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Volume 7 Issue 2
The Peoples Voice
Impossible To Agree ? - It’s Time To Rest!
Bi-Polar? Paranoid? Schisophrenic? Dysfunctional?
By Charles W. Bush
Created in the likeness and image of man. A
triune entity, patterned after God but unwilling to
allow God to govern it’s internal affairs. Destined
to become the dominate player in a world of like
entities that are ALL destined to ultimate failure,
including America
Simply because they all have one thing in common. It is called ‘self will.’ Each will do anything
necessary to preserve it’s own identity at the expense
of every other because, after all, EACH IS RIGHT!
Even a Gruber fool knows that won’t work; yet,
the process has continued since Eve gave the fruit of
the tree of right and wrong to Adam in the garden.
Man has continued his pursuit of doing it better
than God because, after all, he knows more than God.
I Wonder Why It Has Never Worked?
Let’s discover why God succeeds while all else
metamorphises into dismal failure. To understand we
must analyze His structure from the tiny knowledge
we have of Him.
He is a triune being.
He is a Spirit (The Holy Spirit)
He has a soul (The Mind of Christ, ‘The Holy Ghost’)
He manifests in a body (The Body of Christ)
His Spirit inspires
His Mind determines
His Body acts
His entire person is continually in agreement
Without that agreement nothing is attempted
With that agreement anything determined, ‘IS’
Now we must make a comparison. A comparison
between God’s government and our government.
Jesus said, “Then answered Jesus and said unto
them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do
nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do:
for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the
Son likewise.
For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth him
all things that himself doeth: and he will shew him
greater works than these, that ye may marvel. For as
the Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them;
even so the Son quickeneth whom he will.
For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son: hat all men should
honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He
that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father
which hath sent him.
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my
word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but
is passed from death unto life.” John 5:19-24 (KJV)
The government of God is the pattern to be
followed, always allowing:
The ‘Executive’ to inspire (State the problem)
The ‘Judicial’ to determine (With common sense)
The ‘Legislative’ to enact (Put into practice)
The legislative should also be triune. It
should function in response to a Spirit, a Mind and
a Body.
The spirit - The ‘Executive’s’ presentation
The Mind - The ‘Judicial’s’ determination
The Body - The ‘Legislature’s’ action
The problem with man’s government is that God
has been left out of the equation. Our constitution was
declared to be a ‘Government of the people, By the
people and For the people.’
That is fine and dandy, except that it left God
completely out of the equation; and, without Him man
can do absolutely nothing!
Were a requirement of all who would be president
of this nation to be that he above all must be a follower
of God almighty, listening always to Him and totally
obedient to His desires, the Executive branch of our
government would always succeed in inspiring the
Judicial to follow that pattern, make righteous judgement and past that righteousness on to the legislature
who would then enact righteous laws to be enforced to
the letter and not some, later to be determined intent.
As long as that pattern were followed, such a
government would never fail.
A two party system can never continue beyond a
certain point. It’s concept is illogical from the beginning. Each have a self desire. Each will ultimately
abandon the good of the nation in difference to the
good of the party.
In lieu of a party system, the people should be
motivated to a system of truth. We continually seek to
be free; yet, we remain in complete bondage to media,
parties, politicians, lobbyists and all sorts of chicanery
in the executive, judicial and legislative branches of
In fact, government at all levels, has become so
immoral and corrupt that no holds are barred! Lie,
cheat, steal, murder, abort, blackmail, etc., etc., etc.
On and on it goes, and where it stops, only God
knows. And He does; oh yes, He does!
The above described practices end with a people
who each rebel in their own way; but, each will come
to the place where nothing but me and mine are all
that matter, the rest can go to hell!
It ends with each of us coming into a frenzy of
paranoia that is convinced that all authority is alike,
out to get them, with nothing and no one sparred.
All , looking over their shoulder, wondering just
when the axe is going to fall.
Every agency doing their own thing, governments
unto themselves, abusing power and manipulating all,
in order to preserve their position and power.
The symptoms of schizophrenia are:
Hallucinations: sensing things that others
don’t, like hearing or seeing things - Typical
of our current intelligence Department
Delusions: strongly believing something is
true even when there’s no evidence of it - A
characteristic of both the executive and legislative branches.
Altered emotions: having feelings that don’t
seem to fit what’s going on, or having no
feelings at all - a general characteristic of the
liberal element of Government.
Withdrawal: no drive or desire to do the
things you used to enjoy - constantly knit
picking problems and never solving them
Lack of motivation: difficulty staying
focused and doing tasks - Declaring a recess
every time the solution is at hand rather than
finishing the task
Disorganization: having disorganized thinking, speaking, or behavior - Changing the rules
rather than acquiesce to a reasonable solution
offered by the opposing party
Cognitive Failure: such as attention and
memory problems - Continually repeating
presentation of past failed solutions and passing laws that are the same as past failed laws.
Although the United States has been by far the
most powerful and, until recently, the most successful
government in the history of man, it is obvious that it
is now in a shambles.
• The military is unprepared for war
• The people are rioting
• The taxing agency has become the American
• The president cannot tell the truth
• The morality is, “To hell with God! If it feels good,
do it!”
• The constitution is archaic and is soon to be
replaced with that of an anarchy
• The legislature can no longer pass a practical law
• The people vote to win rather voting what works
and voting their conscience
• The alien has free access to benefits formerly
reserved for citizens only, while citizens does not.
• The atheist minority rules. Christianity is all but
illegal while all other religions are acceptable.
• The Muslim is almost the majority and soon to rule
• The majority of blacks have teamed up with the
Muslims and pursue a government controlled by
both of them.
• The product of our people is consumed by other
nations without proper payment to our companies
that make it’s production possible.
• The schools are so involved with race relations and
political correctness that education is no longer their
goal or achievement.
• The media is no longer allowed to freely report the
news because they are required to be politically
correct and free of racial conflict.
• The church has ceased to preach the Bible in favor
of preaching a non-offensive and non-challenging
gospel, making sin of no consequence.
Destruction is coming
Like Sodom and Gomorah, the consequence of this
will soon be the destruction of the USA, Instead,there
will be a new America, conformed to the rest of the
world and subject to world law rather than sovereign
American law. We, the people will be enslaved and
subjected to it in a Nazi like fashion, with no say in
our lives and future.
Jesus said, “Let there be light!” There
was light. He said, “Lazarus come forth,”
and he came forth. He also said, “For by
your words you will be justified, and by
your words you will be condemned.”
With up to 50,000 thoughts per day
running through our minds there is ample
opportunity to release those thoughts
through our words. It all begins right there
in our minds. Those thoughts unchecked
will direct the course of your life.
So, we must first examine what it is
we are allowing into our soul (mind, will,
emotions) each day. Are you watching TV
or listening to radio? If so, what types of
programs are you giving permission to
enter your soul and shape your life?
Everything that comes your way
each day affects you. Sounds, sights,
feelings, etc… If the truth of the Word of
God is dwelling in you daily however, it
will warn you of invading forces sent to
apprehend your mind and heart. Simply
put, whatever you allow to access your
thoughts, perceptions, and dreams, will
eventually shape your character and
control your destiny. It’s like a computer
virus. It will come in a way that you may
not even realize because you’re just doing
your thing as usual. Then one day, BAM,
down goes your computer.
Do you find yourself speaking words
to or about people which are born of fear,
anger, or insecurity? At the moment those
words escape your lips they have been
given life.
We must speak life! This especially
true in marriage. The husband and wife
are to love, honor, and bless each other
daily. They are to pray and speak life
and courage into each other. En-courage
(put courage in,) not dis-courage (take
courage out).
God has the perfect plan for your life!
He knew you before you were in your
mother’s womb. you have been fearfully
and wonderfully made in His image. Isn’t
it possible that He also has an amazing
plan for you?
By taking captive EVERY thought
and making it give up and obey Christ,
you can control your thoughts, therefore
your words, and allow God to shape your
character leading to Divine destiny by
speaking life into every situation!
Phrases such as “we can't afford that”
can actually plant a seed pf poverty! simply say, "we will pray about working that
into our budget." When we take ownership of a disease or circumstance, it now
owns us! Jesus is either the Son of God
and spoke truth or not. We get to decide
what to believe and how much of it we
have in our lives.
My prayer is that we all choose life!
The eternal words of life. Get into God’s
word and let it pour over you as you soak
in His rich presence. Do this and watch
how life changes!
Tom Davis
Keller Williams Realty
850 E State Hwy 114
Southlake, TX 76092
Linda Weir
I started using Zeal Wellness &
Weight Management at the beginning of
2013. I entered a 90 day Zeal for Life
Challenge, which included taking a before
picture, taking my measurements and my
weight…the program (on my website)
figured my BMI. (I only took the 3 main
measurements requested, but I would
recommend taking everywhere else…calf,
thigh, arms, lower tummy and upper midsection, neck…wherever…I wish I had.
I know I’ve lost several inches, especially in my upper mid-section, but I don’t
know exactly how many…the good news
is, my clothes tell me).
I had never taken a before picture and
didn’t really want to, but I’m so glad I did.
So, many people have told me they don’t
remember me that big, so I’m glad to have
the proof and comparison to show.
I wasn’t a grand-prize winner of
the Challenge, but I did win a Finalist
T-shirt…for the top 20!
The first few days were the hardest. I
was coming off my Christmas junk food
high. But, it wasn’t long before my cravings stopped.
It is a combination of everything:
Zeal, consistent exercise and healthy
I haven’t had a beer all year. When
I was talking with my friend, now my
director, about the plan at the end of the
year, I had a beer in my hand and told her
I wanted to still be able to drink.
She said, no problem. And, I can,
but I really don’t want to. I’ve had a
few glasses of wine…a couple with my
daughter-in-law, so not to offend. I used to
want wine at dinner almost every evening.
I haven’t had any chocolate (except
the Zeal protein shake) and I would call
myself a chocoholic before Zeal.
I have enjoyed coffee for most of my
adult life. After being on Zeal for about
a month, I realized one morning at about
10:00 am, I hadn’t had any coffee, so I
quit and no headaches. I’ll drink decaf
once in a while or I’ll have a cup of tea,
but my favorite drink is water.
I started slow and smart with exercise
(at home with DVDs), then gradually
increased either time or intensity. I’ve
never liked exercising, but now I don’t
want to miss. I feel great when I exercise and hate the way I feel when I don’t
(which is rare).
I joined Anytime Fitness in early
September 2013…with great reluctance.
But, I’m loving it!! The weight training
is changing things even quicker. I train
for an hour 3 days a week and do cardio
at home 2-3 days per week.
I use the program www.myfitnesspal.
com …on my computer and my phone. I
log in faithfully every day (only missed
when I didn’t have phone service on
vacation). It really helps me stay honest and realize what I’m consuming. It
has almost everything you can think of,
Publisher/Editor, Charles W. Bush, 575-551-1771
P.O. Box 1, Alamogordo, NM 88311
Items in The Spokesmen are contributed by various independent and
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These articles do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint and opinion of
the publisher, editor, or other correspondents. It is the opinion of this
publication that out of a variety of viewpoints and presentations
by many different authors on any given subject, the . . . . .
