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Midland Public Schools
Our Schools
Our Community … Our Schools … Our Children … Our Decision
The decision voters make on February 24 will affect every MPS student and every
MPS school for the next 12-15 years. It will determine how MPS faces the future.
The comprehensive bond proposal will…
 enhance student safety and security
 upgrade aging facilities
 reduce operating costs by improving energy efficiency
 assure the learning environment supports 21st Century learning
 upgrade classroom technology and technology infrastructure
Midland Public Schools
wants you to “Talk to us”
Go to www.midlandps.org and
click on the Talk to us button to
share your kudos, concerns and
Please Vote February 24 … Thank you!
Exciting programs for our communities’ youngest learners in 2015-16
As you may know, MPS offered our first 4-year-old pre-school program this year and
are excited to report it has gone exceedingly well. We are happy to offer this pre-school
program in 2015-16 as well. For information, please contact Ms. Kelli Jolly at 923-5066
or [email protected] (This is a competitively priced tuition-based program.)
Young 5’s Kindergarten is a brand new program being offered by Midland Public Schools for the 201516 school year. This program is for children who turn 5 on or before December 1 and may not be quite
ready for kindergarten. The program is child-centered and provides additional time for emotional, social,
intellectual and physical growth through learning activities. Contact Ms. Jolene Laetz at 923-5070 or
[email protected] to receive information. (There is no fee to families for this Young 5’s Program.)
MPS Mission Statement
Midland Public Schools, in partnership with our community, prepares students as knowledgeable, self-reliant, cooperative and ethical
learners who are contributing citizens.
MPS Vision Statement
Midland Public Schools provides a dynamic world class education that develops the unique talents of all students in a safe, secure and
healthy environment.
(989) 923-6037 <> website: midps.org/ade <> Dr. Linda Lipsitt, Principal
Friends in Alaska — Adams’ 3rd graders are learning about life and culture outside
of Midland, as well as using technology in awesome ways!! The 3rd graders in Mrs.
Curtis’ class are writing pen pal letters to our new friends in Nunapitchuk,
Alaska. The Adams 3rd graders wanted to do something nice for their Alaskan
friends, so they started collecting items that they
could use both at school and at home including:
journals, colored pencils, toothbrushes, socks,
crayons, paper, peanut butter and crackers. The
3rd grade students filled four boxes that were
shipped to Alaska right after Thanksgiving. In
addition to writing letters back and forth, the
students have had the opportunity to Face Time
with them using their iPad and the robotic iPad
that roams through their Alaskan friends' classroom on wheels. It is such a great
way to bring the friendships to life to be able to see each other and visit.
The 1st graders at Adams Elementary made holiday placemats for the residents at
Deer Run Rehabilitation. The students decorated
placemats to be set out throughout the holidays as
part of a "caring" service project. Deer Run is a
brain and spinal cord injury facility. Many of the
residents cannot leave for the holidays due to the
equipment they may need to have, so the families
come to Deer Run to celebrate. The placemats
were placed in the dining room for the residents
and families to enjoy!
ADAMS 5TH GRADE CULTURE CLUB — Adams Elementary 5th Grade Culture Club has
been busy learning about our world! In November, they studied China with Adams’
parent Lisa Tsay (from Taiwan) and learned to use chopsticks and brush paint. They
also learned about Chinese music and instruments in preparation for a visit from
Shanren, the Chinese band through Midwest Arts World Fest. In December, students
studied Danish and English Christmas with parent Alex Vardeman (from England/
lived in Denmark) and tried traditional Danish Christmas cookies. They also wove
ornaments in red and white, the colors of the Danish flag. January brought Adams’
parents Julie Gobin and Aleth Ritter who taught students about their native France!
Students learned about “April Fish Day” and sampled some delicious homemade
beignets de carnaval/bugnes. Culture Club is looking forward to a wonderful February
field trip on Valentine’s Day to Bullock Creek High School to celebrate the Chinese
New Year with the Tri City Chinese Association! They will have a chance to make
Chinese dumplings beforehand and then try Chinese food with the members of the
TCCA. Following will be a wonderful night of Chinese entertainment in the Bullock
Creek Auditorium. At Adams, Director Kim McMahan and her Culture Club members
feel quite fortunate to have such diversity in our Midland community!
