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 CQ1 Benchtop High Content Imaging System
Microlens Enhanced Confocal Spinning Disk On-­‐The-­‐Fly 3D Analysis Up to four 50-­‐100 mW auto calibrating lasers Six Objectives Large Format sCMOS Camera The CQ1’s unique confocal imaging technology enables high-­‐resolution confocal imaging while minimizing light loss, making the CQ1 the most sensitive confocal system in its class. The new Yokogawa CQ1 enables multiple high resolution z stacks for accurate 3D quantification of spheroids in microplates and dishes. Images and analyzed data can be exported from the CQ1 and are readable by third-­‐party software for advanced data analysis. The CQ1 has an optional live cell chamber and precision stage with XYZ resolution of 0.1µm and is readily integrated into external robotics systems. Bright-Field,
Imaging, Live Cell Chamber, and on-the-fly 3D
analysis all in a small bench top unit
The CQ1 is a CSU-­‐W1 compact high content screening system priced Dual Nipkow Spinning Disk below competing wide field instruments that have no live cell capabilities. Run fixed or live cell assays under standard or hypoxic conditions and the CQ1 delivers high resolution confocal images without sacrificing sensitivity. The CQ1 automatically calibrates each laser every time the system is used guaranteeing consistent laser power over time. You no longer need to ask yourself if you'll ever need confocal image quality because it comes for free in the CQ1. Microlens-­‐enhanced, dual spinning disk technology reduces photobleaching and phototoxicity. o
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Parameter Shape Intensity Measurement Unit Dimension Description Area µm2 2D Space inside a 2D object, µm2 Volume µm3 3D Space inside a 3D object, µm3 Circumference µm 2D Surface Area µm2 3D Circularity Sphericity -­‐ -­‐ 2D 3D Average -­‐ 2D, 3D SD 2D, 3D Sum -­‐ 2D, 3D Max -­‐ 2D, 3D Min -­‐ 2D, 3D Perimeter of an object in 2D, µm Area of the outer layer of an object in 3D, µm2
Area of object / Circumference of object Volume of object / Surface Area of Object Average intensity of all pixels within object Standard deviation of the intensity of all pixels within an object. Total intensity of all pixels within an object Value of the pixel with the highest intensity within an object Value of the pixel with the lowest intensity within an object -­‐ 2D Number of co-­‐localized objects -­‐ 2D Area of co-­‐localization Number of Co-­‐localization Objects Area of Objects CQ1 Specifications
Wako Automation, 11575 Sorrento Valley Rd, San Diego, CA 92121 www.wakoautomation.com