iu a m p v u E :w .
• ‘7?
Jost 1'u.U 'httl, JI'ifi-1/rni- Cloth) ]•/> J'O jtt.
1 4
1 4
1 4
B y
80 N
L i t
J-; a
T U T T L E.
"OttW* ASD AiTKiflTT or M a t ," " C a k lm o» t:i* Ooi> I.ola," " C a k z z h or run C u m r !»>:*•.
14 A t f .a
<>r -V*7'; v,
Tbi* most rW'it work of the Author is equal to Li» America,o edition*, wLch tell at o*. I 11 offered
. , W * P««atr*a
-d. in stamps, ai.d Lav* l l u , n n Xa'.ure and the O e ' - ' o I* . , A . iryM
llu ■:n X u -r « for May tor 1*. fid,
F ir* Soier
P.r*t Rehg J* Propoe.t.on —-Dependent Propositions-—Results.
KtLIOlOjr A5 D Scikhol
•' r : ■
'c .
•-• ‘•■•y " ■'
0 * 1*** I* l«rno>M .-.-nr—Tb* H-wer of ifc!jc-n-Wint i* B< irre.? r: /i<— u *41 ■- *'■
* *
».ot C . t i . 'f .
4 '• ■' '
iiw Pmui., u< Diiiae, M m.vtu, Jvw. Hu. 1.,, li.m u * , Mj.tirf O f , * ; -. Rco-.
A. J„o
C ■.'■!», Pto’*»’a; ( Wtttl t-•
Ai»!of Ir," .■fcoe
C? .'f»:ui, t) -I,-! Ilnn-Af. Ij v>n ,
. k. Oiwtt Ii IV* ir*-! Tt>e thur*T a»*l E-' e-wtiof. K» » ire *’ * trnr S*,iotir.
VIII; i n *
I ll'”■■■' > *•’CU*•(« 11 W»*T l» H* U«l>
PirM Gerni f Kelm r*—Ma/i - Primt>
,i„ - u t v - lk n of u Eekgi-.*.* lOoe-lA m* »•; ..*• no k*:..g.:u-U*iigwa. 7 If>. Aatljm or I/Of, A>i, TV>: r t Jt <K
J >• "
e .A , .
iu rit;m*U As*:**.*.
V,: •;/ of 7 -.o- >: •>
C+*'*>r HI Hurrogr.At Ksnrw; T- n*Ji:*x-I'M •>T*:;ty of r»*:-*..srr—
f^ Imr/iwt»-Hy—l rr-rr.^r" . * *
It » tht CWlB <f TAMlMV-Vonlitp B v A»,TT»t», ‘‘tffaiw, A> —Ctwi»trealty
. ti-.* . :■ >• - •/
M«Hi Iwi'-uw </f
i* i«i, f » t W;i»n»—Tbr J"“* »• rt- Fett*2i Wont.
Chabter IX: Max’s F a ll, aTD
T "• ’
,—Frt. .t*»m erutves Pvl> Uirlun.
Crtstiffi I#t
('i jM -l IV H:.v -i' . a S u n * F :_TTif -. -x -Early Ai.'J.r [- :■
•m — —pf/pu!jf| r
[4oe TfinVae- (f Ciintbaf ®®**"**~Iht Vaac Amo .
/U M « f Nyt kMB—
the Pirolue of Frieelereft—Influence of Frfevtf .
«■ P r./rrm - M- -»i;t;• of Fcijtheiern —kr.;,r!/,rt4 I- coent* of
tin — Mai,
C > ,•<-.• ,r Ha .' a I- • : •
. . .u; V.
j, ,f T . L l „
i E—.
—Tv; O.ngm of
t o w a n wUTT-Haa ar.
!: ■
"• --■•■- -’a
. .
(. ,■ V
' ’ =L R> ■: w; M "
T< •
w ^ a i - Mi.n! InlwMt «f KoMtiMieai—KaMtMM > Dmiopamt of —Ti.e in -J. r>; a. it Ao». n x > t o i-»w.
C. a(,te/ X I I)" ’- ‘ ■ ' ’•> H i
. 7-.:.
b*k n*-i{id nu 8M rite tMi U yct Vwihlpawe «f
- y'
H*im*i I^Vtf of God—Peneeotioes by ChristiAM—CLrutitu Fiitirina u d Hill <*h : . I ■■■ .. . / ? o 4 lo :•
• : ■ rj
: .