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The Peoples Voice
already programmed.
When I make a recipe, I can plug in
the ingredients and how many servings it
will make and then save it for easy logging
every time I make it or consume it.
I have cut out junk food (and don’t
miss them…don’t crave them anymore).
I don’t use/add any real sugar/sweetener
and eat as little processed food, as possible. However, if I am served something
(traveling, visiting friends, parties, etc.), I
will have what I want of it, trying to make
the best choices, and then log it and work
the rest of my calories, sugar, fat, carbs,
etc. around it.
I eat 5 to 6 times a day (every 2 ½ to
3 hours). I replace one meal per day with
a protein shake.
Sample Breakfasts:
• Oatmeal – plain old fashioned – plain
• Dannon Fit & Light Yogurt with
Bear Naked Granola (lowest sugar
content of all I’ve checked) I like to
get vanilla yogurt and add fresh fruit.
• 2 eggs scrambled in a dribble of
EVOO or coconut oil
• A toasted whole-wheat Slim Round or
slice of multi-grain bread – dry
Sample lunch and/or dinner:
• Fish and chicken (sometimes lean
beef or pork) with salad or fresh/
frozen low carb vegetables. I eat
some brown rice, couscous and once
in a while whole wheat pasta, but I
lose better when I don’t eat too much
starchy stuff.
• Usually I have my protein shake for
dinner. If I’m having it as a meal
replacement, I usually add something
to it. My favorites:
1. Vanilla protein – with frozen
banana, almond milk (unsweetened
vanilla flavor), splash of vanilla flavoring and a little Stevia.
2. Vanilla protein – with frozen
peach slices, almond milk (unsweetened vanilla flavor), splash of almond
extract and a spoon+ of Stevia. (The
frozen fruit I buy is unsweetened, so
I usually add more Stevia.)
3. Chocolate protein – with natural
peanut butter, almond milk, splash of
vanilla and Stevia.
4. Chocolate protein – with natural
almond butter, almond milk, splash
of almond extract and Stevia.
5. I prefer Silk unsweetened flavor…only 30 calories and no carrageenan.
• Chocolate protein with a spoon of
instant decaf coffee, spoon of Stevia,
6-8 oz. of water and a handful of ice.
I mix the protein in a Magic Bullet
or single serving blender. It works
well (I almost always have something
frozen in it and it’s perfect for one
serving at a time).
• Apple with natural peanut or
almond butter or sometimes
You are openly invited
to offer your viewpoints, criticisms
and inspirations for possible
inclusion in future publications
of The Spokesmen and become
another . . . . . .
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must be presented by email
Articles should be under 500 words
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celery with peanut butter.
• Serving of any fruit
• Hummus and Pita chips (I love
HEB multi-grain pita chips).
A serving (1 oz.) is 9 chips.
I’m very faithful about serving
myself and then putting the food
away…not grazing or loosing
• Fat free cottage cheese.
• Some days, when I want a 2nd serving
of Zeal Wellness, I make a little
sorbet treat. I put about 6 frozen dark
cherries and about 4 slices of frozen
peaches, a scoop of Wildberry Zeal &
and about ¼ cup of water. Mix it up in
the Magic Bullet. And ta da! Yummy!
• The only thing you shouldn’t mix
with the Wellness is something hot,
it destroys the nutrients.
I mix my Wellness in the ‘shaker
bottle’ the night before (not more than
24 hours) or in the personal blender with
water & ice. I like it best mixed with water
and very cold. I drink it first thing in the
morning, then I exercise.
It’s really just whatever you prefer.
And whatever your imagination comes up
with. Everything seems to work, since I
am logging everything.
The MyFitnessPal application allows
you extra calories for the exercise you
do, but I usually stay around 1200-1300
calories regardless of what my exercise
I’m sure I’ve left something out or
you might have other questions. Please
let me know.
• Besides, the weight loss,
• my cholesterol is down 50 points
(something medication wasn’t
• My blood pressure is way low…
usually 96-102/68-70.
• My knees and other joints don’t
hurt anymore.
• My finger nails grow like crazy
and are nice and smooth.
• My hair is growing pretty fast
(I’ve even seen a testimonial
picture of a guy who’s bald spot
grew back!) Kerry’s hair is getting thicker.
• I’m sleeping well, have great
energy and concentration.
I believe Zeal Wellness gives my
body everything it needs to do everything
it’s supposed to do!
I truly, wholeheartedly BELIEVE in
Zeal for Life. I hope you have the same
success I have.
Please commit to 90 days to give your
body time to adjust. It is a commitment,
but it’s the easiest one I’ve ever kept.
I’ve never felt this comfortable with
a life plan. After being on vacation for 12
days in November 2013, I lost 3 pounds…
that’s unheard of (and lost 2 pounds on
vacation this year)!
I’ve always lived in fear of the next
vacation/trip/or exception or letting
myself ‘deserve’ something. I deserve to
be fit and healthy!
If you refer 2 people in one month
yours is half price the next month and
every month thereafter (that the customers
remain). And, it’s easy to share.
As a consultant, when you promote it
to 4 customers, it’s free!! It’s not hard to
find 4 people…everyone needs wellness.
carf, some assembly required.
After trick-or-treating, a teen takes a shortcut
home through the cemetery. Halfway across, he’s
startled by a tapping noise coming from the misty
shadows. Trembling with fear, he spots an old man
with a hammer and chisel, chipping away at a headstone.
“I thought you were a ghost,” says the relieved
teen. “What are you doing working so late?”
“Oh, those idiots,” grumbles the old man. “They
misspelled my name!”
Historic Theatre
in Southern NM
Re-opens after
3 decades
How often have you heard, how often you
said “Hollywood produces nothing but junk for
the family. Well it’s true! Hollywood continues
to produce “R” rated garbage in spite of the fact
that family friendly movies gross the most money.
“Hollywood’s agenda is so different from
mine, from the people I know and hang with.”
When is someone going to consider my needs?
The time has come, The Historic Sands Theatre
in Alamogordo New Mexico is just the place. It’s
a refreshing walk back in time.
The Historic Sands Theatre (on New York Avenue, just
across from the Court House) celebrated its First Anniversary with free movies for the community during
the weeks of Christmas and New Year’s. It was very
satisfying for us to hear from our patrons how much
they appreciate our efforts to provide a safe, homey,
wholesome, and inexpensive alternative choice for
entertainment. A few parents even took the time to
personally thank us and admitted that with all the other
expenses this time of year, they would not have been
able to afford a night out. This is why we are here.
In case you have not had the chance to attend the
Historic Sands Theatre, you would be interested to
know it is quite cozy, with large, comfortable couches
forming the back rows of the theatre area. In the lobby
area as you enter, known as “Perks on New York,”
there are tables and chairs where you can come early
or stay late to relax with a cappuccino, hot chocolate
or some tea from our wide selection of flavors. And
you will need to try our hot buttered popcorn, popped
in the original machine used in this theatre back in
the Fifties. In the future, we intend to have “Perks”
opened during the week offering sandwiches, hot dogs,
pastries and other snacks.
The Historic Sands Theatre is not just for movies.
Besides housing KVBA, Vision Broadcasting, the
local Christian TV station, it is also available for
presentations, seminars, private birthday parties, and
even political debates, which we had at the Sands back
in September of 2014. If you care to use the Historic
Sands Theatre for your next meeting or conference
or little one’s birthday party, call Bill Oechsner, the
station manager, at (575) 437-1919 or stop by 1017
New York Avenue between 9AM to 3PM.
We are still a work in progress, doing all we can to
improve the quality of our operation and your experience at the Sands. The renovation work is slow but
steady, as we rely almost exclusively on volunteers and
donations to make changes and keep our prices low.
We could always use more help if we are to be here for
you. It is our wish to make the Historic Sands Theatre
much like a walk back in time for the Alamogordo
community, a place to go to enjoy a simpler carefree
afternoon or evening. If you would like to help in our
efforts in some way, please call (575) 437-1919 or stop
by at 1017 New York Avenue
The Peoples Voice
Dr. Terry Marquardt
903 New York Ave
Alamogordo, NM 88310
(575) 437-7783
Glaucoma Awareness Month
Currently, more than 2.7 million people in the
United States over age 40 have glaucoma. The
National Eye Institute projects this number will reach
4.2 million by 2030, a 58 percent increase.
Glaucoma is called "the sneak thief of sight"
since there are no symptoms and once vision is lost,
it's permanent. As much as 40% of vision can be lost
without a person noticing.
Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable
blindness. Moreover, among African American and
Latino populations, glaucoma is more prevalent.
Glaucoma is 6 to 8 times more common in African
Americans than Caucasians.
Over 2.7 million Americans, and over 60 million
people worldwide, have glaucoma. Experts estimate
that half of them don’t know they have it. Combined
with our aging population, we can see an epidemic
of blindness looming if we don’t raise awareness
about the importance of regular eye examinations
to preserve vision. The World Health Organization
estimates that 4.5 million people worldwide are blind
due to glaucoma.
Help Raise Awareness
the elderly, glaucoma can affect people of all ages.
Vision loss is caused by damage to the optic nerve.
This nerve acts like an electric cable with over a million wires. It is responsible for carrying images from
the eye to the brain.
There is no cure for glaucoma—yet. However,
medication or surgery can slow or prevent further
vision loss. The appropriate treatment depends upon
the type of glaucoma among other factors. Early detection is vital to stopping the progress of the disease.
Types of Glaucoma
There are two main types of glaucoma: primary
open-angle glaucoma (POAG), and angle-closure glaucoma. These are marked by an increase of intraocular
pressure (IOP), or pressure inside the eye. When optic
nerve damage has occurred despite a normal IOP, this
is called normal tension glaucoma.
Secondary glaucoma refers to any case in which
another disease causes or contributes to increased eye
pressure, resulting in optic nerve damage and vision
Regular Eye Exams are Important
Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that gradually steal sight without warning. Although the most
common forms primarily affect the middle-aged and
Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world, according to the World Health
Organization. In the most common form, there are virtually no symptoms. Vision loss begins with peripheral
or side vision, so if you have glaucoma, you may not
notice anything until significant vision is lost.
The best way to protect your sight from glaucoma
is to get a comprehensive eye examination. Then, if
you have glaucoma, treatment can begin immediately.
Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness among
African-Americans. And among Hispanics in older age
groups, the risk of glaucoma is nearly as high as that
for African-Americans. Also, siblings of persons diagnosed with glaucoma have a significantly increased
risk of having glaucoma.
Have You Had Your Eyes Wxamined Lately?
It can be very humiliating to admit that we are powerless, especially if we are used to being in control. We may
be powerful in some areas of our lives, but out of control
in terms of our addictive/compulsive behaviors.
If we refuse to admit our powerlessness, we may lose
everything. That one unmanageable part of our lives ay
infect and soon destroy everything else.
The experiences of a man named Naaman illustrate how
this is true (2 Kings 5:1-15). He was a powerful military and
political fi gure, a man of wealth, position, and power. He
also had leprosy, which promised to bring about the loss of
everything he held dear. Lepers were made outcasts from
their families and society. Ultimately, they faced a slow,
painful, and disgraceful death.
