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VOICE- February 2015
Peter answered him, "Lord, if it is you command me to come to you on the water."
He said, "Come." So Peter got out of the boat, started walking on the water, and came toward Jesus. But when he
noticed the strong wind, he became frightened, and beginning to sink, he cried out, "Lord, save me!" Jesus
immediately reached out his hand and caught him, saying to him, "You of little faith, why did you doubt?" When
they got into the boat, the wind ceased. And those in the boat worshiped him, saying, "Truly you are the Son of
In the early part of the 20th century, the French developed their own distress call for ships in crisis. The French
words “m’aider” means “help me,” and is pronounced, “Mayday.” These words evolved into a universal call for
distress, used by pilots, ship captains, and the military organizations all over the word. “Mayday” is a desperate call
for help, a word that literally means, “I can do no more - save me.” In aviation and shipping there is a strict protocol
for the use of “mayday” - the word can only be used in the most extreme and hopeless situations.
“Mayday” is a term that defines moments of absolute and unconditional crisis, and while we may not find ourselves
using the term in our own lives, we can certainly connect to the cry for help that “mayday” represents. It’s amazing
to think about the messes we find ourselves in at certain times in our lives. So many times we are our own worst
enemies, and our own misguided actions or inability to act exacerbates a problem situation, leading to a full blown
crisis - and then comes our call: “mayday!” We do not take care of our health and suddenly we find ourselves with
serious illness: “mayday!” We do not work on or maintain a relationship, and suddenly it falls apart: “mayday!”
Jesus Christ was familiar with such cries for help. In situation after situation, the gospels present us with ordinary
people caught in the most desperate of circumstances. The Apostle Peter vividly illustrated our human dilemma
when he tried to imitate Christ by walking on the water. Noticing the storm around here, Peter became frightened,
and as soon as he took his eyes of Christ, he began to sink. Perhaps that is the way you feel right now. Perhaps you
are in a crisis, or heading toward one, and perhaps in the midst of your anxiety and pain you have taken your eyes
off of Christ.
It is an easy and human thing to do, to find ourselves suddenly sinking in the messes we have created, but our
answer is the same as Peter’s - we can cry for help. Christ is our Savior, and is always ready to pull us from the
depths when we shout “mayday!” So often we act as if we can walk on water in this world - we are filled with pride
and we trust in our own sufficiency. Many who find themselves sinking into the depths of despair never call out for
help, but we have the gift of a rescuer, a “Soul Guard.”
Throughout this coming year, if you find yourself sinking, I invite you to say this prayer in your heart and in your
mind, and reach out to the loving presence of the Savior. It is never too late to cry, “mayday.” Christ is waiting to
help you
455 Scotland Street, Dunedin, Florida 34698
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GO out into the world in
Have courage;
Hold on to what is good;
Return no one evil for evil;
Strengthen the fainthearted;
Support the weak and help
the suffering;
Honor and respect
Love and serve the Lord,
Rejoicing in the power of
the Holy Spirit.
And all God’s people said:
Joan Wiggins
February 2
Lynn Willmarth
February 2
Mary Jo Sanchez
February 4
Susan Kawalec
February 5
Toni Boldman
February 7
Miguel Santamaria February 7
Marge Brown
February 9
Clare McGrane
February 9
Cora Lee Gaillard February 10
Carol Harp
February 12
George L Moore
February 12
Jennie Capel
February 13
Leslie Staron
February 13
Linda Ann Bartling February 14
Ellen Jerauld
February 14
Craig Davide
February 15
Dawn Bartling
February 16
Rick L Berdeski
February 16
Nancy Klopp
February 20
Frank Thorne
February 21
John Willmarth
February 21
Buddy Doyle
February 22
Carolyn Willey
February 22
Doreen DelCorpo February 23
Ann Fleming
February 23
Mary Walthall
February 24
Kay Aude
February 25
Jodie Cannon
February 25
Marian Davis
February 25
Did you know that you
can donate from the
comfort of home? Visit
Look for the
“DONATE NOW” button.