Alex Vardeman teaching Culture Club
about Danish Christmas
Alex Ritter making
French beignets
Shanren Band of China with
Culture Club
(989) 923-6411 <> website: midps.org/cre <> Mr. Jeff Lauer, Principal
Building their dreams!
We sometimes forget the big dreams with which our children start their journey, but
Mr. Jeff Lauer’s return to the elementary administrator role as Carpenter’s Principal
has reminded him of the importance of preparing students so they can realize those
dreams. Carpenter Street School is fortunate to have a staff and community dedicated
to ensuring that possibility.
Of course the first step is breaking down barriers to success…
Addressing Barriers
Students come to school at a variety of readiness levels and academic backgrounds.
At Carpenter Street School we are dedicated to the success of all of our students. For
students in need of additional adult support, we have a strong volunteer mentoring
program. We have a team of staff dedicated to finding and addressing student
barriers with Francisca Himmer, our Family Intervention Specialist, and, in
collaboration with the Midland County Department of Human Services, Chris Corbat,
our Success Coach. Of course, our primary responsibility is that of building
academics. Not only do we have a talented team of teachers, paraprofessionals and
staff, we have implemented a program called Dreambox that identifies students’
strengths and gaps in mathematics knowledge individually and helps fill the gaps in
learning so students can progress more successfully or extend their current
knowledge beyond their grade-level curriculum.
Hour of Code
Those who know Mr. Lauer, know that he enjoys the role of
technology in the learning process. Needless to say, he
was excited when teachers had their students participate in
the Hour of Code!
The Hour of Code is a one-hour activity in which students
of all ages all over the world choose from a variety of coding activities. Students
experience the spark of computer science! Students had a great time with the
activities and learned many new technology skills!
Music Programs
This time of year, Carpenter enjoys a number of
music programs and activities. Mrs. Jacques
provides a wide variety of opportunities for our
students to develop their vocal talents. From
grade-level concerts to community performances,
students learn the benefit of hard work and
practice, while also developing confidence and a
strong sense of pride in their abilities.
Goals for our Future
We wrapped up the first semester with a
program that highlighted our vision for
students. We welcomed members of the
Red Wings promotional staff to Carpenter
Street School and they provided an exciting program that promoted education, health,
physical fitness, and setting goals so students achieve the future they deserve. On
top of that, students competed against the staff in a traditional shoot out!
(989) 923-6634 <> website: midps.org/che <> Ms. Tracy Renfro, Principal
(989) 923-7112 <> website: midps.org/ele <> Ms. Shannon Blasy, Principal
5th graders studying moon phases using cookies!
Winter All-School Sing Along: Students and staff members share in a winter
celebration of song. Students sang songs of the season from all around the world.
First graders taking a nature walk
using their 5 senses.
Second grade students making contractions by performing “surgery” on words.
Fifth grade music students put on a Star Studded performance for adoring fans.
Flag Etiquette: Brad Blanchard from
the Dow Chemical Veteran’s Outreach
Team teaches students how to
properly fold the flag.
Following the Count me in! Program, students stamped their
thumbprint on a banner to show
they were pledging to be inclusive.
The Kiwanis Club of Midland surprised first grade students with Santa!
Chestnut Hill Students raised over $13,000 at the Mustache Mania Walkathon held
on October 9. Each grade level wore a different color and sported colored
“mustaches”! Students, staff, and parents walked during scheduled sessions
throughout the day and the fun ended with a prize drawing in the gym.
Eastlawn’s Upcoming Events:
February 13 MPS PD Day
February 17 Twin Day
February 20 Jump Rope MHS 7 PM
February 21 Jump Rope at Northwood University
February 21 Paddleton Tournament Grade 4: MHS; Grade 5: DHS at 9 am
(989) 923-5181
Website: midps.org/mhs
Ms. Janet Greif, Principal
KIVA loans close to $15 thousand
MHS launches Robotics Team
The MHS Kiva Club operates with the goal
to raise money in order to help alleviate
poverty and spread Chemic Pride worldwide.
By loaning money through an online system,
the club achieves this goal. In 2014 Kiva club
loaned out $3,750, increasing the total amount
of money loaned to $14,675. The Chemic Kiva
Club has reached over 45 countries through
these loans, and constantly works to give back
to the community as well as the world.
