Itinerary - Center Grove Choirs

Huntington North Contest of Champions
February 28, 2015
Call Time: 4:30 am
Departure Time: 4:45 am
Debtone Performance Time: 10:55 am
Dressed and ready by: 10:00 am
CG Singers Performance Time: 1:15 pm
Dressed and ready by: 12:45 pm
Sound System Performance Time: 5:20 pm
Dressed and ready by: 4:15 pm
Solo Performance Times: 3:05 pm
Dressed and ready by: 2:45 pm
Schedule Highlights
Women’s Prelim. Awards: 11:45 pm
Solo Competition Winner’s Exhibition Performance: 11:30 pm
Afternoon Awards: 6:35 pm in Gym
Evening Awards: 11:50 pm
School Address:
CHAIRS: Beth Hoke, Marta Waldfogel
[email protected]
The Varsity Singers, Director
Dan Baker – [email protected]
P.O. Box 5284 – 450 MacGahan Street
Huntington, Indiana 46750
2015 Huntington North High School Varsity Singers
welcome you to Midwest Showcase 2015!
The content within this packet includes information you may want
to share with your students, chaperones, parents, and guests.
Within this Student/Parent Packet you will find:
Driving directions, Admission fees, & Other information
Huntington North school map
Infinity Productions order form
Java the Hut Coffee House—Performance Approval Form
Food options & pricing
For additional information or clarifications, contact:
Mr. Dan Baker, Huntington North High School Choral Director
(260) 356-6104 ext. 1413
[email protected]
Driving Directions
Use 24 Bypass to State Road 5.
Turn south/left on State Road 5.
School is on the right
Take State Road 5 north, through
the north edge of the city.
School is on the left.
Use 24 to State Road 5.
Turn south/right on State Road 5.
School is on the right.
Admission Fees
The admission price is good for all venues
(auditorium, library, cafeteria, etc.). Spectators
can move among all performance locations.
Spectators should arrive early to each area, as
doors will be closed during each choir’s/soloist’s
Admission bands can be purchased at Door #28.
Saturday, February 28:
Friday, February 27:
$10.00 per person
$20.00 combo ticket for all Fri. & Sat. events
[Elementary students and younger are free.]
$10.00 daytime [Includes shows only; excludes preliminary awards.]
$15.00 all day
$10.00 finals only
[Elementary students and younger are free.]
An event program can be purchased for $2.00.
There is absolutely no flash photography, cell phone
recording, or video camera recording allowed at Midwest
Showcase. Professional video will be available for
purchase within the main hallway outside the auditorium.
See the included order form from Infinity Productions for
specific prices.
Java-the-Hut Coffee House
Back by popular demand, our Java-the-Hut Coffee House
will be available in the cafeteria from 11a.m.-3p.m. on
Saturday. This is a no-cost activity that allows students to
perform as individuals or in groups. Use the included signup form to demonstrate permission to participate.
First Aid Clinic
A clinic will be available in Room #130. The clinic staff
will provide assessment and triage treatment for injuries
and illness. EMS can be called for emergencies.
If it is necessary for a student to receive medication (e.g.,
insulin injections, prescription medicine, etc.), there is a
first aid room available. An adult representative of your
group and an authorization form signed by the student’s
parent or guardian MUST accompany the student.
The first aid station will NOT dispense pain relievers.
Each group will be responsible for providing and
dispensing medications and over-the-counter medicines
like Tylenol, Advil, etc. to their own members.
Huntington North High School
Java-the-Hut Coffee House Contest
Java-the-Hut Coffee House is located in the cafeteria. It is open from 11:00a.m.-3:00p.m. on Saturday.
Come perform at your convenience. If you are interested, yet unable to make these times, please let
your host know.
Votes are $1 each and can be placed in the cafeteria during the Coffee House hours. The overall Grand
Champion will be determined by participant votes and announced during the Preliminary Awards on
Student name
Song title
I have reviewed and am aware of the materials that will be performed by my student in the Java-theHut Coffee House. I approve of my student performing today.
Director’s Signature:________________________________________________
Food Options & Pricing
No outside food is allowed at Midwest Showcase.
The cafeteria will be open throughout the day on Saturday. If your choir/school will be eating in the cafeteria as a large
group, your student host can notify the cafeteria workers 5-10 minutes before you arrive to provide faster service.
Food Options & Pricing, continued
These items are also available in the main auditorium hallway, near Door #28.