Hymn #464 – Joyful,
Joyful, We Adore Thee
Text: Henry Van Dyke,
Source: Poems, 1911
Since the last movement
of Beethoven’s Ninth
Symphony (The Choral)
used Shillers’ secular text,
“Ode to Joy,” the author
(while visiting Williams
College and admiring the
Berkshire mountains)
composed sacred words
with the admonition, “It
must be sung to the music
of Beethoven’s ‘Hymn to
Joy’.” The result is one of
the most popular of
American hymns.
To have a loved one honored or remembered please
complete a “Sanctuary Flowers Request Form”
(next to the Flower Chart on the bulletin board in
Hager Hall) providing the preferred Sunday date(s)
and to whom the flowers are to be dedicated. Put
the form with your payment ($27.50 per
arrangement) into an envelope and put it into the
offering plate or mail it to the church. Payments
MUST be made before the week of your request.
Payment can be made by “online bill-payer” from
your bank, in cash, or by personal check, with
“flowers” on the memo line.
Rejoice with your family and God’s family with the
celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism. For
information on Baptisms contact the church at 7332318.
Couples are urged to contact the Church
Administrator for an application and a copy
of the wedding policy. Information is also
available online at www.fpcdunedin.org
For inquires about medical supplies and equipment
available for loan, please contact our custodian, at the
church office 733-2318. We also accept donations;
however donations must be approved through the
church office. Please do not leave your items.
“TOLL-FREE THREE” Simplifies Phoning
Callers to the national offices of the Presbyterian
Church (USA) now can reach the information,
resources, or people they need without consulting a
lengthy directory or paying long distance charges.
Callers may choose from the following numbers:
1-800-728-7228 for connection to a staff
person at 100 Witherspoon Street,
Louisville, KY.
1-800-872-3283 to reach PresbyTel
information about PCUSA
1-800-524-2612 to order resources from
Presbytery Distribution Services (PDS).
Fax number 1-502-569-8099
Website of PCUSA is www.pcusa.org
My thanks to all of the wonderful, thoughtfully kind cards and calls, especially for all the
prayers sent to me and my family during the illness and the death of my dear husband,
Leonard. God is good and I know he was in all your hearts. My family and I understand
it is acts of love that keep us going during the sadness of losing a loved one. God bless
you all.
Margie Skinner
Leonard and I thank all of our church family for the flowers, and prayers you have sent
our way in the past several years. Visits have also been appreciated and we especially
appreciate the Communion you provide on the first Sunday of the month to all of the shutins here at Mease Manor who cannot get to church. Seeing the familiar faces of the
elders who accompany the pastor is especially comforting as are the faces of those who
bring the flowers.
Thank you all so much for remembering.
Carolyn & Leonard Willey
"Dick's sister, Carolyn Willey, and both of our families join me in thanking our wonderful
church family for the outpouring of love, sympathy, and prayers at the loss of my dear
husband, Dick Gilchrist. We appreciate the many calls, cards, visits, and gifts from so
many of you. A special thanks to Dr. Mack, Stephen Allen, the choir, Sarah Circle, and all
who attended for the beautiful and uplifting memorial service and reception on Dec. 21st.
You have been a big help at this very sad time in our lives.
In God's love,
Addie Lou Gilchrist"
A very belated “Thank you” to all who sent cards with thoughts and prayers during my
two hospital stays last year and following the death of my son in March.
Fondly, Betsi Smith
The annual congregational meeting will be Sunday, February 8, at 11:30
a.m. immediately following the late service. The congregation is invited to receive important
information from our leadership, including the 2015 budget passed by Session.
Please notify the office with
address, phone number or email
address changes.
EARLY BIRDS Ladies who are
up and about on Saturday,
January 24, can meet at
Broadway Cafe, 8AM, for
conversation and breakfast.