Instead of heading home after the final
bell, students of the MHS robotics team
travel to the Franklin Center to prepare their
robot alongside DHS’s team, The Charge.
The MHS robotics team consists of 15
members coached by math teacher Ben
Younkin. Along with the hardworking
students are MPS robotics alumni and skilled
volunteers who teach the current team
members and help them create their robot.
“I am learning a bunch of things that you
wouldn’t learn in school,” said senior
Brenden McDonald. “You won’t learn how to
wire a power box or replace a fuse in a
classroom. This is all our first year. We are
all learning.”
Every member of the MHS robotics team
has no experience when it comes to
building, designing and programming a
robot. They all work hard and learn fast in
order to obtain the best chance of a win. The
competition starts with a six-week building
period with competitions beginning in
February. Every team member may be a
rookie when it comes to building a robot, but
each member brings
his or her own
knowledge and
creativity to the table.
“I am good at
programming, but I
need to learn the
specifically for robots,” said senior Miles
Lefevre. “Everyone is learning new things,
but everyone has their specialty. They are
using their prior knowledge to help out.”
Students compete in Brain Bee
Sam Bork, Andrew Kim, Cara Mitrano and
Joh Reeves competed in the Mid-Michigan
Brain Bee on January 23. Bronze, silver and
gold medals were given to the top three
winners, and the first place winner was given
the chance to compete at the National Brain
Bee. Special congratulations go to Joh
Reeves who placed 2nd and Cara Mitrano who
placed 3rd in the competition. The Brain Bee
was held at the Health Professions Building at
Central Michigan University. Forty MidMichigan high school students competed in
the event that tested knowledge of brain
function, location, brain disorders and other
brain facts. Joh, Cara, Sam and Andrew
represented Midland High School well in
demonstrating their neuroscience knowledge
and Chemic Pride.
Building Trades house well underway on Collins Street
The MPS Building
Trades class consists of a
great group of students:
three girls and 11 boys.
This year the crew is
building a house at 1000
W. Collins. The home is
1,100 square feet with
two bedrooms and two
bathrooms on the main floor, with one of those rooms being a master
suite. There is also the availability of having a third bedroom, full
bathroom, and a living room in the basement. This home also features
an open floor concept and a great kitchen with an island.
Did you know the Midland Public Schools’ Building Trades program:
 Has been renovating and building new homes throughout the City
of Midland since the mid 1970’s.
 Has been supported by and has had involvement with over 70
different businesses within the City of Midland and surrounding
 Has built six houses/duplexes for people with special needs in
cooperation with the City of Midland, ARC of Midland and the
Reece Endeavor. Students have also built two spec houses in the
last nine years.
 Has a Facebook page, and you can track the progress of the house
though pictures. – Just “like” the group Midland Public Schools
Building Trades.
Midland High by the Numbers
 This class fulfills the fourth year math-
related credit for many seniors.
 Students do NOT need any prerequisite
courses before taking this class.
 This course is NOT just for students who
may want to go into the construction field
for a living. It is also for those who want to
own their own home some day and want
to gain the knowledge to be able to make
repairs or improvements.
On average, number of college credits earned by IB Diploma
candidates upon entering their freshman year.
Students participating in a winter sport
Recognized clubs offered at MHS
Annual volunteer projects completed by Key Club
Students enrolled in a Career, Tech. Ed. course
Students enrolled in an art class
(989) 923-5382
Website: midps.org/dhs
Ms. Pamela Kastl, Principal
Dow High’s Camp Outlook
In 1994 Dow High’s school improvement
committee, Diversity, recognized that the
student population represents a variety of
subgroups. The committee wanted to bring
together a cross-section of student leaders, so
Camp Outlook was created. This was the 19th
year for the program which had a one-year
Our goal is to promote understanding among
all student groups and to train students with
influence in the school to become more effective
leaders. It is also for the students to value the
perspectives of others and encourage their
peers to do the same after returning to school.
We believe this experience will lead to less
discrimination, oppression, and bullying around
the school and community.
DAR Good Citizen Award
Each year Dow High selects a
DAR Good Citizen Awardee
sponsored by the local DAR
Chapter. This award is given
to a senior who shows the
 Leadership - personality, self-control and
the assumption of responsibility
 Dependability - truthfulness, loyalty and
 Service - cooperation, courtesy,
consideration of others
 Patriotism - unselfish interest in family,
school, community and nation
Congratulations to this year’s recipient
Caleb Richard!
