Notice Sheet - Christ Church Epsom Common

Welcome to Christ Church
Sunday 22 February 2015
1st Sunday of Lent
Christ Church on the Wells
Christ Church
8.30 am
Holy Communion (CW2)
11.00 am Worship on the Wells
1 Reading: 1 Peter 3: 18-end
Mark 1: 9-15
Preacher & Minister: Berwick Curtis
Rosemary Donovan
Rosemary Donovan
10.00 am
Parish Communion
Rosemary Donovan
Julian McAllen
Rosemary Donovan
Gordon Mylchreest
Hazel Rose
Heavenly Father, your Son battled
with the powers of darkness, and
grew closer to you in the desert:
help us to use these days to grow in
wisdom and prayer that we may
witness to your saving love in Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen
Ministry of Prayer in the chancel after
the service
Chris & Penny Purdy and
Rosie & David Blacoe
Sarah Sear and
Sarah Chorley
2nd Thoughts at
St Martin’s
Nick Parish is reflecting on
images of priesthood in the
If you would prefer a gluten-free wafer
at Communion, please let a sides
person know before the Service.
If this is your first visit to Christ Church
please call at the Welcome Desk
The church is fitted with a hearing
loop, and large print copies of hymn
books, service and notice sheets
are on the table at the back of
There are also small cards for use in the
offertory by those who give regularly by
standing order.
Vicar: The Revd Rosemary Donovan (01372 720302) (Day off - Friday); [email protected]
Curate: The Revd Julian McAllen (01372 723354) (Day off – Tuesday) [email protected]
Associate Minister (OLM) The Revd Sue Curtis: (01372 210492) [email protected]
Churchwardens: Robert Burns (01372 724798) [email protected])
& Carol Jamieson (01372 722070 [email protected]
Parish Office 01372 743133, (open 10.00 – 12.00 Monday – Friday) [email protected]
Hall bookings via our website
Registered Charity No: 1127945
Christ Church Notices…
From the Vicar…
Welcome back to the Christmas tree! No I’ve not
gone completely mad; throughout Lent at the 10
am service as we sing the Kyrie we will be
symbolically removing branches to represent us
cutting away the things that prevent us from
entering into full relationship with God so that by
Good Friday we shall be left with a bare cross.
Prior to the Service please use the images on
the screen to help your preparation for worship.
Today for those who wish, there is also
opportunity to receive anointing and prayer
ministry to strengthen and encourage them in
their Lent journey.
Even though we have only just begun Lent we
would like to promote an initiative for after
Easter now! 40 Days with Jesus is an
opportunity to explore the accounts of Jesus’
resurrection appearances between Easter and
Pentecost. Invitations are at the back of Church,
under the post point, and at Christ Church on
The Wells to take part in reading a short daily
reflection. These can be found in a book called
‘40 Days with Jesus’ by Dave Smith. You can
look at a sample by putting ‘40 Days with Jesus’
into your search engine. If you would like to join
in this initiative, please put a completed
invitation in Sue Curtis’ pigeon hole at Christ
Church or give to the minister taking the service
at The Wells Church who will pass it on. Books
cost £4.99 and if you can afford to contribute
towards this please put a contribution in with
your reply, cash or cheques made out to Christ
Church Epsom Common. Replies are needed
by March 15th to allow for delivery by Easter.
We shall also be running a new art project
based on the Stations of the Resurrection during
this period and a special sermon series.
Book Club
Tomorrow Monday 23rd February
meeting at 59 Christ Church Mount
8.00.p.m reading ‘Brave New World’
by Aldous Huxley. Karen Matthews
Listening Prayer Group
Wednesday 25th Feb 10:15 am in the Peace
and Reconciliation Chapel. This group is open to
anyone who feels they could support me by
waiting on God about topics that require the
discernment of the Holy Spirit. For more
information please see Rosemary.
Alpha Course
Beginning next Wednesday 25th
for 6 sessions. The course is for
non-church-goers and those on
the fringes of the church so if you know anyone
who may be interested please drop them a flyer
found at the back of the church. Julian
Women’s World Day of Prayer
10.30 am and 8.00pm on Friday,
6th March at St Barnabas Church.
Compiled by the women of the
Bahamas, the service theme is "Jesus said to
them: Do you know what I have done to you?”
and will be reflecting on some of the social
problems experienced on the islands. It would
be lovely if as many as possible supported them
in focussing on their country. Jo Wolfe
Tea Club
Wednesday, March 11th
from 2.30-4.00pm. in the
Hall. Gordon Mylchreest will
continue his illustrated talk on some lively
happenings of the Kings & Judges in the Old
Testament, followed by tea and the usual
scrummy cakes. Offers of help to Sheila Frame
020 8393 1571, offers of/requests for lifts to Sue
Matthews 724080.
She Inspires Me
A 4 day mini festival to recapture
the spiritual significance of
Mothering Sunday and celebrate
the influential role of women in
encouraging and nurturing faith.