For more information call Gayle
Hill at 417-3722.
Rev. Dr. Mack will be out of the office
February 9-16 on study leave attending a
conference at Ghost Ranch in New
Friday, February 27, 2015
7:00 p.m.
We welcome the return of conductor, Will Nichols, and the
magnificent voices of the Alma College Choir to our sanctuary!
Alma College is the Presbyterian College of Michigan.
Founded in 1886, Alma College has a marching band clad in
kilts, a Scottish dance troupe and its own official tartan. The
2015 choir tour is their sixth trip to Florida since 1995. The
choir tours the United States annually singing concerts, visiting
public schools and participating in worship services.
Contact me at 733-2318 if you are interested in assisting with a
covered dish dinner for the choir in Hager Hall before their
The concert is free and open to the public. An offering will be
received ($5 - $10 suggested).
A big “Thank you” to everyone who used the Scrip program for their Christmas shopping. For the
first year of a program, it was very successful.
As many of us do at the start of a New Year, perhaps now is the time to do some planning for your family’s
weekly or monthly spending habits.
For instance, in the last week, has anyone in your family:
Refueled a car with gas
Stopped to pick up coffee or doughnuts
Paid bills
Taken a business trip
Bought gifts for an upcoming event
Shopped for groceries
Dined out with your family, co-workers or friends
Had their hair cut
Picked up a prescription
Planned a vacation
If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, you have experienced a potential opportunity to
generate funding for First Church. As you can see, practically everywhere you go and everything you
spend, presents a chance to support our church. Stop by the Scrips table between services and look at the list
of merchants that help support this program!
Have you ever heard that phrase? I bet that someplace and sometime over the years, you may have run across this
statement. Maybe you’ve seen it on the back of an envelope or in a newsletter.
Have you ever wondered if anyone does this? Does anyone really remember the church in their will?
The simple answer is yes. First Church has received many generous bequests from a number of estates over the years.
The most recent one was from the estate of Bernice Shank.
So how would it work if someone desired to make a gift to First Church in his or her will?
Let’s say Mary lived in Dunedin and worshipped at First Church for a number of years. Having no close family, she
went to her attorney’s office and drafted a will that designated gifts for some of her favorite charities. When she passed
away, her estate was settled and the bequests were distributed. Because of the foresight and vision from Mary, First
Church will be able to continue to grow their programs and services.
Mary lived her life of stewardship while on this earth. She gave of her time, talent and treasure. And now, after being
called to a life with Christ, the distribution of her earthly treasure will provide a benefit to many in the church.
In living the life of stewardship, we give 10% of our treasure back to the Lord. Why not consider a gift in your will of
10% to First Church?
February is filled with fun! Groundhogs and Valentines
made from paper are popping up everywhere at First
Friends Preschool. This month the children learn that
God is Love; Love Never Fails and Valentine cards are
fun to share with friends.
Students enjoy creating their own Valentines; cutting
paper hearts sprinkled with glitter or trimmed with
ribbon … Valentines make the perfect gift. Surrounded
with hearts in the colors of red and pink with lots of
white paper lace. We can’t forget about our annual
“Red Snack Day” where the children eat healthy red
We will have a visit from our Dunedin Library Lady, Ms.