•> •
— - > -,
Kepetawd by CimctiaBity.
And Knowledge—Intelligent Acti<«* ■ Zrwe AA&gkw—Trxe
. * *U
C tm .i*tr VI: Valve <r t u t Old ub S r w fn r iv ttil ixd Siam) Boon u
X- ..:
A • . ty <t •!.« i: : —!>.-• J -n .-l - t
Of.;; • ' toe to La w .
XII Z-r.
i '■? ^
. ,,
Apeelotir Imedi Tmwii*inw and Trao«Ut>oo of the Bible—> ”
iV«*e.v, o ‘ O . e >
il y i s s . r . i y —» ’
i, .
e—G‘-f o-.-.■•—' f ^ B;b>—1 - B-i’ ’ 'AYr\
I", -a-.:.
- ■'................' '.... >. 1. .
CMlittt v n ; Max’s X<wu P v w im Dwr-iOTfr «w i u LrmucrrAL I ::.tjr » r s - P j . •. Ti >■{ i' ' M --U—Wo > ••- ""11 -<• *-f,/.e -irrl ’he ledge.
jhL -—Et’uffl »re Iz • .> ::
f Kerelit.-.a—liie Bibl': i s I.v:r>:;•’ “vt Moral
- ’-T lii.'
1 .7
A Cfttap E d tiim , prior
; . . jEL :
To Purchasers of “ EUYAN NATUEI for
Zoir’ic Science, Intelligence, and Popular Anthropology,
Post E n , Os.
’A ...
5UXAI 5iTUB2 All THE ill-'.?.:
-• 0 7 *0 ;
Extra Double Num ber for J u ly , price 6d„ po-t-iree, 7d.
The Efi.’-'.r to E .rr.v . tAnans.
I:.- Pr-.'y'.'. o: i .renr : or Progression o:A Eoo'ornve; a svatein
cf N i’.-ral Law, a -d Keform as a .v..er.ce, or Wi...am Toi'.-ktuaa.
r.f-'.-i - :.e D.-iie;.
. i. # T s l L • i ’j.t work cor. ... > :—
wl.L ar. exaux::.at:on o:
Eib-iOitory Ini .c .o ‘,.o:. —ILt ...'.•or of iecta.'.an Eeforia.
P a a t I.
z j -S.-.'
fo- -.-.Ion. ar.d . .otive.
SniAiid sod it* Age&u: Endowed AjaociaUon.—TWiproei~.v or 31>t iild .j.— Arbitrali y.
rr H E
o N
S P I R I TE , rj. ,
Ti; i L-i tion fprinted from t i e Or _■r.il Pi> « -y ■. -.-f
—The name* in fall o f the Clergymen, Barristers, Safisi*
...................... : L . . . . . . .
'or::. 2 the Ir.v"-‘. .i-a,..r.g Co:-',m. -'.ee.
I I . —Tne R eport in fill, as presented by tL • t : :y y. •„* •
Supply sad its Agent*: Preorde^ti*! and Subaequential Sottafactior..—
after an invest Ration exte..'Lr.g o.-er n.any m._:ni; .
■; foi'.oar.2e.—Rec.procal \ 1
Tb* Oauwntee* of Progrea*.—I. Harmonious Indiriduality.—IL Pa and A-ritf.-n teit-mony was obtained from
rental Succeaeion.
y e a r l y o x k h c x d e e l I'Eh-oy-:.
Eevop.-. -uy’- .o ..—
cf 3 i
Eoo!i,_olc Law in Per:-;c*. Action, j
P a a t II.
N'it .ra. Econontfo Law la E;n-‘ec Action.
Th* C w Atrr* Infringement of Well-being.—Slavery.
L ->.. •. of i i L .tn'.n..'; La *- ,n L L ;> d Act.on.— Seminary.
P a c t IIL
Reform as a Science.
SeetanAn lietarm verso.? Seientifle Reform.
Ti'e Sen.-:nee ar.d Instr.mn.nt of Reform.
1. 1 ;rc:i ve CAnjt > r . ;—
V. "L r'vi
Ii. Popwat no ... Food Adjustment. Luxuriousness r. Star ration.
Co-operat;v« Colonisation.
