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“ Take a kid hunting
fishing competition”
27th,28th Feb and 1st March 2015
Entries close: Monday 23rd Feb 2015 - NO LATE ENTRIES!
Thank you to our major sponsors
100 High Street, Dannevirke 4930 ● Ph/Fax 06 374-7761
[email protected]
Great prizes up for grabs!!!
Preschooler (2-4yrs only)
$10.00 per person
5 - 16 years
$20.00 per person
OR Family kids entry: (within the ages above) $55.00
Category 1: (5-16 year olds only)
- Pig (boars only- Minimum weight for boars 25kg.)
- Red deer (stags only)
- Fallow deer (stags only)
- Billy goat (Head only)
Prizes: 1st 2nd 3rd heaviest
weight of each section for Pig,
Red and Fallow.
Prizes: Biggest horns (measured from
1st 2nd 3rd (Goats only)
Category 2: (5-10 year olds only)
- Hare
Prizes: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th heaviest
weight of each section
Category 3: (11-16 year olds only)
- Hare
Category 4:
Prizes: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th heaviest
weight of each section
3 bag Combo: (5 - 16 year olds only)
- 1x Hare
Prizes: 1st heaviest combo weight
- 1x Possum
- 1x Rabbit
Category 5: Freshwater ( 5-16 year olds only)
- Trout
Category 6: (5- 16 year olds only)
Prizes: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th heaviest weight
- Most possums by count
Prizes: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
- Most hares by count
Prizes: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
(5-16 year olds only)
- Most magpies by count
Prizes: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Category 7: (5- 16 year olds only)
Category 8:
Category 9: (preschool only 2-4 year olds)
- Rabbit
- Hare
- Possum
Prizes: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th heaviest
weight of each section
Raffle, sausages, food and drinks sold on the day!
Thank you to all our sponsors, please support their services where possible
Entry forms must be completed fully by parent/ guardian. Only official entry forms accepted.
Entry fee must accompany entry forms.
Kids can enter in all categories (ages permitting) but are only allowed to enter one of each species type
-eg Category 1: 1 pig, 1 fallow, 1 red and 1 goat head. Categories 2 & 3: 1 possum, 1 rabbit, 1 hare
and 1 turkey.
3 bag combo must have all 3 animals in total, but all 3 must be of a different species. One entry only
per person.
The same animals weighed in- in Categories 2 and 3 are also eligible for the combo entry (except turkey).
The 3 weights will automatically make up your combo entry. All animals to be weighed in at once.
Entrants must decide which animals/fish to enter before they are weighed- not after.
Any animals/fish of equal recorded weights, the first weighed in will take precedence.
No Barrows, Sows or Hinds will be weighed in.
All Boars-. Testicles must stay in! Pizzles and offal to be removed. Minimum weight for boars is 25kg.
All Stags- Offal and hocks to be removed. Heads OFF- but ears must be intact with no earmarks,
rips or tag holes.
Billy Goats. Head only! Prizes are for biggest horns. Measured from tip to tip.
All other animals/fish are to be left whole-not gutted.
NO frozen or hosed down animals/fish will be judged. Chilled game is ok.
All paid entrants must be present and/or participate in the hunt for their animals/fish.
All animals/fish must be caught in the wild and within the competition dates.
Hunting and Fishing for the competition starts 3.00pm Friday 27th Feb March 2015.
Weigh in is at the Norsewood and Districts School Field from 1 - 2.30pm Sunday 1st March 2015,
Gates will not open until 1pm. No late arrivals accepted. Prize giving to follow. All children must be
accompanied by an adult at weigh in and at prize giving. If wet, prize giving will be held indoors within the
All paid entrants must be present during prize giving to be eligible for prizes.
In the event of nil or insufficient animals weighed in, in any section, then a “Lucky Hunters” draw will be
undertaken. All entrants names (all ages) will be in the draw.
All participants enter at their own risk. Norsewood and Districts School, organisers and sponsors shall
not be liable for any injury or misadventure while on the school grounds or hunting for the competition.
Parents/guardians are fully responsible for staying within the firearms law and ensuring the safety of
children at all times.
 All animals are to be left hanging until after prize giving, then entrants must remove all their animals.
 Please ensure you have “permission” to be hunting on private property. Identify your target correctly. Do not
shoot around residential areas or near houses. ** Please refer to Police notes on the reverse of the entry sheet
 Official Organisers reserve the right to deny entry.
 Judges decision is final – No refund of any entry money if any animals/fish are disqualified or
 All entrants must be holders of a current fishing licence and will abide by the conditions of the current
“anglers notice.”
 Contestants will need to provide their licence at the weigh in- NO licence – NO weigh in!
Licences can be purchased prior to the competition from Dave’s Sports and Outdoors -Dannevirke or
Dannevirke Hunting and Fishing. COSTS- Free to those under 12 years of age on the 1-10-14 but they must
complete the registration form from Dave’s sports n outdoors or Dannevirke Hunting and Fishing first, Those
aged between 12-17 years of age on the 1-10-14 the cost is $7 per day licence or $24.00 for a whole season
NB: If you are not a “Hunter” or have a “hunter” to take you, but would like to enter, contact Vanessa on
(06) 374 8803, as Ruahine Deer Stalkers would like to take you on a “Safe Hunt” for the competition and buddy you up with
one of their members during the competition times. They will teach you Gun safety and encourage you in your hunting venture.
I bet they know all the good hunting spots too !!!!! These hunters have been Police checked prior to the event.
Thank you to all our sponsors
Dave’s Sports n Outdoors
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------------------------------------------------------------------ˆCut Hereˆ ENTRY FORM only send in entry form-please.
First Name
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Name_____________________________Age (on 23.02.15)_______yrs. Phone_____________
Name_____________________________Age (on 23.02.15)_______yrs. Phone_____________
Name_____________________________Age (on 23.02.15)_______yrs. Phone_____________
Name_____________________________Age (on 23.02.15)_______yrs. Phone_____________
I give permission for photos taken of this / these entrants during the prizegiving to be displayed on the school’s
website or for promotional purposes. (Circle one)
Yes /
Post to: “Take a Kid hunting and fishing comp”
SH 2, RD 7, Dannevirke
Ph 06 374 8803
Please make cheques payable to Norsewood and Districts School.
Entries must be received No later than
4.00pm Monday 23rd Feb 2015. No late
entries will be accepted (other than those
post-marked 23.02.15).
Entry fee must accompany the entry form.
Thank you for your entry
**More entry forms are available via email: [email protected] or on the schools website
A special note from the NZ and Norsewood Police on gun safety when hunting
Please remember to:
Treat every firearm as LOADED
Always point firearms in a safe direction
Identify you target beyond all doubt
Check your firing zone – Ask yourself
“What could happen if I miss my target!!!”
Be aware of what could be hit in the area between you and your target, AND in the area
beyond your target, should you miss hitting your target.
Eg: The range for a .22 rimfire projectile could be as much as 1.5 kilometres