The First Sunday in Lent - Immaculate Conception Church

The First Sunday of Lent
February 22, 2015
Sunday Readings
Masses For The Week
First Reading - Genesis 9: 8-15
Sunday, Feb. 22nd - First Sunday of Lent
7:30 am - Francis & Mary Niznik
9:00 am - Therese Hilger
10:30 am - Richard T. Hayden (birthday)
12:00 pm - Antoinette, Luigi & Carmela De Fazio
5:00 pm - Adolfo Gabriel
Monday, Feb. 23rd - St. Polycarp
7:00 am - People of the Parish
12:05 pm - Barbara Kwiatkowski
Tuesday, Feb. 24th - Lenten Weekday
7:00 am - Anthony Saponara
12:05 pm - Eduardo Jalowayski
Wednesday, Feb. 25th - Lenten Weekday
7:00 am - Giordano Family
12:05 pm - Genevieve Firtion
Thursday, Feb. 26th - Lenten Weekday
7:00 am - Gary Sirotak
12:05 pm - Therese Hilger
Friday, Feb. 27th - Lenten Weekday
7:00 am - J. Fencel
12:05 pm - Mary Ricciardone
Saturday, Feb. 28th - Lenten Weekday
8:00 am - Bozo Picinic
5:30 pm - Vincent, Colomba & Sabino Andriani
Sunday, Feb. 29th - Second Sunday of Lent
7:30 am - Bernard Trainor
9:00 am - Vincent Napolitano
10:30 am - Elenor Beckmeyer
12:00 pm - Lillian Stahl
5:00 pm - Juava & Manuel Rodriguez
Second Reading - 1 Peter 3: 18-22
Gospel - Mark 1: 12-15
Our first two readings today are about God’s covenant
with Noah. Mark’s Gospel recounts, in his typical brief
fashion, Jesus’ sojourn in the desert and his announcement
of the kingdom of God. All we have to do is repent and
believe in the gospel - the Good News. As we listen to
these readings today, let us recall our own baptismal
covenant with God (or for the catechumens, the one that
you are about to take this Easter Vigil) and how we
ourselves are repenting and believing in the Good News of
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Collection for 2/15 was $7808.50 Your generous
support is greatly appreciated.
Sing in the Shower?
Maybe you feel the tug when you hear the entrance hymn.
Maybe you sing along with the car radio. Maybe you’ve
wanted to join but never got around to it.
Maybe you’re called to join the choir.
If you feel the Spirit move you, or if you’re
curious and want to find out about our music ministry,
please join the choir. Contact Jonathan by leaving a
message at the office 201-863-4840 or at
[email protected]
The Altar Bread is offered for - Orlando Critelli
The Sancturay Lamp is offered for - Kris Kennedy
The Memorial Candle is offered for - Miriam Schell
Parish Mission Statement
We at the Catholic Christian community
of Immaculate Conception, Secaucus, in the
Archdiocese of Newark, proclaim to be a
Eucharistic Community, guided by the Spirit to
proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, as we
journey by passion, to evangelize, to celebrate our
diversity and to meet the challenge our
responsibility as disciples of the Lord Jesus.
Sunday, Feb. 22nd
Baptism - 1:30pm
Cafeteria Rental - 1-5pm
CCD - School - 8am - 12pm
Monday, Feb. 23rd
CCD - School - 6-8pm
CC Special Reception - Cafeteria - 7-8:30pm
Tuesday, Feb. 24th
Breavement - Notre Dame Hall - 7 pm
Baptism Class - Notre Dame Hall - 7:30pm
Wednesday, Feb. 25th
Cafeteria in use - 10am-1pm
Lunch - Library - 12:30 pm
RCIA - Faculty Room - 7:30 tpm
RCIA Kids - Notre Dame Hall - 6:30-8 pm
CC Special Reception - Cafeteria - 7-8pm
Choir - School - 7pm
Thursday, Feb. 26th
Holy Hour - 6 -7 pm
Bible Study - Cafeteria - 7- 9:30 pm
Cub Scouts - Cafeteria - 4-6 pm
Friday, Feb. 27th
Cub Scouts - Cafeteria - 5-7 pm
Stations of the Cross - Church - 7pm
YAM’S - Church - 7:30 pm
Men’s Cornerstone Retreat - Notre Dame Hall - 3pm-Sat.
Saturday, Feb. 28th
Bible Study - Cafeteria - 9am - 12pm
Reconcilliation - Church - 11:30am
Men’s Cornerstone Retreat - till 9pm
There is an appointed time for everyhing….
