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The Parish Newsletter
Ebberston, Yedingham & Bickley
February 2015
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Parish Council
Chair, Phil Evans - [email protected]
I was very pleased to be elected Chairman of the Ebberston with
Yedingham Parish Council at the November meeting and I would like
to take this opportunity to thank the previous Chairman, Steve Willby,
for all his hard work. I am relatively new to the Village, although not to
Yorkshire, having spent most of my teenage years and working life in
West Yorkshire, but I have quickly got to know many people in Ebberston. My wife, Sandy, and I already feel very much at home. An accountant by profession and with experience as Chairman of a large Parish
Council under my belt, I feel I can make a difference on the Parish
Council, both as leader and as a fellow Councillor.
January is the month in which budgets have to be considered and precepts set by all Councils, for the next financial year. Therefore, at our
Parish Council meeting, on 12th January, we agreed our budgets for
2015/16. In these austere times, when the payments for local services
are being withdrawn by the County and District Councils to save costs,
Parish Councils either lose the withdrawn services or pay for them
through an increase in the precept. This has been the case in relation to
grass cutting within our Parish and a survey of residents concluded that
the grass cutting should be paid for by including the cost in the Parish
precept. This additional cost, when calculated as an increase in the precept for an equivalent Band ‘D’ home, is £5.48 p.a. Unfortunately, the
District Council also withdrew the payment to the Parish of the Council
Tax Support Grant, reducing our income by a further £0.49p.a per
equivalent band ‘D’ home. However, even taking all of this into account,
your Parish Council has managed to budget for an overall increase of
only £2.57p.a in the Parish precept.
It has, therefore, been agreed that the Parish precept for a Band ‘D’
equivalent home will increase from £16.61 p.a to £19.18 p.a. The
increase will range from about £1.64p.a for a Band ‘A’ home to around
£5.14 p.a for a Band ‘H’ home.
I would now like to turn my thoughts to two other matters of interest.
Firstly, I am disappointed to have to inform you that dog fouling in the
Village is on the increase. I am positive it is a very small minority that
are not picking up their own dog poop but it affects us all as we walk
around the Village. I would ask two things. If it is you, please stop. For
others, please help the Village by reporting any offences you see to the
dog warden on 01653 600666 or
Secondly, for those of you who use oil for heating, Choices4Energy are
helping to set up oil buying cooperatives in small geographical areas and
members can save up to 10% on their fuel costs by joining. Residents
can register an interest at
choices4Energy or tel. 01723361518/07702736625 or write to 8/9
Hanover Road, Scarborough,YO11 1LS
May I take this opportunity to remind you all that my fellow Councillors are all volunteers receiving no financial benefits for the time they
put into Parish matters. Some have served the Parish well for many
years but do not wish to stand for election at the up and coming May
elections. There may, therefore, be at least one or two new Councillors
required and I would like you to consider putting your names forward.
Please keep an eye on the local press and Parish notice boards for further information.
Finally, may I wish you all a very prosperous 2015.
Ebberston Village Hall
Chair, Colin Langley - 01723 859086 /
Bookings, Sandra Latchford, 48A Main Street. 01723 850661/[email protected]
We had a well-attended and fascinating talk in November by Mark
Vesey, Chairman of the Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre to mark
the centenary of the Scarborough bombardment. Mark also gave us an
insight into the history of the museum itself (at 36 Eastborough if you’d
like a visit!). December saw a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable
Christmas Quiz by Sue Pickering. Mince pies and mulled wine were
kindly supplied by the two Ians – Hardie and Newman. Our New Year
Programme kicked off with a beetle drive organised by Ruby Turnbull. Many thanks to all those who contributed to and supported these
Forthcoming Events
We continue our 2015 programme on Thursday 19th February at
7.00pm with an illustrated talk on the history of Yorkshire pub signs by
Christine Pietrowski entitled “Down at the Old Bull and Bush”. It should
be an interesting and entertaining evening. Admission is £4 to include
light refreshments.
