Donation Letter - Midori Bikinis

 May 15th -­‐30th Julia Sheffer GIVE Dear Midori Family and Friends, I will be volunteering in Tanzania this summer with Growth International Volunteer Excursions (GIVE). I am excited about the opportunity to give back to the world through GIVE. I am also looking forward to making a difference in my life as well as the lives of others. GIVE focuses on sustainable community development in marginalized communities by assisting, educating, and empowering the local population. The core goal is to provide communities with necessary infrastructure to foster sustainable growth. I will be directly involved in building eco-­‐friendly infrastructure out of recycled materials, teaching English and tutoring to children, protecting endangered sea turtles, and organizing extracurricular activities for children. GIVE continues to remain involved in these communities after volunteers like me have left Tanzania. GIVE works within these communities year round to provide opportunities for sustainable development by funding teachers to work in the secondary school and funding doctors to provide medical care in these communities. I would greatly appreciate a donation to help me serve others abroad this summer. Your contribution will go directly to the cost for me to volunteer. Your donation will help pay for my accommodations, food, in-­‐country travel, materials and costs associated with the volunteer projects. Donate online to my fundraising website: https://app.snap-­‐ Thank you for your donation. I really appreciate you helping me volunteer in Tanzania this summer. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call me at (954)-­‐895-­‐3277 or email me at [email protected] Thank you for helping me to be the roots of change. Sincerely, Julia Sheffer Growth International Volunteer Excursions 2442 NW Market St. #425, Seattle, WA 98107 | +1.206.973.7991 | [email protected]