introducing our leadership - SwedishAmerican Health System

Our Leadership
C. Steven Sjogren,
Gordon H. Geddes,
Vice Chairman
David R. Rydell,
Ted F. Brolund
Marco T. Lenis
John C. Myers, MD
James S. Waddell
Laura Wilkinson,
MBA, CAE, Director
Michelle Adams,
Development Specialist
We’re in this Together!
We have received the most wonderful feedback about the first issue of
Together. Thank you! We love the chance to share more information
about the Foundation’s focus, our events and programs and the people
who make it all possible.
Since starting one year ago, I have learned a great deal about
SwedishAmerican, the Foundation, and Rockford and about the challenges
and opportunities we face. At a recent Board meeting, we reconfirmed the
focus and direction of the Foundation—that first and foremost, we support
the healing mission of SwedishAmerican Health System, including capital
support for the hospital. In addition, we continue our tradition of being a
leader in Rockford by supporting the philanthropic needs of our community.
We will continue to help our neighborhood stabilize with a goal of being
a standout community within Rockford. And finally, we will continue to
nurture the Swedish roots of our history through exchange and partnership
with our friends and colleagues here and abroad.
There are so many generous contributors who make this work possible.
As we move forward it is imperative to remind you that your donations
stay here in the Rockford region to benefit our friends and neighbors.
The decisions about how to invest in our community—through programming,
donations, grants and sponsorships—also remain here in Rockford.
We are in this Together!
Thank you for your continued support.
Emily Anaya,
Development and Property Coordinator
Mary DeMarco,
Medicare Counselor
Deborah Johnson,
Executive Assistant
Introducing the Magnificent Seven
On the cover this month are the members of the leadership team
of the SwedishAmerican Foundation. From left to right they are: Gordy
Geddes, vice chairman; Steve Sjogren, chairman; Dave Rydell, secretary/
treasurer; and members Dr. John Myers, Marco Lenis, Ted Brolund and
Jim Waddell. All these men also have served, or still serve, on the
SwedishAmerican Health System Board of Directors. Between them, they
have 181 years of experience and wisdom in guiding SwedishAmerican
and the Foundation. We are proud of their dedication and energy when
it comes to the Foundation, and we are honored to be in this Together
with such an outstanding Board.
The merger of our health systems is
complete, and SwedishAmerican
Foundation is thrilled to be a part
of the alignment. We are excited
about the future for three main
1. Better patient care for
the Rockford region.
We will see greater access to new
medical specialties, research and
physicians at SwedishAmerican
sites in Rockford and throughout
our region. We also can expect
to see breakthrough medical
advancements, some we cannot
even imagine today, as a product
of UW’s role as a nationally
recognized research center.
2. New investment in
our community.
We look forward to major investment in new and renovated facilities
and technologies that result in better
patient care and jobs for our local
economy. We also will be working
together to improve the health and
well-being of our community through
the implementation of proven health
management strategies across all ages.
3. Maintaining existing
leadership and local
SwedishAmerican maintains its
Board with responsibility for local
governance and policymaking.
Local management has responsibility
for day-to-day operations and
decision-making, including the
SwedishAmerican Foundation.
We will remain a major local
community leader by continuing
financial support and sponsorships,
advocacy and collaboration with
other not-for-profits and community
organizations on events and programs.
We look forward to working
together with our many supporters
through the opportunities that lie
Swedish Nursing Student Visit
On Nov. 15, 2014, a group of five
nursing students and two teachers
from Sweden arrived in Rockford.
The group was here for two weeks
to explore educational partnerships
with Rock Valley College and
to get practical experience at
SwedishAmerican Hospital. The
visit was funded by grants from
SwedishAmerican Foundation, the
Swedish Educational Department
and De la Gardiegymnasiet,
Lidköping, Sweden.
