Current Newsletter - Kimba Area School

Principal’s Report
Week 4
Thursday 19/2
Swimming Carnival
Friday 20/2
Splash Day R-3’s
Summer is here at last!!!
udn Foru nduon
(r 2)15 Stdent *orm +nd on was held on ,onday- ongratlaons to all stdents ele ted to represent
their peers and + wish yo a very s essfl year.
spe ial Thank Yo to Karen (’Donohe for talking to or stdents on her a hievements and the power of
self-determinaon- leadership to others- ontribons to the stdent form and being posive role models for
The Stdent *orm is the voi e of the stdent body primarily dealing with isses regarding their learning and
s hool environment. s part of their des stdents are involved in fndraising a vies for haries and to
raise money to make improvements to their s hool.
Week 6
Mon-Fri 2/3-6/3
a s Camp
Friday 6/3
R-12 ssembly
Week 7
Mon 9/3
delaide Cp Holiday
Friday 13/3
Sports Day
Week 8
Mon 16/3
S hool Leaders: Ellen Harradine & Bry e Hampel
Governing Con il mtg
Senior Stdent *orm Se retary: Bonnie *ran is
,iddle S hool Leaders: bbey Hampel & De lan Zibell
Jnior Leaders: Charlie Powell & Ja k Lienert
Semester 1
Semester 2
( y S o<- Tahlia Crnow
Jarrah ,oseby Read- (llie Woolford
Tayla Rodda- Dekota Woolford
Tom ,odysta h- Karlie Zibell
Zakk Phillips- Bella Woolford
Kai ,a klin- Ni ole ,odysta h
William Rodda- Kyla Yates- Nathan Bt her
Cooper Haywood- Sienna Glare- Chelsea Beinke
4/5 B
Bry e Cant- Jasmine Beinke- Jordan Zibell
Seth Gregory- Breeana Wood- Kayne Westhoff
Land Las
The Kimba Bowling Clb have- over the last 2 years- ropped the s hool’s blo k. They have relinished the last year of their lease- and as a
reslt- Governing Con il has de ided to rop the blo k this year. They are seeking expressions of interest in the areas of seed- laborhemi al or ferliser- from people who wold be willing to assist with this. Please onta t Janine +nglis if interested in helping with this
proje t.
Rsruur of h hool Oval
s the s hool’s water bills are very ex essive there has been a sggeson that we red e the siDe of the oval and restr tre it to
in orporate some seang with shades- paths- trees and nave Edroght resistantF shrbs.
We are aware that this hanges or sports day- bt this is only one day a year- and we do have a perfe tly good town oval.
s this is only in the inial stages any sggesons or thoghts abot this proje t wold be appre iated.
wiing Carnival Pospond
t the start of last week the fore ast for *riday 13th was ‘less than ordinary’ therefore the de ision was made early to postpone this
arnival. This allowed the Pool Commi<ee and families adeate me to hange their arrangements. +t wold be fantas to see as many
parents and families as possible a<end the day and spport the stdents as they swim lap aHer lap.
plash Day
R-3 stdents will be involved in Splash Day on *riday 2)th Eweather permiIngF. The day will now ommen e at J.))am and
finish at approximately 12.))pm. Parents are reminded that ln h needed to be pre-ordered. +f yo have forgo<en to do this please ensre
that yor hild has a pa ked ln h sitable for the environment they will be in.
Stdents will retrn to s hool for the aHernoon as per normal day.
Govrning Counil AGM
Thank yo to those parents and staff who trned p or sent apologies to the Governing Con il meeng on ,onday Jth *ebrary.
,embers of Governing Con il are:
S o< *ran is
Gaye Cant
Rhe< Lambell
Lisa Zibell – P&* Rep
,arty Rodda
Janine +nglis
,egan Lienert - Distri t Con il Rep also
Clint Powell
Vi ki Klingberg
nita Kessling – Staff Rep
Graeme Hampel
The allo aon of posions will be ompleted at or next meeng on ,ar h 4th at 7.))pm in the Library.
udn Fr Day
stdent free day for *riday 27th ,ar h was approved at the Governing Con il G,.
