2/22/2015 - Stella Maris Parish

Welcome to our parish!
As pastor, I hope we can enrich your experience as much as you enrich ours.
Fr. David Ruby
Monday, February 23
Morning Prayer-8:00 am-SB
Tuesday, February 24
Scripture Class-8:30 am-SB
Pray the Rosary-12:00 pm-BH
Loaves & Fishes Dinner-5:00 pm-SB
Wednesday February 25
Faith Formation Grades 1-8-4:00 pm-BH
Faith Formation Grade 9-6:00 pm-BH
Thursday, February 26
Men’s Bible Reflection-9:00 am-SB
Friday, February 27
Soup & Stations-12:00 noon-BH
Sunday, March 1
Lenten Scripture Study-11:00 am-SB
was held at
our sister
Bay site in
A wonderful pot luck was shared as well as
poetry reading from some of our talented
Bishop’s Appeal
Stella Maris Parish Target
Received to date from 17 parishioners
Total needed to meet assessment
$ 7,165
What is the Average Gift?
And how much should I give?
The average gift in 2014 was $174. Through prayerful consideration, we encourage everyone to consider what they can share with
those who have less. Even small donations add up when everyone
For Online Giving to our parish, please go to www.stellamarisparish.com and click on
“Giving to the Parish Electronically” on the front page.
Stella Maris Mission Statement
“Stella Maris Parish, guided by our patron, lives and shares the mission of Jesus Christ"
Website: www.stellamarisparish.com
First Sunday of Lent-February 22, 2015
2| Welcome to Stella Maris in Baileys Harbor, Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Jacksonport, Sister Bay & Washington Island
Dear Fellow Parishioners
Our ultimate goal as Christians is to
allow God to be the center, focus and inspiration for our lives so that through his grace
we can be saved from the power of sin and
be in his presence forever. With that goal
in mind, we should want to be as much a
part of God as possible in this life and the
next. Yet our common inclination often is
to want God and everything else to be a
part of us instead. That is the definition of
pride and also why it is the worst of the
seven deadly sins. Deadly sins are deep
seated, bad habits which lead us away from
God and keep us from being our true and
best selves. That is why pride is the worst
because it is not about some surface or
small matter, it is about our total self being
the center, focus and inspiration of our
lives. None of us like to admit any of these
sins but especially this sin because we want
to think of ourselves in the best light possible and even more we want other people to
think of us that way as well. The only
problem is that we will never grow in the
spiritual life or become closer to God if we
do not own up to how we are not a part of
God’s life now.
We have to begin by distinguishing this
pride from the good and healthy sense of
pride. To be healthy psychologically and
spiritually, we should have positive selfawareness and self-esteem, think of ourselves as God does. No one can ever know
too much about him/herself. At the same
time, we should also feel good about who
we are including our past experiences,
characteristics, feelings and beliefs. Accepting and loving our whole selves as God
does is the first step to becoming our best
self. We can then affirm the good and
change the bad with God leading and guiding us. In accepting our limitations, we
also learn to distinguish ourselves as human from God. We feel good about being
ourselves for who we are and allow God to
be who God is. That is very difficult because we want to be limitless like God and
would rather not really live with our imperfections.
Actually letting go of pride in the negative sense and accepting pride in the positive sense can be the most liberating experi-
ence of our lives. It is too much of a burden for any of us to try to be perfect in any
shape of form. We will constantly disappoint ourselves and no matter how much
we think we are fooling others we will not.
We also cannot be God or even try to be
God without doing tremendous damage to
ourselves and causing much misery. In
order to avoid these problems, it is important to attempt to avoid this sin by being
radically honest about ourselves to ourselves, God and other people. We can be
comfortable with our good parts but also
admit our faults. We cannot refuse to
change ourselves when change is needed.
We especially have to be careful about attempting to make the world and people
around us into what we believe they should
be. We should constantly strive to be our
best human selves while allowing God to
be God for us. God will definitely save us
In Christ's love,
Fr. Dave Ruby, Pastor
and was given to organizations within the diocese to assist lowincome people with their basic needs. Catholic Relief Services
reaches almost 100 million people in 91 countries on 5 continents.
