Resume - Samantha Louise Hicks

Curriculum Vitae
Currently Applying for Master’s Degree in Marketing
- Samantha Louise Hicks [email protected]
A Sneak Preview…
First person in my family to study Advertising & Marketing and apply for a Masters degree in Marketing.
Looking to study closer to home and gain experience in the local area.
Aim to pioneer my own marketing business, helping to make a BIG difference for smaller businesses.
Flare for creativity, often praised for my passion, attention to detail and enthusiasm when leading projects.
Highly proactive person, who instills a sense of vibrancy in everything I do and aims to push the boundaries of
everyday marketing through innovative ideas and creative solutions.
BA (Hons)
Advertising & Marketing
Lancaster University
Management School
Predicted: 2:1/First
Ranked 1st in UK
for Marketing
Course Modules
Digital Marketing
Consumer Behaviour
Supply Chain Management
Market Simulation
Language of Advertising
Socio-Cultural Advertising
Strategic Marketing
Corporate Communication
Critical Communications
Brand Strategy
Research Consultancy
Work Experience
2014 – Haughmond Hill Café
Marketing Assistant
Telford & Wrekin Council – Catering Services
• Produced a marketing proposal for the re-branding of the café, in light of
declining sales.
• Provided real-time data and analysis of customer demographics, market
competitors, current literature and methods in monitoring & evaluating
marketing activity.
• Responsible for the Café’s rebranding, involving re-design of literature i.e.
posters, leaflets, menu’s through proficient use of Microsoft Office and
Apple Mac software.
• Set-up and manage Facebook Page; responsible for the maintenance of
the site, responding and encouraging consumer interaction through
competitions, informative posts, events and cross-promotion activities.
• Maintain records of analytics to ensure optimum effectiveness such as
consumer demographics, likes, post reach.
2013-2014 – Summer Placements (x2) at Amanda Whitmore PR & Marketing
• Produced a Marketing Plan for Blakelands Country House & Restaurant to
increase the conversion rate of wedding inquiries to bookings.
• Conducted extensive Market Research for Audley End & Wrest Park
Concerts looking for cross-promotional activities, led to a paid leafleting
position in Bedfordshire.
• Reviewed website development for Canalside Farm Shop & Café during
initial stages using knowledge from previous ICT studies.
- References Available on Request -
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Curriculum Vitae
Currently Applying for Master’s Degree in Marketing
- Samantha Louise Hicks [email protected]
Apple Mac
SPSS Statistics
Microsoft Office
Team Player
Advertising & Marketing Society –
Equestrian -
Volunteer at local shows,
Competitions, Groom, Weekend Job
as Stable-hand
Photography – Point & Shoot,
enjoy capturing the moment and
displaying them
Something a little extra…
Software Skills
My favourite colour is purple.
I travelled to Paris in 2014, my
second time abroad.
I currently have over 200 photos
pinned to my wall… not counting
the 100 extra in my drawer.
I am slightly obsessed with
Driving License. Full & Clean.
A Little Bit of Me