III. L: n i profit liWibii/b : a:, alleged oa.ve and so-ended remedy
• its true cause, progress, and redress indicated, with conewiiAkl remarks on ** Reciprocal Exchange Adjustment, ,M
” ■
^i,T» Standard Value, Notes, and Credit. On ftxfty of Wage or
v.n ; .. I-;..-.:..
- •........
Can a. "n on of Lahx.'.r.
IV. Gorerr.me.va! Form.
T . Tr.e ..ono u 4 Commonweal’.'; in S irtr rear?, b r
of Estates.
- •• •;V-.ln-...n . j ............... • r e .............
contx.ou are—
A New So ore* of LLot.
red .r.ion
1,. . 0 -
I I I . —Tne --vn ,le o: the tejt-enr.eri-ne.nti —>i- ty the
six e ib-committees,
IV . —Toe nainotes ar.d reports of toe e;r * ho-contn. -.tees in f—
—The nanoei of tne witneeees; and tne wh.'.e :: the
.r.der cross-examination by persons of known credit., y
grade o f society, bei ng a record of eitraord: .ary •n.r.t-A.
o.rectiy attested—Appa*.t.or.s—Le". .oat. one .: n-o t neo. : .
. . ;• y 1- ;
V «r.t.:.g. L>ra'/. .r.g, a..ti P a in tin g — b p .rit-L > .
—T . s i . a
— T ra n c e -; peak; r.g— I'ro p .o ec:ee— - otooi t r
h.._ ,t> : I . ’./-
H andiine of red-hot Coals. Ac., he.
VI. —The whole of the c o .;.dcr.ce a? tr .dnaii" *
.ett.rs. opinions, ar.d experiences of nna.nr n .c ... ant
n-erc of h .g j rep u te; to w_..> ii ^ ;.>i
O r i g i n a l P a p e r s a n d H o t e a o f Seancer.
L I I .—A ..it of ancient and m odem works on 5:..r.t-i——
kindred subjects; and a copious In d e x
To the above w ii be acoed a rttu m i of the r*e*f
or..' i.al j* p er, ana.ytir.g the a-?crnents of tne ree. :
—-•*• ' guidance of invest gators— and a B.^est of n.-e.M. n.tdenn
r -subject of Spiritualism an d it* nk«i«M B«, for the inform*0**
New Loo .i’.'.ol Cf.i.eg« -.
fiowroent of its Gradates.
.or. or : ne 1 , . .-.n
Robert lA;e Gwer,» Autobiogropay.
Baron Go.oer.etr..bbe.
Ti. > }u.'...-. V,/!< m l m m a a<k/u>.,.U.].ft>l o, i«
W:se Sayings.
Miseelhnea A Ctold» Lore. M i if Her on Belief, Morals. The
V,tau-.i L bfij terry in y/'rer, n itr /,.:o r , «/(,i Ay.•'/■>.,a!
way Seots are made. Water. Irrega^»r:tie» of Hurnan Race.
« ;> ry lA r - r r j in the K ngdom , j , j r ,rj.:.-.h
l.* ■ .• ' * '
7Am S u m Jj*r r ,f “ H u m a n X a tu r e " i t f u l l o f in o * t th o u g h tfu l m a tte r , [ :p*.r.'/d price.
••d re m a rk a J jly c b e a p ,~ ij$ n d f t r a *->//y <o/n, b e f e r t it u o u t o f p r i n t .
\jjUrb tn ; J i> vA> •, ly , .c y. , , ,■, n 1*. ' - "
T b e Cneap E>
111 k
r ig h t e o u s n e s s
l a y
5 03
T H E M E D IU M A N D D A Y B R E A__•
31, 1873.
iYoio ready, a New Edition of
The Charming Song,
D R E A MI N G ,
X Sung with great success b y Mr. W. Ca.sti.k, the Ainorican Tenor.
Words by M. A. Ha i n e s , Music by Rk u t u o m ) T o u r s .
•p R O B E R T H A R P E R will Deliver a series of Six
Free by post, Two Shillings.
1 I Discourses in (lie Cavendish Rooms, Mortimer Street, on
>M ’
MORNINGS, commencing Sunday, November Dili, at 11
C r a m e r & Co., 201, Regent Street, London; and at 88, Western
Subject: ‘‘Omnipresence and Omniscience; or, a Now Theory Road, Brighton.
' ’ “ Singers are invited (o volunteer to form a choir.
| personal God.”