DHS Marketing Classes & Make-A-Wish … a History of Greatness!
Students in DHS marketing classes showed their Charger Spirit by making
this past holiday season brighter for some families. The class participated in a
project where they provided a product/service, advertised, sold and kept track
of costs. All profits were given to the Make-A-Wish foundation.
The three marketing classes together raised $7,879.27 for the Make-A-Wish
foundation this year. Make-A-Wish grants the wishes of children with lifethreatening medical conditions. In the 18 years that Dow High marketing
classes have raised funds for Make-A-Wish, students have raised nearly
$33,000. Ms. DeBoer
stated “This was an
amazing year. Students
went over and beyond
all expectations in
operating their
businesses and created
more profit than any
other year in the history
of the project.”
Charger BPA
Dow High had 9 students (Alex
Arons, Courtney Gage, Sarah Hirschi,
Caitlyn Meyers, Mackenzie Pirie, Jeff
Searle, Arhant Srivastava, Brandi Wheeler
and Mia Yamamoto) advanced from
Regionals to compete at States in
Grand Rapids in March. Four
students will compete in computer
programming events and the rest will
compete in business, economic
research, accounting, finance, and
computer security events.
Sixty-nine Dow High DECA members competed in district competition
at Saginaw Valley State University on December 19. Over 630 students from more than 20
DECA chapters throughout the region participated in the competition. The event consisted of
many business-themed competitions such as Individual Series, Team Decision-Making &
Dow High DECA members have worked very hard
to be State Qualifiers and will be traveling to Grand
Rapids in March for a chance to compete at the
International Competition in April in Orlando, Florida.
Congratulations to all members who have
accomplished great things this competition!
Chargers and their families celebrating athletic letters for intent. Congratulations to ...
 Ellie Dean, Wayne State for swim
 Connor Smith, Western Michigan for baseball
 Helena Atton, St. Xavier for volleyball
 Maddie Kuch, LaSalle University, Philadelphia for volleyball
 Luke Anderson, Mt. Vernon Nazerene for baseball
 Rachel Reardon, Denison College for soccer
» 2014 District Champs
» SVL Blue Champions
» 9-0 Undefeated season
» SVL Blue Div. Champs
Girls’ Swimming:
» SVL Champions
» Tri City Champions
Ladies’ Golf:
» Acad. All-State Team
Boys’ Tennis:
» SVL Championship
» Regional Champs
» Acad. All-State Team
Dig Pink
Alpine Club
(989) 923-5873 <> website: midps.org/jms <> Mr. Steve Poole, Principal
Jefferson’s Science Olympiad Team
(989) 923-5772 <> website: midps.org/nms <> Mr. Jeff Jaster, Principal
All MPS students have recently completed the first semester of the
2014/2015 school year. The following information summarizes some of the
noteworthy accomplishments at Northeast Middle School during this time period:
Academic Achievement
All A’s
All A’s & B’s
Jefferson's Science Olympiad team competed in an invitational tournament at
Millington on January 17. This event hosted 15 highly competitive science
teams from all over Michigan. Several Jefferson Huskies earned awards.
Nathaniel Kalantar and Pranjal Singh placed 2nd in the Solar System event.
Rebecca Kowalczyk, Shichi Dhar, and Debasmita Kanungo placed 3rd in the
event called Picture This. Participants were able to learn from other teams and
improve on their own devices as they prepare for the Regional Science
Olympiad Tournament at Delta College in February.
Exciting STEM Partnerships
Jefferson is enthusiastically partnering with
the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
and Dow Chemical volunteers to bring two
different STEM activities to sixth and
seventh grade science classes. Our science
teachers have been trained by SAE staff and will be incorporating this exciting
collaboration into their classes this spring.
Dow Chemical will also be providing
volunteers to help the students along their
way to success. We are very excited about
this endeavor that enables us to partner
with community and professional
Another Example of a Great Community Partner!
Recently, students in Mr. McGee’s physical education class had a guest
presenter. Jeff Simmons, a certified fitness trainer at the Midland Country
Club, challenged the students with 16 stations of core activity and strength
and conditioning exercises. The students were
able to go through all 16 stations during the
hour with a minute at each station and 30
seconds of rest in between each station. Thank
you, Mr. Simmons, for your time at Jefferson!
