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Kid’s Only Snowboard Jam
Ability Level:
March 8, 2015
the hill with no problems.
___ Advanced-An accomplished boarder who has no trouble with boxes and rails.
•There is no fee to enter, but all
must purchase an Area Ticket or have a Season Pass to
•Check-in will be in the Hutch Chalet beginning at 12 PM. All riders must check in by 12:30 PM.
starts at 1 PM.
•All riders must have a Parent or Guardian sign this form to
Name _______________________________________ Phone _________________________________
Address _____________________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________________ State ____________ Zip Code _____________
Email address ________________________________Date of Birth _________________ Age ________
Risks of Injury: The sports of Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding and their related
and training will cause the
to encounter
inherent risks and hazards that may result in serious injury or death. These risks and hazards include
in snow, steepness and terrain, ice and icy
bumps, moguls, stumps, rocks, trees and other forms of forest growth or debris (above or below the surface), bare spots, structures,
terminals, towers, cables,
ity lines, snowmaking equipment and component parts, snow grooming equipment, fences, and other forms of natural or man-made obstacles or structures, marked
vary constantly because of
or unmarked, as well as collisions with equipment, obstacles, people and other skiers or snowboarders. Skiing/snowboarding
use and changing weather.
of Risks and Release of Liability: I acknowledge for myself and/or for my minor child that I understand, agree and accept the inherent risks,
hazards and dangers associated with the sports of Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding and their related
and training, and I understand that my
and/or that of my minor child may result in serious injury or death. I hereby release Buck Hill Inc for myself and/or my minor child from any and all liability for personal
in the sports of Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding and their related
and training. This release includes a release of all negliinjury as a result of
of Risk and Release of Liability is given in return for
gent acts of Buck Hill Inc and any of its employees, agents, and all persons associated with them. This
the privilege of using the
and premises of Buck Hill Inc, which is agreed to be adequate
3. Harmless and
Agreement: Each parent or guardian signing this agreement on behalf of any minor child in his/her charge agrees to
fees and costs
indemnify and hold harmless Buck Hill Inc for any claims made or damages awarded against Buck Hill Inc in favor of the minor child, including
to the claims asserted by the minor child.
or use of an admission
or Season Pass
your consent for Buck Hill, Inc. to use your image in pictures or
from commercial photography and
conducted at Buck Hill, Inc.
haveI carefully read this agreement, understand it, and voluntarily sign it. I acknowledge it to be legally binding on myself and my heirs. In signing for a minor
child, I represent that I have the authority to do so.
Parent/Guardian Signature
Parent/Guardian Name
Bring this
Form with you to check-in in the Main Chalet
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