. .. reserve
„,coiTed seats, 6d. each, at 15, Southampton Row. Admission u TjlA RTH L IF E .” A Journal and Record of all Facts, PrinciJ j pies, and Discoveries bearing upon tbo Improvement and Preser
Jost freo Two Stamps, addressed:—
vation of Earthly Existence.
rtVOBB AND MEETINGS DURING THE WEEK, AT THE SPIRITUAL “ Editor of E a r t h Lira,” 24, Leif ton Road, Kentish Town, London.
4Vj October 31, Mr. J. .1. Morse, at 8 o'clock. Admission is.
B-\DAr, No v e mbe r 2, Oration at (lie Royal Music Hall, 212, Hdlborn, by Mrs.
Tappan, (it 7 o'clock. Admission by ticket only. Seoadvt.
jfoKDAV, No v k mb k r 3, Mr. Herne nt 8 o’clock. Admission 2s. Cd. Bee advt.
Spiritual Pioneers at 8 o'clock. All arc invited.
iVjpXKSDAr, N o v k m b b b 5. Mr. Herne at 3. Admission 2s. Cd. See advt.
Mrs. Olive at 8 o’clock. Admission 2s. 6d.
Tni'BSDAV, November 6, Mr. Heme, at 8 . Admission, 2s. 6d. Seo advt.
r r i l E G llA M M A R S C H O O L , P A L T O N -IN -F U R N E S S ,
Head Master:—Percy Ross H arrison, Ii.A., of I’omhroko College,Oxford.
A thorough Classical, Mathematical, Scienlilic, and Commercial Edu
cation is given, comprising the following subjects :—
The Greek, Latin, German, French, and English Languages and Litera
ture ; Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Algebra, Geometry,Trigonometry, Land
Surveying, and all the higher Branches of Mathematics; Mechanics,
Chemistry, and Natural Philosophy; Geography and History; Shorthand,
Drawing, Music, Drilling, and Calisthenics.
Care is taken to meet individual requirements. Tupils are specially
prepared for the University and Civil Service, also for the local and other
The highest attention is paid to the physical and moral, as well as
intellectual development, of the pupils; and every ciTortis made to secure
their comfort and happiness.
Terms, including Board, Laundress, Books, Stationery, and all Branches
of Education, T h i r t y -t w o G u i n e a s p e r A n n u a l
Dalton is situate in a healthy and pieturesquo locality, being only ono
mile from the ruins of Furness Abboy, and within a few miles of the
English Lake District.
Sukdav, No v e mb e r 2, at Mr. Cogmau’s, 10, St. Peter's Road, Mile End Road,
nt 7 o clock.
Service by Mr. Midford.,at 88, Gosweil Road, at 7 o’clock.
MoNEAr, No v e m b e r 3, Developing Circlo, at Mr. Cogman’s, 15, St. Peter’s Road,
Mile End Road, at 8 o'clock.
IrESBAT, No v e m b e r •(, Seance at Temperance Hall, 103, Mile End Road, at 8.15.
South London A ssociation, 21, Stamford Street, Blaokfriars, S.E., at
7.30. Intending Visitors write for admission to Mr. F. M. Taylor, at the
above address.
THURSDAY, No v e m b e r 5, Dulston Association of Inquirers into Spiritualism.
Semico at tbeir rooms, 7-1, Navarino Road, Dalston, E.,at 8 p.m. Par
ticulars as to admission of visitors on application to tlio Secretary.
6t. John's Association, 7, Corporation Row, Clerkenwell, at 8. Freo.
A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, holding a Diploma and the highest
l x testimonials for good and quick Teaching, is open to ENGAGE
MENTS, and would be glad to translate with his pupils the French
Sa t u r d a y , No v e m b e r 1 , N i a v c a s t l e -o n -T y n e . Old Freemasons' Hall, New; rate works of the late Allan lvarclec, the founder of Spiritualism in France.
Street, at 7.30 for 8 o'clock.
—Address, LL.D., Scadding’s Library, Belgrave Road, S.W.
BnfDAY, November 2, K e i g h l e y , 10.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. Messrs. Slmckleton
and Wright, Trance-Mediums. Children’s Progressive Lyceum at 9
a.m. and 2 p.m.
Sowkrby B rid ge, at Mr. W. Rooms oil's, Causeway Head, Children’s
Lyceum, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Public Meeting, 8.30 p.m. Trance-Medium,
Mr. Wood.