As Faith Formation catechists plan their lessons, they usually in- Based on the principles of Catholic social teaching, they serve peoclude the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel message. This first Sunday ple based solely on need, r egar dless of their r ace, r eligion or
of Lent the theme of the Gospel is temptation. What are some ethnicity.
temptations that young people face today? We would probably
answer, “Far too many!” As I prepared my lesson for the ninth QUOTE FROM POPE FRANCIS “St Fr ancis did not dr aw
graders, Loyola Press offered, “During Lent, we seek to strengthen lines between himself and society’s outcasts. He stepped into their
our resolve to resist temptation. However, God does not expect us shoes, at times quite literally. This both enabled him to help and
to do this on our own. God helps us, giving us the Holy Spirit in enabled people to trust him. Even when it jeopardized his own
Baptism. God also gives us the community of the church to help social status, he showed respect and love for the downtrodden.”
us. In Mark’s Gospel, we don’t hear details about how Satan
tempted Jesus nor do we hear how Jesus succeeded in resisting WHERE DO YOUR DONATIONS GO? We Are HOPE, Inc.
temptation. In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus’ battle with Satan continues helps Door County residents receive help with their heat and electhroughout his life, to be concluded only at his death on the cross. tric costs thr ough the Home Energy Plus Wisconsin Home EnDuring Lent we focus on resisting temptation in our lives. We re- ergy Assistance Program AND they assist job seekers with job
new our commitment to resist certain temptations, but our efforts searches, work readiness, job skill building and employment retenduring Lent are only the beginning. We pray that what we begin tion AND they partner with employers to obtain and maintain a
during each Lent will continue long after.” I know I will be asking well-trained and qualified workforce. Our gift last year of $500
my ninth grade students to consider this as they ponder their temp- helped We Are HOPE, Inc. to provide help and hope to many local
tations and remind them to seek the help of the Holy Spirit and the residents in need of a helping hand.
community of Stella Maris Parish.
Faith Formation
-Linda Cummer/Faith Formation Coordinator
Christian Service & Responsibility
If you are in financial need, Stella Maris needs to help you. Please
call the parish office or speak with Father Ruby.
DID YOU KNOW? 25% of the monies collected dur ing the
annual Rice Bowl Lenten collection sponsored by Catholic Relief
Services stays in the diocese. In 2014 that amounted to $13,000
March 19 and 20 – Restorative Justice and Human Trafficking
from Wisconsin to the World sponsor ed by Mar quette Univer sity Law School in Milwaukee. To register go to www.mu.edu/rji
by March 12. With questions, call (414) 288-3167
April 28-May 1- Mission tr ip to Su Casa Catholic Worker
House in Chicago. If interested in joining the trip to or for more
information, contact J an Liss at (920) 839-2630
First Sunday of Lent–February 22, 2015 3|
Parish Life & Upcoming Events
SOUP AND STATIONS-will be held on Fridays at 12 noon at our
Baileys Harbor site. Toasted cheese sandwiches will be provided
by the Knights of Columbus. Please call the office by Thursday at
9 am if you are able to bring a meatless soup to share. Thank you.
FEED MY PEOPLE-It's still cold and gray; we are in the long
days of winter. Talking to volunteers at "Feed My People," they
are in need of certain items such as cereal, soups, mashed potatoes,
peanut butter & jelly, pasta, crackers and hamburger helper to assist the hungry families of our area. Can you help? Please donate 1
or 2 items or whatever you can these winter weekends. Feed the
Hungry; it's what Jesus would do. Thank you so much.
BOWL-A-THON for Northern Door Children’s Center on Saturday, February 28 from 10 am to 7:30 pm at the Sister Bay Bowl.
Teams of four, collect pledges and bowl 2 games. For more info
call (920) 854-4244 or [email protected]
ENERGY ASSISTANCE- For more information and to see if you
qualify, visit our website at wearehopeinc.org/HomeEnergy. If
you need help paying your home heating bills, or know of someone
who does, call (920) 743-7273 to schedule an appointment.
