Current newsletter - South Grafton High School

South Grafton High School
Issue No.3– Term 1
13 February 2015
Excellence and Innovation
Principal: Mrs Megan Johnson
Diary Dates
Monday 16 February
Tuesday 17 February
Friday 20 February
Friday 20 February
Monday 23 February
Wednesday 25 Feb
Long Distance Swimming Events
Whole School Swimming Carnival
Catch Up School Photos
Yr 12 Art workshop
Bangarra Dance Workshop
Swimming Carnival Procedures –
Tuesday 17th
Come to school
Bring $6.00 which includes bus travel
and pool entry
Uniform is not compulsory
Wear your house colours
Students cannot stay at school
All students must attend
Catch the bus back to school after
the carnival ends
Something New
We are taking a new approach this year
and asking students on a rotational basis
to take on a leadership role and write the
weekly principal’s report of what is
happening at South Grafton High School.
Our Principal for the week is Max Rose:
During the first two weeks of 2015 at
South Grafton High School, it has been
great to see so many new Year 7 students
becoming accustomed to high school.
Over the next couple of weeks there are
going to be plenty of opportunities for
students to become even more immersed
in their school’s culture.
The annual swimming carnival will be held
on Tuesday 17 February with plenty of fun
and games for all to enjoy! Students are
reminded not to wear crepe paper,
balloons or body paint on the day;
however, all are encouraged to dress up in
competitive spirit may wish to enter the
16 February 2015 to earn extra points for
their houses.
Students can start preparing costumes for
a social on Wednesday 25 February 2015
with the theme of “Beach and Bush.” This
is a special welcome to Year 7 who we
encourage to come along to their social
and have fun.
We will be holding a community forum on
Tuesday 10 March 2015 at the South
Grafton Ex-Serviceman’s Club. This is
your opportunity to have a say about the
future directions for South Grafton High
School. There will be three sessions held
over one hour’s duration at 10.00 am,
4.00 pm and 7.00 pm. So whether you
are an interested parent/carer, or an
industry partner who works with our
school, come along and have your ideas
and opinions heard and help shape the
future of South Grafton High School.
Another date for the diaries is Tuesday
31 March 2015, which will be the first
parent teacher interviews for Years 7-11.
More information will be available at a
later date in the term.
Unfortunately Djehuti Smart will not be
running during term 1.We will inform you
when Djehuti Smart will resume.
Friday 13 February 2015 was a busy day
with both school photos and Valentine’s
Day being celebrated. The SRC celebrated
Valentine’s Day by selling and delivering
South Grafton High School, Tyson Street, South Grafton, NSW, 2460. Telephone: 6642 1466, Facsimile: 6643 2027, Email: [email protected], Website:;;
South Grafton High School Newsletter, Issue No.3 - 13 February 2015
A close look at Mr Robert Lock Mathematics and PE Teacher
Where did you complete high school?
Woolgoolga High
What is your favourite sport/pastime?
What was your favourite subject at
school? PDHPE
Where was your first teaching job?
What was your first Album? Nirvana Smells like teen spirit
If you could go on a holiday anywhere,
where would you go? Tahiti
What was something memorable about
one of your teachers from high school?
My Economics teacher once told me
"either bag up or snick off you Galute"...I
still don't know what it means.
What was your first impressions of South
High? Quiet
The Mathematics staff have warmly
staff...they've been sure to teach him how
to use the coffee machine as he appears
to have an addiction there - and we want
no unhappiness or people on edge in the
Mathematics Department :)
Stellar - New years resolution: less
Next time your child gets stuck during
homework or study, don’t let it turn into
an argument. Through Stellar grades 9-12
have free access to a huge network of
expert teachers and tutors, online, ondemand, with ‘yourtutor’. Connect in
seconds and get ‘un-stuck’.
The school is providing access to
‘yourtutor’ in 2015 to help with afterhours study, for confidence, support for
parents, and learning improvement.
