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Palos Park
Community Church
12312 S. 88th Avenue, Palos Park Illinois 60464-1825
Know God’s Word, Show Christ’s Love in Care for One Another,
Go in the Spirit of Service, Grow New Life in Christ
Today’s News
February 22, 2015
Your presence makes a true addition to the service of God.
If you happen to be a visitor, today let this be your church. We hope this is
only the first of many worship experiences among this family of God.
Nursery Care
newborn through 24 months
(as of September 1, 2014), 8:15 a.m. through 12:15 p.m. every Sunday.
Children’s Ministry during Worship
Wee Church meets throughout Worship
and is available for children 2 & 3 years of age
as of September 1, 2014 in the Sonrise Room.
Midway during the Worship services, children in Pre-K through 5th Grade
are dismissed to Children’s Worship, which meets in Primary Hall.
Children should be picked up in Primary Hall following the worship services.
Core Values of PPPCC
God-Focused, Christ-Centered, Spirit-Led.
Bible-Based. Shared Ownership. Nurturing Family of Faith
The Palos Park Presbyterian Community Church seeks to become a
community of vibrant believers who are inspired by an awesome God
and transformed through His word and Spirit to
share Christ’s love with the world.
We have moved to a new format of Ushers and Greeters at PPPCC. We
are very grateful to all who have served as an Usher or a Greeter in the
past, and hope you will continue to minister with us in this new format. If
you would like to be a part of our new Welcoming Team at PPPCC, please
contact Pastor Carlton or Jerry Niewiadomski.
Caring Adult Ministry seeks to care for the senior members of our
congregation by visiting those who are homebound. We are looking for
additional volunteers to help with this important ministry. If you would like
to be a visitor to our homebound, please speak with Pastor Carlton, Melissa
Klockow or Amber Chapman.
Education Hour is meeting today at our new time, 10:45 a.m. There are
classes for children, youth, and adults. For Adults, Acts is meeting in the
library, “I Am” Small Group led by Anthony and Tami DeAngelis meets in
the Original Sanctuary. Today is a good day to begin or continue meeting
with others to study God’s Word. Check out the Class Location signs for
specific information.
March 1
John 5:1-24
Lordship & Sabbath
March 8
John 6:1-14, 25-35
Bread for Life
Thank you to Amy Murray and Janice Frischkorn for teaching Wee Church
this morning. Your gift of service is greatly appreciated.
Thank you to our Handbell Choir for your participation in worship.
Handbell Choir needs a few more ringers for Easter and invites those
interested to join us. Contact Megan Marshall in the office for details.
Thank you to the children in PreK – 5th grade for singing today during our
worship service. We appreciate all the work you have done to learn your
songs and help lead us in worship today.
Thank you to Sara DeBoer for her leadership with the children’s choirs this
Lunch Bunch goes to lunch in different places each Sunday after
worship. If you would like to have lunch with a bunch, instead of being
alone, please consider yourself invited. The group usually gathers in the
Narthex to go. A schedule of future places is posted on the bulletin board.
Today, according to that schedule, the “bunch” in lunching at I-Hop, 14860
LaGrange Road in Orland Park
The Hazelnuts, a group of mostly retired men, gathers for Breakfast at
9:00 a.m. on the first and third Wednesdays of each month. The place is
Royalberry, 6417 W. 127th Street in Palos Heights. The group is named after
founder Bob Hazel. No agenda. Everyone pays for his own breakfast and
good conversation is had by all.
Today the Caring Adult Ministry Team celebrates with Warren Harrison
his 95th birthday! Please stop into the Chapel following worship to
congratulate Warren on his birthday and enjoy some birthday cake. Thank
you to the Caring Adult team and the Board of Deacons for sponsoring this
Women, INC welcomes Barb Curphey today at noon with a light lunch
in Fellowship Hall. If you are interested in attending but were unable to
sign up previously, please speak to Linda Kuhn or Barb Smith.
