exocet am39
EXOCET AM39 is the airborne version of the EXOCET anti-ship missile
family. EXOCET AM39 can be launched from strike aircraft, Maritime
Patrol Aircraft and helicopters.
air launched
anti-ship missile
With a range of up to 70 km, depending on the altitude and speed of
the aircraft, the EXOCET AM39 enables the aircraft to remain at range
from enemy air defences.
When carrying out a low altitude attack, the missile may also be
launched under the target ship radar coverage. Ingress is at a very low
altitude over the sea (sea skimming).
In service with the French Navy on its Rafale, Super-Etendard and Atlantic
aircraft ATL 2 as well as with several export countries.
EXOCET AM39 has been extensively used in combat in various
operational theatres.
• Fire and Forget
• Launched from combat aircraft, Maritime Patrol Aircraft and
• Range in excess of 70 km
• In service with the French Navy and 11 foreign forces
• 14 aircraft types
• Ejection launch
• 2 solid-propellant rockets (booster and sustainer)
• Inertial navigation during cruise phase
• Radio altimeter
Terminal guidance
• Fire and Forget
• Active RF homing
Maximum Range
• Up to 70 km depending on launch altitude and speed
• Aerodynamic control surfaces
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• Insensitive warhead
• Optimised HE blast and pre-fragmented effects
• Impact fuze and proximity function
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• EXOCET AM39 Block2 mod2
Missile characteristics
• Weight: 670 kg
• Length: 4.69 m
• Diameter: 350 mm
• Speed: high subsonic