ECHO® Pergamyn- ECHO® glassine-

ECHO® glassineTasty and nutritious cooking
ECHO® PergamynFor simple, vitamin-rich cuisine, quick and clean!
Cook with ECHO® glassine, simply and nutritiously;
the kitchen stays clean and preparation is quick!
Whether you are heating sausages, cooking
vegetables or preparing whole meals, ECHO®
glassine makes it quick, and the kitchen remains
clean. Simply wrap the food in a sheet of glassine or
put it in a glassine bag, place on a microwavable
plate in the microwave, and in minutes your
sausages are heated, your vegetables cooked and
your meal ready.
Nutritious and clean!
Due to a special mechanical processing, ECHO®
glassine is a very dense special paper, which
guarantees that flavour, nutrients and vitamins remain
in the food. In addition, food preparation is clean, as
there is no splashing or spraying in the microwave, and
the pots and pans remain unused. The perfect
convenience product
ECHO® glassine is heat resistant!
ECHO® glassine paper is heat resistant to 220°C, and
suitable for microwave cooking.
ECHO® glassine is compostable!
Glassine paper can be recycled or composted.
Food safe!
ECHO® glassine is approved for direct food contact,
with certification from an independent institute.
Available in handy bags and sheets!
ECHO® glassine is available in different sizes of bag
and sheets. In addition, you can choose between
bleached or natural unbleached glassine.
Sheets and rolled sheets
ECHO bleached 40g/m2 / natur 35g/m2
Wrapping paper
1/4 sheets 500 x 375mm
approx. 1,000 sheets
ECHO bleached 40g/m2 / natur 35g/m2
Wrapping paper
1/8 sheets 375 x 250mm
approx. 1,000 sheets
ECHO bleached / natur 40g/m2
360 x 220 x 60mm
Bundled in 100s
1,000 bags/box
ECHO bleached / natur 40g/m2
240 x 100 x 60mm
bundled in 100s
1,000 bags/box
Sheet rolls:
ECHO bleached 40g/m2
Wrapping paper
1/64 sheets 125 x 94mm
approx. 2,500 sheets
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ECHO bleached 40g/m2
1/4 sheets 500 x 375mm
1kg rolls, approx. 130 sheets
Manufacturer: Spezialpapierfabrik Oberschmitten GmbH • Rhönstrasse 13 • 63667 Nidda • T 06043 808 01 • F 06043 808 100 •
ECHOPePP®for cooking
ECHOPePP® Quick, clean, full of vitamins and nutrients
ECHOPePP®, a laminate of glassine paper and microthin film, is ideal for cooking moist and fatty foodstuffs.
ECHOPePP® is at its best when preparing dishes or
foodstuffs which are very moist. The big advantage is
its properties, retaining the vitamins and goodness in
the food, and preventing loss of flavour.
ECHOPePP® is food safe!
ECHOPePP® is approved and certified for direct food
Heat resistant to 140 °C!
Available in handy bags!
ECHOPePP® bags are available in two different
ECHOPePP bleached / light green
400 x 105 x 60mm
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ECHOPePP® is heat resistant to 140 °C and
microwavable, when used for moist or fatty foodstuffs!
ECHOPePP bleached
275 x 105 x 60mm
As a wipe-clean table cover!
In higher weights, ECHOPePP® is suitable for use as tablecovers. The micro-thin
film gives the tablecover the properties, which paper alone does not have:
- water resistant, grease resistant, wipe-clean. The tablecover can therefore be
used for an extended period. Moreover it is very versatile. It can, for example, be
used to line shelves and cabinets, as flower-wrap or as a decorative paper.
Manufacturer: Spezialpapierfabrik Oberschmitten GmbH • Rhönstrasse 13 • 63667 Nidda • T 06043 808 01 • F 06043 808 100 •