Simple Icing Sensations by Orchard Easy icing ™

Simple Icing Sensations
by Orchard
Easy icing
Anyone can roll out an Orchard Icing sensation
Welcome to the easy world of Orchard Icing. This
fun, do it yourself booklet is a step by step guide to the
basic methods, tricks and tips and includes a host of
mouth watering recipes that will delight the whole family.
Discover everything from the latest decorating
techniques and colourful new designs, to fun, easy to
make gift ideas. Imagine how easy it will be to add
your very own special touch to cakes, slices and so
much more to show family and friends how much
you care. Get the whole family together and have fun
with icing the easy way, the Orchard way.
Getting started
Orchard Icing is specially formulated which makes it
so easy to use for beginners and professionals alike.
Orchard Icing is ready to roll so there’s no mixing or
cooking required. Just knead, roll and lay it on to
your favourite cake or slice. It’s as simple as ABC and
cakes, slices and even sponges can be ready to eat in
minutes. For a little more fun, allow more time to
experiment. You’ll find most of the designs and ideas
in this booklet can be completed with relative ease,
even if it’s your very first time.
The all-important checklist
The only utensils you’ll need for white, almond or
chocolate icing applications are a clean pair of hands,
a rolling pin, spatula and a knife. If you don’t feel like
baking, pick up a ready-made cake from your local
supermarket or cake shop and let the fun begin with
Orchard Icing.
To help things go smoothly, you’ll need:
• Clean flat work space
• Pure icing sugar OR vegetable shortening
• Cake or slice of your choice
• Rolling pin
• Sugar syrup
• Pastry brush
• Edible food colouring
• Baseboard or cake platter
• Appropriate cake decoration accessories
Eg.- Sugar or silk flowers, ribbons, candy etc.
For a host of helpful hints, easy icing tips and handy icing
quantity guide see Pages 26 and 27.
5. Lift and Drape: Now lift the
icing using the rolling pin and
drape it over the cake or slice.
Six easy steps to successful
Orchard Icing cake decorating
1. Trim the Top: If you want a
smooth, flat surface simply trim
off the top of your cake. Next,
turn the cake upside down onto
greaseproof paper so the
bottom now becomes the top. Fill all holes, if any,
with the Orchard Icing of your choice and smooth
with spatula.
2. Knead the Icing: Work on a flat
surface lightly dusted with sifted
pure icing sugar. Knead the icing
with the “heel” of your hand
until smooth. (Remember to use
vegetable shortening when working with chocolate icing.)
3. Roll Away: Roll out icing to
the thickness of your little finger.
Keep work surface and icing
lightly dusted with sifted pure
icing sugar. Turn icing over and
roll to the thickness of a pencil. Make sure it is large
enough to cover the cake and its sides or the entire
top of slices. Allow a little icing to overhang for
trimming later to ensure a neat, even finish.
4. Coat Cake with Sugar Syrup:
Brush surface to be iced with
sugar syrup.
6. Finishing Touches: Dust your
hands with pure icing sugar and
smooth the icing over the top
and down the sides using the
heel of your hand. Pierce any air
bubbles with a pin, then smooth with your fingers.
Trim excess icing from the edges of the cake with a
sharp knife. Remember, there are helpful hints on page
26 to make icing easy.
Two layers are better than one
Ever wondered how professional cake decorators
get that super smooth finish? Well, they simply use
two layers, not one! The first is a layer of Orchard
Almond Paste followed by a layer of Orchard White
Icing. So, if you wish to achieve a truly professional
finish, use Orchard Almond Paste* for the first layer
and simply repeat steps 2 to 6 using Orchard White or
Chocolate Icing to complete your basic cake icing.
Now comes the fun part. Decorating your cake or
slice. Show off your skill and artistry with any of the
quick and simple designs in this book.
Orchard White and Chocolate Icings and Orchard
Almond Paste are Australia’s leading quality icings
used by experts in the grandest wedding cakes to the
simplest slices. There’s really no limit to how far your
creativity can go.
*See Page 27
Impressions of delight for all ages
No matter whose birthday it is, you can make a lasting
impression with Orchard Icing.
