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Rātu, 24 Hui-tanguru 2015
Tuesday, 24 February 2015
James Hargest College
2015 Daily Notices
Meetings / Practices
Year 7&8
Boys Touch Rugby
On the Rugby Field
Tue 17 Feb 1:02
Well done to all the boys who played touch rugby on Thursday night. A reminder that the Boys'
practices are on Tuesday lunch times on the rugby field. please bring your gear and be ready to go at
1:02pm. See Mr Ripley in Rm 8 if you can't make it.
Year 7&8
LEO Induction Ceremony
Thursday 1.30pm
You must be seated in the hall at the beginning of lunch time. All members should attend. New
members check notice board outside the staff room for the group you are in.
Year 7&8
Girls Touch Rugby
Mon 16 Feb 1pm
All girls from Asics and Nikes touch rugby teams, please meet changed for training on Thursday at
1pm. This is our scheduled training time for this term. Let us know if you are unable to make games
and training. Thank you
Year 7&8
Ukulele Group
Room 5
Today 1:05
Mrs Saunders is looking forward to catching up with the ukulele group members Tuesday for a jam.
See you at lunchtime in Rm 5.
SADD Committe Meeting
Yr 7&8 Sports Heat Basketball Team
Year 7&8
Today Interval
Room 7
Today 10:40
players need to attend a brief meeting at the beginning of interval in Room 7. See you there.
Yr 7&8 Sports Triathlon
Sports Office
is a meeting at 1pm for the following students: Charlie Samson Teegan Strudwicke, Sooah
Lee, Jorja Aitken, Dylan McCleod, Oliver Howie, Cory Hiscoke,Sam Thomson, Madison Grieve Tyler
Yr 7&8 Sports Basketball Draw
Yr 7&8 Sports and Culture
Cultureis the draw for today. Please make sure that you arrive at the game 30mins before you play
and that you have your uniform and a water bottle with you.
4:00 - Pumas
4:45 - Hotshots
5:30 - Hawks, Comets. Duty Buccaneers
6:15 - Lions, Vipers, Heat, Buccaneers.
7:00 - Titans. Duty Heat
If you have any questions please see Mr Kennedy, Miss Woods, or Mrs Mulvey.
9:39 am
Rātu, 24 Hui-tanguru 2015
Tuesday, 24 February 2015
James Hargest College
2015 Daily Notices
General Notices
Year 7&8
Year 7&8
It was great to have 20 students come to our first meeting last week. Here is the next orienteering
meeting information for you. It would be great for you to give it a go in readiness for the Southland
Champs coming up in Term 2. Any questions see Mr Lindsay.
WEDNESDAY 25 February 2015
Donovan Park (Waikiwi) Rugby Clubrooms start point.
Start 5.30pm-6pm.
Map ONLY $3!
Easy and Not-so-Easy course - suitable for all the family
Year 7&8
Year 7&8
First JRock practice after school today in the hall. Yay exciting, let's get this started!!! See you all
Year 7&8
Year 7&8
All teams have a game at 4pm tomorrow. Please be there by 3:45pm. No practice at lunchtime today
as Mr Newsome is away.
Year 7&8
Class ID Photos
Year 7&8
Year 7&8
Class ID Photos
Would the following student please report to the library at interval for photos
Rm6 Jorja Aitkin
Rm8 Matthew Francis
Rm9 Tarrah Shirley
Rm11 Jacob Millar
Rm14 Emma White
Rm 16 Ted Nguyen
Rm18 Amberley Findlay
Rm19 Jack Browning
Year 7&8
Bass Guitar
Mr Perniskie will be here today for the boys who indicated they would like to learn bass guitar. Please
meet him in the practice room off room 3 at 11:05.
Year 7&8
Year 7&8
If you are interested in talking to Miss Sowinski about learning the violin this year, she will be here on
Friday at 12pm. Please see Miss Donkin before then to show your interest. Miss Donkin will be in the
Music Room every lunchtime.
Year 7&8
Itinerant Music
Year 7&8
Last week Miss Donkin gave out three instrument hire forms but only one has come back. It is very
important that all the people who want lessons this year on a woodwind instruments come and see
her, preferably today. If anyone in the school is interested in playing bassoon (you need to be a taller
person) or clarinet, please also come and see Miss Donkin today. Even if you just want to know what
a clarinet or bassoon is, Miss Donkin would be pleased to explain. We have lessons up for grabs and
these are free - outside school you would pay $20 a lesson. These lessons open up huge
opportunities such as playing in the concert band when you are at the senior campus.
9:39 am
Rātu, 24 Hui-tanguru 2015
Tuesday, 24 February 2015
James Hargest College
2015 Daily Notices
Yr 7&8 Sports Netball
Culture are still able to pick up a notice to register for netball.
Yr 7&8 Sports and Culture
Please have the permission slip and money paid to the office by Friday 6th March 2015 (money and
slip together).
Trials Year 7s
9 & 10 March from 3.30 - 6pm
Year 8s
16th and 23rd March 3.30 - 6pm
Yr 7&8 Sports Waterpolo
Yr 7&8 Sports and Culture
Culturethe Gold, Silver and Bronze teams please attend practice on Wednesday from 3.30- 5pm. at
Splash Palace.
Team lists and the draw are on the Sports Notice board.A great effort from Gold and Silver on Friday
winning two very close games.
Coaches for the teams are Jack Fraser, Cameron O'Donnell, Niamh Shirley and Rebekah Michels.
Yr 7&8 Sports Year 7 Lions Basketball
Yr 7&8 Sports and Culture
Culturecollect your new singlets from Mrs Mulvey at the beginning of interval today. You will need to
return the ones you were issued last week tomorrow as they are needed for another team.
9:39 am