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Perfect Attendance Recognition
The following “Perfect Attendance” recognition literally means “perfect”. These
Northeast students, recognized at the conclusion of each semester, have not missed
any school (even for medical appointments), or had any tardy marks on their attendance record. The numbers below reflect the total number of students in each grade
that were recognized and also the percentage that this number represents out of their
entire class.
Grade 6
30 awards (9.7%)
Grade 7
28 awards (8.9%)
Grade 8
22 awards (6.6%)
Athletic Involvement
The fall and winter participation numbers listed below are a
summary of all middle school athletic offerings provided by the
Midland Community Center for students in 7th and 8th grade.
Fall Sports Participation
Winter Sports Participation
Music Program Participation
Band Participation
Choir Participation
Orchestra Participation
Music Program Totals
Grade 6
259 (84%)
Grade 7
116 (37%)
Grade 8
120 (36%)
Student Club Participation
Northeast Middle School promotes school involvement as an essential part of the
total school experience. There are numerous clubs offered throughout the year for
student participation. Northeast staff also encourages students to be creative and
start new clubs if they don’t find something that they are interested in from the current
offerings. To date nearly 350 students, or approximately 38% of the student body,
have been involved in one of our school clubs. Please contact the Northeast Main
Office if you would like specific information about what is available (923-5772).
(989) 923-7616 <> website: midps.org/pme <> Ms. Bridget Hockemeyer, Principal
Leadership Plymouth students model and direct a variety of school activities.
These activities include a
food drive for the needy,
walking in the Santa
Parade, planning and
promoting school spirit
days, and incorporating
positive activities for all
students so they feel welcome and safe at Plymouth Elementary. A special thanks
to Ms. Jacobs, Mrs. DeShais and Mr. Murphy for guiding the leadership group.
Thank you, Safety Patrol!
A heartfelt thank you to our fourth and fifth
graders that work to keep the students at
Plymouth safe. The safety patrollers strive
to model before and after school behavior,
greet visitors with a friendly smile and lend
a hand by opening the doors. The weather has been cold, but our responsible
safety patrol students continue to be dependable every day.
Second Grade STEM Project
Students followed specific procedures using materials to
create an “apple container” capable of carrying at least 3
apples. The containers were designed by groups of 4-5
students. The containers were tested, modified and
re-tested. The collaboration, thinking and utilization of
science, technology, engineering and math was evident in
the success of the project!
Lunch Time Knitting Club
A sincere thank you to our community volunteers, parents and teachers that are
passing along their craft of knitting to the students at Plymouth Elementary. What
a wonderful way to build relationships, finger dexterity
and learn how to knit or crochet. The lunch time
group, have coined themselves the “Knit Wits” and
enjoy spending time together.
(989) 923-7835 <> website: midps.org/sbe <> Dr. Susan Johnson, Principal
Our PYP Journey at Siebert
As we reach the half way point in our first year of our
International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme,
it is exciting to see the growth that has taken
place. The Learner Profile, a set of characteristics that
supports good citizenship and learning behaviors, is
being introduced to all students. The use of the
Learner Profile in our school has allowed for
meaningful discussions with a common language
throughout the school. The students were able to
participate in our poster contest in December to share
what they have learned about the Learner Profile
attributes that have been introduced school-wide.
Not only have the students been hard at work with the PYP, but the teachers have
been busy as well! The staff at Siebert has had several professional development
opportunities in which they have learned more about the components of the
Primary Years Programme. One focus has been on developing more inquirybased learning opportunities for our students. When students receive instruction
using an inquiry-based approach, it encourages more participation, deeper
thinking, and a more engaging learning experience. Exciting things are happening
at Siebert!
Siebert students Reise Leigeb, 3rd grade, and Mckenna Spindler, 5th grade, have
been accepted as members of the Inaugural Elementary Honors Choir
taking place in East
Lansing. The event is sponsored
by the Michigan Music Education
Association and will be held on
March 21. The choir members will
participate in two rehearsals and
will then perform under the
direction of Kyle Zeuch, Director of
Children and Youth Choirs for the
MSU Community Music School.
Siebert students sent heartfelt sentiments and illustrated cards
to our military through Operation Gratitude. The
precious cards and notes touched the hearts of our troops.