(r R-5 staff and Year M/7 ,aths tea hers will travel to Cmmins to a<end a workshop presented by nne Baker. The fo s of this
workshop will be on Natral ,aths.
ll other tea hers will work on stralian Crri lm.
Library Report
.on Fion
New to our Library.
‘*amily *ood – Paleo Re ipes’ by Pete Evans
‘What Bird is That?’ by Neville Cayley’s
Childrn/s Fion 0on1
‘Thelma the Uni orn’ by aron Blabey
‘*or the *orest of a Bird’ by Se Saliba
‘nd the Band Played WaltDing ,alda’ by
‘Soth stralian Contry *ootball Digest’ by
Eri Bogle
Peter Lines
‘Gallipoli – The Landing’ by Hgh Dolan
‘The Sond of ,si *amily S rapbook’ by
‘The Honest Trth’ by Dan Gemeinhart
*red Bronson
‘nne of Green Gables’ by
L.,. ,ontgomery
Adul Fion
‘+n Honor Bond’ by Gerald
‘Ba k Pain – 3) Days to Pain *ree’ by Ksal
‘+’ve Got Yo Under ,y Skin’ by ,ary Higgins
Childrn/s Fion
‘Ba k-To-*ront Bob’ by Belinda Ellis
‘ *ine Smmer’s Day’ by Charles Todd
‘The Contry Pra e’ by ,eredith pleyard
‘,eet ,arly’ by li e Png
‘Bridget - New stralian’ by J ,oloney
‘Tombest – Book of the Dead’ by ,i hael
‘The Unlikely Story of Bennelong and Phillip’
by ,i hael Sednary
‘Ella Diaries – Doble Dare Yo’ by ,eredith
‘*earless Sons & Daghters’ by Colin
‘K-Zone – Totally wesome Jokes’ by Cassie
Give Away- Ticket still available!
Free ticket for two people to the ‘NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM” !!! If you are planning on going to Adelaide
in the near future and would like to see this movie please let us know. The first person to see the library staff
about this ticket will get it.
‘South Australian Country Football Digest’ – new to the library.
Cowell author, Peter Lines is the author of this book. ‘The Digest’ contains 380 pages of South Australian Country football history, records
and stories. The book features over 100 team photographs, more than 50 player profiles and the histories of more than 150 SA Country
football leagues and associations. An interesting read for those who love footy!
Baby Bounce
Will be held Thursday 12th March 10.30am in the Library. All welcome
Therese- Katrin- Lisa and Sharna
We elebrated Library Lover’s Day on *riday
13th *ebrary. +t was great to hear how m h
or library and its servi es are appre iated by the
Kimba patrons. +t is a fantas servi e- not oHen do
yo get something for nothing- as is the ase with
pbli libraries in Soth stralia. Katrin made some
amaDing p akes with edible i ing that many
people enjoyed on *riday when they visited the
Cri ket World Cp
Starts ,onday wk 5 23rd *ebrary
*inishes Thrsday wk 5 27th *ebrary
With Grand *inal
& Sasage SiDDle ln h for $2.))
(Years M-12)
1M/2 Daniella Yates
18/2 Karlie Zibell
2)/2 De lan Zibell
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21/2 Bro k Hissey
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27/2 Ja k Lienert
3.30 – 5.00 pm
In the Kids room – 61 High Street
All children 5 years and over welcome
Any queries to Kate Ryan – 0428278052
Tr 1
Fb 25h
Marh 11h
Marh 25h
Starts again
Satrday 21st *eb—21st ,ar h
@ 1).))am
t Town (val
ll wel ome (ages 5-1))
Thanks ndrew Congdon
Junior Football AGM
Friday 6th March
7.30pm at Hotel