Cat ‘n Mice Table cake
This is a slightly naughty but oh such a fun cake to
delight children of all ages. Bake 2 square 15cm (6”)
sponges or chocolate cakes and stack to form the base
for the table. Use a chocolate or jam filling* between
layers for a tasty surprise. To ice, you will need 2 x 500g
packs Orchard White and 1 x 500g pack Orchard
Chocolate Icing, grey and pink food colourings.
Ice & Decorate:
Knead 11/2 packs Orchard White Icing and roll out.
Lift and drape over cake and trim along base. Use your
fingers to gently work icing to form tablecloth effect.
Knead off cuts with remaining 1/2 pack icing. Make
whites of eyes for cat and mice, white face and feet for
the cat. Divide approx 60g from remaining icing and
knead in pink colouring for ears. Use pink icing for cat’s
nose. Colour remaining icing grey, divide in two and
roll to form mice bodies. Using chocolate icing, roll out
and shape to make cat body, legs, head, eyes and tail.
Use left over pieces to make eyes and noses for mice.
Using the end of a spoon handle ‘push up’ ears and insert
pink icing. Trim off any excess. Assemble remaining
pieces and decorate.
Cat ’n Mice Table cake
Trophy cake
*See Page 27
‘Little Girl’ Birthday cake
Congratulations cake
You will need two 20cm (8”) sponge cakes, one
stacked on top of the other with your favourite filling in
between. To decorate, 2 x 500g packs Orchard White
and 1 x 500g pack Orchard Chocolate Icing, red and
pink food dye.
Place one 20cm sponge on flat work surface.
At this point add your favourite filling covering the top.
Place the second sponge firmly on top.
Book this one in for your next student celebration.
You won’t have to study too hard and the end result will
thrill family and friends.
You’ll need a 1 kilo Madeira cake (page 9) baked
in a square tin cut into 3 or 4 ‘books’ depending on
your design.
To decorate :
Ice & Decorate:
3 x 500g packs Orchard White Icing. Variety of food
colourings depending on how you want the books to look.
Knead white icing (reserve a small piece, enough for
the whites of the eyes) and colour pink and roll out.
Cover the sponge. Knead chocolate icing and roll out.
Lift and drape over one half of the cake. Use a knife to
carefully trim to shape girl’s hair. Trim-off pink and
chocolate icing around the base (save a little pink icing
for a nose). Use the small pieces of white icing to make
two flat circles about the size of 20 cent pieces for the
whites of the eyes. Use a little chocolate icing to make
the eyes and eyebrows. Place in position on face and add
a small nose. To blush cheeks use non toxic chalk.
Working with brush and red food colouring, mixed with
clear spirit* and a little water, paint on
a smiling mouth. Decorate with
candles and ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes.
‘Little Girl’ Birthday cake
Ice & Decorate:
First knead one 500g pack Orchard White Icing for
book pages. Divide remaining packs into 3 or 4 parcels
(for 3 or 4 books) and using food colouring, knead
colour into each parcel making one quantity for each
book. Roll out each piece ready to drape over cake.
Work with white icing first and cover top and one
side of each ‘book’ to create pages. Now work with
coloured icings and wrap each book to form the cover.
Remember that these are individual books. Use a
brush, alphabet ruler and food colouring to write your
special message.
Celebrate with these sweet sensations
*See page 27
Two layers. Orchard White Icing is layed on top of Orchard
Almond Paste.
Congratulations cake
Orchard makes icing a piece of cake, really!
Piece of cake!
Nothing could be easier than making a giant slice of
mouth watering cake for family and friends to admire
and enjoy.
You will need two 20cm (8”) round plain Madeira
cakes or chocolate sponges to form the base, 2 x 500g
packs white and 1 x 500g chocolate icing, yellow food
colouring and sugar syrup. Simply cut each sponge into
4 or 6 ‘wedges’ depending on the final shape you prefer,
thin or thick. Stack wedges on top of one another using
filling in between if you wish.
Ice & Decorate:
First knead white icing with yellow food colouring
and roll out into a long strip roughly the area and size
of the two sides of the slice. Coat one side of icing with
sugar syrup and place the wedge on its side onto the
coated icing. Trim off excess on one side which becomes
the bottom of the cake, and the back. Allow approx.