Church Night Activities resume this Wednesday, February 25. Children’s
Hand Chime Choir meets at 5:45 p.m. in the Sanctuary, Children’s Choirs
meet at 6:30 p.m. in the Choir Room, Chancel Choir meets in the Sanctuary,
Bible Focus Group meets in the Map Room at 6:30 p.m., “I Am” Small group
meets in the Original Sanctuary at 6:30 p.m., and Youth Club meets at 7:00
p.m. in Fellowship Hall. We hope to see you there.
“I AM” All Church Lent Small Group Series is starting! This series focuses
on Jesus’ “I AM” proclamations. Join a group today! See today’s insert for
leaders, days and times.
VBS Leader Meeting this Thursday! Plan to join us at 7:00 in the
Friendship Room if you will be a VBS Leader this year.
Men, come on out! This is your invitation to join us for a 5 week DVD
program here at PPPCC every other Friday. The next program will be
Friday, March 6th at 6:30 p.m. There will be food, drinks, and fellowship.
The Robertsons...the Duck Commander boys and their wives...have
made: "FAITH COMMANDER, Living Five Values From The Parables of
Jesus", DVD series.
Pastor John Curphey will be on Study Leave from February 27 through
March 2. Pastor David Carlton will be preaching next Sunday.
Megan Marshall will be on Study Leave from February 24 through March
The Adult & Youth Handbell Choir is looking for more ringers to prepare
music for Easter Sunday. All youth and adults are encouraged to consider
participating! Please contact Megan Marshall in the church office if you
have questions or might be interested.
There are a number of dishes left in the kitchen which were brought for
funeral lunches and other special events. Please stop by the kitchen to see
if any belong to you.
World Service continues to collect items to be given to the homeless and
children’s homes. WANTED: Sample size shampoos and conditioners,
toothpaste, toothbrushes, bars of soap, Campbell’s soup labels, box tops for
education. Place your donations in the Campbell’s Soup container in the
church office.
Topic: We Need Each Other
Mission trip to Milford, IA
June 7-13
All mission trip forms and the $100 deposit due
on or before March 1st.
WF Ice Skating
Saturday, March 14th
Sign-ups are open!
Need more info about the Youth Ministry?
Online Parent Ministry
Contact Bob Van Baren at
708-448-5220 (office)
or 708-601-1060 (cell)
Church E-mail: [email protected]
Today is the First Sunday of Lent
March 29
April 2
April 3
April 5
Palm Sunday
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
. . . Assisting Us Today . . .
Welcome Team: Co-Captain: Paul Harris Co-Captain: John Dolan
Bill Chapman, Rodger Eppley, Jane Jahn, Bruce Shellstrom,
Larry Wethington, Sue Wethington
Sexton - Reilly Scanlon / Logan Lochow / Derek McCurdy
Prayers of Petition - David Carlton
Reader - Ray Bair
Badge Table - Lori Goral
Lock Up - Tim O’Connell
Blood Pressure - Glenda Busch
Sanctuary Flowers have been given by Lois Wiest, in memory of husband,
Bill’s birthday.
Sanctuary Flowers have been given by Dick and Mary Welge, in memory
of Carleton & Bernice Northam and Lynn & Emma Welge.
Sunday, February 22 - First Sunday in Lent
9:30 am Worship
10:45 am Education Hour
11:45 am Handbell Rehearsal
11:45 am PCN Meeting - Original Sanctuary
12:00 pm Lunch with Barb Curphey
6:30 pm LOL & WF
Wednesday, February 25
5:45 pm Children’s Handchime Choir
6:15 pm Children’s Choir Rehearsal
6:30 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal
6:30 pm Bible Focus Group
6:30 pm Go Team Meeting
7:00 pm Junior Youth Club and Youth Club
Thursday, February 26
7:00 pm VBS Leader Meeting
Sunday, March 1 - Second Sunday in Lent
9:30 am Worship
10:45 am Education Hour
11:45 am Handbell Rehearsal
6:30 pm LOL & WF
Blood Pressure Screenings will be taken in the Library
Pray a Latte Missions Café
Did you know that your donations to the Pray a Latte Missions Cafe helps to fund
our youth mission trips, as well as assist the missions within our local community?
