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February 2015
Calgary & District Dental Society
2014/2015 Lecture Series
Metropolitan Centre
333 4th Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Friday, February 20, 2015
Registration starts at 7:45am
Seminar time 8:30AM – 4:00PM
Evidence-based Aesthetics:
Speaking with Certainty on Smiles
Bryce Adamson
Dr. Mark Berkman
T: 403-256-7797 F: 403-201-9981
T: 403-242-2000 F: 403-686-0990
Past President
Past President
Dr. Kellen Smith
Dr. Tara Habijanac
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President Elect
President Elect
Dr. Farida Saher
Dr. Tobin Doty
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Cheryl Graas
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Jennifer Graas
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Leagh Harfield
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Dr. Clay Bullock
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Dr. Tom Wierzbicki
Dr. Angela Xu
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Dr. Meggan Herd
Dr. Kari Stein
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Dr Kuen Chow
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C.U.P. S.
Dr. Kuen Chow
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Dr. Jeff Okamura
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Al GraasAllain
Lecture Summary:
This lecture will present esthetics from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Although esthetic assessments and treatments from orthodontic and
periodontic viewpoints in particular will be highlighted, material that can
benefit all members of the interdisciplinary treatment team will be discussed.
Using contemporary evidence and a case-based approach, information on
micro- mini- and macro-esthetics of the smile will be presented. Additionally,
insight from a patient (consumer) perspective on dental esthetic issues will be
given, and tips to enhance discussions regarding patients’ treatment options
will be provided.
Educational Objectives:
At the conclusion of this course attendees will be able to:
-Better diagnose dental esthetic issues related to size, proportion, and
-Manage cases involving altered gingival heights
-Better understand patients’ motivations for seeking esthetic
-Enhance discussions with patients regarding esthetic treatment
Dr. Ryan Keyes
T: 403-228-9989 F:888-528-6620
Dr. Richard McCowan
Muoi Leong F: 403-271-9198
T: 403-271-9100
Dr. Berkman is a former Howard Hughes Medical Institute research
scholar, and a graduate of the orthodontic program at the University of
T: 403-271-1665
F: 403-278-9944
Sarah Hulland
Michigan. He is active in organized dentistry, and is a past-president of
T: 403-212-0809 F: 403-255-9057
Member at Large
the Michigan Association of Orthodontists. He maintains a private
Dr. Greg Barnett
practice in Commerce Township, MI, and is a part-time faculty member
T: 403-271-8010 F: 403-233-2208
at the University of Michigan, where he teaches at the predoctoral and
postdoctoral levels. Dr. Berkman’s research interests include facial
Executive Assistant
Dr. Dave Fremit
growth, biomechanics, and interdisciplinary patient management, and
T: 403-239-1465 F: 403-239-9646
Calgary & District Dental Society
he lectures internationally on these as well as other contemporary
P.O. Box 72161,
P.O. Box 72161, RPO Glenmore Landing
RPO Glenmore Landing
Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H0
Calgary, Alberta T2V 5H0
Telephone: 403-239-1465
T: 403-240-1257 F: 403-240-1638
Sponsorship Coordinator
Dr. Brett Habijanac
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 403-239-9646
Email: [email protected]
(Notices are No Charge to CDDS Members, but there is a 2 month max. limit per Ad.)
ASSOCIATE, at our established,
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extremely flexible depending on
successful candidate. Please
email CV to:
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Only a select few will be
* 2 * CDDS February 2015
• Looking for locum dentist to
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Guaranteed daily minimum.