1/2 cm icing and fold over top edge of wedge to ensure
icing does not slip down sides of cake slice. Now fold
the remaining icing up and along the second side of the
wedge and trim off excess icing. Stand the wedge
upright. For the top and back, knead the
chocolate icing and roll out. Lift and lay over
top of wedge and allow to fall down the
back. Trim off flush with sides. Smooth
down top and back and trim off excess
on the back of the wedge. Using the
chocolate icing off-cuts, form strips
to create the cake ‘layers’ and
droplets. Apply using sugar syrup.
Piece of cake really!
Orchard Madeira Cake (1 kilo)
Madeira Cake makes an ideal partner for
Orchard Icings. Follow this simple recipe for a
successful result time after time.
For a 20cm (8”) round or 18cm (7”) square cake
320g butter
320g caster sugar
5 medium eggs
375g self raising flour
1 tsp ground mixed spice
Grated rind of large lemon
80g chopped mixed unsalted nuts (optional)
Bake 11/2 - 13/4 hours at 160˚C (325˚ F)
Preheat oven. Grease and line round or square
baking tin.
In a large mixing bowl add softened butter,
sugar, eggs, sifted flour and mixed spice and beat
with electric mixer for 3 minutes or until mixture
is fluffy. Add lemon rind and finely chopped
mixed nuts. Pour into prepared tin and bake.
Leave to cool completely. Turn out and wrap in
cloth or foil until you are ready to decorate.
Piece of cake
In the mood for love
Create the perfect mood with
Valentine decorated cakes
Treats for the Heart cake
This requires a heart-shaped cake (the cake or a
baking pan are easy to find, or you can cut the heart
shape out of a larger cake). An ideal recipe is the classic
Orchard Madeira Cake (Page 9) or Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate Cake (opposite). Lay a foundation of Orchard
Almond Paste, then top with a layer of Orchard Icing,
either white or chocolate.
Take your time smoothing it into the top ‘v’ and to
giving your cake a smooth point. Creases and joins can
be smoothed over by gently rubbing.
To decorate the chocolate Valentine cake, use a
metre each of gold and red ribbon. Apply the ribbon
using sugar syrup and secure both in the top ‘v’ of the
heart using melted icing, sugar syrup or royal icing.
Using left over ribbon, make a bow. Adorn with either
a real or good quality silk red rose.
To decorate the white iced heart cake, purchase a
suitable ribbon, clear with red hearts as shown, from
your local cake decorating shop. Affix using sugar
syrup. Knead 200g Orchard White Icing with red food
colouring and roll out to approx. 1/2 cm thick.
Use a heart shaped cutter. Reserve red
icing off-cuts to make a centrepiece
or use a posy pick in which to affix
hearts. Do not push wire into cake.
To support hearts, use florist’s wire
covered in white stemtex (florist’s tape).
Simply push into icing centrepiece.
Chocolate Valentine cake
Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Cake
2 eggs
2/3 cup cocoa
11/2 cups self raising flour
1 cup sour cream
2 tsp vanilla essence
2 cups of caster sugar
1 cup margarine
11/2 cups plain flour
2 tsp bi carb soda
1 cup hot water
Mix all ingredients together until smooth, pour
into a buttered 8” round cake pan, bake at
180°C (350°F) for 45 minutes, cool and ice with
Orchard Chocolate Icing. TIP: - Try ‘spicing-up’
your Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Cake by
lacing the icing with orange liqueur such as
Cointreau when you are kneading. Even a little
freshly squeezed orange juice and zest of orange
can give the icing and cake extra special appeal.
Treats for the Heart cake
Gift Parcel cake
Chequerboard Parcel cake
A great thing about this design is that you can use a
combination of three different cakes if you like and turn
each into a surprise parcel.
You will need 5 x 500g packs Orchard White Icing,
red, orange, yellow and blue food colouring, 2 or 3 sizes
of star cutters, a piping bag, 3 baseboards and 8 skewers.
Knead 2 x 500g packs icing with blue food
colouring, 11/2 x 500g packs with yellow and 1 x 500g
pack with red colouring. Reserve the remaining 1/2 pack
for decorations. Working with the largest cake,
roll out the blue and lay over cake and trim
off excess. Set aside. Repeat with the middle
cake and ice, then the smallest cake. Divide
the remaining white kneaded icing into 2
equal portions. Roll out one piece and
using a daisy cutter, cut out as many white
daisies as icing allows. Coat one side with
sugar syrup and ‘glue’ to blue parcel.
Work yellow colouring into remaining
white icing and roll out to cut stars from.