Naaman heard that there was a prophet in Israel who
could heal him. He found the prophet and was told that in
order to be healed, he must dip himself seven times in the
Jordan River.
He went away outraged, having expected his power to
buy him an instant and easy cure. In the end, however, he
acknowledged his powerlessness, followed the instructions,
and recovered completely.
Our “disease” is as life threatening as the leprosy in
Naaman’s day. It slowly separates us from our families and
leads toward the destruction of everything important to us.
There is no instant or easy cure. The only answer is to
admit our powerlessness, humble ourselves, and submit to
the process that will ventually bring us recovery.
We must let go in order to
hold on to the things dear to us. - Chuck Stonex
In the United States, approximately 120,000 are
blind from glaucoma, accounting for 9% to 12% of
all cases of blindness. Here are three ways you can
help raise awareness:
• 1.Talk to friends and family about glaucoma.
If you have glaucoma, don’t keep it a secret.
Let your family members know.
• 2.Refer a friend to our web site, www.glaucoma.org.
• 3.Request to have a free educational booklet
sent to you or a friend.
What is Glaucoma?
KVBA Channel 22
Alamogordo, New Mexico
In House Theatre
features for January, 2015
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Jan. .23,24,25… .........The Hundred Foot Journey
Jan. .30, 31, ................Feb. 1… Identical
Feb. .6,7,8… ...............Million Dollar Arm
Feb. .13,14,15 ….........???
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Senate Must Use Every Constitutional Power
To Stop Illegal Amnesty
Politico - by: Sen. Ted Cruz
The Constitution designs a system
of checks and balances for our nation,
and executive amnesty for illegal immigrants unilaterally decreed from the
White House would seriously undermine the rule of law.
Our founders repeatedly warned
about the dangers of unlimited power
within the executive branch; Congress
should heed those words as the President
threatens to grant amnesty to millions of
people who have come to our country
To be clear, the dispute over executive amnesty is not between President
Obama and Republicans in Congress;
it is a dispute between President
Obama and the American People. The
Democrats suffered historic losses in
the midterm elections largely over the
prospect of the President’s executive
President Obama was correct: His
policies were on the ballot across the
nation in 2014. The elections were a
referendum on amnesty, and the voters soundly rejected it. There was no
Undeterred, President Obama
appears to be going forward. It is lawless. It is unconstitutional. He is defiant
and angry at the American people. If
he acts by executive diktat, President
Obama will not be acting as a president,
he will be acting as a monarch.
Thankfully, the framers of our
Constitution, wary of the dangers of
monarchy, gave the Congress tools to
rein in abuses of power. They believed
if the President wants to change the law,
he cannot act alone; he must work with
He may not get everything he wants,
but the Constitution requires compromise between the branches.
A monarch, however, does not
compromise. As Alexander Hamilton
explains in Federalist 69, a monarch
decrees, dictates, and rules through fiat
well. They often go to the best schools.
They are smart. They are presentable.
But get close enough, and you will
see they struggle to mask the moral
strain of flogging hopeless investments
to people who they believe were "born
Wall Streeters are not bad people.
They are not dumb people. Neither
saints nor sinners, they are just like the
rest of us. But their industry encourages
a huge fraud: that they are there to help
you make money.
They are not. They are there to help
themselves make money.
By taking it from YOU and your
The financial industry is very large
and very profitable. The service it pretends to provide is helping to match
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I have been devoting my columns
this month to the Ten Commandments
because we need a fixed moral anchor to
solve the problem of evil. And nothing is
as effective as the Ten Commandments.
Two weeks ago PragerUniversity.
com released 11 five-minute video
courses — one for each Commandment
and an introduction. It has received over
two million views.
Everything needed to make a
good world is contained in these Ten
Whatever your faith, or if you have
no faith, I invite you to watch the videos
at www.prageru.com. They are cleverly
animated with text and graphics.
Here is the video commentary on
the second commandment as enumerated in the oldest, that is, the Jewish,
tradition. In Christian tradition, it is the
first commandment.
The most common translation
Whenever a politician tells you he
needs your tax dollars “for the children,”
hold on to your wallet!
National per-pupil education spending has skyrocketed over the years, yet
we’ve long known that added money
hasn’t budged high-school graduation
rates or test scores for reading, math,
or science.
And now, the latest numbers on
the federal Department of Education
reaffirm the complete failure of federal
education spending.
According to the latest National
Assessment of Educational Progress,
barely over a quarter of the country’s
high-school seniors are proficient in
math, and just 38 percent reach proficiency in reading.
The cold hard truth is, the NAEP
shows no improvement whatsoever
in reading ability since the 1970s. We
shouldn’t be surprised. After all, for
years our student achievement has
lagged behind that of countries who
spend far less on education than we do.
The fact is, the federal Department
of Education is a costly and pointless
Sending education money to
Washington, D.C. then letting them
distribute it back does nothing but load
it with administrative costs and red tape.
Leaving taxpayers like you and me
to foot the bill.
Education + bureaucrats is an
equation that just doesn’t add up. Just
as President Reagan advocated when
he was in office, it’s time to eliminate
the middleman -- and abolish the
Department of Education.
Billions of federal tax dollars spent
over decades have completely failed
to help America’s children in reading,
math, science, or graduation.
The verdict is in: the federal bureaucracy wasting that money has got to go.
Gary Paumen, President
National League of Taxpayers
[email protected]
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How to Keep Your Name
off Wall Street's "Suckers List"
If you have money, you will come
to grasp one thing about the financial
It is largely parasitic. Like a bloodthirsty flea the size of Manhattan.
Parasites attach to you and drain
your blood. Its interests are against
The stockbroker, for example,
wants to encourage you to buy and
sell – when that is precisely what you
shouldn't do. He gets paid off commissions, after all.
And the fund manager, the dealmaker and the structured products
engineer – they all make their money
by encouraging you to spend yours...
often on overly complex things that
make little sense.
Wall Street sells dreams... hopes...
and stinky pies in the sky.
Sure, its labor force tends to dress
The Peoples Voice
begins: “You shall have no other gods
before me.”
The commandment then goes on to
prohibit both making idols and worshiping idols.
Most people, when they think of
this commandment, understandably
think that it only prohibits the worship
of idols and the worship of gods such
as the ancient pagan gods of rain, of
fertility, all the other nature gods, and
chief gods such as the Roman Jupiter
and the Greek Zeus.
However, there is a major problem
with this understanding of the commandment. Since no one today worships
these gods, let alone worships idols
made of metal, wood or stone, most
people think that this commandment is
irrelevant to modern life.
The irony, however, is that this
commandment is not only relevant to
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What is our nation’s
worst problem?
Most of my friends and millions
of citizens believe the current crop
of democrats in government are the
worst evil that could happen to the
constitutional government that we
took for granted years ago.
They haven’t once told the truth
on any subject for several years.
New scandals unfold every week that
never happened before in this nation,
only to be replaced by another, and
each holds the front page captove
for a short time and the general public feels there will be answers and
accountability forthcoming; but, a
new scandal just as unthinkable with
a different name and issue will take
its place in a few days and all attention will be on the new one.
The prior scandal is forgotten.
Never mentioned again.
Millions of unhappy observers have a point but the greater point
to be made about these successive
injustices is this: In our system of
checks and balances it’s understood
that the fourth estate, the free press,
will prevent the wrong-doer from
proceeding with any unlawful act
or untruth.
The perpetrator of a lie will be
held up to the public until the wrong
is righted.
At the very least the experience
will be a reminder that the liar shall
not stray again. That’s a belief taken
for granted and a public perception
from our earliest days in grammar
However we must remind ourselves that those beliefs were valid
and held from the days when we
considered the Golden Rule as the
ideal we all lived by.
Liberals, socialists, statists,
progressives, et al, in the media
and in politics believe conservatives are fools who should be taken
advantage of because we live by
those principles and leave ourselves
wide open to their predatory tactics.
This practice has taken over our lives
more and more.
When the JFK murder turned
one man into a martyr it presented
his successor, LBJ, a chance to make
himself the most famous and popular
man in history.
His war on poverty was in reality a spending binge that put money
in the wrong hands and crippled a
generation of minorities who will
have a hard time ever finding how to
earn a living and care for a family.
The media never mentions this fact.
Dan Rather hated President
Bush‘s successes and concocted an
enormous fabrication of Bush’s history. When proven the entire story
was made up and he was forced to
leave CBS, he was history in the
Immediately Tom Brokaw and
Peter Jennings connived to honor
Rather with a brand new media
award, never before presented, to
save his honor and career. Rather is
now being paid by someone and it’s
assumed some ones not particular
regarding the truth pay to hear/see
his news stories.
Obama wasn’t scrutinized by
the media for his history, medical records, birth certificate, prior
friends, dates before marriage, or
who helped write his books.
Neither his nor his wife’s work
history and experience were scrutinized, where the fortune came from
that he spent on his far flung travels
when he should have been busy making a living.
They didn’t question that he
never accomplished one thing of
substance in the years leading up
to his being an expert on virtually
everything to be known in politics.
In Obama’s administration the
media has allowed the unbelievable
stupidity of ‘fast and furious’ to be
implemented and never properly
aired. Eric Holder was allowed to
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From page 4 - Illegal Amnesty
power, which is what President Obama is attempting.
When the President embraces the tactics of a
monarch, it becomes incumbent on Congress to wield
the constitutional power it has to stop it.
Congress, representing the voice of the People,
should use every tool available to prevent the President
from subverting the rule of law.
When the President usurps the legislative power
and defies the limits of his authority, it becomes all the
more imperative for Congress to act. And Congress
should use those powers given to it by the Constitution
to counter a lawless executive branch—or it will lose
its authority.
If the President announces executive amnesty,
the new Senate Majority Leader who takes over in
January should announce that the 114th Congress will
not confirm a single nominee—executive or judicial—
outside of vital national security positions, so long as
the illegal amnesty persists.
This is a potent tool given to Congress by the
Constitution explicitly to act as a check on executive
power. It is a constitutional power of the Majority
Leader alone, and it would serve as a significant deterrent to a lawless President.
Additionally, the new Congress should exercise
the power of the purse by passing individual appropriations bills authorizing critical functions of government and attaching riders to strip the authority from
the president to grant amnesty.
President Obama will no doubt threaten a shutdown—that seems to be the one card he repeatedly
plays—but Congress can authorize funding for agencies of government one at a time. If the President is
unwilling to accepting funding for, say, the Department
of Homeland Security without his being able to unilaterally defy the law, he alone will be responsible for
the consequences.
A presidential temper tantrum is not an acceptable
means of discourse.
Of course, these confrontations are not desirable,
and it is unbecoming for an American president to
show such condescension towards the voters.
The American people, however, are not powerless.
They have elected a new Congress full of members
who have promised in their campaigns to stand up to
this lawless President and stop the amnesty. We must
honor our commitments.
If the President will not respect the people,
Congress must.
