Welcome to the TEAM

This training web-book is being updated to include
a section on K-Life and additional info on online
selling – currently work in progress.
Welcome to the TEAM
This is a training work book covering the principles of:
2-31 Getting started - Retailing
32-38 Understanding how you can develop a residual income
39-67 Developing your business through Sponsoring
68-69 Appendix
The work book is split into sections allowing you to get the “how to” information
you need as you build your business. All links are live. Your Sponsor will go through
this book with you and will be able to help with any aspect of building your
Kleeneze Business.
Sponsors Guide
Between registration and delivery of Start Up Kit explain how this training webbook works. Use as in bite size chunks to help with induction and ongoing training.
Getting Started
2. Things You Need To Do Now!
Call your Sponsor for brief
induction training before
you get started.
Take a look through the
distributor Support Arena –
lots of useful tips, guides,
training and all the latest
Kleeneze news.
Distributor Services
• Ordering, training, and
information website.
• Web shop
• Recruiting website
• Monthly magazine
• Kleeneze Facebook
• Twitter
• Kleeneze You Tube
• FREE for first year for New
Distributors and then £10 per
Working Towards a Customer Base
At the beginning you are putting in the time and effort to build your
customer base, which will become a “gold mine”. In time you will be
looking to only deliver to regular customers every 4 weeks and will aim
to achieve on average £5+ per catalogue dropped.
20 new customers a week over 10 weeks = C/Base of 200
Deliver to 50 customers a week = £1000 in orders every 4 weeks!
• Be consistent with drops and pick ups.
• Keep good records.
• Give good service, sort queries and problems swiftly.
• Value your customer, use their name whenever possible.
• Keep topping up with new customers.
• Be the best Distributor in the area.
Group Video Training Site
Useful Youtube “How to” videos – click on link
1. Dropping & Collecting Catalogues - Click on:
2. Placing orders - click on:
3. Bagging up your orders – click on:
4. Delivering products – click on:
5. Returning products – click on:
For additional training videos click on www.ezetrain4u.co.uk
Lets Start With The Basics
Making up your catalogues
• Make them all up the same way
• Include an order form – address label or stamp
• Fold order form in half to show more of the pack
• Have a day slip/wanted flyer
• Use clean snappy bags - replace
regularly as they are your shop
Day Slips & Notes
Next page for links to templates
Links To Day Slips, Reminders etc.
Click on links for downloads – personalise to suit
Day Slips – click on: http://tinyurl.com/nwlstfo
Polite reminders – Click on: http://tinyurl.com/n9ccaes
Stuck catalogues – click on: http://tinyurl.com/qxsynge
Thank you for your order note – click on: http://tinyurl.com/npdb57o
Here is your order note – click on: http://tinyurl.com/pk47roy
Sorry we missed you slips – click on: http://tinyurl.com/o429jwz
Street Sheets – click on: http://tinyurl.com/q6oxm7n
Lets Start With The Basics
Before you even go out of your house who do
you know who ........
• Works in a shop
• Works in a school
• Goes to work
• Friends
• Family
• Neighbours
Leave them a catalogue and several order forms
– this could greatly increase your first orders!
Get A Map – Google Maps
The Basics ...
When you deliver your catalogues:• Work local – people buy from local
• Leave for 1-2 days or over the weekend.
• If you come across another catalogue,
don‟t assume the whole area is covered.
• Keep good records.
• Smile!
Properties to be mindful of when
posting catalogues
• Properties with multiple door bells
• Houses with „Sold‟ boards
• Student Flats
• Coronation Street style houses
• We do not buy or sell at the door signs
Keeping Records As You Go…
Use Note Book As You Drop Catalogues
Top Tip:
Transfer records to either…
1. Spread Sheet (ask Sponsor for advice)
2. Round/Street Sheet (or Hard Back Book)
see appendix for download.
This will ensure your hard work is kept safe
– note book will get tatty over time and
you will lose important info.
Collecting Your Catalogues
• Dress smart/casual
• Smile
• Leave a ‘Thank You For Your Order’ slip for
those who have ordered.
• Leave ‘Polite Reminder’ if necessary.
• Always knock if not left outside.
Typical Weekly Plan Delivering
250 Catalogues 1-2 Times Per Week
It is your choice how many times you deliver catalogues per week.
The above example will create customers quickly and allow you to
earn a significant income from day 1. You may need to top up
catalogues to replace some initial losses. Remember you will receive
an extra 50 catalogues FREE every time you place an order for £150
during your first 30 days. Place 6 orders get 300 catalogues etc.