To create the effect as per middle parcel
make royal icing (Page 26) and mix
with orange food colouring. Pipe
through a fine nozzle randomly over
yellow iced parcel. TIP: To ensure
stability, each parcel should rest on
its own baseboard (Page 26). Use 4
skewers between each ‘parcel’ at the
corners of the bottom and
middle cake to hold the parcel
up. Now stack cakes on top of
one another and arrange a
ribbon and bow to finish.
Now this is certainly one very stylish cake.
A delightful combination of Orchard White and
Orchard’s fine Chocolate Icings. You can use either a
plain Madeira Cake (Page 9) or Orchard’s Chocolate
Lovers Chocolate Cake (Page 11). You will need 2 x
500g packs each of Orchard White and Orchard
Chocolate Icing.
Knead both icings separately and roll out. Cut a
10mm strip off White and 20mm strip off
Chocolate and reserve to make the ribbon
and bow. Start by fully covering cake in
Orchard White Icing. From the chocolate
icing, cut out as many 20mm squares as
rolled icing allows. Coat the back of each
chocolate square with sugar syrup and
create a chequerboard effect against the
white icing. To make ribbon, use sugar
syrup to ‘glue’ white strip to
chocolate strip, lay over cake as
one ribbon. Support ‘loops’ with
paper towel while icing sets.
Scrumptious party packages
Gift Parcel cake
Chequerboard Parcel cake
A piece of happiness for everyone
Nothing is more special than home made Christmas
cakes and cookies. Wrap them up as gifts or just make
them for everyone to enjoy. But whatever you do, don’t
forget to leave some for Santa too!
Santa’s Chimney
Santa’s Chimney
Bonnie Christmas cake
Spread the Christmas cheer
A true Christmas treat for the children as well as
grown-ups. Use 2 x 500g packs Orchard White Icing
and 2 x 500g packs Orchard Almond Paste, Christmas
decorations and a little red and brown food colouring.
Best type of cake is of course a traditional fruit cake.
First, cut off 1/3 of a 20cm (8”) round cake. Stand
remaining 2/3 of cake on its end on a baseboard. Shape
fireplace opening by scooping out cake. Cover first with
almond paste, then white icing remembering to smooth
around and in fireplace opening. Use leftover icing to
form fireplace arch. Stick with sugar syrup.
Mark out brickwork using a knife. Brush all over
with red and brown food colouring mixed together.
Decorate accordingly.
Make it a ‘bonnie’ Christmas
This cake is baked in a nut loaf tin. Cover with white
icing then apply a smaller piece of shaped green icing.
You can purchase the bells from a Christmas decorations
retailer. Cut circles 12cm in diameter of each colour for
the ends.
Drape over a cone, preferably for a couple of days,
before attaching. Push into ends of cake and secure with
sugar syrup. You may need to prop these for a couple of
hours to secure properly.
Traditional White Christmas
Use 2 x 500g packs almond paste and 2 x 500g
packs white icing. Cover cake with almond then white.
Christmas Candle cake
Use sugar syrup to stick ribbon and bow. Use holly and
berries to decorate. Pine cones and other decorations
can be easily made using Orchard Icing.
Carry the Christmas Candle
Make cake in a nut loaf tin and place on a baseboard
covered with Orchard Icing. Cover cake with Orchard
Icing and stand on end. Cut a 3.5cm strip from
remaining icing. Attach with sugar syrup around the
base of the cake. Pinch icing out with fingers or use
crimpers to create the candle stick holder effect.
Create candle stick handle from a flat strip of Orchard
Icing and use a cotton wool ball to support the loop
until it dries. Mould the flame out of coloured Orchard
Icing. Dripping wax effect from royal icing.
Rich Christmas Fruit Cake
250g (8oz) sultanas
250g (8oz) raisins
60g (2oz) mixed peel
tblsp grated lemon rind
1/2 cup brandy
11/2 cups sugar
8 eggs
1 cup self raising flour
500g (1lb) currants
125g (4oz) glace cherries
tblsp grated orange rind
2 tblsp lemon juice
500g (1lb) butter
4 cups plain flour
pinch of salt
Place sultanas, currants, chopped raisins,
halved cherries, chopped mixed peel, orange and
lemon rind, lemon juice and brandy in large
bowl, mix well. Cover, leave overnight. Cream
butter and sugar until fluffy, add eggs one at a
time, beating well after each addition. Stir in fruit
mixture, add sifted flours, salt. Mix well. Place
mixture in deep 25cm (10in) well greased cake tin
lined with two sheets brown and one sheet
greaseproof paper. Bake in low oven for 3 hours
or until cake is cooked when tested with skewer.
