slydeTM - Slyde Charging Solutions

We all have multiple
devices that need to be
charged or synced at any
given time. These devices
take up valuable real
estate in an ever shrinking
workspace. The SlydeTM
Charging Drawer takes
those devices off of your
desktop and houses them in
a convenient and lockable
charging drawer beneath
your worksurface.
The SlydeTM Drawer comes
with outlets and USB ports
for charging up to four
devices simultaneously, an
HDMI out port for display
to an external monitor,
and USB ports for syncing
multiple types of devices
to your computer. It’s also
lockable so you never have
to worry about finding a
secure place to house your
PRODUCT Slyde Charging Drawer
OPTIONS White, Black or Blue
Duplex surge protector with ground
Duplex USB 2.0 ports (optional)
HDMI out port (optional)
Simple 4 screw installation
Built in ventilation
U.S. Patent Application No. 14/121,333 Pending
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charging solutions
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