Spring 2015 Programme

Spring 2015
programme Kapuscinski lecture
Tuesday 24 February 2015: Prof. Jonathan Jansen
(University of the Free State, South Africa) “The human problem at the
heart of development: Ferguson,
France and the free state”
Tuesday 24 March 2015 NEW
Spring 2015
Lecture Series
International Development Studies:
Prospects And Vistas
The field of international development studies must evolve to stay on top of the
many changes affecting the world of today. Such changes challenge the traditional
divide between the ‘South’ and ‘North’ as well as the types of issues that need
to be addressed. What do they mean for our understanding and the practice of
Prof. Adrian Lavalle
development? This public lecture series, organized by the Governance and Inclusive
“Participatory Councils in
Brazil: what are they actually
taking decisions on and when?”
these questions and stimulate new thinking. By including presentations by key
Admission free
Registration required: see
(University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) Tuesday 14 april 2015
Panel debate on the future of
international development
prof. dr. Joyeeta Gupta (UvA)
Panel members:
Prof. Dr. Tuur Mol
(Wageningen University)
Prof. Dr. Ton Dietz
(Africa Study Centre, Leiden)
Prof. Dr. Isa Baud
(University of Amsterdam)
Prof. Dr. Valentina Mazzucato (Maastricht University), req.
Prof. Dr. D. Parthasarathy
Development group of the University of Amsterdam, aims to find answers to
thinkers from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the series seeks to highlight southern
perspectives on new development issues.
This lecture series is presented in partnership with:
Graduate School of Social Sciences
Centre for Urban Studies
Governance and Inclusive Development Programme Group
Kapuscinski Lecture Series