Local group, Alum Pie have agreed to put on a concert in aid of Village
Hall funds on Saturday 14th March at 7.30pm. It will be accompanied
by a cheese and wine supper. Please look out for further details.
Thursday 16th April at 7.00pm sees the return of Robin Lidster who
will be giving a talk based on his new book about the Scarborough to
Pickering Railway which of course included Ebberston Station (at Aller3
The fabulous Library Theatre Company are then returning to put on
another performance for us on Friday 22nd May. They will perform
“Happy Jack” a funny and touching play by John Godber. Set in a Yorkshire mining village, the play is inspired by Godber’s own grandparents
and follows the couple’s 60 year marriage through time.
Do please look out for posters giving further details of all the above
Since the last Newsletter we have installed a new boiler in the Village
Hall and hopefully we will have no further problems in that area. The
AGM of the Village Hall will be held on Thursday 5th March at 7.00pm.
Everyone is welcome.
Sue Pickering, who has been the Village Hall caretaker/cleaner for
many years, has decided it is time to hang up her marigolds. We therefore need to find a replacement to take over from her after the AGM
in March. The Committee does pay a modest fee for this duty. If you
are interested, please contact me on the number provided for further
Carols around Ebberston
James Daglish and Helen Leng
As ever a big thank you to all who turned out from the village, the
Chapel and St Mary’s on the Thursday and Friday before Christmas, to
sing carols around the village. This was our sixth year in recent times
and although sickness and other events affected our numbers a little,
the sound (we thought), wasn’t too bad, with even a little harmony on
Thursday thanks to Graham! Also special thanks to our two younger
singers Saul and Ezra for their great work with the collection buckets.
The end result was that through your great generosity we raised £300,
which will be split equally between the Children’s Ward at Scarborough
Hospital and St Catherine’s Hospice. Thank you all for your support and
the welcome you gave us and we hope to see you again next, or is it this
year - anyhow December 2015!
Ebberston Chapel
Helen Leng - 01723 850464
We had a wonderful Christmas at Chapel: enjoying Christmas Lunch
in the village hall, making camels in the desert at the Family Come and
Make service, sharing the Christmas story with our friends at St. Mary’s
and Making Prayer Angels on Christmas Day when 32 people gathered
to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
What’s coming next?
February 17th is Shrove Tuesday Pancake Lunch in the village hall from
12 noon-1:15pm. Enjoy sandwiches and pancakes in good company, no
need to book. Saturday 7th March is the Big Brew in Chapel with the
Big Booksale 2:00pm-4:00pm. Join us for a free cup of fairly traded tea
or coffee, buy fairly traded goods and enjoy a good browse amongst the
books. March 15th is Mothering Sunday. Join us in Chapel for a light
tea at 4:00pm followed by a short service of celebration with a plant for
everyone. Led by Helen Leng.
St John the Baptist’s Church, Yedingham
The Vicarage - 01944 758305 /
Service is on the first Sunday of each month, Holy Communion at
St Mary the Virgin, Ebberston
Sheila Clayton (Church Warden) - 01723 859632
Advert marks the beginning of a new church year and a time of preparation for the birthday of Our Lord. We held our Toy Service on December 3rd and had pleasure in welcoming Trish Kinsella from the Rainbow
Centre to address us. She spoke of her experiences and of the immense
good work and support provided at the centre for needy families and
their children. A wonderful array of toys was to be seen around the font
and also at the base of the altar. All these were given by the generosity
of many. Thank you all so much! The gifts were all taken to the centre
and would bring much joy to very many children when Father Christmas called.
The first village carol service took place at St Mary’s Church on the
Sunday before Christmas. It was led by Revd Canon Alan Payne and
Helen Leng the Chapel pastor. We had a good congregation in fine
voice! The readings were given by representatives of Church, Chapel
and the community. Afterwards, light refreshments were served to
everyone. It was so rewarding to share this time together.
