Preparation of Community T2S testing

Market Notice
19 February 2015
Preparation of Community T2S testing
Dear Client,
we would like to inform you that on February 20 th, 2015, as is known, all Participants’
configuration data included in Client Migration Platform (CLIMP T3 environment) and
used for the future production environment, will be migrated to Monte Titoli T1
environment where Community T2S testing activity will be carried out.
Therefore, the current CLIMP T3 environment will not be available to insert
changes and/or add data starting from 10.00 am (CET) of February 20th, 2015,
to February 23rd, 2015.
As of March 3rd, in T1 testing environment, it will be available a new release of Client
Migration Platform, which will embrace configuration’s changes directly in testing
Therefore, it reminds that:
As of February 23rd, it will be possible to change configuration data in CLIMP
T3 environment for production purposes.
As of March 3rd, it will be possible to change configuration data in CLIMP T1
environment for testing purposes.
Market Notice
19 February 2015
Possible necessary changes in one (T3) and in the other environment (T1) have to
be inserted one by one by the client.
Credentials (UserID) to access CLIMP T1,, are
the same already used for MT-X production. At the first access the system requests
to change password.
As specified in the Testing Plan, current balances in production environment at
closing date of 26/02 will be available in testing environment. Due to balances’
migration activity, testing environment will go full speed for testing activities after
March 3rd, 2015. It is important to notice that neither X-TRM operations, nor Express
II settlement instructions will be migrated.
For further information relating to environments’ access, please contact:
Client Support
E-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: + 39 0233635640
For information relating to testing activities, please contact:
E-mail address: [email protected]