"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
Parents often rely on this old proverb to teach
their children the value of discipline and hard work.
Unfortunately, it's also become the dogma of the
unethical United Auto Workers (UAW) union bosses
who refuse to take "No" for an answer, especially when
rank and file workers deliver their "No" in the form of
a secret-ballot election.
Earlier this year, the UAW union hierarchy,
Volkswagen, and the Obama Labor Board conspired to
rig a unionization election in Tennessee in the union's
favor, but independent-minded workers prevailed.
Union bosses and management are still colluding
months later to ignore the workers' choice against
unionization -- and they are doing it with the help of
union bosses in Germany.
But the foreign union-boss groups conspiring to
force American workers into union ranks are not complying with federal disclosure requirements.
You see, federal labor law requires union officials
to make comprehensive and detailed disclosure of
union financial data and full reporting by union officers
of conflicts of interest.
That's why I recently wrote a letter asking the
Secretary of Labor to demand the foreign union bosses
comply with federal disclosure law.
Volkswagen workers deserve to know what inside
arrangements exist among Volkswagen and American
and foreign union bosses, especially as the workers
continue to face the threat of a coercive card check
organizing scheme.
A couple of weeks ago, Volkswagen announced
a new policy designed to further grease the skids for
unionization in Chattanooga.
The policy leaves the door wide open for the company to recognize the UAW via a coercive card check
campaign and without a secret-ballot vote.
The Peoples Voice
Muslim, Islamist or Radical Islamist
What is the difference?
by Charles W. Bush
To understand the true nature of the Muslim private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a
faith one must compare it with the true nature of the legal system based on Islam which the Muslim faith is.
Christian faith.
Sharia deals with all aspects of day-to-day life,
The comparison must include the major aspects of including politics, economics, banking, business law,
both. In fact, the comparison is substantially the same contract law, sexuality, and social issues.
for all religions of the world; however, in the case of
There is not a strictly codified uniform set of laws
Muslims, religion and law are one and the same. There that can be called Sharia. It is more like a system of
is no, “Render unto Cesear that which is Cesear’s.” several laws, based on the Qur’an, Hadith and centuAll belongs to Alah.
ries of debate, interpretation and precedent.
There is only total committment to Allah which
Laws and practices under
also requires absolute committment to Mohamed
Sharia Marriage laws
who, to the Muslim, is the same as Jesus Christ is to
The Muslim man who is not currently a fornicathe Christian.
tor can only marry a woman who is not currently a
There are two groups who call themselves fornicatress or a chaste woman from the People of
Christian. Those who are christian in name only; and, the Book.
those who are committed in varying degrees to folThe Muslim fornicator can only marry a Muslim
lowing Jesus Christ, His actions, sayings and precepts; fornicatress.
and, as He makes them able, Gods commandments
The Muslim woman who is not currently a forand laws.
nicatress can only marry a Muslim man who is not
The Muslim religion/government demands that currently a fornicator.
everyone in the world accept Allah as supreme. Failure
The Muslim fornicatress can only marry a Muslim
to do so identifies the infidel who must immedietly be fornicator.
killed in the name of Allah.
The woman cannot marry without the consent of
This Muslim precept is not a ‘radical’ Islamist pre- her guardian. If she marries, her husband becomes
cept; it is a Muslim precept demanded by Mohamed. her new guardian.
It is not a Sharia Law. All Muslim law is Sharia law.
The guardian may choose a suitable partner for
There are no ‘radical’ Muslims. There are only two a virgin girl, but the girl is free to contest and has the
kinds; those who are Muslim in name only; and, those right to say ‘no’.
who are totally commited to following Mohamed in
The guardian cannot marry the divorced woman
their committment to follow Allah, keeping all Sharia or the widow if she did not ask to be married.
law, All true Muslims and Islamist are radical!
“Do not marry unless you give your wife someGood Christians are those who are absolutely thing that is her right.” It is obligatory for a man to
committed to Jesus Christ.
give bride wealth (gifts) to the woman he marries.
‘Good’ Muslims are those who are Muslim in The penalty for theft
name only. But, alas’, these are killed as infidels if and
The Qur’an and several hadith set out two differwhen they are caught violating sharia law.
ent punishments for theft (stealing). They say that the
By the above comparison we can determine that punishment should depend on how many times the
the Muslim faith is absolutely opposite to Christianity person stole, and what he stole. One punishment is
The following Wikipedia dissertation on Sharia Law imprisonment. Another is amputating (cutting off) the
reveals that there is no good in it. It is totally satanic hands or feet. However, before a person is punished,
aand corrupt.
two eyewitnesses must swear, under oath, that they
Sharia law (Arabic: ‫ )ةعيرش‬is the body of saw the person stealing. If this does not happen, then
Islamic law. The term means “way” or “path”; it is the punishment cannot be carried out. Also, some other
the legal framework within which the public and some requirements have to be met. These requirements have
to do with the theft, what was stolen, and how the theft
happened. All of these requirements must be met, as
decided by a judge.[Qur’an 5:38]
The penalty for adultery
In The Quran it is stated that if an unmarried man
or woman commit adultery (have sex with a person
they are not married to), the punishment should be
We know from experience that union organizers
100 lashes. In the Hadith the punishment is 100 lashes
often lie and mislead workers into signing cards, and
and banishment for a year, and if a married man or
this new policy makes it even more likely that workwoman commit adultery the punishment should be
ers will be misled into signing cards that can later be
100 lashes and then stoning to death. There are some
used to impose the UAW on all workers, even those
requirements that need to be met before this punishwho want nothing to do with it.
ment can happen. For example, the punishment cannot
That's precisely what happened in Chattanooga
happen unless the person confesses, or unless four
before your Foundation stepped in to provide free
male eyewitnesses each saw, at the same time, the
legal aid to victimized workers and exposed the UAW's
man and the women in the action of adultery. Every
aggressive card check tactics in the press.
requirement must be met, as decided by a judge, before
When management and union bosses collude at
the punishment can happen.(Qur’an 24:2)
the expense of individual workers, those workers are
seemingly left without defense.
There are two festivals that are considered
That's why I'm so grateful your support has
enabled the Foundation to keep workers informed of
1.Eid ul-Fitr
their rights and provide them with free legal aid.
2.Eid ul-Adha
Without your continued support, these workers
During these festivals, specific rituals are used:
would otherwise stand alone. Thank you.
Sadaqah (charity) before Eid ul-Fitr prayer.
The Foundation relies completely on voluntary
The Prayer and the Sermon on Eid day.
contributions from our supporters to provide free
Takbirs (glorifying God) after every prayer in the
legal aid.
days of Tashriq (see footnote for def.)
The National Right to Work Legal Defense
Sacrifice of unflawed, four-legged grazing animal
Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization
of appropriate age after the prayer of Eid ul-Adha in
providing free legal aid to employees whose human
the days of Tashriq.
or civil rights have been violated by compulsory
Dietary laws
unionism abuses.
Islamic law does not list every food and drink that
The Foundation, which can be contacted toll-free
is thought to be pure. It does list some specific foods
at 1-800-336-3600, is assisting thousands of employand drinks that are not allowed.
ees in more than 200 cases nationwide.
1.Pork, blood, and the meat of dead animals are
The Foundation's mailing address is:
not allowed. People are also not allowed to eat animals
8001 Braddock Road,
that were slaughtered in the name of someone other
Springfield, Virginia 22160. I
than God.
ts web address is www.nrtw.org.
2.Animals must be slaughtered in the manner of
Editor’s Comment: The current unemployment
tazkiyah (cleansing) by taking God’s name.
dilemma in the USA could not have come about had
3.Intoxicants (like alcoholic drinks) are not
our government not clandestinely supported our
unions. Please help abolish them and keep us free!
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We are often trying to stop Congress from making
bad decisions for the future for our country, but we
don't often take the time to thank the ones who have
been fighters for liberty. Today, we're asking you to
"Tweet Your Thanks" or call some of our champions
in Congress as well as some of those who have taken
a stand against the President's executive amnesty.
Rep/Senator........................ PhoneTweet
Jeff Sessions (AL)..................202-224-4124
Ted Cruz (TX)........................202-224-5922
Mike Lee (UT).......................202-224-5444
Louie Gohmert (TX-1)...........202-225-3035
Michele Bachmann (MN-6)...202-225-2331
Steve King (IA-4)..................202-225-4426
To tweet any of the above address to @NameOfPerson
It is important that we put as much pressure on
Congress as we can to fight executive amnesty.
Be on the lookout for emails with calls to action
that include:
• Melting the phone lines,
• Posting on social media,
• Visiting local Congressional offices,
• And - for those who can make it - going to DC to
help support Michele Bachmann's call to action
on 12/3/14 at noon on the lawn of the Capitol.
It is going to be a busy Time and we'll need all
the help we can get, so please be on the lookout for
more details to come.
We hope you had a great holiday season.
In Liberty,
Jenny Beth Martin
And Tea Party Patriots National Support Team
Copyright 2014, Tea Party Patriots, Inc | All Rights Reserved
Tea Party Patriots, 1025 Rose Creek Dr; Ste 620-322 Woodstock, GA 30189
is in harmony with the conservative views of the
Tea Party and others of like mind.
Those who have an open mind are reading our comments and many are abandoning
the Democratic party because of their faith and
because of that party’s immoral views.
It is becoming more and more difficult to
continue the newsstand publication of The
SpokesmenUSA withoum financial assistance.
A host of small gifts from our readers will
make the ongoing publication possible.
Those wishing to give should make their
checkspayable to: SpokesmenUSA and mail them
to: PO Box 1, Alamogordo, NM 88311
The Peoples Voice
Don’t look back!
We get the name January from the Roman
god Janus who, much to his parent’s horror,
was born with two faces: one facing forward,
one looking back. And so, January is a time
to look forward to the new year and back at
the past.
Looking back at 2014, we see the Islamic
State of Iraq and Syria’s brutal beheadings of
men, women and children, racial tension and
rioting surrounding the Ferguson shooting,
the shooting down of a commercial plane
over Ukraine and the Ebola deaths of thousands of West Africans.
But, the Bible urges us to look forward:
“Do not dwell on the past” (Isaiah 43:18)
and “Forgetting what is behind and straining
toward what is ahead” (Philippians 3:13b).
Remorse and regrets are obvious reasons
not to dwell on the past. And, admitedly, there
is much for which to grieve. But there are
other subtle dangers of looking back:
We live in such a fast-changing world
that if we do things in 2015 the way we did
in 2014, we’ll be left in the dust. (If you’re
an author or publisher, you know that change
is happening at warp speed!)
Our personal lives and our relationships
can stagnate if we rely on the past. If I’m not
growing, I’m dying. And relationships need
active care and nurture to grow and mature.
Serious injury
Unless we’re Janus, we are going to run
into serious trouble—and injuries—if we’re
walking backward into the future. (Wow! I
didn’t see that coming!)
So, I agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s
"Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt have crept in;
forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow
is a new day; begin it well and serenely and
with too high a spirit to be cumbered with
your old nonsense. This day is all that is good
and fair. It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on yesterdays."