It was a perfect, mild, starlit evening, on which to celebrate Christ’s
birthday at midnight communion on Christmas Eve. Lighted candles
showed the way, and the floodlit church made a beautiful setting. Much
care had been taken to decorate the interior with flowers, greenery,
candles and a Christmas tree. The service was well attended and Revd
Canon Geoffrey Walker presided. The flickering candlelight made an
appropriate preparation for the Eucharist. Grateful thanks go out to
everyone who helped to make these services such special occasions.
Much time and care is involved to make St Mary’s so welcoming, and,
appreciated by visitors and the congregation alike.
Forthcoming events will be discussed at a PCC meeting due shortly, and
will be announced in the benefice newsletter.
A reminder
Understandably, there are many tributes placed on graves at Christmas
time. You will recall that there is no refuse collection of any kind from
the church yard. A small team of volunteers work very hard to keep all
of the church yard maintained and tidy. Please help us by taking away all
spent tributes from graves. Wired artificial wreaths and flowers, plastic
items, ribbons, pegs (sometimes even glass) are a danger to the volunteers and to their equipment. I need not say how unpleasant dog mess is.
Please take away all refuse, as there are no facilities for disposal in the
church yard. I hope your cooperation will help to keep our volunteers
continuing to work so unstintingly for the benefit of us all. Thank you!
Catching the Last Post
Helen Watson - 01723 850670
The latest post box collection time in the area Monday to Friday is from
the post box near the level crossing at The Maltings, West Knapton,
6:30pm. On Saturdays, this one and the one at Bridge Farm in Yedingham, opposite The Providence both go at 1:45pm. Info correct as of
Ebberston & Yedingham Neighbourhood Watch
Tony Calvert (NHW Key Co-ordinator) - 01723 859059
North Yorkshire Police are on the hunt for people with that “Special”
quality, as the force launches its campaign to recruit a new intake of
Special Constables. Special Constables are volunteers, who commit at
least four hours of their time per week to keeping communities safe.
“Specials” go through a rigorous training programme before they qualify
to go out on the beat, where they work alongside regular police officers covering a wide range of different duties – anything from policing
public events, to tackling anti-social behaviour or attending emergency
incidents. North Yorkshire Police currently has more than 160 Special
Constable volunteers, who come from a wide range of backgrounds and
professions, including teachers, airline cabin crew, office workers and
archaeologists. The force is hoping to recruit a further 100 Specials as
part of a wider programme to boost the number of citizens involved in
policing, and enhance links with all parts of the community in North
Yorkshire. Anyone who is interested in becoming a Special Constable
can visit for more information and
an expression-of-interest form.
NorthYorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (NYFRS)
Research shows that only just over a third of British purchasers register
all of their appliances with the manufacturer, leaving many thousands
of owners virtually untraceable if a safety repair is required. To combat
this, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) has launched
a new web portal designed to make it quicker and easier for the public
to register all of their appliances by providing access to the registration
pages of 47 leading brands. As part of the Fire Kills campaign, NYFRS is
encouraging people to use ‘Register my Appliance’, to provide up-todate, accurate, contact information so manufacturers can issue safety
updates or repair notifications to the right homes. Peter Hudson, Group
Manager with NYFRS stated “Everybody should take this opportunity to
register their domestic appliances to reduce the risk of home fires and
for their own peace of mind. Good ownership data is key to getting safety information to the people that need it and I encourage everyone to
invest a little time to register their appliances.” AMDEA members have
pledged this is purely a safety initiative and the information captured
will only be used if required for safety notices. ‘Register my Appliance’
aims “to help our industry to act swiftly, to contact owners, if a fault is
discovered in a particular batch of products.”
Please be on the lookout for a white Ford Transit Van or Tipper Reg No.
NJ57 HCY with the letters K&K written in red on the bonnet, that has
been seen in very suspicious circumstance in Ebberston and other villages in Ryedale. If seen, please contact North Yorkshire Police on 101
and give details of incident and location of the vehicle, quoting ref no
Our Area December 2014 Statistics
(Thornton Dale, Lockton, Levisham, Wilton, Allerston, Ebberston,
Marishes & Yedingham)
Reported Incidents including
suspected crime & road
traffic accidents.
