Well Completion & Work Over

Drilling Engineering
DE126 - Well Completion and Workover
(15 - 19 March 2015, Dubai)
DE126 - Well Completion and Workover
(15 - 19 March 2015, Dubai)
Course Description
Who Should Attend?
This course is designed to provide participants with upto-date overview of the well completion and workover operations. The course covers the main factors influencing
completion design, the overall approach to a well’s flow
capacity, the major types of completion configurations, the
main phases in completion, the drilling and casing the pay
zone, evaluating and restoring the cement job, perforating, treating the pay zone, the special case of horizontal
wells, the general configuration of flowing well equipment,
the production wellhead, the production string or tubing,
packers, downhole equipment, subsurface safety valves,
servicing & workover operations on killed wells, servicing
& workover special cases and well stimulation.
This course is primarily designed for Well Engineers, Drilling supervisors, reservoir engineers, geologists, production and completion engineers needing a practical understanding and an appreciation of well completion design
and operation, well stimulation and intervention.
Course Objectives
After completing this course you should be able to:
n Establish a thorough understanding of basic design
consideration of well completion methods.
n Select equipment based on design criteria in completion & workover programs.
n Explain the overall approach to a well’s flow capacity.
n Describe the general configuration of flowing well
n Illustrate the major types and phases of well completion.
n Analyze the drilling and casing the pay zone.
n Illustrate the production wellhead.
n Analyze production wellhead and production string or
n Describe the basic steps involved in the design of a routine work over procedure
Course Outline
n Introduction
n Main Factors Influencing Completion Design
n Overall Approach to a Well’s Flow Capacity
n Major Types of Completion Configurations
n Main Phases in Completion
n Drilling and Casing the Pay Zone
n Evaluating and Restoring the Cement Job
n Perforating
n The Production Wellhead
n The Production String or Tubing
n Packers
n Downhole Equipment
n Subsurface Safety Valves
n Running Procedure
n Artificial Lift: Pumping
n Choosing an Artificial Lift Process
n Main Types of Well Servicing and Workover
n Light Well Servicing and Workover Operations on Live
n Heavy Servicing and Workover Operations on Live
n Servicing & Workover Fluids
n Well Stimulation
n Case studies
DE126 - Well Completion and Workover
(15 - 19 March 2015, Dubai)
Terms & Conditions
About the Instructor
n TÜV Middle East Certificate will be issued to all attendees.
n Course Fee mentioned is per delegate.
n Avail an attractive10% discount on course fee if you
register 30 days before course start date.
n Courses will be conducted during the designated
dates at a 4 star or 5 star hotel in the designated city.
n Payments to be made in advance. Exact venue of the
training will be notified two weeks prior to course start
n This rate includes course notes, buffet lunch, coffee/
tea on arrival, morning and afternoon of each day.
n Accomodation is not included in course fees. However, any accomodation required can be arranged by
TÜV Middle East at time of booking.
Eng.Mostafa Awad Elsayed, holding a Bachelor degree
in petroleum engineering, Faculty of petroleum and mining engineering Suez Canal University.
From June, 2008 -present working as Senior Drilling &
Work over Engineer & Supervisor at Khalda Petroleum
Company (KPC) – Joint Venture of APACHE Corporation.
Supervisor Responsibilities:
n Supervise Rig inspection & commissioning.
n Supervise all drilling and work-over operations. (Shallow, deep & super deep wells (gas wells).
n Dealing with unstable hole problems due to (caving,
swelling shale, loss of circ., gas & water kicks, etc.).
n Run different types of casings, Liner casings & cementing operations.
n Supervise and follow-up all direction operation (survey, trajectory, DLS, projection a head to target).
n Supervising all Side track operations & re-entry wells.
n Follow-up Drilling torque and drag & BHA vibrations.
n Supervise Drilling fluid testing & using the different
types of mud (spud-mud, KCL Poly. Mud & OBM).
n Supervise all killing operation of Oil & Gas wells.
n Supervise all fishing operation on drilling, work-over Rigs.
n Supervise coiled tubing operations.
n Supervise open hole & cased hole logs & Evaluate
qualitative CMT Bond Log (CBL/VDL/USIT).
For further details and up to date terms and conditions,
visit www.tuvakademie.net\tac1.pdf
5 days - 08:00am until 03:30pm daily
Location & Date
Dubai, 15 - 19 March 2015
Participation Fee
US$ 4,075 per participant
Your Contact
Ms. Shiela Gelindon
Tel: +971 2 4411148
Email: [email protected]
Training & certificates:
n IWCF certificate (valid till 30 Jan. 2015).
n Stuck Pipe Prevention: at OGS.
n PDC & Rock bits courses at (SMITH INTERNATIONAL & SECURITY DBS).
n Coring equipment course at (SECURITY DBS).
n Drilling fluids basics & testing courses in (BAROID &
n Liner Hanger installation & testing course at (SMITH
n SPE continuous learning hours through “deep well
drilling challenges” work shop (2009, 2010 & 2012).
n University Training (2005) : Gulf of Suez Petroleum
Company (offshore drilling operations).
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