During their visit the students were
able to tour SwedishAmerican
Hospital and learn within departments such as Labor and Delivery,
Mother and Baby, Surgery and
Home Health. “During the days in
the hospital I have got the chance
to see something that I have wanted
to see for a long time—a childbirth,” said Swedish nursing student
Reena Lindell. “It was amazing
Pictured from left to right: Linnea Bengtsson, City of Lidköping; Katarina Svanström, instructor;
students Johanna Eriksson, Reena Lindell, Lovisa Smedman, Sofia Öbergand and Ellen Ivehag;
Susanne Rahm-Birgersson, instructor; and Laura Wilkinson, director, SwedishAmerican Foundation.
because I have wanted to become
a midwife since I was 7 years old,
so it was like a dream came true
that day.”
“I got the chance to see a surgery,
which I truly looked forward to,”
said student Sofia Öbergand.
“This was an amazing opportunity.”
“This creative international project
allows us to benchmark the U.S. and
Swedish healthcare systems and at the
same time gives the students incredible
experiences at SwedishAmerican
Hospital and Rock Valley College,”
said Linnea Bengtsson, international
business developer, City of Lidköping
and County of Skaraborg, and the
program’s coordinator.
In Memoriam
It is with profound sadness that we
write of the passing of a dearly
loved friend of the Foundation.
Dr. Henry C. Anderson died quietly
in the presence of his family, on
January 13, just two months shy
of his 91st birthday.
Dr. Anderson served as a medic in
the South Pacific during WWII, and
returned home to study medicine at
UW. He completed his internship
at SwedishAmerican and in 1955
joined the medical staff here as a
primary care physician. During that
time Dr. Anderson developed and
implemented the first polio prevention campaign in Rockford,
inoculating children by administering live polio vaccine.
After 34 years of practice, he
joined the administrative staff at the
hospital where he served as Vice
President of Professional Affairs
and Chief Quality Officer. Under
his leadership, SwedishAmerican
received the Lincoln Award for
Excellence, the RIT/USA Today
National Quality Cup and earned
designation as a Top 100 Hospital.
In 2014 Dr. Anderson was chosen
by the Rockford Area Convention &
Visitors Bureau as one of Rockford’s
most inspiring citizens.
Dr. Anderson and his wife,
Dorothy, have supported the
SwedishAmerican Foundation
since 1960, donating money, time
and talent to Foundation projects.
He was the driving force behind
the creation of the Heritage
Center Museum.
But Dr. Anderson’s love for medicine paled in comparison to his
love for his wife, his children, his
grandchildren and his great-grandchildren. They were all the center of
his universe, and that was evident
to anyone who knew him.
Donor Spotlight
Our spotlight this month shines on the Shirley Hood Memorial
Breast Cancer Relief Foundation, which recently donated 200
copies of the Breast Cancer Treatment Handbook to the SwedishAmerican
Breast Health Center. This comprehensive guide covers all aspects from
diagnosis to recovery and is being made available, free of charge,
to the center’s patients.
Shirley Hood lost her battle with breast cancer at the young age of 57.
The Shirley Hood Memorial Breast Cancer Relief Foundation was
founded by her family in 2004 to help men and women in the Southern
Wisconsin and Northern Illinois counties of Rock, Walworth, Boone,
Ogle and Winnebago. The group provides information and other
necessary resources and treatments related to breast cancer, including
mammograms, ultrasound, radiology fees and prosthetics.
Our Foundation and the Breast Health Center are very thankful for
their continued generosity. Together we are making it possible for
women to have all of the tools and information they need.
Dr. Henry C. Anderson
To say he was loved and will be
missed sounds so hollow. There
are no words to truly describe the
impact he had on all of our lives.
He was one of a kind. We were
honored to stand in his shadow.
Join Us for a Trip to Sweden
SEPTEMBER 12–19, 2015
The Foundation is coordinating a
trip to Sweden in 2015. Beginning
with a direct flight from Chicago to
Stockholm on Sept. 12, the tour will
feature a number of cities, including Stockholm, Lidköping, Smögen,
Gothenburg and Varberg.
This trip will combine the beautiful
sights, sounds and tastes of Sweden with opportunities to see and
learn more about its environmental
innovation and sustainability. Also,
in keeping with SwedishAmerican’s
new partnership with the nursing
program Lidköping’s De la Gardiegymnasiet, a portion of this trip
also will include a conversation
about healthcare in Sweden and a
visit to the hospital at Lidköping.
