2015 Prom Information Letter

Hyatt Regency
8:00-11:30 p.m.
The RHHS Prom Committee is excited and ready to make this year’s Prom the
best ever! By following all guidelines listed below, we are asking for your
help in making Prom 2015 safe and secure for everyone on that special
 Dues will be collected on Monday and Wednesday afternoons between
September 1, 2014 and February 20, 2015. When a Junior or Senior pays
dues on time to Mrs. Russell, that money pays for his/her ticket only.
All guests must have a ticket purchased for him/her by the RHHS Junior
or Senior.
 Tickets will be available at lunch on the East Campus from Monday,
March 30th - Friday, April 3rd.
 Even if you paid your dues on time, you must have a ticket to be allowed
into Prom. Please come and pick up one during this week.
 Guest tickets will be $50 and will be sold from Monday, March 30th Friday, April 3rd for those students who paid dues on time. No tickets will
be sold after that Friday.
 If a Junior or Senior did not pay dues before Friday, February 20th and
still wishes to attend Prom, he/she can pay $75 per ticket (student and
guest ticket) when they go on sale.
 If a Junior or Senior purchases a ticket for Prom after the dues deadline,
that money is for the ticket only. That student will still have to pay the
correct dues amount before graduating.
 You will be asked to register your guest when you pick up Prom tickets.
o No guest may be 21 years of age or older. We will ask to see ID, so
please have your escort bring one to the check-in table. We will
ask anyone of legal age (21 or over) to leave.
o Guests must be either enrolled in high school or out of school. No
one enrolled in middle school (no matter the age) is allowed to
o If your date does not attend RHHS, you must see school website or
Mrs. Russell for a guest information packet before April 3rd.
o Anyone not registered will not be allowed into Prom for any
o We will notify you prior to Prom if your date will not be allowed to
Conduct and Dress
 Anyone giving the appearance of being under the influence of alcohol
or drugs will be questioned by an administrator and a law enforcement
officer. We reserve the right to question anyone and dismiss anyone
from Prom for any reason we deem necessary.
 Your guest must arrive with you. If your guest is not from RHHS or is
not an RHHS junior or senior, he/she will not be allowed in without you.
If you have already checked in and are in the building, he/she will be
turned away at the door.
 Once you have arrived at Prom, you may not leave the facility to go to
your car until you are ready to leave. Once you have left the building,
you may not return.
 Dress for Prom is formal. No jeans, tennis shoes, ball caps, shorts, or
polo shirts. Ladies, you will not be allowed to wear any dress with cutouts, plunging or revealing necklines, inappropriately high slits, or
backs that are cut below the natural waist. If you have any questions,
you must bring a picture of the dress to Mrs. Highsmith or Dr. Stephens.
Students who are dressed inappropriately will be asked to leave.
 We do not allow crude or dirty dancing. You will be warned once, and
after that, you and your guest will be asked to leave.
 We reserve the right to refuse entrance to any one for any reason
deemed necessary by any school official.