We pray for those in our Parish Family who
are sick: Hedwig Paczkowski, Marie
McGuire, John Jepson, Bill Innis and those
who are homebound, for patients in
Meadowlands and Meadowview Hospitals, Hudson Manor
and the Fountains at the Manor.
Michael Keith Freezer
Camden Alexander Cantillo
Catherine Guider
Catholic Daughters are holding a Mystery Pageant on Sat.
Mar. 14th after the 5:30 pm Mass. Come and enjoy an
unusual night! Tickets are $20 and include pasta,
meatballs, salad, dessert, and beverages. Tickets are
available thru the Gift Shop or by calling Sue Kolodziej.
Annual Parish Candy Fundraiser
Its that time again! Our Annual Candy Drive,
Gertrude Hawk’s premium candy, to benefit
the Parish is here. Catalogs are available at all
entrances of the church and in the Gift Shop.
Please take one, look it over and place an order.
Orders can also be placed online, just reference our group
number #109078. Orders can be dropped off at the Gift
Shop or call Betty Ann at 201-866-8621. Checks should be
made out to the Catholic Daughters. These items are
perfect for Easter. Buy your Easter Candy through us and
help the parish in the process. Sale ends Mar. 1st and a pick
-up date will be published in up coming bulletins. Any
order, regardless of size, will be greatly appreciated by the
parish. Any questions, call Betty Ann. Thank You!
Archdiocesan Lenten Regulations
1. The days of both Fast and Abstinence during Lent are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. If possible, the fast on
Good Friday is continued until the Easter Bigil (on Holy Saturday night) as the “paschal fast” to honor the suffering
and death of the Lord Jesus, and to prepare ourselves to share more fully and to celebrate more readily His
Resurrection. The other Fridays of Lent are days of Abstinence. On a day of Fast, only one (1) full meal is
permitted, and two (2) smaller meals, which if added together, would not exceed the main meal in quanity.
Those between the ages of 18 and 59 are obliged to fast. On a day of Abstinence, no meat may be eaten. Those
who have reached the age of 14 are obliged by the law of abstinence.
2. The obligation to observe the laws of Fast and Abstinence “substantially”, or as a whole, is a serious obligation.
3. The Fridays of the year, outside of Lent, are designated as days of penance, but each individual may substitute for
the traditional abstinence from meat some other practice of voluntary self-denial as penance.
4. The time for fulfilling the Paschal Precept (Easter Duty*) extends from the First Sunday of Lent, Feb. 22 to The
Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, May 31, 2015.
*All the faithful, after they have been initiated into the Most Holy Eucharist, are bound by the obligation of receiving
Annulment Information Evening
Sacred Heart Tricky Tray
An Annulment Information Evening is scheduled for
Tuesday, Mar. 10th, 2015, 7:30pm at Our Lady of Sorrows
Church, 217 Prospect Street, South Orange, NJ. A staff
member of the Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Neward will
provide basic information about annulments; the
requirements for annulments and how to begin the process
of petitioning for an annulment. There will be an
opportunity for questions at the end of the sessiion. Preregistration is not necessary, but for directions, please call
the parish at 973-763-5454.
Sacred Heart School will hold their Annual Spring
Auction Tricky Tray which benefits Sacred Heart School
Margaret Engel Endowment Trust, on Fri. Mar. 13, 2015,
at Sacred Heart School, 620 Valley Brook Ave.,
Lyndhurst, NJ. Tickets are $10 per person and are Nonrefundable. Ticket includes one sheet for 1st level prizes,
coffee/tea, and dessert. Tickets deadline is Feb. 28th. No
one under 18 will be admitted and no alcoholic beverages.
Kitchen will be open. For tickets call Patty at 201-8039580 or the school at 201-939-4277.
Respect Life Office
Looking for help with a crisis pregnancy or post abortion healing? Here is a list of organizations that can help you in
your time of need:
Respect Life Office - www.rcan/life/Crisis Pregnancy and Post Abortion Healing, 973-497-4350 or via email at
[email protected] All calls and emails are confidential
Crisis Pregnancy Helpline - 1-888-4OPTIONS
Post Abortion Healing - 1-877-HOPE 4 ME (Rachel’s Vineyard Hotline)
National Life Center - 1-800-848-LOVE
Birthright - 1-800-550-4900
Catholic Charities - Pat Chiarello - 201-246-7379
Several Sources - 201-818-9033
New Hope - 201-408-4726
Good Counsel Homes - 1-800-723-8331