RESPECT LIFE-"Our culture....has become hardened to many
who cry out. We idolize the strong and beautiful and tend to disregard the weak and imperfect. In our own lives, have we been programmed not to call for help ourselves or to look past those who
do?" ---Learning to Cry, Life Issues Forum, December 19, 2014,
Tom Grenchik
USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities
COFFEE AND…..There will be coffee and snacks after the ten
o'clock Masses on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, through
March, at Sister Bay. Please call Larry Garske at (920) 854-4606
if you can bring a snack. Coffee and tea are provided.
WEBSITE: http://www.stellamarisparish.com/ Online mass
for the homebound… on the top right, click Catholic Links.
Scroll down to and click “Online Sunday Mass”.
NO-FEE INCOME TAX PREPARATION-The program is designed for low to moderate incomes, with special attention to those
age 60 and older. Appointments need to be made: Mondays at the
Baileys Harbor Town Hall (920) 839-2157 and Scandia Village on
Wednesdays (920) 854-2317.
STELLA MARIS HOLY BOOK CLUB-The next book for the
May 5th discussion is “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. This is a novel where one of the main characters is
blind and the other a brilliant young German orphan who was chosen to attend a brutal military academy under Hitler's power using
his innate engineering skills. The book, according to Fr. Ron Rohlheiser is "one of the best novels I have ever read". Anyone is welcome to participate. For questions contact Jim Stollenwerk at
(920) 854-5640.
5| -First Sunday of Lent-February 22, 2015
Worship & Music Column
In this week’s bulletin, you will find a sheet from Ave
Maria Press on Lent. It was because of this sheet, with its
title of A Journey to Holiness and the message it conveyed, that we prayed and brainstormed and decided upon
this theme for Lent for this year.
On a personal note, I want to acknowledge and thank all of
you, our parishioners and visitors, for your wonderful and
positive participation at our liturgies. It is because of you,
and your graciousness and openness to sing, that I feel
comfortable introducing specific music that supports the
liturgical season or a specific theme.
In selecting hymns, many factors are used and an important one is: will it bring everyone’s hearts closer to
God? One of my favorite sayings that I first heard at the
NPM convention in 2010, is that “we sing from our hearts,
to God’s heart.” Our song is a prayer and if it touches people’s hearts, if it makes everyone think, “Wow, this melody is so poignant” or “Wow, these lyrics really make me
think”, or “Wow, this music totally supports today’s Scripture Readings,” then, that is good because we are doing
this all in thanksgiving and praise to the God.
Liturgical musicians are always reviewing music keeping
in mind specific songs that might be appropriate in the
future. That is how our two new Lenten hymns, Make Me
Holy and Journey with a Savior were selected.
As this is the beginning of our Lenten Journey to Holiness,
I hope that the following lyrics from these two hymns
might help us think about this Lent:
 From Come and Journey, verse two: “Come and journey, journey inward, come and seek him deep within;
might make us think about making the March 7 & 8 th
Weekend Retreat with Pat DeGroot.
 From Make Me Holy, verse one: “renew in me, a
spirit strong, remind me that its sin that’s wrong,”
might make us think about participating in our parish
Lenten Sacrament of Reconciliation on March 19.
 From Come and Journey, verse three: “Come and
journey, journey outward, telling others of his name,
telling others of his glory, of the cross and of his
shame” might make us think of participating in the
Stations of the Cross every Friday at noon. And from
verse four: “Come and journey, journey outward,
where the cross calls us to care, where injustice and
where hunger and the poor call us to share”, might
make us thing about filling our CRS Rice Bowls and
bring them to our Holy Thursday Mass.