Total RTC’s
Arson & Criminal Damage
Drug Offences
Misc Crimes Against Society
Possession of Weapons
Public Order Offences
Vehicle Crime
Violence Against The Person
Total Crime
Ebberston Sportsfield Association
Angela Matthewson (Secretary) / [email protected]
The Sportsfield is a valuable village amenity. We are always delighted to
hear of your interest in helping out in any capacty. And if you would like
to make use of the Sportsfield and its facilities for an activity, please do
not hesitate to ask.
Forthcoming Events
Venues and start times are listed where they are known. See individual
reports in the newsletter for full details. See individual Church &
Chapel reports for details of all services. VH = Ebberston Village Hall.
Tuesday 17th - Shrove Tuesday Pancake Lunch, noon (VH).
Thursday 19th - “Down at the Old Bull and Bush”, 7pm (VH)
Friday 20th - Pool Knock Out (The Providence,Yedingham)
Saturday 21st - Ebberston Big Tidy Day, 10am (VH).
Thursday 5th - AGM Ebberston Village Hall, 7pm (VH)
Friday 6th - 27th March (inclusive) - Cricket indoor nets, 7pm (Norton
Saturday 7th - Big Brew, 2pm (Ebberston Chapel)
Saturday 14th - Alum Pie , 7.30pm (VH)
Sunday 15th - Mothering Sunday tea (Ebberston Chapel)
Wednesday 25th - WI Spring Council Meeting (The Spa, Scarborough)
Saturday 28th - WI Spring Show (Ayton Village Hall)
Monday 30th - Pool Knock Out (The Providence,Yedingham)
Monday 13th - Golf Day at Malton Golf Club
Thursday 16th - Robin Lidster “The Scarborough to Pickering Railway”,
7pm (VH)
Saturday 2nd - start of Cricket Season
Friday 22nd - “Happy Jack”, a play by John Godber, Performance starts
7.30pm. Doors at 7pm. (VH)
Coffee Morning Fun Club
Table Tennis WI Yoga Group
Youth Group
Every third Wed, Ebberston Chapel,10am
Every third Wed, Ebberston Chapel, 4pm-5pm
Tuesday evenings. See report for details
2nd Tue of month 7.15 pm (varied venues, see separate report)
Every Wednesday, 7.30pm
Every Wednesday in term time at Allerston Village Hall, 7pm
Are you organising an event? Would you like to include it in the
newsletter? If so, email Judith ([email protected]) or see Helen (104
Main Street, Ebberston).
Hugo - Boxing Day
Helen Watson - 01723 850670
On Boxing Day afternoon, a solid male pug was found dodging cars in
Main Street by a local couple. Worried he might get into trouble with
dark approaching and no sign of his owner, and unable to take him home
with them as they had an engagement that evening, they ensured he had
somewhere warm and safe to stay whilst everyone hoped to solve the
mystery surrounding his appearance. A notice was placed in the front
window ‘FOUND - male pug’. It wasn’t long before the ‘found’ notice
was seen by another resident who then saw the family looking for their
dog..... so, if you heard his family calling around the village looking for
him that afternoon, the story has a happy ending, as he was reunited
with his family within an hour or two of going missing!
His name is Hugo, he had been staying with his family visiting friends on
Main Street, when he went missing out of the garden. His family were
over the moon to have found him, and he looked pretty pleased too.
Jigsaw Library
Michael Peck - 01723 850214
A long winter evening, it’s cold and damp outside, there’s nowt on telly,
don’t fancy a book or crossword, what can I do? How about a jigsaw!