Highlights of the trip will be:
• Visit to the Royal Palace in Stockholm
• Dinner with the Mayor of Lidköping
• Visit to the Läckö Castle
• Dinner at the Nature Room in the
region’s famed Victoria House
• Tour of a 1,000-year-old church
in Skara Domkyrka
• Boat tour around Smögen
The trip will conclude with a direct
flight from Copenhagen to Chicago
on Sept. 19. Full information on
pricing and all amenities will be
available in the Spring issue of
Neighborhood Update
SwedishAmerican Foundation is continuing its commitment to improving the neighborhood through offering a
50/50 grant for Jackson TIF homeowners, renovating and selling homes at a low cost, providing safe and secure
apartments for rent and offering an Employee Assistance Program to SwedishAmerican employees.
The 50/50 grant for Jackson TIF homeowners will provide a total of $120,000 toward neighborhood
improvements. The focus is on needed exterior repairs to create a safer, healthier neighborhood for everyone.
SwedishAmerican Foundation has four properties for sale:
$75,000; New Construction;
Energy Efficient
$55,000; Attractively Renovated;
Rich Wood Detail
$45,000; Full of Charm;
Claw-foot Tub
$29,900; Classy Condo;
Lots of Space
The Employee Assistance Program provides SwedishAmerican employees the opportunity to receive $5,000.
This money can either be used toward the down payment on or closing costs for a SwedishAmerican Foundation
home, or it can be applied toward any home within our 81-block neighborhood limits.
The Terrace Apartments are in a prime location for any SwedishAmerican physician
or employee to rent. Each unit has been updated but still maintains its character with
original bathroom tile and beautiful wood trim.
If you have questions regarding any of our homes, rental properties or the Employee
Assistance Program please contact Emily Anaya at (815) 489-4339 or
[email protected]
1420 East State Street; Terrace Apts.
SwedishAmerican Foundation Provides
Grant to Rockford Public Schools
In June 2014, Illinois enacted a new law requiring CPR and AED training
as part of all secondary school curriculums. In keeping with its mission,
the Foundation has provided a grant of $89,500 to the Rockford Public
Schools to enable CPR/AED training for all sixth- and 10th-grade students.
The grant will provide several learning opportunities. All sixth- and
10th-grade students will learn CPR. Sixth-grade students will receive an
introduction to CPR and AED, while 10th graders will go through the
Heartsaver CPR AED program and earn a course completion card in
CPR. In addition, an after-school program in CPR will be available to all
seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade students. Juniors and seniors also can
take a CPR class and earn the Healthcare Provider Course card.
SwedishAmerican’s EMS department will provide CPR training for RPS’
205 health instructors and nurses, who will then teach students. The grant
also will provide AED trainers in all middle and high schools as well as
videos, manuals and adult and infant mannequins to help teach lifesaving skills.
Tom Pratt of SwedishAmerican Emergency Management stated, “The
more people who are trained in CPR, the more lifesavers we have in
our community. Our program will touch at least 4,000 RPS students,
which is one more way SwedishAmerican is helping to transform
Rockford and make it a healthier place to live.” The grant was formally
accepted by the Rockford School Board on Oct. 28.
1415 East State Street • Rockford, IL 61104
(815) 961-2496 •
Save the Dates!
Make plans now to join
SwedishAmerican Foundation for
its 21st Annual Cruise held
on Saturday, March 7, 2015,
at Giovanni’s. Doors open at
6:30 p.m.
For the first time, all proceeds
will benefit the Holistic Health
Services at SwedishAmerican.
Holistic Health practices have
been a mainstay of medicine
in Europe for decades and are
an integral part of the future of
medicine in the United States.
SwedishAmerican was the first
to embrace its many modalities
in 1997 and leads all other area
hospitals in its implementation.
Great food, entertainment, a
silent auction, music and dancing
are the hallmarks of the evening,
dubbed by many as “the most
fun fundraiser in Rockford.”
Cruise 2013 and Cruise 2014
were sold-out events, so do not
delay in sending in your
reservation once you receive your
invitation, or contact Michelle at
(815) 489-4331 for more info.
Online Giving
Online Giving is under
construction. Look for details
in the spring issue of Together.