Students have received activation codes.
Activate now at
Start the new year right: not with
homework stress. Get after-hours help
“The Tell Them From Me” student
feedback survey
I am delighted that this term, our school,
like many others in the state, will participate
in a Department of Education and
Communities initiative: the Tell Them From
Me student feedback survey. The survey
aims to help improve student learning
outcomes and measures factors that are
known to affect academic achievement and
other student outcomes. The focus of the
NSW-wide survey is on student wellbeing,
More information about the survey is
available at:
The survey is a great opportunity for our
students to provide our school with valuable
and quick feedback on what they think
about school life, how engaged they are
with school and the different ways that
teachers interact with them. Schools in
Australia and around the world have used
the Tell Them From Me survey to help
improve how they do things at school.
I want to assure you that the survey is
confidential and school staff will not be able
to identify individual students from their
responses. The survey is conducted online
and will typically take less than 30 minutes
to complete. It will be administered during
school hours between 9 March and 2 April.
Participating in the survey is entirely
A consent form and FAQs for parents/carers
about the survey is being emailed
separately. If you do not want your child or
children to participate, please return the
form to school by Friday 27 February.
Copies of the form and FAQs are available
from the website above.
South Grafton High School, Tyson Street, South Grafton, NSW, 2460. Telephone: 6642 1466, Facsimile: 6643 2027, Email: [email protected], Website:;;
South Grafton High School Newsletter, Issue No.3 - 13 February 2015
Valentine’s Day – Friday was our
Valentine’s celebration where students
showed they care by sending gifts to their
South Services Gunners
Soccer Club is holding our
2015 sign on days on 7
Shoppingworld from 10-2pm and 21st and
28th at Rushforth Park South Grafton
from 9am-11am or online now at
Please call Toughie 0420907629 if you
can’t make it to sign-ons or for more
Free Student Exchange Information
Evening On The Gold Coast
Hear from returned students, find out
more about discounts and scholarships
available and ask questions.
Next Social – Wednesday 25 February is
the first social for the year from 6.00 pm
to 9.00 pm. Theme is “Beach or Bush” so
costumes. Welcome to Year 7 and new
Canteen News
Anyone wishing to help out at the canteen
will be very welcome, please call Vive on
Canteen Roster
Mon 16 February
Tues 17 February
Wed 18 February
Thurs 19 February
Friday 20 February
Mon 23 February
Christine Fuller
Wendy Rhodes, Jo Dunn
Help Appreciated
Michelle Wade, Kelly Whyte
Rae Anne Finlay, Tracey Wood
Julie Anne Brett
Thursday 19 February - 7.00 pm
Southport Community Centre, 6 Lawson
or call 1300 135 331 for more information
Grafton Netball Association
Registration days will be on Saturday 14th
of February & Saturday the 21st of
February from 12pm-2pm at the netball
courts in Bacon Street.
Delegates from all clubs will be presents
on the day so come along as part of a
team or as an individual to register.
Cranes Community Support Programs
Upcoming courses: “Understanding Your
Child’s Brain”; “Confident Parenting”;
“Bringing Up Great Kids Parenting
Program”. Courses are available free of
Bookings are essential – please contact
6642 7257 for more information or visit;
email: [email protected]
North Coast Football Referees
NCF Referees will be running referee
courses in Maclean and Grafton in
March/April 2015.If you are interested
(minimum age 13)in doing the course
please contact
[email protected] or
Brett Reynolds on 0409442508.
South Grafton High School, Tyson Street, South Grafton, NSW, 2460. Telephone: 6642 1466, Facsimile: 6643 2027, Email: [email protected], Website:;;
South Grafton High School Newsletter, Issue No.3 - 13 February 2015
South Grafton High School, Tyson Street, South Grafton, NSW, 2460. Telephone: 6642 1466, Facsimile: 6643 2027, Email: [email protected], Website:;;