Moves are afoot to create a ‘jigsaw library’. Stock would be kept at the
Chapel in Ebberston and available for perusal and collection monthly,
during the Coffee Morning (3rd Wednesday of the month). Can’t get to
the Chapel? No worries, call the above number with a choice of subject
and a jigsaw could be delivered and collected when completed. Subjects
already available include town, village and country scenes, trains, planes
and landscapes. Sizes range form 500 to 1,000 pieces and vary from
easy to very frustrating! Got a jigsaw to lend or swap? Bring it/send it
for others to enjoy. Go on, give it a whirl, can’t do any harm and, it does
while away the hours, all you need is the space, time and patience. Only
trouble is, it can be addictive!
Ebberston & Allerston W.I.
Sonja Walker / Secretary: Frances Langley - 01723 859086 / [email protected]
We are pleased to announce that Jan Abery was elected as our new
President at the AGM in November, with Frances Langley taking on the
role of Secretary and the rest of the Committee remaining the same.
We certainly had plenty of activities during December including the
Carol Service at Allerston on the 4th, and our Christmas lunch at the
Crossways Hotel on the 8th .Our visit to Burton Agnes on the 16th
December was also a great success; the Christmas decorations were
absolutely wonderful and we all had a great day out.
On the 8th January members enjoyed a special lunch at The Downe
Arms, Wykeham to celebrate the Centenary of the founding of the W.I.
At our January meeting Mike Leng gave us a very interesting and often
hilarious talk on being a Games Master at the London Olympics and
also at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. On the 10th February
Mr.A.Crofts from Artisan Chocolates will be demonstrating the fine art
of chocolate making and including a tasting session. The 10th of March
sees us being more health conscious with a talk entitled “Holistics” by
Sharon Smart. For our April Meeting Mrs. C. Gatenby will be giving a
talk entitled “Tales of the Titanic” which should be extremely interesting.
The Spring Council Meeting is on the 25th of March at the Spa in
Scarborough when the guest speaker is Harry Gration from BBC Look
North. The Spring Show is at Ayton Village Hall on 28th March.
Meetings are held every second Tuesday in the month in Ebberston or
Allerston Village Hall at 7.15 p.m. so why not come along. Details of
our meetings are posted each month on the Village Hall Notice Board.
Ebberston Community Coffee Morning
John Tomlinson - [email protected]
Next month (February) will be the tenth anniversary of community fundraising at the monthly coffee mornings. Fundraising was initiated after
learning about the devastation in South East Asia caused by the 2004
Tsunami. The village was keen to help those in desperate need. Contact
was made with the Malton Rotary branch who put us in touch with
Skipton Rotary who were raising funds on behalf of Rotary International. We were assured that all monies raised would be handled by Rotary
International and not go into Government coffers. Skipton Rotary were
raising money to totally rebuild a school on the east coast of Sri Lanka.
This school was to be called The Yorkshire School and each classroom
would be named after a Yorkshire city. Ebberston donated £2770 which
was used to purchase equipment such as sewing machines and woodworking tools. Many letters of thanks and photographs were received
to keep the village informed. The foundation stone for the school was
laid 5th December 2005 and school opened 24th November 2007.
Representatives from Skipton Rotary went to the ceremony and saw the
results of fundraising. Once the Department of Education took over the
running of the school in 2009 fundraising ceased for that project.
Those attending the coffee morning decided that the village should
have another worthwhile project to support. The project decided upon
was Help For Heroes. Again it was decided that we support something
specific rather than contribute to a “Pot”. From June 2010 the village has
been supporting Hasler Unit, HMS Drake, HM Naval Base Plymouth.
This Unit is a rehabilitation centre for seriously injured Royal Marines.
The village has raised and forwarded £4025 which has helped servicemen and women to return to their units or prepare for return to civilian
life after training for employment. A cheque was forwarded in December for which a letter of grateful thanks for our continued support has
been received from the Commanding Officer and assurances that all
monies raised is spent on the injured service personnel. The current account stands at £150 so well on the way towards another donation.
