ePowertrain Products - Transmission Digest!

February 2015
Products featured on these pages include those from aftermarket suppliers and
are not necessarily of OE design or sourced from OE manufacturers.
Drew Technologies Reprogramming Device
TCS has added the 4R100 4x4 output shaft (1995-ON) to
its line of heavy duty components. Manufactured from
300M billet steel, the company says it meets the high
torque demands of today’s performance diesels. TCS adds
that coupled with its other billet steel components builders
can create one of the toughest 4R100 units available for on
or off-road duty.
Jasper Engines & Transmissions offers the CarDaq-Plus
J2534 reprogramming device to its customers for purchase
or for rent. The device can reprogram most J2534-compliant vehicles from around the globe. According to Jasper,
the device offers multiple abilities including module programming, diagnostic functions, key programming and data
monitoring. The company goes on to say that available coop funds may be used for customers who wish to purchase
the reprogramming equipment.
Honda AT Reman 5-Speed Units
Hyundai A6GF1 Overhaul Kit
Transtar now has available remanufactured Honda 5-speed
transmissions for applications including 2008-09 Accord
3.5L engine (30-CBQ) and 2008 Odyssey 3.5L engine (30CBP or 30-CBR). Standard 18-month/18K miles; Premium
36-month /100K miles; or Ultimate 36-month/ 500K miles.
TransTec® overhaul kit 2639 services the Hyundai A6GF1
transmission. Featured subkits and components include
sealing ring kit, valve body gasket, pan gasket, and seals for
the converter hub, manual-lever and right and left axles.
The transmission is used in a variety of Hyundai, Inokom
and Kia/Naza vehicle applications.
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700R4/4L60E Friction Module
4.56 OEM Gear S
Whatever It Takes now stocks the Raybestos Zpak friction
module for the (L1987-UP). This module includes Zpak
and Stage-1 performance frictions. Part#: 74119BZS1
AAM adds the OEM-designed 4.56 ring & pinion gear set
(AAM Part #40005988). The part covers the 11.5” rear axle
found in ¾ and one-ton Ram (’03-’13) and Silverado and
Sierra trucks (’03-’14).
The parts come packaged in both bearing and master install
kits with all necessary components for installation. AAM
also offers accessory products including a temperature-reducing aluminum cover
and front 4.56
9.25” gear sets
for 4WD applications.
8HP/9HP Bonded Valve Body Plates
Idemitsu ATF for Honda Z-1 M465HZ1
Precision International announces availability of new
bonded valve body
plates for use with ZF
8HP and ZF 9HP applications including
8HP and 9HP transmissions. The company
makes available an application chart that it
says will make it easy to
determine the correct
bonded valve body plate
to order.
Idemitsu ATF that meets all OE specs and maintains the factory warranty for the Honda Z-1 (1996-2011) is now available from Transtar as part of the
full line of Idemitsu fluids carried
by the company.
Ford 5R55W Clutch-Pack Module
Hyundai/Kia Oversized TCC Control & Plunger
Valve Kit
Raybestos Powertrain clutch-pack RCP96-014 provides
complete unit coverage for the Ford 5R55W on model years
2002-Up. RCP96-014 contains friction components manufactured with a unique blend of high energy fibers for
smooth engagements and high temperature durability.
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Conquer multiple TCC issues, low converter/lube/cooler
flow, overheating and poor fuel economy in Hyundai/Kia
A6GF1, A6LF1/2/3 and A6MF1/2 transmissions with Sonnax
oversized TCC control and plunger valve kit 102741-03K.