Bowling, Spiritualists’ Meeting Room, 2.30 and 0 p.m. Hall Lane, 2
and 6 p.m.
Bowling, in Hartley’s Yard, near Railway Station, Wakelield Road, at
2.30 and 8 o’olock.
M anchester, Temperance Hull, Grosvenor St., Mount St., at 2.30.
Cow.ms, at George Holdroyd’s, at 6 p.m.
Gawthobpe, Spiritualists’ Meeting Room, 2.30 and 0 p.m. Mrs. S. A.
Swift, Test and Healing Medium.
Mobley, Mr. E. Bail es’s, Town End.
Halifax Psychological Society, Hall of Freedom, Back Lord Street,
Lister Line, at 2.30 and 0.30. Children’s Lyceum at Jo a.in.
Nottingham, Churchgate Low Pavement. Children's Lyceum at2 p.m.
Public meeting at 8.30 p.m.
Ossktt Common, W a k e f i e l d , at Mr. John Crane's, at 2 and 6, p.m
Healing and Trance-speaking Medium, Mr. John Crane.
Bishop A u c k la n d , at Mr. Fuucitt’s, Waldrou Street, at 6 o’clock. Notice
is required from strangers.
Nk w c a st l e -o n -Ty n e , at Freemasons’ Old Hall, Weir’s Court, Newgate
Street, at 6.30 for 7 p.m,
Liverpool, Public Meetings at the Islington Assembly Rooms, at 2.30
and 7 p.m. Trance-mediums from all parts of England, Ac.
B atley, at Mr. Parkinson's, Taj lor Street, ut 2.30 and 8 p.m.
D a rlin g to n Spiritualist Association, Large Room, above H iude Brothers
Stores, ltidsdalo Street, Yaiin Road. Public Meetings at 10.30 a.m. and
6 p.in.
Bouxhska. At Mr. W. H. Stripe’s, 31, Middle Street, at 6.30.
Birmingham, ut Mr. Perks’, 312, Bridge Street West, Well Street,
Hockley, for Spiritualists only, at 7 p.m. Physical and Incipient TranceMedium, Columbus Perks (boj' medium, twelve years of ago).
Loughboko’. Mrs. Gutteridge, Trance-medium, Dene's Yard, Pinfold
Terrace, ut 6 o’clock.
Glasgow Association of Spiritualists. Public meoting, 11 a.m. and
6.30 p.m., at 161, Trougate. Seance at o p.m.
A DDRESSES, Votes of Thanks or Condolence, Poetical InscripXjl (lions, Title-pages to Books, Funeral Memorials, Illuminated and
Ornamentally Designed by J. G. Robson, 36, Great Pultenoy Street,
Golden Square, W.
, R
MR.S eWle c. t oKINGSLEY,
r .— Address, 20, Brewer Street, Golden Square, W.
ia n o f o r t e
e pa ir e r
, and
N.B.—Musical and Phenomenal Seances given.
FUSEDALE, T at t . o r
a n d D r a p e r , has a splendid assort
of Autumn and Winter Goods. An immense variety of
West of England TWEEDS. A perfect fit guaranteed.
Everything on hand. Visitors passing through London supplied with
goods on the shortest notice, at special prices for cash.—No. 8, South
ampton Row, High Holborn.
F. ment
Scotch and
HOME FOR SPIR ITUA LISTS in London at Mrs. J a c k -
A son ’s, 3, Torrington Street, Russell Square, W.C. Visitors from
the Country will find a “ home from home,” or Apartments with or
without Board may be had for a piu-manoncy.
A l ’ARTMENTS W ANTED (parlours or first floor unfurnished)
IX by an aged couple, Spiritualists, somewhere in the West-end.—
Address, Mr. Tow ns, 1, Albert Terrace, Bartisbury Road, N.
M R. JESSE SH EPARD takes pleasure in announcing to his
friends that he has returned to town from his third successful tour
on the Continent, and will continue to give PRIVATE SITTINGS for
Developing, Magnetic Treatment, and Diagnoses of Diseases, kc., Ac., at
his Reception Rooms, 23, D u k e S t r e e t , Manchester Square, W.
“ Come, seo a man which told me all tilings that over I did.”
Hu l l , 5, Strawberry Street, Drypool, at 7.30.