Traditional White Christmas
A cake to remember
Think a wedding cake is too ambitious? Well here are
some beautiful examples and wonderful tips and ideas
that are the easiest to follow for simply spectacular results.
Tiers of Happiness
Use either light fruit cake (Page 23) or Chocolate
Lovers Chocolate cake (Page 11). Prepare a baseboard
with an Orchard White Icing layer. Use Orchard
Almond Paste as the first layer on each tier. Finish with
Orchard White Icing. Use fresh, silk, or sugar flowers
and leaves to decorate. Embed the base of the spray into
a small piece of icing and attach this to the top of the
cake with sugar syrup. Drape fabric and stick with royal
icing or Orchard Icing melted.
Wedding Bliss
A new angle on Wedding Bliss
Tiers of Happiness
The secret to this cake is in the beautiful colonnades.
Purchase these from any better cake decorating shop
and pick up two baseboards, ribbon and some
decorative icing flower arrangements.
Take two traditional fruit cakes and apply Orchard
Almond Paste then finish with Orchard White. The time
to decorate is before assembling the two tiers. Place the
larger cake diagonally on the baseboard and decorate
with piped royal icing, ribbon and bows as shown.
Repeat this process for the smaller cake and then finish
both with icing posies and additional ribbon bows.
Carefully position colonnades using dowels or skewers
for support through to the baseboard.
Coat the top of the 3 colonnades with sugar syrup
and gently sit the second tier in position. TIP: Assemble
on the day.
Chocoholics Wedding Supreme
Chocoholics Wedding Supreme
You’ll need not one but two Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate cakes. One 7” and another 12” oval shaped.
You will need 5 x 500g packs of Orchard Chocolate
Icing. Ice both cakes separately. To decorate, melt white
and dark cooking chocolate separately and pour into a
flat tray and allow to cool completely - pop in the
refrigerator for an hour or two. Once cool, break into
shards and gently push these into the top of the stacked
cake. Use raffia to decorate and add a large flower from
your garden to finish.
Chocolate cake
Any Occasion Chocolate Mud Cake
Why not try your hand at preparing wedding
confectionery gifts for the happy couple and guests.
Layered Almond & Chocolate Hearts
Simply knead and roll 100 grams of Orchard
Chocolate and 50 grams Orchard Almond. Cut chocolate
quantity in half. Lay almond on top and add another
layer of chocolate. Use a heart shaped cutter to finish.
Decorate with half an almond.
Iced Passionfruit Flowers
Knead 200 grams Orchard White Icing and mix in
pulp and juice from 1 passionfruit. Roll out to approx
1 cm thick. Use daisy shaped cutter to finish. Decorate
with half strawberry flat side up.
Kahlua Chocolate Balls
Knead 300 grams Orchard Chocolate Icing laced with
30 ml Kahlua. Break off small pieces the size of a
walnut and roll into balls using the palms of your
hands. Dust lightly with powdered chocolate.
Use Orchard Almond Paste as a foundation to
Orchard White Icing to enhance the rich flavour
of this mouth watering Chocolate Mud Cake.
Grease and lightly flour a 24cm round cake tin
and stand aside.
Happily everafter
250g unsalted butter
150g dark chocolate, grated
2 cups brown sugar
1 cup hot water (or 11/3 cups if not using whisky)
3/4 cup whisky
tblsp instant coffee powder
11/2 cups plain flour, sifted
1/4 cup self raising flour, sifted
1/4 cup cocoa
2 eggs lightly beaten
Combine chocolate, butter, sugar, water, whisky
and coffee in a double saucepan and cook gently
stirring until smooth. Cool to luke warm. Add
flour, cocoa, eggs and fold in. Bake in a moderate
oven 180ºC (350ºF) for 1 hour. Allow to cool
overnight. Once iced use cake within 24 hours.