Featuring a new spring to match OE calibration and upgraded materials to combat premature wear, this innovative kit
effectively restores
hydraulic integrity
delivering renewed
TCC, lubrication and
cooler circuit operation. Visit www.sonnax.com for more
GM 6L45-6L90 Pump Rotor
Dodge Ram Clutch Kits
Sonnax now offers the new OE-quality, pump rotor 104532
to replace damaged pump rotors in GM 6L45, 6L50, 6L80
and 6L90 transmissions. Visit www.sonnax.com for more
Transtar now offers an OE replacement kits covering Ram
1500, 2500, 3500. The kit covers’03-‘08 models and includes
a pressure plate, disc, release bearing, pilot bearing and
alignment tool where necessary. Part #L05116
Overhaul Kits for C635 Auto (DSG SemiAutomatic)
Powertrain HT Clutches
Overhaul kits fo the C635 DSC semi-automatic unit are now
available from Precision International. Applications include
Chrysler 200 2012-13 and 2011 Sebring with 2.4L engines;
2011-12 Dodge Avenger and 2012-13 Dart also with 2.4L
and 2012-13 Fiat
Coming soon Raybestos (HT) Hybrid Technology clutches
for Toyota A750, A760, U660 and Ford 4R70W units. The
Raybestos HT groove pattern delivers the combined performance advantages of both a segmented plate and traditional wafer along with a new, premium performance
friction material to outperform the OE and provide optimum
fluid flow dynamics,
according to the
Kia Soul Rack & Pinion Kit
Vacuum Test Sealing Pad
Rack & Pinion seal kit #8986 is now available from
TransTec® for 2012-13 Kia Soul. Kits include inner/outer
boot clamps, seals, o-rings, and bushing. The O-rings are
specifically designed with OE quality materials or compounds for optimum fit and function, Sonnax says.
The new Sonnax vacuum test sealing pad VACTEST-06 enhances the sealing ability of the Sonnax vacuum test plate
(SWAT-P1) during vacuum testing of valve bodies and
pumps. This translucent pad provides a clean, reliable vacuum seal with clear sight of the port being tested. Easy to
clean and reuse! Visit www.sonnax.com for more details.
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Cyclo Non-Chlorinated Brake Cleaner
4L80E Band
Transtar now has Cyclo non-chlorinated brake cleaner in
12-bottle cases. The cleaner makes an
excellent de-greaser, according to the
company. Part #M465BKN
Whatever It Takes now stocks the OE High Energy Front
Band for the 4L80E(1.25"WIDE, 99-UP). This Band is has a
Kevlar lining and is manufactured by Borg Warner Part
Number B34022HD
Ford 6R140 TCC Apply Boost Valve Kit
GM Front Planetary Sun Gear
Ford 6R140 transmissions often exhibit troublesome issues
including TCC slip, no lockup, low cooler or lube pressure,
overheated fluid, suffering fuel economy and TCC codes.
Featuring advanced materials to protect against premature
wear, Sonnax TCC apply boost valve kit 126740-03K revives cooler/lube flow and renews TCC performance. Visit
www.sonnax.com for more details.
Tanstar offers an aftermarket 4L80E 4-groove type front
planetary sun gear for model years ’97 and up. According
to the company, the OE part is no longer available from GM.
Part #A3461B
Chevy/GMC 6.6L Diesel Clutch Kit
Shift Kit®
Designed to replace 2003-2006 Duramax Diesel OE kit. This
kit, now available from Transtar, includes a pressure plate,
disc, release bearing, slave cylinder, pilot bearing and alignment tool. Part #L04234.
TransGo’s shift kit, now available from Transtar, corrects,
prevents, reduces and upgrades pressure regulator and actuator feed system malfunctions. It adds overboost protection and improves
TCC stability and
requires no special tools, according to Transtar.
Part #T124165B.
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Jatco CVT Pulley Bearing Kits
62TE Sprag Assembly
Bearing failure is in Jatco CVT units is addressed by two
Sonnax pulley bearing kits designed to replace the OE bearings. Sonnax says the rebuiders can salvage the unit and
effectively restore normal bearing operation. Part #33201N01K fits JF011E (RE0F10A) units; part # 33001G-01K handles JF0109A (REF09A) units.
Transtar now has Borg Warner eplacements for the sprag
assembly used in the Chrysler 62TE transmission. This part
is used in the low/compounder position for applications
2006 and up. Part #A132652.
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