Google Cloud Platform and Hortonworks SolutionBrief

Hortonworks and Google Cloud Platform
Solution Brief
Co-engineered Solutions
Google Cloud Platform and Hortonworks are at the forefronts of cloud computing and distributed scale-out processing. As enterprises
adopt cloud and Apache Hadoop, they look to leverage Google Cloud Platform and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), the only 100% open
source distribution of Apache Hadoop.
Hortonworks HDP 2.2 is the only 100% open source distribution certified on Google Cloud Platform. Take advantage of the
jointly developed, integrated HDP plugin with bdutil and deploy standard clusters in a matter of minutes!
Jumpstart Offer
Hortonworks is offering 1-year free access to Hortonworks University Self-paced Learning with the purchase of an enterprise
subscription of HDP 2.2. To get started contact your local Hortonworks account manager.
Simplified Deployment
HDP 2.2 bdutil plug-in
HDP 2.2 certified for GCP
Hortonworks University
Build new analytics apps with the Hortonworks and Google Cloud Platform jumpstart.
Self Paced Training
Provides comprehensive Hadoop training developed
by the experts for your team.
Google Cloud Platform is offering you $500 in credit to build your web or mobile app! To get started, follow the three steps below:
HDP Essentials
HDP Developer
Click Apply Now
HDP Data Analyst
Complete the form with code: hortonworks
HDP Administrator
Go to h
Dedicated to the principles of open source and the rigors of the enterprise:
Open leadership: Unlike other Hadoop distributions that have proprietary extensions, everything Hortonworks does is contributed back
to the Apache open source community.
Technology Use Cases
and in the cloud
Enterprise rigor: Hortonworks engineers, tests, and certifies Apache Hadoop to meet the demands of real-world enterprises.
Ecosystem endorsement: Unlike other Hadoop distributions that are looking to own the entire customer’s stack, Hortonworks
focuses on enabling the core of Hadoop and partnering with companies like Google to provide additional key capabilities
Implement big data applications that run on-premises
Store data in Google Cloud Storage
Data refinement and ETL for high-volume
data landing
Hortonworks Who?
Founded in June 2011 by 24 engineers from the original Yahoo! Hadoop development and operations team, Hortonworks is the largest
participant and contributor to the Apache Hadoop project. Hortonworks engineers are driving the next generation of Apache Hadoop and
are the vendor customers want to work with to get the latest from the Apache community.
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Store all data online for long term analytics & insight
Data exploration for discovery of new business
opportunities using new data types