On Clover
Jam & Honey Pot
Mother’s Day cake
Ice with Orchard for any occasion
Jam & Honey Pot cake
This is a real head turner. Use two sponges, chocolate
or plain, (even a swiss roll) baked in a nut loaf tin. You’ll
need 3 x 500g packs Orchard White Icing, pink and
grey food colourings. For the ‘honey’, use piping gel
(from cake decorating shops). Follow instructions on
Page 26 to colour icing. Use white icing to make mock
Bat ’n Ball Birthday cake
You and Orchard. Imagine the possibilities!
Use a round cake mould and prepare a Madeira
cake. Cover with either Orchard White Icing OR colour
red for a red cricket ball. Make the stitching using the
point of a large knitting needle or tracing wheel. For the
pitch, simply lay a rectangle of white icing and colour if
desired with light pink or green food colouring for
effect. The bat is made from white and chocolate icing.
Change pitch to a diamond and bat shape for a softball
or baseball design.
and knead well into 2 x 500g packs Orchard
White Icing. Cover cake then roll each
strand required and drape over cake.
Roll leftovers to make piece of wool on
needles. Make joining piece with one
long strand.
Happy 1st Birthday
Bake 2 x 8” square cakes to
form the number ‘one’. Take 2 x
500g packs Orchard White or
Chocolate Icing, knead and roll out.
Lay over cake working from the bottom
of the number, up. Smooth down corners using
handle of a knife, trim off excess and use to make
‘Happy Birthday’ plaque. Purchase clown faces from
your supermarket. You can make clown bodies using
Orchard Icing.
Chocolate Collar cake
This one is oh so simple. Use our Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate cake recipe to make an 8” round cake. Use 1
x 500g pack Orchard Chocolate Icing rolled into a long
flat strip for the collar. Use Orchard White Icing, rolled
quite thinly, to create the ‘dots’. Apply ‘dots’ using sugar
syrup. Ensure the collar rises above the cake edge. Dust
with cocoa powder and decorate with ‘bunch of grapes’
made from leftover white icing.
Ball of Wool Mother’s Day cake
Prepare cake as for Bat ’n Ball cake. Reserve a little
plain white to make needles. Choose desired wool colour
Chocolate Collar cake
Bat ’n Ball Birthday
1 Year Old Birthday cake
Orchard Icing is the perfect answer for
making all sorts of fabulous treats
Use off-cuts from cakes you have just decorated
to dress-up cupcakes. Simply slice the top off a
cupcake and, using your cookie cutter, top
with your favourite decorative shapes.
Using sweet or chocolate moulds, press
Orchard Almond Paste into them for
delicious marzipan sweets. To decorate,
simply paint with food colouring. TIP: Ensure
almond paste is well coated with pure icing
sugar before pressing into moulds to ensure they
come out easily.
Roll out Orchard Chocolate or White
Icing or Almond Paste quite thickly. (You
can add flavour to white icing or a
liqueur to chocolate icing.) Cut
out shapes with small cookie
cutters. Dip in melted white or
dark chocolate for your own
home made assortment. Create
the decorations on top using
melted chocolate piped through
a small nozzle.
There are hundreds of
decorative ideas using Orchard
ready made Icing. You can make
Greeting Cards to go with cakes, make
simple Teddy Bears, decorate Gingerbread
men and so much more.
This classic designer icing egg was made by
students of Billanook College, Victoria.
Light Fruit Cake
Basic Recipe for Spongecakes
11/2 cups plain flour
200g dates, pitted
130g raisins
120g chopped nuts
3/4 cup sugar
2 large eggs
1/3 cup shortening
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp powdered cloves
3/4 tsp powdered ginger
3/4 tsp powdered cinnamon 3/4 tsp powdered nutmeg
2 tblsp Cognac (optional) 1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup mixed red and green candied cherries
4 eggs
50g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
175g icing sugar, sifted
Preheat oven to 150ºC (300ºF) and line 7”
square or 8” round tin with buttered brown
paper. Using 1/2 cup plain flour, dredge cherries,
dates and raisins. Combine eggs, sugar and
shortening and beat for 4 minutes. Sift dry
ingredients into egg mixture. Add milk and
gradually add fruit mixture. Pour mixture into
baking tin and bake 11/2 hours. Remove from
oven, spoon Cognac or Brandy over and let cool.
4 tblsp cold water
50g cornflour
Pinch of salt
Separate the eggs, putting the whites in a bowl.