Olivia as well as our beloved Literacy Readers from
Bookworks, the Goodwill Industry; will read to the
children every Friday this month. Please see Marion
Spangler is you would like to volunteer to read to the
First Friends Preschool is in need of a computer for the
VPK classroom. If you have an old computer that you
would care to donate, we would appreciate it very
much. Call the church or preschool with your donation
First Friends Preschool is a year-round preschool with
open enrollment. Please call for a tour today (727)7332111 or visit our web site for more information @
Cameron Ehmig
Richard Simon
David Thomas
Rod Hughson
Nancy Geyer
Virginia Hamrick
Karolina Nagy
Hazel Aughenbaugh
Ernest Jackson
Newton Beardsley
Rebecca Love
Ann Spittle
Jay Archer
Charles Randolph
Danica Cockrell
Beverly Fisher
Ron Watson
Kristin Juergens
Beryl Davies
Kathie Skinner
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March 19
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March 21
2 – Carole Anne and Welch Agnew
9 – Sher Claus and Gayle Hill
16 – No delivery
23 – Carole Anne and Welch Agnew
Tuesdays: 3, 10, 17, 24 – Dave and Nell Thomas
Wednesdays: 4, 11, 18, 25 – Sue Legg and Babe Young
Thursdays: 5, 12, 19, 26 – Paul and Lynn Burks
Fridays: 6, 13, 20, 27 – Mary Anne Beall and Dodi
Our Mission Committee engaged in many projects last year, involving many of our congregation's members,
supported by various funding including Grants, Estate Gifts to Mission, and your Tithes and Offerings. Here are
some highlights of two of our ongoing mission projects, Grace House and the Dunedin Elementary School.
For those who do not really know what Grace House is about. It is a development of temporary shelter, which looks
much like a motel. Each of the units comprises of a living room/dining area and kitchen, a couple of bedrooms and
a bathroom. Those seeking shelter are allowed to stay for 60 days, during which time they are encouraged to seek
employment and independent living space. They are provided professional counseling and training as part of their
effort to turn their lives around. Sometimes, families arrive with little more than the clothes on their backs, and
they are obviously severely distressed. FPC attempts to address some of these needs whether it is for food,
toiletries or specific clothing. In addition, once a month, a team of volunteers from our church meets up with
volunteers from Good Shepherd Episcopal and First United Methodist Church (both of Dunedin) and spends a
couple of hours entertaining the children with projects, after which, the volunteers serve a family supper.
At Christmastime, the Mission Committee worked hard to buy and wrap toys for the children and parents and
these were presented on December 20. The children's activity that day was to select and wrap a gift for their
parents. Also, Santa arrived and visited with each child. Then everyone sang Christmas Carols before the dinner.
Everyone had great fun, and the Commission plans to repeat the process next season.
RCS Food Bank
The RCS numbers for September are 71 lbs., for October is 78 lbs., for November a whopping 536 lbs. Thank each
and every one of you.
Dunedin Elementary School
Each year at Christmas time the Mission Commission raises funds to enable us to buy a small bag of gifts for each
child in the Kindergarten section. Some of the children are so poor that they will receive few gifts at home. In
addition, the committee also tries to raise money to enable them to provide a little Easter basket surprise for the
children. It is such a joy to see these happy, smiling little faces.
And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the
least of my bretheren, ye have done it unto me. Matthew 26:40
Then shall he answer them, saying...
Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me Matthew 26:45
Our congregation may be small, but you have hearts as large as giants. Thank you for always supporting our
ongoing Mission work in the heart of our own community.
February 2015
"Keep your faith in beautiful things;
in the sun when it is hidden,
in the Spring when it is gone."
- Roy R. Gibson
Welcome to our first 2015 FPC Library Newsletter. Christmas decorations are neatly stored for 11 months and
New Years’ Resolutions have been dutifully made—and broken. We pray that 2015 will bring health and
happiness to you and your family.
Our December Koinonia was cancelled due to the illness and death of Hank Pinkowski, our presenter’s
husband. Our deepest sympathy goes to Gayle and her family as they adjust to life without their beloved Hank.
Gayle had planned to review SIXTEEN PLEASURES, a very interesting story about Margot Harrington. It is a
delightful book and is available for you to read even without the review. Did you stop by for your Christmas
We were so fortunate to have George Steele present THE RAINMAKER by John Grisham. George is a wealth
of legal knowledge and experience. His enthusiasm is certainly contagious. You are welcome to visit Koinonia
any time, George. In February, our own Resident Artist, Nancy Christy, will review SAINT-GAUDENS AND
Thank you, Cricket Smith for the wonderful books you shared with FPC Library. Buddy Doyle and Eric
Houghton are personally grateful for your generous donations.
