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Directions for Signing Petitions
Please do the following steps for: 1-Petition to Dissolve the HOA & 2-Petition to Annex into Herriman. If you own
multiple properties, please complete a separate petition for each property.
Step 1: Fill in all of the yellow sections on each of the petitions
Step 2: Sign both of the petitions
Step 3: Mail the petitions to:
5526 W. 13400 S. #229
Herriman, UT 84096
Please Send These Petitions Back As Soon As Possible.
Our Property Values Depend On This.
Thank You For Your Support!
HOA Lot #: ______
HOA Area: _____
Acres: ______
# of Votes: _____
Owner Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Tax ID #: _________________________
Petition To Dissolve The
Hi-Country Estates II Homeowners Association
(Phase II)
The Certificate of Incorporation of Hi-Country Estates II Homeowners Association (Phase II) states, on page 4:
“The Association may be dissolved with the assent given in writing and signed by not less than two-thirds of all
By virtue of owning the above-referenced Lot in Hi Country Estates (Phase II) I am a member of the Hi Country Estates
Homeowners Association (Phase II).
I AM IN FAVOR OF DISSOLVING THIS HOA. This is my written assent to that dissolution pursuant to the Certificate
of Incorporation.
I am also in favor of a receiver being appointed to “wind down” the affairs of the HOA and to have that receiver
appointed and supervised by the Third District Court. I am in favor of this receiver negotiating to have all of the HOA’s
assets to be transferred to and exchanged with Herriman City to be used for the purposes similar to those for which the
HOA was created or, if such dedication is refused, for conveying the assets to an appropriate non-profit corporation,
association, trust or other organization.
If needed, I hereby request a special meeting to allow HOA member action. Through this Petition I am also stating that I
desire the Hi Country Estates II HOA Board be in favor of dissolution of the HOA and not against it. I desire that the
HOA Board actively promote dissolution of our HOA.
By signing below, I affirm that I am the owner of the above-referenced property and am authorized to act as the owner of
this property.
Owner Signature
Owner Signature
Petition for Annexation
We, the undersigned owners of private real property, hereby petition that the area (the “Area”) shown on
the accurate and recordable map (prepared by a licensed surveyor) that is attached to this petition (this “petition”)
be annexed to the City of Herriman. Each of the undersigned affirms that (a) each has personally signed this
petition, (b) each is an owner of real property that is located within the Area, and (c) the current residence address
of each is correctly written after the signer’s name. Further, each of the undersigned designates the individuals
identified below as sponsors and contact sponsor of this petition:
There will be no public election on the annexation proposed by this petition because Utah law does
not provide for an annexation to be approved by voters at a public election.
If you sign this petition and later decide that you do not support the petition, you may withdraw
your signature by submitting a signed, written withdrawal with the recorder of Herriman. If you
choose to withdraw your signature, you shall do so no later than 30 days after Herriman receives
notice that the petition has been certified.
Mailing Address
Print Signer’s Name: _____________________________________________
Signer’s Residence Address: ______________________________________________________
Tax Parcel ID#: ______________________
Signature: ________________________________________