Winter Newsletter - Garrett`s Marina

Winter Newsletter
Boat Show
Garrett’s Marina Inc.
February 2015
It is that time once again: Boat Show Season. If you are
in the market for a new boat or would like to upgrade, the
Richmond Raceway will be home to the 27th Annual Boat
Show. We will be showcasing Parker, Key West, and our
new line: Manitou Pontoons. There will be plenty of
models for you to see and explore the various features.
Key West boats have been in business for over 25 years.
We have seen Key West make a number of changes to
accommodate the boater that wants to fish, ski, tube, or just
cruise. Parker is known for its strength, simplicity, and
seaworthiness. A family owned and operated business that
is built upon tradition.
The fabulous 186 Dual Console featured by Key West.
Manitou Pontoons
We welcome Jim Savage to
the Garrett’s Marina family.
Jim will be able to assist you
with the purchase of your
Garrett’s Marina, Inc.
(804) 443-2573
April: Mon-Sat 8-5
May-September: Daily 8-5
October-March: Mon-Sat 8-5
Garrett’s Marina’s newest
addition is Manitou Pontoon
Boats. The best pontoon on the
market starts with the
strongest frame in the
industry. Come see the
patented V-toon technology
exclusively featured on
Manitou’s. What is V-toon? VOasis 25 Manitou Pontoon ready to find a new home!
toon is adding a third tube
bolted to the deck. Normally, pontoons come with two tubes attached to
the deck; but not Manitou’s. It’s the precise positioning, along with
strategically placed positive angle lifting strakes that results in the exact
degree of deadrise and water displacement needed to simulate the
standard V-hull. Extensive research has confirmed that the V-toon will
detrimentally affect ride quality, stability, acceleration, speed and hauling.
Pictured below is a Manitou image of the “v” design that these unique
boats feature.