We Use Fair Trade Coffee
Which is coffee purchased directly from growers for a higher price than standard coffee.
The purpose of Fair Trade is to promote healthier working conditions and greater incentives for the
farmers. Growers are guaranteed a minimum price for their coffees.
The Pray a Latte Cafe is Open on the lower level outside Fellowship Hall.
For your convenience Coffee Cards (with multiple punchcard places) are available for purchase,
suggested donation is $10. We also serve, tea, pop, snacks & iced coffee.
Be sure to come downstairs and grab a cup of coffee between services
to show your support!
Cafe hours: Sunday • 8:15 - 8:30 and 9:30 -10:30 am
We Are AWe
Interim Pastor ........ John Curphey.................... [email protected] ..... Ext 11
Associate Pastor ........ David Carlton...................... [email protected] ..... Ext 12
Director of Children’s Ministry ........ Margaret Downs ................ [email protected] .... Ext 13
Director of Youth Ministry ........ Bob Van [email protected] .... Ext 15
Director of Music & Worship ........ Megan Marshall ................... [email protected] .... Ext 16
Executive Assistant ........ Susan Schmidt ......................... [email protected] .... Ext 10
Organist ........ Ralph A. Pugh.................................. [email protected]
Session Leadership Teams
Invite YOU
Know God’s Word, Show Christ’s Love in Care for One Another,
Go in the Spirit of Service, Grow New Life in Christ
Session has simplified its structure and cut back on the number of meetings.
Leadership Teams focus on the purpose of our ministries. They keep the
Session connected to the various ministries in our body. They do less
paperwork and more prayer. They seek to empower our ministry rather than
regulate it. Shared ownership is one of PPPCC’s core value which engages
everyone possible in decision-making. Come on—we need YOU.
 Administration is responsible for our staff, their care, their direction and
their remuneration. Planning for Session and the church is part of their
charge. Moderator: Jerry Niewiadomski
Buildings & Grounds asks how our facilities facilitate our ministry and
actually to conform the physical space to the needs of spiritual ministry.
Moderator: Tyler Smith
Christian Education must envision how best our congregation develops
its mature understanding of God. What should be taught and are we
effective in making Christ known at all levels of inquiry? Those with a
heart for seeing the whole congregation grow in knowledge are needed.
Moderator: Amy Murray
Finance must lead in the development of resources to carry out the
vision. Can we do this in such a way that we acknowledge Jesus Christ in
our financial lives and hold ourselves accountable? Moderator: Randy
The GO Team has emerged as a work in development. Teammates in the
vision process will lead to a genuine extension of the Gospel to those who
are not members of the Kingdom (or of another church) already.
Moderator: Lisa Brumbaugh
Hospitality is the combination of Fellowship and Outreach in recognition
that we need to be receptive in many different ways to each other and to
our visitors. The vision behind this Leadership Team is to provide a
welcome to newcomers and to make sure that our congregation is making
connections one with another. Moderator: Lynn Lochow
Missions enables our congregation to be world Christians—to participate
with God’s people on every continent to share the Good News—and to
engage us in participatory missions here and elsewhere. Those with
motivation are sought to care for the world to engage our congregation in
Christ’s universal commission. Moderator: Tim Robieson
Publicity - Help develop this needed service for our whole congregation
by informing our community of our services and ministries. Moderator:
Don Potter
Worship connects us with God. Worship does not just set up the
sanctuary, provide ushers, manage the worship order, provide
communion, etc. Its mission is to engage our congregation in making the
connection with God that really matters. Moderator: Suzy Alfini
I will support our Session members by showing up at the meetings and engaging my
gifts for ministry in the team(s) selected above. I understand I will be contacted by the
Team Moderator.