New S h ild o n , at 16, Strand Street, ut 6 p.m.
Monday, November 3, H u l l , 42, New King Street, a t 8.30.
Glasgow Association of Spiritualists. Seance at 161, Trougate. Doors
THE past and future Incidents of your life revealed to you by an
T Astrologer: the past by way of proof of the genuineness of tho
investigations; the future to enlighten, prepare, and guide you.
Mediumistic communications are often vague and contradictory, but
the testimony of the heavenly bodies is unerring. 'The destiny of every
living being is written in the stars of heaven.—P t o l e m y I n s t i t u t e ,
Trance- 1), Bell Yard, Doctors’ Commons, London. Letters unanswered unless
stamp enclosed.
closed at 8.30 p.m.
New S h ild on , at 10, Strand Street, at S p.m.
Tuesday, November -1, K e i g h l e y , at 7.3o p.m., at the Lyceum,
mediums, Mrs. Lucas and Messrs. Wright and Shackletou.
Sowkrby B r id g e , at Mr. W. Robinson’s, Causeway Head, 8 p.m,
Wedresday, N o v e m b e r s , B o w l in g , Spiritualists’ Meeting Room, 8 p.m.
Mobley, Mr. Emmanuel Baines's, Town End, at 7.30, for development.
Osbett Common, at Mr. John Crane’s, at 7-30. Healing and Trance-
medium, Mr. Johu Crane.
W ORTLEY (the well-known Medium), U N D E R T A K E R ,
E. provides Special Funerals for Spiritualists in any part of London,
at moderate terms. Telegrams allowed for. 27, Victoria Dock Road, E.
Da r l in g t o n Spiritualist Association, sumo place as oil Sundays. Public
Developing Circle at 7.30. p.m.
Public meeting at 164, Trougate,
at 8 p.m. Occasional seances during the other nights of tile week.
Gl a s g o w Association of Spiritualists.
Tumqmiv, Novi MBEK 6, B o w l in g , Hall Lane, 7.30 p.m.
Oawtboki'e, Spiritualists’ Meeting Room, a Developing Circle, at 7.30.
West H a r t l e p o o l , Seance at Mr. Unil’s, Adelaide Street.
G O L D wholesale by N ew bery and Sons, 37, N ew gate S treet,
0 London ; and Rainies, Blanshards, and Co., Leith Walk, Edinburgh,
General Agent for Great Britain, M. .1. Sutherland, Burnley, Lancashire,
who on receipt of 2s. £)d. will send a box prepaid. Solo proprietor,
Alfred Senier, Pharmacist, Mazomanie, Wis., United States.
Bishop A uckland,at Mr. Faucitt’s, Waldron Street,at 8 o’clock. Notice
I* required from strangers.
New c a s t i .e -o n -T y n e . Old Freemasons’ Hall, Weir’s Court, Newgate
Street. H<.nice ut 7.30 for 8 .
Bi r min g h a m , Circle at Mr. Thomas GoUrides, 18, Court House, 12, Wrcntiiem Street, ut 7.30.
Blew!■■'illam. Developing Circle lor Spiritualists only, at 208, King
flA R B O N CLOSETS AND COMMODES, from £1 upwards.—
Edwin4 , Keel, a t 7.1'.
•»< "is closed at 8.
,\t w Hit tl.Do.N, at 16, Strand St net , at s p.m.
fftlMr, .No. , miii it 7, I,in Hi ooL, Weekly Conference and Trauoe-speaking,at
tlir Islington Assembly Rooms, at 8 p.m. The Committee meet at 7.
>oi a.- on a.m, ChurcJiguto Low Pavement, Seance ut 8 p.m,
KING’S PATENT SELF-ACTING, £2 12s. Od. to £10.
M holosalo and Retail at
5, Moscow T e r r a c e , Victoria Park, E.,
Adjoining tho entrance to the Victoria Park Railway Station,
__________ G a m u t 8 i,
C H U R C H .
tOn the opposite side to Southampton Row, a little farther East).
P rice Is. each,
PnniB, J.
Buiti'rrtelJ. Mr. aidI Mt».
('olcuvm, ll« 11jam,n
lVnny*, K. X.
W ill bo given, under Spirit Influence, by
4'<’iuint. Mr*.
L_. V. T A R R A N ,
Dili*. A. J.