Don’t look back! Keep looking to the
future with hope and humor!
Copyright © 2010, 2014 James N. Watkins
Cats on cats on cats
Purr-haps you think you know a thing or two
about cats, but did you know these fun facts?
They’ve hunted 33 species to extinction, their
urine glows under black light, and they’re capable
of birthing 100 kittens over a lifetime. You’ll
never look at your kitty the same way again.
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Remote Ranch desperately needed for recovery program
24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man
as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and
the flower thereof falleth away: 1 Peter 1:24 (KJV)
Like Grass?
It is sown, It is grown,
It is mown, It is gone!
Explore This Email Address
You will be blessed, yes you will!
Welcome ToourOur
community from where they came and where
Who are we?
Camp Hope is an alternative transitional living
project, for the homeless, in the form of camping, located on the Mesilla Valley Community of
Hope campus, an alliance of agencies that address
homelessness in Las Cruces, NM.
What are we doing?
We currently house 50 people that would otherwise be on the streets, providing them a safe place
to seek direct services, healthcare, and find jobs
and housing.
When will we be finished?
Only time will tell. But our intention is to hang
on as long as we can or until the Community of
Las Cruces succeeds in effectively and humanely
reintegrating it’s homeless members back into
they belong.
Where are we?
We are located at 999 W. Amador Ave. Las Cruces,
New Mexico. Las Cruces, also known as “The
City of the Crosses”, is the county seat of Doña
Ana County, New Mexico, United States.
Why Camp Hope?
Our “camp” has provided the homeless with the
opportunity to be right next to all the Direct Services the agencies on the MVCH campus provide.
How can you help?
The homeless that live in our camp have many
needs that aren’t just the basic ones listed below.
We encourage other groups to do outreach…..
When you consider just how easy it would be for your community to duplicate such an effort as this
it seems almost insane and is certainly immoral to simply avoid that responsability. Just a few pennies from each merchant in town and a few more from each member of every synagogue and church
within your community could put it together. Perhaps God would have you be the motivating force
to plant the seed and see it become a reality. Your city council is only a phone call away.
Mesilla Valley Community of Hope - Individual and Family Services
999 West Amador Avenue
Las Cruces, NM 88005
PH: (575) 523-2219
Mailing Address:
FX: (575) 523-8684
P.O. Box 6875
Email: [email protected]
Las Cruces, NM 88006
Website: www.mvcommunityofhope.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mesilla-Valley-Community-of-Hope
From page 4 - Sucker’s List
worthwhile investment projects with the capital they
The service it actually provides is separating fools
from their money.
But the financial industry isn't equally bad to all
comers. It reserves a special zeal for the "suckers."
A friend of the family used to own a brokerage on
Wall Street. The work my son Will and I are doing on
our family office research advisory, Bonner & Partners
Family Office, came up in conversation.
Will was talking about the many pitfalls of secondgeneration leadership of the family's wealth-building
effort. And our friend mentioned that every big Wall
Street brokerage has a "suckers list."
Evidently,there are two types of people on the
"suckers list." First, there are the guys who hit it big,
but not because of any financial skills or investing
For example, the inventor of the breakthrough
medical device. He is worth $80 million. And as our
friend put it, "He'll put $5 million into anything."
The other group on brokers' "suckers lists" is
made up of widows and children who were left sizable estates without the ability to competently manage
that wealth.
This is the list that brokers hit with their new deals
and products. A few whales on this list can mean big
profits for a brokerage.
Of course, even if your broker isn't ripping you
off directly... there are the commissions, costs and
hidden fees.
That's why spinning, leveraging, churning and frenetic trading are the hallmarks of the financial industry.
The Peoples Voice
From page 4 - Liberty
change the subject.
The huge Benghazi fiasco was blamed for
something made up and never fully explored. His
party was never held responsible for the economic
melt-down as a result of sub-prime loans, instead,
leftists created and substituted buzz-words for the
reasons, like predatory lenders, greedy bankers
and wall-street crooks and blaming Bush and
capitalism. The public still doesn’t know the
real reason.
The miserable race relations we have
are because the men that were killed were not
portrayed as being high on pot and acting like
thugs for political correctness and presented
as though they were coming home from church
choir practice. We were treated for days on end
with the lies of police hunting down young black
men who work in the homeless kitchen on their
days off after working several jobs trying to make
ends meet. Flippant remarks are used by Obama,
Holder, and Sharpton, never the truth.
Obamacare was one big lie after another
and was intended to gain control of the populace.
Who in the media will say that as their lead article?
The media labels Sharpton as a minority
leader. He’s a race baiter pure and simple who
has more power over government than Boehner
because he has Obama’s ear.
Global warming is a hoax aided by the
media. Green energy is given a boost at every
news opportunity, ignoring its huge losses and
meanwhile we burn our food in the form of ethanol for the same global warming. That drives up
food prices world-wide, adds to the price of fuel,
does nothing for pollution and the news hounds
won’t even mention this fiasco.
The media drove W’s rating down with
relentless criticism and Wolf Blitzer brought his
poll numbers to the public’s attention every 15
min. for days. Obama’s #s? They’re seldom
mentioned and they keep them up by ignoring his
faults and never ending lies.
Remember the last govt. shutdown? No
one does. Less than 20% of the govt. was shut
down and the public quickly forgot it. Media to
the rescue of Obama. Headline: Real cost of the
shutdown was $B more when all the numbers
are known.
Lastly the media treats stumbling, corrupt
Pelosi like an intelligent person when she shows
signs of being out of control if not using notes
someone made up for her. Palin has run the largest state well, leaving it in good economic order
and was able to out-negotiate an oil company’s
officers but the media treats her like the fools do
at comedy central. Scandalous.
Don Omey
The more you trade, the more it earns in commission.
Most people don't give it too much thought. But if
you have managed to accumulate substantial wealth,
you will understand that all this "friction" in the system
is one of the biggest wealth destroyers.
You just don't notice because it's a death by a
thousand cuts... each one is small enough to make you
bleed only a little.
Of course, what I call "Old Money" – family
money that has been around for an extraordinarily
long time – has ways to avoid the parasites on Wall
Street... and still come out on top.
At Bonner & Partners Family Office – the small
research service I set up to help modern-day families
learn how to protect what they've earned using "Old
Money" techniques – we focus on super low-cost plays
we call "beta investments."
These may be simple... and low cost. But they are
also powerful wealth builders.
In fact, using "beta investments," savvy investors
could have multiplied their money 150 times over the
last 40 years by making just three low-commission...
and low-friction... trades.
What can Wall Street offer you?
Well, in 2011 the average fund fell about -9%.
But hedge fund investors who only lost 9% were the
lucky ones.
If you'd asked hedge fund superstar John Paulson
to look after your money for you, in 2011 you would
have been down -46% through November.
Of course, not before he charged you the typical
"2 and 20" skim off the top.
If this system isn't parasitic, I don't know what is...
The Peoples Voice
Wes Bush
“The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy,
peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.”
Romans 8:22-23 KJV
I awakened thinking about the
above scripture and after a few minutes
I realized that God was attempting to get
my attention.
“Lord,” I said, “Are you telling me
“Yes Son,” He Answered, “It is time
for you to take inventory. On a scale of
1 through 10 how is your ‘larder’?
“I don’t understand, Lord. Do you
mean that I am to grade myself on the
level of the fruit of the spirit that I
“That’s exactly what I mean, son.”
Wow, I thought. I’ve never done
that before!
Let’s see, Perhaps I should take
them one at a time.
• Love........................... 6
• Joy............................. 8
• Peace.......................... 9
• Long Suffering.......... 6
• Gentleness................. 3
• Goodness................... 4
• Faith........................... 8
• Meekness................... 1
• Temperance............... 8
• Total..................... 53
“UGM, It looks like you may be
half way or a little better; but, you may
have judged yourself a wee bit liberal.
I think you might better fine tune your
thinking.” The Lord said.
As I began to meditate on each one
of these I began to remember the times
that I had opportunity to exemplify one
or the other of these fruit; and, I realized
that the Lord was right.
I was thinking more highly of
myself than I ought.
For I say, through the grace given unto
me, to every man that is among you, not
to think of himself more highly than he
ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man
the measure of faith. Romans 12:3
I then counted my inventory again,
this time recollecting many former
moments of failure.
• Love......................... 4
• Joy........................... 7
• Peace........................ 9
• Long Suffering........ 3
• Gentleness............... 3
• Goodness................. 3
• Faith......................... 9
• Meekness................. 1
• Temperance............. 5
• Total.................... 44
That is more like it, Son.” God
exclaimed joyously, “Now, it is time for
you to go back to living the life I have
created for you and to begin to exemplify that which I have called you to.
Boy, had I been brought to another
divine understanding! God had not
upbraided me but He had certainly gotten my attention!
James 1:5 KJV
If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of
God, that giveth to all men liberally, and
upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.
I am convinced that every
believer should do this as soon as
possible. Without a doubt God truly
motivated me to GET WITH IT BY
And, a routine it is! I intend to
do this at the end of every day for
the rest of my life; and, I believe that
you should do it also. I am now more
motivated that I have ever been, to
as much as possible, during every
transaction of life, bear the fruit of
the spirit.
Now, I have heard the scriptural
argument, “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but
according to his mercy he saved us,
by the washing of regeneration, and
renewing of the Holy Ghost;
Titus 3:5 KJV
When you study the context of
Paul’s intent you will discover that
Paul was talking about salvation.
He had no reference to the fruit we
exemplify as the Holy Ghost manifests through us.
A larder is a cool area for storing food prior to use. Larders were
commonplace in houses before the
widespread use of the refrigerator.
Essential qualities of a larder are
that it should be:
• As cool as possible
• Close to food preparation areas
• Constructed so as to exclude flies
and vermin
• Easy to keep clean
• Equipped with shelves and cupboards appropriate to the food
being stored.
You see, your larder is the place
where your fruit is stored, awaiting
the coming judgement of the Lord. I
like to think that we will spiritually
feast on that fruit at the marriage
supper of the Lamb, spoken of in the
book of Revelation.
I don’t know about you, I want
an abundant supply to present to the
Lord as my love offering for the gifts
he gave me when He baptized me
with the Holy Ghost and for purging
and cleansing me with the fire of His
Holy Spirit so that I may be invited
to that feast.
Won’t you join me and take
inventory every night. Take it while
every encounter with a living creature is fresh in your mind.
The Lord has reminded me
that the total from each day should
then be averaged with the previous
total so that you can ascertain what
remains in your larder. Give it to the
Lord and ask Him to multiply it; and,
multiply it He will.
“And the Lord thy God will bring
thee into the land which thy fathers
possessed, and thou shalt possess
it; and he will do thee good, and
multiply thee above thy fathers.”
Deuteronomy 30:5 KJV
“As it is written, He hath dispersed
abroad; he hath given to the poor:
his righteousness remaineth for ever.