In addition to the above, several donations over the past ten years have
been given St Martin’s Children’s Hospice, Air Ambulance, RNLI, the
Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team and to the Chapel (to
defray heating and lighting costs when using their facilities). These monies coming from the sale of tea/coffee and biscuits.
Thanks again must be given to all those who have supported these
causes over the years through donations (many anonymous), by giving
and buying at the stall. Once again thanks to the chapel for the use of
their facilities, always warm and comfortable and appreciated by those
who come along for coffee and chat. Coffee mornings are always third
Wednesday in the month 10 am- 12pm, come along and join us you will
be made most welcome. Ebberston can be proud of its fundraising over
ten years for those in need and those who have given so much.
Youth Group
Jeni - 01723 850103 / 07821206331 / [email protected] / George 01723850018
Firstly, we wish you all a very happy new year! Here’s to making 2015 a
good one!
Youth Group is held every Wednesday in Allerston Village Hall from
7.00pm till 9.00pm, for all young people aged 11 - 18 years. Please feel
free to come along and see what it is about if you are a young person
interested in joining us. If you would like to help out in any way that is
always appreciated too. We hold many varied and fun activities, including off site trips. We look to provide a safe, fun environment in which
young people can develop skills to aid independence, responsibility and
confidence, with the opportunity to socialise and try new things.
Recently we have had a trip to York for ice skating, we have made soap
and bath bombs, we have cooked, we have made music and made a variety of Christmas crafts. The young people organised a Halloween party
for all local children to attend. When the weather is good we meet at
Ebberston at the park and have also had trips to various places offering a
range of outdoor activities and lifeskills. Generally we have had loads of
fun (not just the youngsters!) Please watch out for upcoming fundraisers
and support us if you can so we can continue to provide new opportunities for the young people.
Ebberston Fun Club
Helen Leng - 01723 850464
Fun Club enjoyed thinking about our friends, the friends of Jesus and
how to treat our friends last term. For the next few months we are going to look at the seven things that God will not tolerate.
We still meet in Chapel from 4:00-5:00pm and anyone in primary
school is very welcome.We look forward to seeing you on February
18th, March 18th and April 15th.
Ebberston Cricket Club
Ashley Winspear - [email protected] / 01723 447604 / 07841725976
For the 3rd New Year in a row the Club has sad news to report as only 2
years on from the loss of our long term (50+ years) friend and Treasurer, Des Johnson, his wife Barbara has now passed on. For so many years
Barbara was a fixture in and around our canteen providing much valued
support and conversation to all and sundry. Barbara, you will be much
Summer is now ahead of us and active cricket is back in focus. To this
end, indoor nets are booked at Norton College 7pm to 8pm Fridays 6th
to 27th March inclusive. Existing and new players of all abilities are very
welcome to attend as the Club seeks to continue to run two Saturday,
two evening and two junior teams (Under 11s and Under 13s). This is
particularly important with regard to the Under 13s which is a new
venture for the Club. All our teams are open to male and female players
and the respective contacts for these are as follows:
Adults: Chris Beal 07785597730
Juniors: Ian Monkman 01723 865087
We are also hopeful of repeating The Get Fit For Cricket sessions in
February under the stewardship of the ever young Keith Simpson. Once
this is firmed up then “the word” will be put out.
The season proper starts off on Saturday 2nd May with the 1sts at home
to Staithes and the 2nds away to League new boys, Great Habton. We
look forward to seeing all our old and new friends as the season unfolds.
Whilst down there, check out the R W Atkinson Memorial Board in the
canteen. It details the Club’s many honours over the years and was one
of Robin’s many on and off the field “suggestions” for improvements to
the Club. The board itself is a superb piece of Ian Mennell’s craftsmanship and Wayne Elliott’s sign-writing.
Once Spring arrives, our hardy perennial groundsmen, Dick and Ian,
will be much in evidence down at the cricket ground If you have some
time and energy, then please make yourself known to them as there is
always something to do there.