Add the water and salt to the whites and whisk
until very stiff. Add the sugar and mix until fully
blended. Add the egg yolks and blend in. Sift the
flour, cornflour and baking powder together on
to greaseproof paper. Sift half the mixture over
the batter and fold in. Sift and fold in remaining
mixture. Turn the batter gently into a prepared
deep 8” round or 2 shallow 8” round cake tins.
Bake spongecake at 190ºC (375ºF) for about 40
mins or until springy. Bake Swiss roll sponges at
220ºC (425ºF) for about 8 mins.
Super Fast Orange Cake
2 cups self raising flour
2 tblsp cornflour
11/2 cups caster sugar
4 eggs
250g softened unsalted butter
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup orange juice
grated rind 1 orange
This couldn’t be simpler. Set oven temperature
at 180ºC (310ºF). Grease 8” round cake tin.
Mix all ingredients together and beat well for
5 minutes. Pour into cake tin and bake for 45
minutes or until when tested with a skewer,
the skewer comes out clean and dry.
Sweets for the sweet
Classic Orchard slices
Oh so simple and satisfying. Use either Orchard White
or Chocolate Icing.
To make the base:
1 cup self raising flour
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
120g unsalted butter melted
Lightly grease 20 x 30cm lamington pan. Combine sifted
flour, coconut and sugar in bowl, add butter, stir until
combined. Press mixture over base of prepared pan. Bake
in moderate oven for 10 minutes or until browned lightly.
Almond Chocolate Slice
Passionfruit slice
Passionfruit Slice Topping
Use 1/2 pack Orchard White Icing. Microwave on
high for 30 seconds. Stir in pulp of 1 passionfruit and
knife over slice.
Caramel Filling
Combine 3/4 cup coconut,
cup caster sugar, 200g
chopped glace cherries
and egg white in bowl
and mix well. Spread
over warm base and return
to oven for 15 minutes.
Allow to cool. Roll on
Orchard Chocolate Icing
Combine 400g sweetened condensed milk, 30g
unsalted butter and 2 tblsp golden syrup in saucepan
over low heat and stir for approx 15 minutes or until
golden brown. (Do not allow to boil.) Pour filling over
hot base and return to oven for 10 minutes. Allow to
cool and roll on Orchard Chocolate Icing.
Peppermint Filling
Melt 30g Copha in pan and stir in 13/4 cups pure
icing sugar, 2 tblsp milk and 1/4 tsp peppermint essence.
Spread hot filling over hot base and allow to cool.
No additional baking needed. Roll on Orchard
Chocolate Icing.
cup almond meal
cup blanched almonds, toasted
125g unsalted butter
60g dark chocolate, chopped
3/4 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup water
1 egg
1/4 cup sour cream
1/2 cup self raising flour
1/2 cup plain flour
500g Orchard Chocolate Icing.
Cherry Filling
Cherry slice
Try these fabulously simple Orchard icing ideas.
Toast almond meal on an oven tray in a
moderate oven 5 minutes or until lightly browned,
cool. Toast almond kernels in the same way.
Melt butter and chocolate over hot water, stir
in sugar, water, egg and sour cream, then sifted
flours and almond meal. Spread onto a greased
lamington cake pan. Bake at 180°C (350ºF)
for 30 - 35 minutes, allow to cool.
Prepare Orchard Chocolate
Icing and cover slice.
Decorate with toasted
Cut into slices and
serve with coffee.
Banana Cake
125g butter
2 eggs
13/4 cups S.R. flour
cup sugar
2 very ripe bananas
1 tsp of cinnamon
Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs one at a time.
Mash bananas and add to mixture. Sift flour and
cinnamon and fold into mixture. Pour mixture into
lined, deep 8” round cake tin (10cm or 4” deep)
and cook in a moderate oven 180°C (350ºF) for
approximately 30 mins.
Ice with a layer of lemon flavoured Orchard
White Icing. Make this by melting 1/2 pack Orchard
White Icing in a microwave for 30 seconds.
Mix in 2 teaspoons lemon juice and knife over cake.
Rocky Road
Marshmallow pieces, cut into 2.5cm squares
1/3 cup of chopped nuts
(eg. cashews, peanuts, almonds)
1/3 cup of mixed glace cherries
11/2 cups milk chocolate buttons
3 tblsp of oil
Place marshmallow pieces into lightly oiled
lamington tin. Sprinkle over chopped nuts and
cherries. Melt chocolate buttons and oil in
heatproof basin over simmering water. Stir gently
to combine. Cool slightly.