Name _____________________________ Phone _____________________
Deacons invite your service on the Funeral Committee, which serves
the family of deceased members and friends by providing for
receptions following funerals and memorial services.
This is a vital ministry that needs help from many people.
Name _____________________________ Phone _____________________
Starting February 18th….
This Lent we will have an all church small group series based on
Jesus’ “I AM” statements.
Lent is Wednesday,
February 18th – Thursday, April 2nd
“We seek to become a community of vibrant believers…”
Here are the leaders, days, times and locations so far. Please sign-up for
a group. Subject to change and we are working on adding more groups,
so stay tuned.
Leader: Bob Van Baren
9:00 am
Leader: Pat Marusarz
6:30 pm
Leader: Jerry Niewiadomski
7:00 pm
Leader: Linda Kuhn
6:30 pm
Leader: David Carlton
2:30 pm
Leader: TBD
7:00 pm
Leader: Megan Marshall
10:00 am
Royalberry Restaurant
Original Sanctuary
Location to be determined
Original Sanctuary
Nick & Sarah Cudney’s Home
Leader: Anthony & Tami DeAngelis
10:45 am
Leader: Michelle Parrish
6:45 pm
-----------------------------------------------------“I AM” Sign-up Sheet
Name ______________________________________________________
How many attending __________________________________________
Which group attending_________________________________________
Email ______________________________________________________
Phone _____________________________________________________
Child care needed?
Contact Bob Van Baren at [email protected] or 708-448-5220
PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) partners with Faith Communities
throughout the south and southwest suburbs for the use of their facilities as
homeless shelters. These shelters are staffed with volunteers from local Faith
Communities, members of fraternal, civic and social organizations, as well as
individuals from the surrounding communities.
PPPCC has agreed to staff & provide meals for guests staying overnight once
per month from October through April. Volunteers are needed to cook and
serve dinner on Friday night, provide items for breakfast & brown-bag
lunches and also to staff one of 3 shifts throughout the night. This all takes
place at:
St. Mark Lutheran Church
11007 S 76th Ave, Worth, IL 60482
(111th Street, 1 block east of Southwest Hwy)
Cook & Serve (for 35 adults) Duties include: Prepare the meal (off-site): meat,
vegetable, starch, bread and dessert. Bring the meal & serve to the men &
women seeking shelter for the night. Plus, arrange for 2-3 helpers to serve.
Dinner is served beginning at 7:00 pm until around 8:00 pm. As St. Mark’s
does not provide a kitchen for PADS, the meal is to be prepared and brought
to the church in time to serve. Cost of the meal is considered a donation and
may be partially reimbursed by PPPCC.
Provide for breakfast (for 35 adults) Donations needed include: cold cereals,
hot instant cereals, muffins or breads, juices, fruit. (must be brought to
PPPCC no later than Thursday before the date of service; marked “For
Provide for lunches (for 35 adults) Donations needed include: bread or rolls,
sandwich meat, cheese, fruit, small bags of chips. (must be brought to PPPCC
no later than Thursday before the date of service; marked “For PADS”.)
Adult shift workers Duties include: Assist in set up of continental breakfast &
packing lunches. Set up & clean up facility: set up beds, mop floors, clean
tables, etc. Monitor smoke breaks, assist in filling out paperwork for men &
For the following shifts:
6:00 p.m. - 11:15 p.m. (6) Females & (2) Males
11:00 p.m. - 3:15 a.m. (1-2) Females & (3-4) Males
3:00 a.m. - 7:00 a.m. (2) Females & (6) Males
PPPCC Dates:
March 6th - 7th
April 3rd - 4th
*****Donations are always welcome (See reverse side for details)*****
Any questions please talk to Anita Stocks (708-496-0908)
TIME(S) AVAILABLE:_________________________________________________