Thursday 12th March
Children’s Community Concert
Friday 13 March
Storytelling evening
Saturday 14th March
Family Fun – workshop & film
Sunday 15 March Mothering Sunday
All Age Worship
Choral Evensong
Invitation to sing in the choir for our Festival
Evensong on Mothering Sunday 15 March at
Rehearsals are as follows:
Thursday’s 26 Feb, 5, 12, March 7:45 - 8:45pm.
Sunday 15 March 5-6pm followed by service at
6:30pm with a short tea break in between.
Please contact Julie Shaw
[email protected] if you’d like to be involved.
Church Gardening and
Spring Cleaning
An early reminder that the
next gardening and spring
cleaning day will be on
Saturday 21 March from 9.00-12.30 with
refreshments at 10.15 in the Hall for both teams.
Choose an indoor or outdoor job and bring
garden tools or dusters. Please don’t leave it to
everyone else because everyone else is leaving
it to you!
Jim Smith Premises Group
Christ Church Electoral Roll & APCM 2015
We warmly invite those who feel part of the
Christ Church, and Christ Church on the Wells,
family to join our Electoral Roll if you have not
yet done so. Forms are available in church or
from the Welcomers. May we encourage you to
do this as soon as possible in the run-up to our
APCM which is on Sunday 26th at 12noon.
After revision the Electoral Roll will be displayed
in the church and at the Wells Centre, so please
check your details are correct. All
changes/additions to the Church office who will
forward them to the Electoral Roll Officer.
Parish holiday: ‘Re-creation’
19-21st June Horsley Park
Those already booked are reminded that the
remaining balance needs to be in by 1st April
2015. If you would like to come for the day
adults £40 under 16’s £20 to include lunch,
unlimited tea and coffee as well as full use of
Please see Rosemary to register for the day
Brazilian Mission encounter
It has been 2 years since a group from Christ
Church visited CBC in Fortaleza. I am intending
to spend part of my Extended Ministerial
Development time in the autumn working
alongside Marc and Ruth building up and
encouraging self-esteem amongst the staff and
pupils as well as examining community links. I
hope to go for over 3 weeks but would welcome
a team joining me for a week 17-25th October.
Return flights are approx. £800 plus
accommodation, transport and other expenses.
If you would be interested in joining this trip
please speak to me today. Rosemary
Marmalade – Seville, Lemon and Three fruit
Marmalades. Also Pumpkin Chutney and
Blackberry and Apple jam.
Available now from Avril 01372 812175 for a £2
donation to Univida – helping children in Brazil.
Save Premier Christian Radio
Premier Christian Radio
is being challenged by
the broadcasting
authorities for renewal of
its national broadcasting licence. If it fails in
convincing the authorities that it is a valuable
and essential radio station it will have its licence
renewal cancelled and it’s banding given to
another station.
Please support Premier by taking a letter to
send to your local MP via Premier, copy it three
times and give to 3 friends to complete and
show your support for the station and the good
work it does in putting the Christian message out
to the nation. Copies are on the table by the post
point. Further details can be found on the
Premier website:
Diary for Next Week
Monday 23 February
Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer
Good Friday Rehearsal in Church
Finance Group
Tuesday 24 February
Morning Prayer
Home Groups
Wednesday 25 February
Holy Communion with Ministry of
Listening Prayer Group
Wheels & Squeals
Bell Ringing
Thursday 26 February
Morning Prayer
Song Squad
Choir Practice
Friday 27 February
Morning Prayer
Evening Prayer
Saturday 28 February
Christ Church United & Shooting
Stars at Blenheim High School
Inauguration of Bishop of Guildford
at Cathedral – ticket only
Next Sunday 1 March
2nd Sunday of Lent
Holy Communion (CW2)
Parish Communion
Worship on the Wells
Youth Club
Evening Praise Service REVIVE
In our prayers this week…
Members of our church family and their families
 For our congregation that we can be
welcoming all ages especially teenagers or
those new to church
 For space to reflect on how we keep a holy
 For all producers and distributers of Fairtrade
products in this Fairtrade fortnight.
 For Bishop Andrew and his family as they
begin a new phase of ministry in Guildford
(Please sign a welcome card for them today!)
Prayer Tree
Please write requests on a leaf shape and hang
on the tree in the Chapel for Peace and
Reconciliation. These will be offered during
Morning and Evening Prayer the following week.
Candles can also be lit for loved ones during the
Sunday services.
Prayer Chain
This group will pray for any concerns with an
assurance of total confidentiality. Phone Joan
720634 or Sue 724080.
Pastoral Visits
If you would like to speak to someone in
confidence or know of someone in need who
would value a visit, please speak to either a
member of the Clergy, Sue Matthews,(Pastoral
Co-ordinator 724080), or Jo Woolfe, (Pastoral
Secretary 726782).
Coffee next Sunday
Cari B, Roger Tompsett and Jenny Power
Crèche next Sunday
BLOB LENT: A series of cartoons taken from the
book by Ian Long and Pip Wilson
Week 1
Allow your eye to settle on a Blob who feels like
you do as you start your journey towards Easter.
Which Blob would you most like to be like and why,
what would you need to change to make this
happen? Pray about this.