Jefferson Middle School students volunteered to
read Chrysanthemum to Siebert Elementary
School students. The book discusses being kind to
everyone, and the Jefferson students also led the
younger students in an activity about kindness.
Many thanks to our Jefferson friends!
(989) 923-5001 <> website: midlandps.org
(989) 923-7940 <> website: midps.org/wce <> Mr. Jeff Pennex, Principal
2.95% Bond Proposal on February 24 Ballot …
Grinch Day
Our hearts grew on Friday, December 12 as the
Kindergarteners participated in a special service project:
Grinch Day. We reflected on the Grinch’s change of
heart in the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr.
Seuss. All of the students and their families gathered a
bountiful supply of birthday goodies which allowed us to
assemble over 75 birthday kits. Each kit included a cake
mix, frosting, candles, paper products and party favors.
The kits were distributed to The Shelter House, North
Midland Family Center and the Salvation Army. These
organizations were extremely appreciative of our efforts
and will share them with families in need. Our service
project was a response to the PYP unit, Who We Are. This
action replaced the craft and game centers that would otherwise
be provided at the Holiday Party. Enthusiasm and excitement
filled the room as the children worked collaboratively to fill each
birthday bag. These small children were a true testimony to the
power of giving.
MPS Board of Education requested a comprehensive facility study be
completed to show district NEEDS for the next 12-15 years
Thorough MPS study shows student enrollment will level at 7,200 in
the next few years (from 9,600 just 10 years ago)
Average age of MPS schools is 61 years old
88% of MPS buildings are 50 years old or older
Facility study determined we NEED to address
<> student safety and security <> energy efficiency
<> aging facilities <> 21st century learning environments
MPS presently owns 18 buildings; 11 buildings is “right sized” for
current and anticipated leveling of student enrollment
78% of MPS bus fleet will have over 200,000 miles in 3 years
MPS has not had funds for facility renewal since the 2.0 mill Sinking
Fund expired over two years ago
1960’s was the last time MPS incurred debt for major investment into
facilities (when Woodcrest and H. H. Dow High were built)
Toys for Tots Campaign
The Woodcrest Safety Squad recently coordinated a historically successful Toys for
Tots campaign. Thanks to the leadership
displayed by our fifth grade Safety Squad, the
Marine Corp volunteers who picked up the
donated items at the end of the campaign
could not believe their eyes when they left with
five large boxes of toys and games. The
Woodcrest Safety Squad’s actions helped our
entire school community to see, feel, and
understand the power behind the PYP attribute
of “caring.”
Sharing the Planet
Woodcrest second graders just completed the PYP unit of
inquiry called “Sharing the Planet.” This unit, which was
written by the second grade staff at Woodcrest, is an inquiry
into the rights and responsibilities related to sharing finite
resources with other people and living things. The teachers
focused their unit of inquiry on the idea that water is a limited
resource essential to life on Earth.
As a culminating activity for this unit, the second graders
chose to demonstrate their understanding and newly acquired
knowledge by creating a fundraiser involving the sale of
special t-shirts to support the organization Water for South
Sudan. This organization builds wells for African villages that
do not have adequate water supplies. This activity was the
result of the students’ desire to take action after gaining an
understanding of water access around the globe.
As a result, our schools NEED renovations, improvements & updates. We
are asking MPS voters to consider this 2.95 mill (1 mill is equivalent to $1 for
every thousand dollars of taxable value) bond proposal. For a person living in a
$200,000 home, this amounts to $295 per year or about 81 cents per day.
For more information, (including a tax calculator to calculate your exact cost), visit
the MPS Website (www.midlandps.org). There are many resources listed
explaining this bond proposal. If you have questions, click on the
(Talk to us) button on the MPS website or call the Superintendent’s Office
(923-5026) if we can be of assistance in any way.
Midland Public Schools 2015
Board of Education:
Gerald Wasserman, President
Angela Brandstadt, Vice President
Lynn Baker, Secretary
Pam Singer, Treasurer
Patrick Frazee, Trustee
Yvonne Gorton, Trustee
Scott McFarland, Trustee
Michael Sharrow, Superintendent
Gary Verlinde, Assistant Superintendent
Brian Brutyn, Associate Superintendent
Bob Cooper, Associate Superintendent