Now he that ministereth seed to the
sower both minister bread for your
food, and multiply your seed sown,
and increase the fruits of your righteousness; being enriched in every
thing to all bountifulness, which
causeth through us thanksgiving to
God. 2 Corinthians 9:9-11 (KJV)
Hallelujah! What a blessing! Our
Father has given us a pathway to follow, that we might bear fruit for His
kingdom; and, for the marriage table
which is even now being set.
Trying to live down a bad reputation? Lifescope
says, “Your name reflects your character!”
A good name is more desirable than
great riches; to be esteemed is better than
silver or gold.
The memory of the righteous is
a blessing, but the name of the wicked
will rot.
The character of even a child can
be known by the way he acts – whether
what he does is pure and right.
If you profit from constructive
criticism you will be elected to the wise
men’s hall of fame. But to reject criticism is to harm yourself . . .
A good reputation is more valuable
than the most expensive perfume. As
dead flies give perfume a bad smell, so a
little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.
God’s truth stands firm like a great
rock, and nothing can shake it. It is a
foundation stone with these words written on it: “The Lord knows those who
are really His,” and “A person who calls
himself a Christian should not be doing
things that are wrong.”
In everything you do, stay away
from complaining and arguing, so that
no one can speak a word of blame
against you. You are to live clean, innocent lives as children of God in a dark
world full of people who are crooked
and stubborn. Shine out among them
like beacon lights, holding out to them
the Word of Life.
Don’t be selfish; don’t live to
make a good impression on others. Be
humble, thinking of others as better than
Your attitude should be the kind
that was shown us by Jesus Christ, who,
though He was God, did not demand
and cling to His rights as God, but laid
aside His mighty power and glory, taking the disguise of a slave and becoming
like men.
He humbled Himself even further,
going so far as actually to die a criminal’s death on a cross.
Yet it was because of this that God
raised Him up to the heights of heaven
and gave Him a name which is above
every other name, that at the name of
Jesus every knee shall bow and every
tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ
is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
Taken from Pr. 22, 10, 20, 15, Ec. 7, 10, II Tim. 2, Phil. 2, The New International
Version, The Revised Standard Version and The Living Bible. For free Lifescope book,
write to Box 1575, Carlsbad, NM 88221. Please send $1.00 for postage and handling.
A sailor was caught AWOL as he
tried to sneak on board his ship at about
3 am. The chief petty officer spied him
and ordered the sailor to stop. The officer
ordered the sailor, “Take this broom and
sweep every link on this anchor chain by
morning or it’s the brig for you!”
The sailor picked up the broom and
started to sweep the chain.
Just then, a tern landed on the broom
handle. The sailor yelled at the bird to
leave, but it didn’t. The lad picked the
tern off the broom handle, giving the
bird a toss.
The bird left, only to return and light
once again on the broom handle. The
I was struggling to figure out how
lightning works, then it struck me.
Abhijeet - New Delhi
I’m bad at math, so the equation
2n+2n is 4n to me. - Abhit
A rule of grammar: double negatives are a no-no. - Zac Hill
My son’s spelling test consisted of
sailor went through the same routine all
over again, with the same result.
He couldn’t get any cleaning done
because he could only sweep at the
chain once or twice before the silly bird
came back.
When morning came, so did the
chief petty officer, to check up on his
wayward sailor. “What on earth have
you been doing all night? This chain is
no cleaner than when you started! What
have you to say for yourself, sailor?”
barked the chief.
“Honest, chief,” came the reply,
“I tossed a tern all night and couldn’t
sweep a link!”
synonyms of the word incorrect.
He was able to write every wrong.
- SGT Snorkel5. My student was
late for class, claiming he was in
the washroom. I think he was stalling. - Toycoon
I used to hate maths but then I
realised decimals have a point.
El Paisano
Authentic New Mexican Food
Call: (575) 812-9898
Ask for:
Donald L. Hoffman
Welcome Home Recovery
He will give you the details and
help you with proper contribution
receipts in exchange for your
very much needed vehicles.
with a daily fusion of culinary fun with
home made hamburger buns, Artisian Pizza
blended with old fashioned home cooking
Feed your spirit as you Satisfy your appetite!
SINCE 1959
Esther Otero - Owner
(575) 354-2206
442 Smokey Bear Blvd Hwy 380
Capitan, NM 88316
Grades K-4 Through 12
Christian curricula aligned with New Mexico
Standards and Benchmarks, small class sizes and
before/after school day care for K-4 through 5th grade.
Get your registration packet before it is too late.
Legacy Christian Academy
3004 Thunder RoadAlamogordo, NM 88310
(575) 434-0352
“Making Learning Exciting Through Expectation Of Success!”
from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
1601 Hawaii
Alamogordo, NM 88310
(575) 551-1771
Alamogordo’s Place Of Open Worship
Come and share your heart with us
Everyone welcome In Our Pulpit
Gathering each Sunday at 9:00 AM
Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers
of all Christian faiths are welcome here
Apostolic Mission
1:00 PM Sun. - Sunday School
2:00 PM Sun. - Church
7:00 PM Thurs
Pastor, Jerry Sarabia
(575) 415-8105
Fellowship over a potluck dinner
After prayer, praise and worship
In Mall Next To K-Mart Entrance
“The taste and feel you WON”T forget!”
Who Are Seeking A Closer Walk With The Lord.
(575) 812-9898
(575) 812-9898
Bible Studies
Christian Fellowship
1601 Hawaii Ave
Prayer Meetings
Christian Counseling
Sunday Worship
Ministy Opportunity
The Peoples Voice
Below are just a few examples of words I hear people speak
regularly to themselves, their children and each other.
They say: Instead Say:
You’re killing me
I Thank God for you
You’ll never amount to anything
You can accomplish anything
We can’t afford that
We’ll pray for provision
You’re so stupid
You are so intelligent
Don’t wreck the car
Drive safely
My diabetes is killing me
I thank God for perfect health
You’re going to give me a heart attack You bless my heart
I’m scared
Thank you for courage
I’m sorry
I apologize
Perhaps we should concentrate on speaking life instead of death to all
Inequality, Prejudice, Race, Racial, Sin
November 28, 2014 This was written by American footballer Benjamin
Watson. The post will speak for itself:
At some point while I was playing or preparing to play Monday Night Football,
the news broke about the Ferguson Decision. After trying to figure out how I felt,
I decided to write it down. Here are my thoughts:
• I’M ANGRY, because the stories of injustice that have been passed down
for generations seem to be continuing before our very eyes.
• I’M FRUSTRATED, because pop culture, music and movies glorify these
types of police citizen altercations and promote an invincible attitude that
continues to get young men killed in real life, away from safety movie sets
and music studios.
• I’M FEARFUL, because in the back of my mind I know that although
I’m a law abiding citizen I could still be looked upon as a “threat” to those
who don’t know me. So I will continue to have to go the extra mile to earn
the benefit of the doubt.
• I’M EMBARRASSED, because the looting, violent protests, and law
breaking only confirm, and in the minds of many, validate, the stereotypes
and thus the inferior treatment.
• I’M SAD, because another young life was lost from his family, the racial
divide has widened, a community is in shambles, accusations, insensitivity
hurt and hatred are boiling over, and we may never know the truth about
what happened that day.
• I’M SYMPATHETIC, because I wasn’t there so I don’t know exactly
what happened. Maybe Darren Wilson acted within his rights and duty
as an officer of the law and killed Michael Brown in self defense like any
of us would in the circumstance. Now he has to fear the backlash against
himself and his loved ones when he was only doing his job. What a horrible
thing to endure. OR maybe he provoked Michael and ignited the series of
events that led to him eventually murdering the young man to prove a point.
• I’M OFFENDED, because of the insulting comments I’ve seen that are
not only insensitive but dismissive to the painful experiences of others.
• I’M CONFUSED, because I don’t know why it’s so hard to obey a policeman. You will not win!!! And I don’t know why some policeman abuse
their power. Power is a responsibility, not a weapon to brandish and lord
over the populace.
• I’M INTROSPECTIVE, because sometimes I want to take “our” side
without looking at the facts in situations like these. Sometimes I feel like
it’s us against them. Sometimes I’m just as prejudiced as people I point
fingers at. And that’s not right. How can I look at white skin and make
assumptions but not want assumptions made about me? That’s not right.
• I’M HOPELESS, because I’ve lived long enough to expect things like this
to continue to happen. I’m not surprised and at some point my little children
are going to inherit the weight of being a minority and all that it entails.
• I’M HOPEFUL, because I know that while we still have race issues in
America, we enjoy a much different normal than those of our parents and
grandparents. I see it in my personal relationships with teammates, friends
and mentors. And it’s a beautiful thing.
• I’M ENCOURAGED, because ultimately the problem is not a SKIN
problem, it is a SIN problem. SIN is the reason we rebel against authority.
SIN is the reason we abuse our authority. SIN is the reason we are racist,
prejudiced and lie to cover for our own. SIN is the reason we riot, loot and
burn. BUT I’M ENCOURAGED because God has provided a solution for
sin through his son Jesus and with it, a transformed heart and mind. One
that’s capable of looking past the outward and seeing what’s truly important
in every human being. The cure for the Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin,
Tamir Rice and Eric Garner tragedies is not education or exposure. It’s
the Gospel. So, finally, I’M ENCOURAGED because the Gospel gives
mankind hope.
Sage is an herb. The leaf is used to make medicine.
Sage (n.1) Look up sage at Dictionary.com kind of herb
(Salvia officinalis), early 14c., from Old French sauge (13c.),
From Latin salvia, from salvus “healthy” (see safe (adj.)).
So called for its healing or preserving qualities (it was used
to keep teeth clean and relieve sore gums, and boiled in water to
make a drink to alleviate arthritis).
In English folklore, sage, like parsley, is said to grow best
where the wife is dominant. In late Old English as salvie, directly
from Latin.
Compare German Salbei, also from Latin.sage (adj.) Look
up sage at dictionary.com”wise,” c.1300 (late 12c. as a surname),
from Old French sage “wise, knowledgeable, learned; shrewd,
skillful” (11c.), from Gallo-Roman *sabius, from Vulgar Latin
*sapius, from Latin sapere “have a taste, have good taste, be
wise,” from PIE root *sap- “to taste” (see sap (n.1)). Meaning
“characterized by wisdom” is from 1530s.
Related: Sageness.sage (n.2) Look up sage at Dictionary.
com”man of profound wisdom,” mid-14c., from sage (adj.).
Originally applied to the Seven Sages -- Thales, Solon, Periander,
Cleobulus, Chilon, Bias, and Pittacus.
Folk medicine has been used for centuries longer than our
current system of medicine. Jesus statement, “Laughter doeth
good like a medicine” certainly indicates that medicine does
good; therefore, I submit that one should never set medicine aside
simply because he has faith that God has healed him.
It may just be that God will use medicine as the agent He has
provided to effect the healing He performed on the cross 2000
years ago.
By the same token, we Christians should not consider the use
of herbal medicine by the Indians and other races to be occult
in any way; although, some of the rituals performed during the
administration of it may well have be occult. I will leave that to
God and accept that the medicine administered still performed
it’s intended work, in spite of faulty administration.