We have an unusually large stack of FREE books. They are on the far East wall under the windows near the
little kitchen closet. These are primarily duplicate books. Can you believe we have 3 copies of TRIPWIRE by
Harlan Coben? Many of these FREE books are excellent. Stop by and help yourself.
A big thank you to Barbara Reed, a friend of FPC and Michigan snowbird, who gave a nice monetary donation
to our library.
Look for the following new books on the shelves immediately to your left as you enter the library. They might
be in the window—or they might be checked out.
All the Light We
Cannot See: A
by Anthony Doerr
Etched in Sand
by Regina Calcaterra
Dragonfly in Amber
by Diana Gabaldon
by Marilynne
This New York Times bestseller is about a
blind French girl and a German boy whose
paths collide in occupied France as both try to
survive the devastation of World War II.
Regina Calcaterra is a successful lawyer, New
York State official, and activist. Her painful
early life, however, was quite different. This
book was chosen as One Book by SPC. It is
recommended reading for all SPC faculty.
Outlander Series, Book 2.
A magnificent epic that once again sweeps us
back in time to the drama and passion of 18thcentury Scotland.
Do you remember John Ames in Gilead,
Marilynne Robinson’s Pulitzer Prize–winning
novel? Home is an entirely independent,
deeply affecting novel that takes
place concurrently in the same locale, this
time in the household of Reverend Robert
Boughton, Ames’s closest friend. Gilead was
a favorite book of Eric Houghton and
Robinson was Marty Hager’s favorite author.
We finished the difficult Christmas puzzle. We are started a great, fun little puzzle special for you quilters in
our midst. Stop in and piece a quilt! Jackie Chalk has given us several new puzzles. Remember the system—
take a puzzle, leave a puzzle. Works great! January is the perfect time to clean out those stale puzzles and get
some fresh ones.
Call the Bookworm at 733-4609 or leave a note in the library closet if you would like to recommend a book for
our FPC Library. If you have read a book that should be in our library, tell us about it. We are always eager to
respond to your suggestions. Propose other activities or displays for the library. Call Mary at 733-4609 with
your ideas.
Keep right on reading!
“Books fall open, you fall in”
Your FPC Bookworm.
― David T.W. McCord
On December 20, ten members of our
congregation provided gifts, a visit from
Santa, Christmas Caroling and a ham
dinner to 22 families living at RCS Grace
House. Gifts and food were donated from
our local mission budget as well as from
personal donations. The families very much
appreciated our caring for them in their time
of need. And we, also, felt God working as
we talked and shared with them.
Francis Wilson
My Fair Lady - by Alan Jay
Lerner and Frederick Loewe
(One of the most popular
musicals of all time!)
Sunday, March 15, 2015 – 2:00 p.m.
A Flea In Her Ear – by George
(a classic adult farce first
produced in Paris in 1907)
Sunday, April 19, 2015 – 2:00 p.m.
Heather and Ray, (residents of Grace House who are the
current on-site attendants when the director is off duty) and
Barbara Shuler
Ray and Heather (same as above), Nancy Geyer, Jeff
(Grace House staff member), Joni Morrow and Tish Fisher.
Grand Hotel, The Musical by Luther Davis, Robert Wright,
George Forrest and Maury
(1989 Broadway hit that won 5
Tony Awards)
Sunday, May 17, 2015 – 2:00 p.m.
Contact Stephen Allen at 733-2318 or
at [email protected] if
you are interested in getting together
a group to see any of these
productions. We’ll make a list and
take it from there! The last outing in
September to see “Les Miserables”
was a resounding success! Anyone
up for more theater fun?
Stephen L. Allen