Pour melted chocolate over marshmallows
and chopped nuts. While still warm, roll out
some Orchard Chocolate Icing to the required
size, and place over your Rocky Road. Allow to
set in the refrigerator. Cut into squares.
Peppermint slice
Orchard’s top tips
1. Clean and well dusted
5. Sugar syrup
9. Fillings
Clean bench, utensils and your hands between batches
of icing, dry thoroughly, then keep them well dusted
with sifted pure icing sugar while working.
Stir 2 parts sugar into one part cold water until it
dissolves. Bring to the boil, use while syrup is still
warm: use it as the glue for icing layers and decorations.
2. Knead thoroughly
6. Cut by pressing
Jams may be used as fillings between cake layers or as
glue for sticking the icing to the cake instead of sugar
syrup. Always boil jam before using. When using
chocolate or cream fillings between cake layers do not
spread to edge as they can “leech” and discolour icing.
If the icing’s too firm remove from foil bag put in low
oven for 2 or 3 minutes or microwave for 10 to 15
seconds (mind your fingers when you get it out!). If too
soft, gradually knead in a little sifted pure icing sugar.
Cut by pressing cook’s knife on icing. Do not pull it
along or icing will buckle.
3. Baseboard
For a final baseboard, wrap paper backed foil around
board and tape underneath or purchase one ready to
use from your local cake decorating shop. Baseboards
can be covered with Orchard Icing and decorated using
a variety of ideas. Iced baseboards complete more
formal cake designs. Aluminium foil is not recommended.
Depending on the occasion, you could prepare and
present your cake on a large serving platter.
4. Fresh sponge
Fresh sponge cakes: allow to cool overnight, or wrap in
a plastic bag and pop in freezer for couple of hours.
7. Royal icing
Sift pure icing sugar. Add 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice to
one egg white in glass or china bowl. Stir in sifted pure
icing sugar, a teaspoon at a time stirring well, until peaks
form (soft meringue consistency).
8. Colouring icing
Knead measured quantity Orchard White Icing
until smooth. Dot food colouring into icing using a
toothpick and knead to blend through. And remember,
a little colouring goes an awfully long way so always
add sparingly.
10. Chocolate icing
When working with Orchard Chocolate Icing use sifted
pure icing sugar sparingly as over use can discolour
chocolate. For best results use good quality vegetable
shortening instead of pure icing sugar. Lightly grease
work surface, hands and rolling pin with vegetable
shortening before working with chocolate icing.
11. Joins
Do not leave kneaded icing exposed for too long as it
dries out and becomes unworkable. When setting aside
always wrap tightly with plastic wrap but remember,
for best results, use kneaded icing the same day.
If mircowaving Orchard Icing remember to remove
from foil packet. Take care when removing heated icing
from microwave ovens.
15. Almond paste underlay
For best results when using Orchard Almond Paste or
White or Chocolate Icings as underlays, allow to stand
for 24 to 48 hours before applying final icing layer. You
can if time does not allow, overlay immediately.
Cake Size
6” 15cm
7” 17.5cm
8” 20cm
9” 22.5cm
Icing Qty.
500 g
750 g
1000 g
1250 g
Cake Size
10” 25cm
11” 27.5cm
12” 30cm
Icing Qty.
1500 g
1750 g
2000 g
Amounts are for square cakes
You can successfully conceal joins when the icing is
freshly rolled before it starts to harden and form a crust.
12. Writing on icing
For your message, it’s best to first practice using a
toothpick to get it right. Once you’re happy, simply go
over with a food dye pen or fine paintbrush using food
colouring mixed with clear spirit and a little water.
13. Painting on colours
14. Handling Orchard Icings
Always use a fine brush. Always mix food colouring
with clear spirit such as vodka (3 parts) and a little
water (1 part) to avoid ‘runs’. You will find an eye
dropper ideal to add the spirit and water mix.
You will find 500g Orchard Icing packs in your local supermarket.
Orchard also has available a wide range of ready made
icings in 3kg Catering Packs together with Vegetable
Shortening and Gum Tragacanth in a variety of sizes.
Contact Orchard direct for more information.
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