Sage is used for:
Digestive problems, including:
• Loss of appetite,
• Gas (flatulence),
• Stomach pain (gastritis),
• Diarrhea,
• Bloating,
• Heartburn.
It is also used for:
• Reducing overproduction of perspiration and saliva;
• Depression,
From page 4 - False Gods
Your Story To The
It is Easy
Write or copy your story
(500 words or less) and
email it to [email protected]
Be sure to include pictures
These should be in .jpg or
.psd format if possible
Articles should refrain
from critical, profane or
lewd language and please
do not include phoros of a
sexual nature.
Think of the Spokesmen
as ‘your’ newspaper and
help us make the best presentation possible to ‘your’
newspaper’s readers.
Advertising content in articles may
include contact information only
The Peoples Voice
modern life, but also it is in many ways the mother of all the other
Why is it relevant today? Because today we have as many false
gods as the ancients did. And why is it the mother of all the other commandments? Because if we identify false gods and avoid worshipping
them, we will eliminate one of the greatest barriers to a good world.
So, let’s begin by defining a false god. The point of biblical monotheism is that there is only one god and that only this God, the Creator
of the universe who demands that we keep these Ten Commandments,
is to be worshiped.
Why? First, because one God means one human race. Only if we
all have the same Creator, or Father, as it were, are we are all brothers
and sisters. Second, having the same parent also means that no person
is intrinsically more valuable than any other. And third, one God means
one moral standard for all people. If God declares murder wrong, it is
wrong for everyone, and you can’t go to another god for another moral
When anything else is worshipped, bad things result. Not only
things that can obviously lead to evil such as the worship of power, or
race, or money, or flag. But also things that are almost always seen as
quite beautiful — such as art, or education or even love. Yes, any of these
often wonderful things, when worshipped, can lead to terrible results.
Take art. Many of the cruelest humans in history loved beautiful
music and art. But, as a music lover, I learned early in life the sad fact
that great music can be used to inspire people to follow evil just as much
as it can be used to inspire people to do good. The great Hollywood
director Stanley Kubrick vividly made this point in his classic 1971
film, “A Clockwork Orange,” based on the Stanley Burgess novel. In
it, men rape and murder while classical music plays in the background.
The Nazis had prisoner orchestras play classical music while Jews
were led to gas chambers.
Take education. We all recognize how important education can
be — from preparing people to join the modern workforce to understanding the world. But education in and of itself, divorced from the
higher ends of God and goodness, can, and often has, led to great evil.
Many of the best-educated people in Germany supported Hitler and the
Nazis. Professor Peter Merkl of the University of California at Santa
Barbara studied 581 Nazis and found that Germans with a high school
education “or even university study” were more likely to be antisemitic
than those with less education (“Political Violence under the Swastika,”
Princeton University Press).
And almost all of the Western world’s supporters of the genocidal
regimes of Stalin in the Soviet Union and Mao in China were highly
educated. Education is morally useful when it is a means to the higher
ends of God and goodness.
The same holds true even of love. Love, of course, is so often
beautiful. But it, too, can lead to evil. In the 20th century people who
put love of country or love of ideology — of an unattainable dream
• Memory loss,
• Alzheimer's disease.
Women use sage for:
• Painful menstrual periods,
• To correct excessive milk flow during nursing,
• To reduce hot flashes during menopause.
Sage is applied directly to the skin for :
• Cold sores;
• Gum disease (gingivitis);
• Sore mouth, throat or tongue;
• Swollen, painful nasal passages.
Some people inhale sage for asthma.
In foods, sage is used as a commonly used spice.
In manufacturing, sage is used as a fragrance component in
soaps and cosmetics.
How does it work?
Alters chemical imbalances in the brain that cause symptoms of
Alzheimer's and other diseases
How is it administered?
• Inhalation of the smoke as it burns
• By drinking a tea made from the leaves
• By boiling the leaves to extract the medicinal qualities and applying to The Skin of
• A wound
• A bruise
• A Sprain
• An Arthritic joint.
• By swabbing the mouth with the mixture
• By swabbing the nasal passages
• By mixing with Menthol salve and applying to the chest to
speed the healing of pneumonia.
Unless one has an allergy to sage, it may be worth a try. I
know that my youth was spent playing and rolling in it, always
with a clear head, especially when the tiny yellow flowers covered
every branch of the bush and the aroma of it’s pollen filled the air.
On the other time, at that season of every year my mother was
forced to abandon us and retreat to Oklahoma in order to get away
from the Arizona desert which was filled with folk medicines that
seemed to help some of us while harming others.
To conclude, wisdom should act as the Sage, and teach us to
tread softly when using any folk remedy; and, to above all, tread
VERY softly when applying any of the new, man made ones.
Discretion say’s, ‘God most certainly knows more about
medicine than any pharmacist!
Charles W. Bush
for humanity — above love of God and goodness often committed terrible evil.
And here’s a test for you: Imagine that the pet you love and a stranger
— a person you don’t know and therefore could not possibly love — are
drowning. Do you first try to save your pet or the stranger? Well, if love
is an end in itself, you save your pet. But if you hold human life as a
higher value than love, you won’t follow love.
This commandment made the ethical revolution of the Bible and
of the Ten Commandments — what is known as ethical monotheism
— possible. Worship the God of the Ten Commandments and you will
make a good world. Worship a false god — no matter how noble sounding — and you will end up with evil.
Otero Hunger
A member of the Otero Hunger Coalition Board has
volunteered to create a database of all the Churches
in Alamogordo. We hope to publish both an email and
paper copy newsletter and want to make sure that all
emails are correct in our database. If you wish to provide an email address and/or contact person, please
contact us at (575) 491-1832 or (575) 585-3149.
Fighting hunger is an ongoing battle. At the present
time there are six kitchens that operate in local Alamogordo Churches six days a week and The House
of Prayer kitchen for the homeless.
We are presently expanding the efforts of Food
Rescue in our county which helps the existing food
pantries that are affliated with the Roadrunner Food
We applaud your efforts in the fight against hunger
and muchly appreciate your support and prayers.
Contact Lynette Wedig
(575) 491-1832
(575) 585-3149
The Peoples Voice
Tea Party Patriots
1025 Rose Creek Drive
Ste 620-322
Woodstock, GA 30189
Support: 404-593-0877
U.S. Citizenship
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
and Immigration Services
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is
Republican National Committee
The SCIS is responsible for processing an independent US Government agency
310 First Street, SE
immigration and naturalization applica- responsible for providing national security
tions and establishing policies regarding intelligence to senior US policymakers.
Washington, DC 20003
immigration services.
Central Intelligence Agency
(202) 863-8500
US Citizenship and Immigation Servces Washington, DC 20505 111 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Phone: (703) 482-0623
Democratic National Committee
MS 2260
430 South Capitol St. SE
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Main phone number: 202-863- (800) 870-3676
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For questions about contributions, military members and their families)
corruption, civil rights violations, and other
please call 877-336-7200.
major crimes.
Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
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U.S. Senate make up the two chambers of
Congress. The House has 435 members,
the number representing each state is determined by population.
Take a tour of the historic Capitol, where
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tours begin and end at the Capitol Visitor
The U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of
Representatives make up the two chambers
of Congress. The Senate has 100 members,
2 from each state, who are elected to serve
for a term of 6 years.
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Christianity: Mental or
~Joseph Gaut
In scripture, we are told that
the letter kills but that the Spirit
brings life. How should one
interpret scripture? Words, sentences, parables, metaphors all
mean what the Spirit of Christ
tells us they mean, not what the
mind might dictate.
In John 5:39-40 (NIV),
Jesus, when speaking to a
group that wanted to stone
him for breaking the Sabbath
by healing on the seventh day
and for calling God his Father,
told them “39 You study the
Scriptures diligently because
you think that in them you have
eternal life. These are the very
Scriptures that testify about me,
40 yet you refuse to come to me
to have life.
U.S. House of Representatives
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U.S. Senate
United States Senate
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U.S. Department of Health
and Human Services (HHS)
The Department of Health and Human
Services protects the health of all Americans
and provides essential human services.
US Department of Health and Human
200 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, DC 20201 Toll-free: (877) 696-6775
E d i t o r ’s C o m m e n t : T h e F e d e r a l
Government has created a web site for the
convenience of every American Citizen.
Almost anyting you can imagine is listed
there, with links to agencies that can answer
your questions.
I use that site frequently in order to obtain
and verify information for the Spokesmen
USA. The Site is: http://www.usa.gov/
Mental or Spiritual?
After his resurrection,
while discussing their walk on
the road to Emmaus, two disciples met Jesus but did not recognize him. Jesus opened scripture to them about the events of
their time and then vanished.
They then asked each other
“Were not our hearts burning
within us while he talked with
us on the road and opened the
Scriptures to us (Luke 24:45
KJV)?” In the same chapter
of Luke, the resurrected Christ
revealed himself to his apostles
who were puzzled by the events
of the era: “Then opened he
their understanding, that they
might understand the scriptures
One of the wonderful
promises of the New Covenant
is that God’s children will be
taught by the Lord. The Holy
Spirit, the very Spirit of Christ,
is our teacher. If we do not
understand something, we simply ask him what it means. He
speaks in parables but he also
opens these parables to us. He
is Light! He lights the pathway
of our walk through life. And if
we do not immediately receive
an answer? The key is trust. We
may not be able yet to fathom
what he has to say to us. It is not
unusual to receive an answer
many days after the question
as he prepares us to grasp the
Scripture cannot be read
like a pop magazine. We might
spend a week, month, or year
on a single passage meditating on it and seeking him. Or,
the understanding may come
immediately like a flash of
light to our understanding. The
For Suicide Prevention Program
Linda Dixon
(928) 606-5358
Deliver Used Computers and/or Componebts To:
The Gathering Place Church Office
1601 Hawaii Ave
Alamogordo, NM 88311
In Many Instances Repairs Can Be Made by Our Volunteer Technicians
Government Printing Office (GPO)
The Government Printing Office publishes and disseminates official government publications to Congress, federal
agencies, federal depository libraries, and
the public. Anyone may use the services
of a federal depository library to access
government publications.
Government Printing Office
Address: 732 North Capitol St NW
Washington, DC 20401-0001 Phone: (202) 512-1800 Toll-free: (866) 512-1800
[email protected]
Department of Homeland Security
Formed in 2002 from the combination of 22 departments and agencies,
the Department of Homeland Security
works to improve the security of the
United States. The Department's work
includes customs, border, and immigration enforcement; emergency response to
natural and manmade disasters; antiterrorism work; and cybersecurity.
Phone Number: (202) 282-8000
(202) 282-8000
If I don’t miss my guess, you will visit
http://www.usa.gov very often.
Do you wish to write your Senator or
Representive? I suggest that you visit
http://www.usa.gov to find his address
9 “Who is it he is trying to
important thing is to include
him in our meditations. We teach? To whom is he explainare not going to “figure it out” ing his message? To children
without the author telling us weaned from their milk, to those
just taken from the breast?
what it means.
10 For it is: Do this, do
God is not limited to a book
we can put on a shelf. He has that, a rule for this, a rule for
many ways of speaking to us. that; a little here, a little there.”