And finally the usual commercial plug. We are always looking out for
sponsors and offer competitively priced perimeter advertising boards,
fixture card adverts and match ball sponsorship deals. If you would like
to support us in any of these initiatives, then please let Ashley know.
There are currently several matches still unsupported via ball sponsorship.
Ebberston Spring Golf Day
Allan & Lynne Hall 01723 850813 / [email protected]
Date: Monday 13th April
Venue: Malton Golf Club
Already this event is attracting plenty of support so add your name as
soon as possible (details above). The guide cost is £25 per player and will
include bacon sandwich plus tea or coffee on arrival, 18 hole golf competition with prizes and a one course meal following the round.
Ebberston Big Tidy Day
Allan & Lynne Hall 01723 850813 / [email protected]
The next Big Tidy Day will take place on Saturday 21st February 2015
Please meet at the Village Hall at 10am equipped with boots, warm
clothes, gloves, brooms, buckets, high viz jackets etc. Tabards and sacks
will be provided.
As volunteers, please let us know what you think needs to be done. The
list so far includes a general litter pick, tidy around the bus shelter/
phone box and clearance of debris/silt from the beck. So if there is an
area of Ebberston you feel needs attention please come along!
Ebberston Yoga Group
Judith Winters - 01723 859730
Our small, friendly Yoga Group meets at Ebberston Village Hall every
Wednesday at 7:30pm, £3 per session. We’ve welcomed a couple of
new faces in 2014 and hope to see even more in this our 10th year! We
practise a variety of yoga styles to detailed instructional audio CDs & always conclude with a meditation/relaxation. If you fancy coming along
one evening, just wear loose, comfortable clothing & bring an exercise
mat to work on, plus a blanket or sleeping bag (for the relaxation at the
Social Table Tennis
Allan & Lynne Hall 01723 850813 / [email protected]
Table Tennis continues in Ebberston Village Hall. Usually on a Tues
evening 7pm –9pm. Please see dates on the Village Hall noticeboard.
Only £2 per evening so come along and give it a try.
Our Parish Pubs
The Grapes, Ebberston YO13 9PA
01723 859273
The Providence,Yedingham YO17 8SL
Cas (Landlady) - 01944 728093 / 07766 208348
Pool Knock-Out
By popular request, The Providence is holding additional pool knockout competitions as defined below. All are welcome. It costs just £2 for
a chance to win the Entry Fee Pot. We provide a free table for these
Friday, 20th February 2015
Monday, 30th March 2015
Valentine’s Day Melting Hearts
A fantastic offer for the romantics on 14th February only at The Providence. Two persons £14 for 2 courses. For more detail on this and other
events please visit our website on http://www.providenceinn.
Friends of Dalby Forest
Judith Winters - 01723 859730 /
The Friends of Dalby Forest are a small, friendly volunteer organisation
working on projects approved by Forestry Commission; clearing paths,
planting, maintaining areas & generally improving the facilities available to everyone. It’s a great way to enjoy the forest & a major perk for
regular volunteers is to receive a free annual Dalby pass.
We meet every 3rd Sunday of the month. Look out for more details via
our Facebook group (search for FriendsOfDalbyForest), website or @
DalbyFriends on Twitter.
About the Newsletter
This newsletter is authored, edited, printed & delivered entirely by a
team of volunteers. Ebberston & Yedingham Parish Council support by
funding the printing costs of the newsletter (but you can help by letting
us know if you are happy to receive an email version). If you would like
to donate towards the cost of a future issue or sponsor an edition, let us
The newsletter is published quarterly in February, May, August &
November. For the next issue, all contributions must be received by
25 April 2015 in order to guarantee inclusion. We try not to impose
a limit but suggest a maximum of 400 words. Contributions may be
lightly edited, but we don’t routinely fact-check. Please email or deliver
your contribution to
Judith Winters: [email protected] / 01723 859730
Helen Watson: 104 Main Street, Ebberston / 01723 850670
If you would like to write something for the newsletter, we’d love to
receive it. New contributions & suggestions are always welcome.