It is our prayer the refrain from Make Me Holy will sums
up our journey this Lent: Make me holy, Lord… … like
Thank you, Kathy Sedan, Worship & Music Minister
Lyrics reprinted under OneLicense.net A -702045
Liturgies of the Week
Saturday, February 21-First Sunday Lent
Washington Island 11:00 am-DR †Lyle Whiting
Baileys Harbor 4:00 pm-DR
†Nancy Ahern-Kovacs
Sunday, February 22-First Sunday Lent
Egg Harbor 8:00 am-DR
†Tom Cashin
Sister Bay 10:00 am-DR
Members of Stella Maris
Monday, February 23-St. Polycarp, Bishop & Martyr
Sister Bay 8:00 am
Morning Prayer
Tuesday, February 24
Sister Bay 8:00 am-DR
†Irwin Miller
Wednesday, February 25
Egg Harbor 8:00 am-DR
†Robert Tanck
Thursday, February 26
Sister Bay 8:00 am-DR
†Robert J. Swanson
Friday, February 27
Baileys Harbor 8:00 am-DR
†Mary Ellen Martin
Saturday, February 28-Second Sunday of Lent
Washington Island 11:00 am-DR †Members of Stella Maris
Baileys Harbor 4:00 pm-DR
†Joe & Eva Kita
Sunday, March 1-Second Sunday of Lent
Egg Harbor 8:00 am-DR
†Bessie Remiszewski
Sister Bay 10:00 am-DR
†Ida Maki
DR=Fr. David Ruby
Readings for the Week of February 22
Gn 9:8-15/1 Pt 3:18-22/Mk 1:12-15
Lv 19:1-2, 11-18/Mt 25:31-46
Is 55:10-11/Mt 6:7-15
Wednesday: Jon 3:1-10/Lk 11:29-32
Thursday: Est C:12, 14-16, 23-25/Mt 7:7-12
Ez 18:21-28/Mt 5:20-26
Dt 26:16-19/Mt 5:43-48
Next Sunday: Gn 22:1-2, 9a, 10-13, 15-18/Rom 8:31b-34/
Mk 9:2-10
©Liturgical Publications Inc
First Sunday of Lent-February 22, 2015 6|
Pastor Reverend David Ruby
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Egg Harbor, WI 54209
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Web site: www.stellamarisparish.com
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Normal Bulletin Deadline - Tuesday, 9am
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Parish Membership
Stella Maris Parish is delighted
when new people want to join
our parish and gladly welcomes
them into our faith community.
Contact the parish office.
Infant Baptism
The baptism of new babies and
young children revitalizes our
faith community. Please contact the parish office to make
arrangements for baptism.
Adult Initiation
The Catholic Church is always
enriched whenever any adult
chooses to be Catholic. Adults
wishing to be baptized, or baptized adults wishing to be confirmed, the RCIA program is
Secretary Trustee-Sharon Brabson
[email protected]
Treasurer Trustee-Richard Dannhausen
[email protected]
Pastoral Council Chair-Michelle Piatek
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Finance Council Chair-Michael Smith
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Health & Wellness Committee
[email protected]
Spiritual Reflections-Marilynne Kowalski
[email protected]
Danish Mill Bakery/Sandwich
Washington Island
Big Hill Regency Apts.
Sturgeon Bay
Sacrament of Matrimony
A faith-filled wedding is a joyful time for the couple and the
parish. Our parish wants to
have all weddings here be the
best possible. The couple must
meet with the pastor before a
date can be reserved. Please
contact the parish office at least
12 months in advance to begin
Ministry to the Sick
Everyone needs extra compassion and care when his or her
health is not at its best. As a
parish, we try to meet that need.
Communal anointing Masses
take place twice yearly, with
God’s great mercy is something individual anointing done when
requested. Parishioners in the
to be celebrated. Ritually we
hospital, nursing home or other
Catholics experience God’s
unconditional love in the sacra- institution are encouraged to
notify the office to arrange for
ment of reconciliation. Our
pastor is available for this sac- visits or communion.
Faith Community Nurse-Mary Fulwiler
[email protected] (920) 421-4997
Wedding Coordinator-Burnie Cerra
[email protected] (920)868-3393
rament on the 1st Thursday of
the month from 5:00-6:00 pm at
our Baileys Harbor site (except
holidays) and by appointment.
MORNING PRAYER: Monday-8:00 am, Sister Bay
SCRIPTURE CLASS: Tuesday mornings after the 8:00 am
Mass in Sister Bay. Please join us for a closer look and discussion on the upcoming Sunday Scriptures. Visitors are welcome.
ROSARY: Tuesday-Noon in Baileys Harbor.
RECONCILIATION: 1ST Thursday of the month fr om 5-6
pm in Baileys Harbor or by appointment.
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