11 Very well then, with forThe young may see visions and
the old dream dreams, or vice eign lips and strange tongues
versa. The events of life itself God will speak to this people,
12 to whom he said, “This
may speak to us if we are listening. We strive to learn to hear is the resting place, let the
him as he is the center of all weary rest”; and, “This is the
things. He is still writing – on place of repose”— but they
would not listen.
our hearts!
13 So then, the word of the
The mind, without Christ,
constructs its own theology. LORD to them will become:
Knowing Christ is not theol- Do this, do that, a rule for this,
ogy, it is knowing God him- a rule for that; a little here, a
self, the revealer of all truth. little there— so that as they go
The Alternative? The prophet they will fall backward; they
speaks forth wisdom on this will be injured and snared and
matter (Isaiah 29:9-13 NIV):
From page 5 - Muslims
If You Are Contemplating Discarding A Computer Of Any Kind
Please Contact:
The Library of Congress provides
Congress with objective research to
inform the legislative process, administers the national copyright system,
and manages the largest collection of
books, recordings, photographs, maps
and manuscripts in the world.
Library Of Congress
101 Independence Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20540 Phone Number: (202) 707-5000
(202) 707-8000 (Visitor Information)
By Joe Gaut
Nacogdoches, Texas
Joseph Gaut <[email protected]>
In working with the suicide prevention program in Alamogordo and Mescalero it has come to the
Spokemen’s attention that, on more than one occassion, students have contemplated suicide as the only
alternative to failing grades because their parents or gaurdians could simply not afford to get them the
computer required for them to practice at home making it possible for them to make a passing grade. in
classes requiring computers.
Library of Congress
While Islamic law prohibits (does not allow) dead meat,
this does not apply to fish and locusts.Also, hadith literature
prohibits beasts having sharp canine teeth, birds having
claws and tentacles in their feet, Jallalah (animals whose
meat stinks because they feed on filth), tamed donkeys, and
any piece cut from a living animal.
Muslim apostates
Most interpretations (or ways of understanding Sharia)
do not allow Muslims to convert to other religions. This is
strictly forbidden, and is called apostasy. In Muslim theology, apostasy is equal to treason. In most interpretations of
Sharia, the punishment for apostasy is death. However, in
some interpretations, there is no capital punishment for a
Muslim who peacefully converts away from Islam (i.e. without becoming violent or aggressive towards the Muslims).
In many Muslim countries, some people may be
accused of apostasy even if they have non-conventional
(non-traditional or unusual) interpretations of the Quran. The
severe persecution of the famous expert in Arabic literature,
Prof. Nasir Hamid Abu Zayd, is an example of this. In some
countries, Sunni and Shia Muslims often accuse each other
of apostasy. Many people explain the current civil conflict
in Iraq by pointing to the very harsh religious opposition
between Sunnis and Shias in the country.
I always prayed before my trigonometry tests. I was hoping for a sine
from above.
I wondered why my geometry class
was always tired. They were all out of
In high school I recall having a
beautiful but difficult math teacher.
She was easy on the eyes and hard on
the pupils!
I was kicked out of math class for
one too many infractions.
I’ve failed the mathematics test so
many times I lost count.
I didn’t understand the math, so the
teacher summed it up for me.
After periodic doubts about his
vocational calling, the young chemistry
teacher concluded he was out of his
Little Jimmy told his teacher he
never saw a humming bird but he had
watched a spelling bee.
Decimals have a point.
We’re not getting anywhere in
geometry class. It feels like we’re going
in circles.
The high school music teacher was
quite controversial. He told his students
to read band books.
As long as the imperial system is in
place a ruler will be afoot.
The girls swim team has a new
coach who acts like she knows everything. Her name is Claire Buoyant.
The arrogant math teacher finally
ate a slice of humble pi.
The English Teacher felt odd after
being fired: it was post-grammatic stress
Only the squares are doing Q:
What did the duck say when he bought
A: “Put it on my bill.” well in geometry class. It’s their area.
The science teachers broke up
because there was no chemistry between
The calculus teacher tried to keep
his students on task, but the class discussion kept going off on tangents.
The math teacher was a good
dancer - he had algorithm.
In equations with square numbers I
can never find the root of the problem.
The man who bought too much
graphing paper didn’t know where to
draw the line.
The number 10210 is too intense.
An English teacher, who was dreadfully afraid of insects, while on a picnic
screamed like a little girl when he saw
there was an antonym.
I was caught studying the periodic
table in English class. It was an elementary mistake.
You know what happens after you
miss math class? It starts adding up.
Math class is full of drama. There
are so many problems to work out.
Finding all possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets
is not a matter of If but Venn.
When she made Mario Puzo’s
books required reading for her class,
she made him an author they couldn’t
Teaching history is old news.
I met a math professor who has
12 children - she really knows how to
multiply. I need to do my philosophy homework but I just Kant.
Why did the Latin student end up
being a bachelor? Because every time
he was asked to conjugate, he declined.
Retired teachers are classless.
I stink at fractions. I’m not half as
good as the class. The hoarfrost that forms on a daycare center’s windows is called nursery
Finding area is an integral part of
The first order of priority in hiring
math majors is get them to sine on the
dotted line
I strongly dislike the subject of
math, however I am partial to fractions.
The sign language teacher was very
good with her hands.
The philosophy student got an ‘F’
the day he forgot to turn in his Hume
The boy’s guitar teacher helped him
pick up his skills.
I raised my intelligence using my
The headmaster removed the
schools central heating. He wanted to
turn it into a cool school.
A child asked his father, “How
were people born?” So his father said,
“Adam and Eve made babies, then their
babies became adults and made babies,
and so on.”
The child then went to his mother,
asked her the same question and she
told him, “We were monkeys then we
evolved to become like we are now.”
The child ran back to his father and
said, “You lied to me!”
His father replied, “No, your mom
was talking about her side of the family.”
Teacher: “Kids,what does the
chicken give you?”
Student: “Meat!”
Teacher: “Very good! Now what
does the pig give you?”
Student: “Bacon!”
Teacher: “Great! And what does the
fat cow give you?”
Student: “Homework!”
What happens to a frog’s car when
it breaks down?
It gets toad away.
Q: What did the duck say when he
bought lipstick?
A: “Put it on my bill.”
Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Officer
asks a young engineer fresh out of the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
“And what starting salary are you looking for?”
The engineer replies, “In the region
of $125,000 a year, depending on the
benefits package.”
The interviewer inquires, “Well,
what would you say to a package of five
weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full
medical and dental, company matching
retirement fund to 50% of salary, and
a company car leased every two years,
say, a red Corvette?”
The engineer sits up straight and
says, “Wow! Are you kidding?”
The interviewer replies, “Yeah, but
The Peoples Voice
you started it.”
Wife: “I look fat. Can you give me
a compliment?”
Husband: “You have perfect eyesight.”
A man kills a deer and takes it home
to cook for dinner. Both he and his wife
decide that they won’t tell the kids what
kind of meat it is, but will give them a
clue and let them guess.
The dad said, “Well it’s what
Mommy calls me sometimes.”
The little girl screamed to her
brother, “Don’t eat it. Its a horses b---!
A woman gets on a bus with her
baby. The bus driver says, “That’s the
ugliest baby that I’ve ever seen. Ugh!”
The woman goes to the rear of the
bus and sits down, fuming. She says
to a man next to her, “The driver just
insulted me!”
The man says, “You go right up
there and tell him off – go ahead, I’ll
hold your monkey for you.”
Why is Christmas just like a day at
the office?
You do all the work and the fat guy
with the suit gets all the credit.
A husband got his mother-in-law
a cemetery plot for Christmas. It came
with a coffin, tomb stone, the works.
Next Christmas comes by and the
husband gets her nothing.
When the mother-in-law asks,
“Why didn’t you get me a gift?”
The husband says, “You haven’t
used the one I got you last year!”
Three men all die on Christmas Day
and arrive at the pearly gates. Peter
greets them and tells them that they are
all evil men who should go to hell, but
because it’s Christmas, he’ll let them
into heaven if they have something representing the holiday with them. One of
the guys has a Christmas ornament, and
gets let in. Another guy has pine needles
on his shirt, and gets let in. The third
guy pulls out a pair of panties. “How
do those represent Christmas?” asks
Peter. “These are Carol’s.”
A little boy wants a bike for
Christmas really badly, but the kid is a
real bad seed, and he knows it.
He writes a letter to Jesus. “Dear
Jesus, if I get a bike for Christmas, I’ll
be good for a whole week.”
He thinks about it, crosses out what
he wrote, and says, “I can’t be good for a
whole week, I’ll be good for five days.”
He crosses that out and writes, “I’ll
be good for four days.” Then he thinks
again and says, “Can’t do that.” He gets
down to one day and says, “I can’t even
be good for a day.”
Then in frustration, goes in his
mother’s room and gets the statue of the
Virgin Mary, wraps it up in a blanket,
puts it in a paper bag, throws it in the
closet and says, “Dear Jesus, if I don’t
get a bike for Christmas, you’ll never
see your mother again!”
Q: Why doesn’t Dracula have any
A: Because he is a pain in the neck.
10 Facts About You:
1. You’re reading this now.
2. You’re realizing that this is a stupid
4. You didn’t notice I skipped number 3.
5. You’re checking now.
6. You’re smiling.
7. You’re still reading this even though
it is stupid.
9. You didn’t notice I skipped number 8.
10.You’re checking again and smiling
because you fell for it again.
11. You’re enjoying this.
12. You didn’t realize I said 10 facts
not 12.
Q: Why is England the wettest
A: Because so many kings and
queens have been reigning there.
Two mental patients were walking
next to a swimming pool. One jumped
into the pool and the other jumped in
to save him.
Their doctor saw the rescue and
called the rescuer to his office.
“Due to your actions, it appears
your mental state is fine,” the doctor
said to the patient, “You can go home
to your family, but before you do, you
should know that the person you saved
hung himself today.”
The patient replied, “He didn’t
hang himself; I hung him there to dry.”
Ralph is driving home one evening,
when he suddenly realizes that it’s
his daughter’s birthday and he hasn’t
bought her a present.
He drives to the mall, runs to the
toy store, and says to the shop assistant, “How much is that Barbie in the
In a condescending manner, she
says, “Which Barbie?” She continues,
“We have Barbie Goes to the Gym
for $19.95, Barbie Goes to the Ball
for $19.95, Barbie Goes Shopping for
$19.95, Barbie Goes to the Beach for
$19.95, Barbie Goes Nightclubbing
for $19.95, and Divorced Barbie for
Ralph asks, “Why is the Divorced
Barbie $265.00 when all the others are
only $19.95?”
“That’s obvious,” the saleslady
says. “Divorced Barbie comes with
Ken’s house, Ken’s car, Ken’s boat,
Ken’s furniture...”
Do not be racist; be like Mario.
He’s an Italian plumber, who was made
by the Japanese, speaks English, looks
like a Mexican, jumps like a black man,
and grabs coins like a Jew!
Yo momma is so fat, when she sat
on an iPod, she made the iPad!