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Sonoma Avenue
Church of Christ
February 22, 2015
“Healing at the Center”
We’re glad you’re here!
Worship…Listen, participate, celebrate God’s goodness
through prayer and song
The Message… Ideas for learning and applying God’s truths
to our lives
Connect… Join hands and say hello to someone, find a place
to call home
So we can get to know you better…
Please take a moment to fill out the Welcome Card on the chair
rack below. It will be collected at the close of the service.
Interim Minister: MarkFrost
Worship Ministry: Taylor Morgan
Our Shepherds: Mike Henley, Bruce Morgan,
Don Roberts, Mike Smith, Ron Whitney
Sonoma Avenue Church of Christ
2200 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(707) 545-2391 Office
Fax: (707) 545-0592
Email: [email protected]
Today’s Schedule…
9:00 a.m…………... Bible Classes: Children, Teens & Adults
10:00 a.m…………… Coffee Fellowship
10:30 a.m………. ….. Worship Service
For Children…
Nursery & Children dismissed following communion
Wednesday Schedule…
Adult Bible Study – 7:00 p.m. – Family Life Center
Teen Class Time—6:30 p.m.
Life Groups
Family Life Center
Santa Rosa E.
Santa Rosa W.
Carl’s Jr. Restaurant
Santa Rosa
Mike Smith
Sun. 5-7 pm
Sun. 6:00 pm
Mon. 6:30-8:00 pm
Tues. 7:30-8:30
Wed. 6:30 pm
Fri. 10 am
Special Interest Groups
Commun. Outreach Grp. Tiemann’s
Ladies Bible Study
Divorce Recovery
B. Cargile
Trellys Henley
Mon. 7-9 pm
Tues. 8 am
Tues. 7 pm
Thurs. 7:30 pm
“Our Mission”
Live the Gospel of Jesus by serving the needs of people in our
Community, inviting them to join us in pursuing a relationship
With Him as we learn and follow His Teaching.
Today’s Order of Worship
Call to Worship
Mighty is Our God #41
Welcome and Family Prayer
Our God Reigns Video
Praise and Worship
Scripture Reading
I Will Follow
The Lord’s Supper
Prayers for Bread and Cup
I Need Thee Every Hour #837
Sing and Be Happy
Dismiss Children’s Church
Message: “Healing at the Center” – Mark Frost
All Who Are Thirsty
Shepherd’s Blessing
I Will Follow
Praise/Earnest Prayers
Mark & Niki Frost received good news Wednesday, that the
Doctor successfully removed all the cancer and Mark’s lymph
node is cancer free! We’re so thankful for answered prayers.
Heartfelt prayers of condolence for Randy Mason’s parents,
Kelly and Betty Mason, in the loss of Randy’s cousin who was
killed last Saturday. Pray for the family’s strength and for her
little son, Jesse.
Our Last Nomadic Shelter is March 6
Friday, March 6, is the very last Winter Season Nomadic Shelter at the
Family Life Center. The Menu is “All American”. Burgers and Hot Dogs
will be provided by the Church. Please sign up on the clipboard during
service today to bring: Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Hamburger Buns, Hot
Dog Buns, Sliced Tomatoes for burgers, Sliced Onions for burgers, Sliced
Cheese for burgers, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Sweet pickle relish,
Apple Pies, Vanilla Ice Cream.
If you plan to help serve, please write that on your Welcome Card.
If you’re attending BASS and desire to provide something for the Nomadic
Shelter, please plan ahead to bring your item to the church by Wednesday,
March 4. Thank you! Contact Vera if you have questions.
The Wednesday Adult Class Meets at FLC, 7 p.m.
Please make note that the Wednesday Night Adult Class is meeting at the
Family Life Center at 7 p.m. Mike Henley will be facilitating the class.
Bass Church Workers Convention – March 5-7!
The Shepherds wish to encourage everyone to attend the Bass Church
Workers convention Thursday-Saturday, March 5-7, in Castro Valley! There
are over 250 Workshops and 3 Exhibit Areas to choose from. Registration
fees have been paid by the church. To register, use the Express Access
Please direct questions to Ron & Shirley Whitney, or
Daphne Dunn. Pick up a Flyer on the Foyer Table.
Portable Sewing Machine & Volunteers Needed
Please talk with Shirley Whitney if you have a portable sewing machine you
wish to donate for making book bags at the Kawana Academy. Shirley and
her parent volunteers have started 109 book bags! Shirley would appreciate
volunteers to assist with “Math Day” tomorrow, Feb. 23 – must already have
a TB Test/background check. See Shirley if you can help out, or if you would
like to help in future.
Remember “Water Only” in the Auditorium
Please help us keep our carpet “stain-free” and remember to fill your cups
with “water only”. If you accidentally spill, please clean up as best you can.