The Apogee Project is all about empowering people with

The Apogee Project is all about empowering people with complex additional needs to be more
independent with the help of technology. We work closely with people who may have complex
difficulties such as Cerebral Palsy, Rett syndrome, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Nerone Disease,
aquired brain injury, spinal cord injury and other associated difficulties.
At The Apogee Project we use Beamz hardware and software a lot. Music is such a huge motivator and
we have found Beamz to be a great resource for enableling fun, simple and unrestricted quality music
creation for people no matter how complex their additional needs or impairement might be.
We have found time and time again that Beamz software has been the catalyst for captivating people of
all ages with eyegaze technology , allowing them to grasp an understanding of the core skills they may
need to go on and use a computer to communicate and to take some control of the world around them.
Beamz also enables us to bring people of differing ability levels together to enjoy play, social interaction
and life through activities that stimulate and bring joy through music. The Beamz hardware unit is great
for people who have some degree of mobility, while the Beamz Tobii edition software allows someone
with very restricted mobility to join in using specialist access equipment such as eyegaze or switches.
For us, Beamz is one of those rare resources that makes learning and teaching fun by delivering intuitive
tools for music creation that are accessible for all.