Kxcritt, Thomas
Kv«ritl. Mr#.
Kvans, I'.Mit
Fowler, 1a ttiii
Guppv. Mrv
JFmiin^r. Mr>.
jlov* tit. Win. .m l Mary
Houghton. Mi>a»
Harris. T. L.
Hci iic ami Williami
Home, H. I).
Jackson, J. W.
Jamea, Abraham
Massey, Gerald
Morse, J . J.
Newton, Dr.
Olive, Mi*.
Peebles, J. M.
Powell, J. H.
Kipon. H. H. F.
Boston, Dr.
Shorter, Titos,
ftpottr, J. M.
Sjvar, Mr*.
Smith, J, B.
Sweden boric
Bhopard, J eass
Ta|>|»nn. Min.
Tuttle, Hu lsoti
Williaim, Chns. E.
Whitman, Walt.
Inspirational Speaker, from tbo United States, in the above Hull,
S ervice to oom m onoo at 7 o’c lo c k ; D o o rs o p e n a t 0.30.
F ltK E , B Y T I C K E T O N L Y ,
A Fi:>r s r i 'c j . u . SK AftS B A i . f - a
ah o u w
Which must bo obtained before Saturday Evening, at the Smut n at. I n s t i t u t i o n ,
15, Southampton Row, Ilolborn.—Send a Stump'd Envelope-for Tickets.
13y O r d k r
o f t h is
Co mmit t e e .
Mrs. Tappan’s matchless abilities have been acknowledged in the most hearty manner by the
whole newspaper press. London and provincial.
Che .V;vo. ' .’o J-krrrvss gives the following from its London correspondent :—“ I win present
on Thursday evening at a lecture by Mrs. Cora Tappan, the American 1 Inspirational’ speaker, on
*• The Connection between Spiritualism and Science." In a really marvellous survey of the different
sciences, delivered in most, fluent, language and displaying a vast amount, of erudition, this lady
claimed Spiritualism as a sort of Set ntin \Seicntiaruin—a something underlying all sciences and
explaining their mvsteries. For instance, the ‘ a u ra ’ described by clairvoyants as surrounding all
bodies was taken to explain what, is called the ‘ film of resistance ’ in the atomic theory.
Mrs. Tappan also answered impromptu speeches, as, for instance, how solid bodies could penetrate
ot her solid bodies, a* is said to be the case in certain manifestations. "Whatever we think of her
theories, there is no doubt Mrs. Tappan can talk—as many ladies can—and, what is more, talk to
the purpose.”
This distinguished INSPIRATIONAL SPE A K ER will deliver an
T O W N -H A L L ,
S T J tA T F O K D ,
On Monday Evening, November 17th, 1873.
Chair to be taken at 8 o’Clock; Poors open at 7.30.
A D M IS S I O N —R e s e r v e d S c a ts, 2s. G d.;
E 13 I _ u M s ,
S o c o n d S e a ts, I s . ; T h ir d S e a ts , Gd.
Prico Is. Bd. each.
The Fox Girls (A £roup of
Dr. J. J. Garth \> ilkiuson.
PH R EN O L O G IST S.-ls. each.
Fowler, 0. S.
Fowler, L. X.
Fowler, Mrs. L. F.
Wells, 8 . B.
Tho following, with many others Iv Hv - \
arc on sale, price Is. each.
Burns, Mrs. (with "John Link’d
(flippy, Samuel (with Hudson* first siv:.::.
Gregory. Mrs. Makdoug.ill (with ep.nt of ►
Howitt. William (with chihO
Williams. 0. K. (with John Kinji)
Comploto Collections made to or>v
Photographs of Direct- Spirit-lVe*
and W ritings, through the modiirr.s!; •
D. D it o it id , and photographed by J .!
ma n , Glasgow, price (VI. each.
“ John King ' No. of the Mkdu'm.
TICKETS SOLD B Y — Mrs. A y e r s ', 45, Jubilee Street, Commercial Road; Mr
A beautiful Engraving on steel of
C o w ma n , 15, St. Peter's Road, Mile End; Mr. S n k i .v.w o , 15, St. Peter's Road; Mr.
