SSQ Graphic Illustrator and Desktop Publisher Terms of

Position Title:
Job Level and Professional Discipline Category:
Reports To:
Graphic Illustrator and Desktop Publisher
National Position
Component One Manager
Organisational Goals
Australia’s Education Partnership with Indonesia (the Education Partnership, or EP) is currently the
largest intervention funded by the Australian Government anywhere. Through the Education
Partnership, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) supports the Indonesian
Government’s long-term strategy to strengthen and consolidate its national education system, with a
particular focus on the current Indonesian five-year plan (2010 – 2014) and support for the initial stages
of the subsequent five-year plan (2015 – 2019). The Education Partnership builds on the successes of
previous Australian Government supports to the Indonesian education sector by strengthening
government systems. Under the Education Partnership, there are three managing contractors and the
largest, School Systems and Quality (SSQ) contract, is managed by Cardno Emerging Markets. SSQ
covers three components, each relating to a different aspect of the Education Partnership.
Component 1 provides support to the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) to construct up to
1,150 schools, built in predominantly poor, remote, and underserved areas. SSQ supports MoEC in
monitoring of school construction, site verification and site selection processes; information and data
management; review and revision of program guidelines and training materials; and support for the
operation of a Complaints Handling System.
As part of the C1 support to MoEC, Component 1 is working on developing training materials, posters,
handouts and brochures for the upcoming school construction committees’ trainings. C1 is currently
looking for a Graphic Illustrator and Desktop Publisher who could draw images of individuals or schools
and represent graphically the content of training material. The position is also needed to provide layout
arrangement for publishable documents and training materials, such as MoEC implementation and
technical guidelines, and training posters, brochures and handouts. This position is needed for 3 months
on full time-basis, during which the Graphic Illustrator and Desktop Publisher will be working with
different members of C1 and MoEC team.
2. Position Purpose
Reporting to the C1 Manager and working closely with the technical team members from Component 1
and relevant staff from the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC), the Graphic Illustrator and Desk
Publisher will be in charge to graphically represent the content of training materials developed by SSQ
and to provide layout arrangement for program documents that need publishing. These materials
include MoEC Implementation and Technical Guidelines, posters and handouts on school financial
management, on social inclusion and child protection, and handouts based on MoEC school
construction implementation guidelines.
3. Principal Accountabilities
Accountabilities or Key Result Areas (KRA)
Graphically illustrate content of
MoEC training materials
Interactive Power Point
Major Objectives & Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Desk Publishing
Draw images of individuals or schools or objects as
needed and represent graphically the content of MoEC
training material
Create an illustrated mascot fictive character that
would feature in MoEC training materials
Integrate high-resolution versions of the illustrations
within MoEC guidelines and training materials using
specialised software.
Support C1 and MoEC team in developing high quality
documents and visual materials by arranging text,
photos, graphics and illustrations in an attractive
layout suitable for printing and publishing and using
desktop publishing software. The documents include:
o Implementation Guidelines
o Technical Guidelines
o Training posters, brochures and handouts
Liaise regularly with relevant staff from MoEC and
Component while developing the Guidelines and
training materials layout and incorporate feedback
when needed.
Liaise with the Education Partnership contract for
Outreach Services (EPOS) and make sure all materials
and layouts developed by Component 1 are
compliant with Education Partnership branding
4. Key Selection Criteria
The following are required for the position of Graphic Illustrator and Desktop Publisher:
a. University qualification (Bachelors or equivalent) in Communication, Journalism, Graphic
Design, Visual Communication, or other relevant disciplines.
b. At least 3 years relevant experience
c. Ability to operate specialised software such as Adobe Creative Software Suite (InDesign,
Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere), Corel draw, and others as relevant
d. Artistic creative ability to create graphic illustrations of individuals, schools or objects that
represent the content of MoEC training materials.
e. Experience in desk publishing and developing attractive publishable layout designs.
f. Excellent interpersonal skills with an ability to build effective working relationships internally
and externally and work within a team
g. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
The following are highly desirable for the position of Graphic Illustrator and Desktop Publisher:
a. Experience In operating Flash or other interactive design software
a. Good understanding of, and experience with, donor and institutional reporting