Please email
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• CUPS Dental is looking for
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Contact Dr. Kuen Chow at
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[email protected]
March 13, 2015 Mini-Lectures
9am - Dr. John Bogle Endo Update: Ultrasonic Use for the General Practitioner
9:45am - Break
10am - Dr. Tom Wierzbicki Periodontal Plastic Surgery - Soft Tissue Augmentation
10:45am - Break
11am - Mr. Alan Rudakoff, Lawyer for CDSPI
Part I: Case Studies - Typical Claims in Dental Malpractice and Professional Discipline
Noon - Lunch and CDDS AGM
1pm - Mr. Alan Rudakoff
Part II: Avoiding the Litigation and Discipline Process - Practical Strategies and Considerations
2pm - Dr. Tricia Mrozowich Deconstructing the Panoramic Radiograph
2:45pm - Break
3pm - Dr. Warren Cohen Topic Orthodontics TBD
3:45 - 5:30pm Wine and Cheese Spring Social (please register separately for this event from the mini-lectures)
The Calgary and District Dental Society 2015-2016 Seminar
September 18, 2015 Dr. Saranjeev Lalh The World of Facial Esthetics
October 23, 2015 Dr. Stanley Malamed Emergency Medicine
Friday, November 20, 2015 Lois Banta Dental Team Playbook
Saturday, November 21, 2015 Dr. Howard Farran Dr. Farran’s One-Day Dental MBA
January 15, 2016 Dr. Stanley Malamed Local Anaesthesia
Friday, February 5, 2016 Dr. Jim Grisdale Novel Management of the Periodontal Patient
and Implant Maintenance Therapy 101 for the Dental Team
CDDS gratefully acknowledges our Distinguished Sponsors
Saturday, February 6, 2016 Dr. Kenneth Hargreaves Successful Management of Acute Dental Pain
March 11, 2016 Mini-Lectures TBA
and Issues in Managing the Persistent Endodontic Infection
Deadline for March newsletter submissions is 12pm Monday, February 23, 2015
CDDS February 2015 * 3 *
CHARGES: 1/4 Page $250 1/2 Page $500 Full Page $1000
The CDDS Executive is seeking a few volunteers to
fill vacant positions on the 2015-2016 Executive. If
you would like to join a fun group and be more
involved with the running of the CDDS, please send
an email to Dave at [email protected]
4 * CDDS December, 2012
* 4 * CDDS February 2015
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Rouse Signature Lectures Presents:
Sleep Prosthodontics:
Not the Same Old Sleep Dentistry Course
Dr. Jeff Rouse
San Diego Jan 8-10
San Antonio April 16-18
Chicago Oct 1-3
Charlotte, NC Oct 22-24
Sleep Prosthodontics is the study of the airway and its impact on the stomatognathic system.
The impact of breathing that disturbed sleep is seem in daily dental practice: bruxism,
erosion, myalgia, and malocclusion. This differs from a traditional Sleep Dentistry course that
focuses on the oral appliance and its’ impact on the airway. Dr Rouse will introduce
participants to a new vision for dentistry and the amazing role it can play in improving the
health and sleep of our patients: Maintain then Resolve. CPAP and oral appliances to achieve
a healthier airway. Use the maintenance clues to then attempt to resolve the patients problem
and eliminate the appliance. Hands-on screening, nasal breathing and oral appliance projects
will be conducted during the three-days. Finally, a focus on fixing the 4 year-old child for a
lifetime will be highlighted.
Attendees will be able to:
1. Understand why management of the airway is key to medical and dental health
2. List dental co-morbidities elicited from poor sleep breathing and possible solutions
3. Explain the importance nasal breathing, fabricate a provisional oral appliance and
recognize the patients autonomic reactivity
4. Determine the ideal oral appliance for different patient types
at www. or call 210-828-3334
4 Great Reasons to Visit San Antonio
The RSL Sleep and Airway Course Track
Dr. Jeff Rouse
Sleep Prosthodontics April 16-18
Course 2 Integrating Sleep May 22-23
Course 3 Airway Occlusion May 8-9
Course 4 Blending “Global” and Airway- The
“Complete” Dentist- 2016
Course 1
Course 1 creates a foundation in Sleep Medicine, Sleep Dentistry
and Sleep Prosthodontics. After completion of this course you will be
prepared to detect, screen, and refer your patients. Appliance therapy
is discussed in detail but alternative treatments are also highlighted.
Course 2 moves Sleep concepts to full implementation in a
restorative dental practice. The professional development of your
clinical team will be enhanced through the interaction with Rouse's
clinical team, including topics on Coordinating Sleep, utilizing Sleep
software, and Getting the Doctor Paid
Course 3 discusses the impact that maintaining an airway during
eating, working, and exercising plays in damaging teeth, joints, and
ceramic. This is a view of “Occlusion” is distinct to RSL and is
enlivened by its location.
Course 4 provides an evolution and revolution. Details TBA-2016
Register at www. or call 210-828-3334
Midtowne Gallery is proud
to present a fundraising
exhibition and sale of
Charles Hope photographs
in support of
Dentistry for All
Charles Hope, “Spiderman” , Giclee on Moab Entrada Rag 300gsm, 6.625 x 10” (detail)
February 7 - March 7, 2015
Midtowne Gallery is located within Its Worth Framing at
9250 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, Tel: 403-252-7063
Email: [email protected]
Los niños de la clínica
E x h ib ition Opening : S at urday, Feb 7t h
2 : 0 0 - 6 : 00p m, Ar t ist in at ten d a n ce
Wandering Guatemala
Charles Hope, “HipHop”, Giclee on Moab Entrada Rag 300gsm, 4.125" x 6.25 (detail)
Dentistry for All is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-run
and supported organization whose members are
dedicated to providing dental education, preventative,
surgical and restorative care to the poor in numerous
developing communities around the world.