B r o o k s , 08, Odessa Road, Forest Date; Mr. .Tk n x i s o n , 253, High Streot, M apping;
Mr. C o p le y , 2 2 ’, High Street, W a p p in g ; Mr. W o o t t o n , 85, St. Peter’s Street. Mile End; suit able for framing, with descriptive
Courier OHiee. 18, Mile Und Road; Mr. S. (loss, 25, Trafalgar Square, Stepney; Mrs. Ma i n , press, price Is. post free.
321, Bethnal Green Road; Mr. W o r ti .k y , 27, Victoria Dock Rond ; Mr. B a s s f .t t , Thornton
Road, Stratford; Courier Ollice, West Ham Lane ; Express Oifico, Stratford; tho S p i r i t u a l
'J - E3 U R N
I n s t i t u t i o n , 15, Southampton Row. W.C. Other places will be announced next week.
R. C H A R L E S E. W IL L IA M S . Medium, is at hom e daily, ■ jU 1SS L O T T IE F O W L E R , th e G R E A T AMERICAN SOMto give Private Seances, from 12 to 5 pan. Private Seances ; i l l . NAMBULIST CLAIRVOYANTS, whose reputation is well kirvi
attended at tho houses of investigators. Public Seances at. til. Lamb’s throughout. Europe and America for Revealing Startling Facts to re
Conduit Street, on Monday evenings, admission 2s. 6 d .; Thursday public, can be consulted on eit her Medical or Business Affairs oonnr.Sf.l
evenings, 5s.; and Saturday evenings, for Spiritualists only, 5s.; at 8 with the Living and Head. Hours, Ten t ill Five. Forms, Om' Guinsa
o’clock each evening. Address as above.
—Address, 85, Islington, Liverpool.
-N.K.—Mu. Wil l ia ms is at present in Holland.—No Seances.
OLIVE, T i i a n o k
for Test Oeiumunications
from Spirit Relatives and F riends; also for the Cure of various
Spiritual Institution, 15, Southampton Row, London, as follow: — Diseases by Spirit,-Magnetism and Proscriptions. IP, Belmont SUvi'k
On Monday Evening, at Eight o’clock; on Wednesday aftormfui, at, , Chalk Farm Rond, London, N.W.
A Pum ic S k a n v k a t the above address on Friday Evenings, at Sow
Three o'clock ; and on Thursday Evening, at Eight o’clock. Admission'
to each Seance, 2s. Gd.—Mr. H k u n m mav he engaged for Private Seances. o’clock. Admission, 2s. (Id.
Address, 15, Southampton Row, London, W.C.
M liSi. W O O D F O R D E , T iia n o k Mkimum ami iMk.mcai
Mksmkkint, will also give Sitt ings for Development in Writing er
L A D Y w ho is possessed of H ealin g Row
at the Psychopathic Institution, 251, Marylobono Road, every Drawing under Spirit Control. On pourra sVntretenir on Fluids'
Terms reasonable. Present address, 41, Bernard Street, Russell Square.
Morning, from Eleven to Three o’clock, to Treat Ladies.
Private Seances attended.
R. F. H ER N E, Mk dium , gives Public SEANCES at the
TAT RS. SQ UIRES, 27, U p p e r W
8 INCITEST KH StHKKT, OaI.Kof the Mesmeric Infirmary,
I t I. i i o n i a n Road, King’s Cross, lato
continues to make good cures by her great powor of Mesmerism, which
she has from her childhood possessed.
M A L T B Y ,
Established 1833.
Orders executed on the shortest notice,
lidjokal dibcoi
M RS. M. A . WILSON, M ed iu m , Diagnoses and Presents
for Diseases under Spirit, Influence. She has pveseriluvl for the
medii'al profession wit h great, success for many years. Cures every err
of Paralysis, Shrunk Limbs, Clironio Rheumatism, and Brain AtlWtions,
on m oderate terms. 103, Caledonian Road, King’s Cress,
P R O F E S S O R A D O L P H E D ID IE R (28 Years estubMed)
ATTENDS PATIENTS and gives bis Consultations at. his veskiene'
daily, from Throe till Five o’clock. It), Kil/.rov Street,, Eit/.roy Square
A /I 10SM E R IS M . ■ M ISS ,1015, Hie well known Mksmkuisi, ol
W orkmanship and F it
T 1.
21, Itlomliehl Road, S hepherd’s Bush, is open to fresh KNllAtO'
1MENTS, Good Test.im oiiials.
LONDON; Printed and Published by JAMES BURNS, 15, Southampton Row, Ilolborn, W.C