Presenting the catalogue gets 50%+ better results –
recommended for registration kit 2 (50 Catalogues)
How Much Do You Want To Earn?
Total Orders
Per 4 week
Period (£`s)
Income per
4 Week
Retailing - 30 Day Bonus
Communication Tools
• Phone – speak several times a week
• Face to Face – coffee moments
• Team Facebook (to join click on:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/354037358008580/ –
invaluable for ongoing tips, advice and support)
• Team email loops – latest news
• Skype – free + great for training at distance
Communication is a 2 way thing
Facebook selling has recently exploded into the Kleeneze sales arena.
There are thousands of selling groups across the country. People selling
absolutely anything, a bit like online car boot sales.
The feedback from Kleeneze distributors who have been putting products on
these sites has been extraordinary. Extra sales from day one have poured in.
Want to get up and running ? Very simple - go to www.sellonfb.co.uk and
watch the short training videos. Then have a go!
You can also join the Online Sales Facebook group and pick up on the brilliant
tips shared by other Kleeneze distributors.
Building Your Online Customer Base
Learn how to find your customers…
Sell on Facebook groups
Social Selling
Find out how…
Find out how…
Your Customer base
Facebook selling
Online Shop
www.kleeneze.com/123456 (Your Dist. No.)
Your Kleeneze online shop is ready to go from day 1
Online Shop – Direct Delivery
You Earn
15% +
up to 12% VP
Online Shop – Direct Delivery
Tell Everyone
You Know…..
Facebook + Other Social Media
Christmas Cards etc.
Mail Shot Friends & Relatives
Use Your Imagination
Who Do You Know…?
Make A List
Placing Orders
Useful Video
Placing orders - click on:
Handling (Delivery Charges)
First 60 days
Orders over £150.00 = FREE
£149.99 and under = £5.99
After 60 days
Orders over £250.00 = FREE
£249.99 and under = £5.99
Delivering Orders To Customers
Top Tips:
Deliver orders quick to give good service - leads to repeat business AND of course the
quicker you deliver the sooner you get paid!
Bagging up your orders – click on video:
Delivering products – click on video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bquVlMtVhx0
Use thank you slip template – click on: http://tinyurl.com/pk47roy
Customers can pay by cheque to Kleeneze (or you), by cash or by Credit/Debit Card – to
pay by card call Kleeneze on 01254 123456 and follow instructions (Available Monday to
Friday 8am to 7pm; Thursday’s 8am to 9.30pm; Saturday’s and Sunday’s 10am to 7pm.)
You will receive an invoice for each order – pay what is shown on invoice as soon as
money collected to ensure your account is up to date.
Order paying in slips (menu LHS Ordering Site) if not paying Kleeneze online.
Useful Sales Aid Codes: Carrier Bags 03190 (100 @ £2.04) Snappy Bags 701432 (50 @ £1.38)
Volume Profit is calculated every 4 weeks.
Based on what you and your team do and is paid into
your bank account on the following Thursday from period end.
As a guide a Team of 15 – 20 active distributors, doing a mixture of Catalogue
and Online Sales will create volume of approximately £10,000 per 4 week period.
This will give you an income, on average of £1200+ per period.
Tips On Running Account
Receive Invoice
(Email) 24 Hrs.
Receive Goods
48 Hrs.
Allow For Weekend
Place Order
Deliver Goods
Pay Kleeneze
In Full
Check Statement
(Email Friday AM)
Period 1
Don`t Forget To Budget For
Sales Aids - Extra Catalogues,
Carrier Bags, Distributor
Services Charge etc.
Print Off Invoices, Credit Notes & Statements – use ink on draft preference.
File with any relevant receipts in A4 Envelope Marked Up Period by Period.
For More Info On Running Your Kleeneze Account See Operations Manual
What is a Residual Income?
Understanding The
Kleeneze Business Model
Typical Part Time Retail Plan
Generate orders of £1000 over 4 week period to create
an income of £207 Retail Profit (approx. 21%)
+ £60 Volume Profit (bonus) (approx. 6%)
= Total £267 (4 weeks)
(These % figures change with ‘On Line Shop’ & ‘K-Life products’).
Your team turnover counts towards Volume Profit…
Stage 2 – Create A Residual Income
You show 10 people how to do stage 1 your
team turnover will be £10,000.
You are then at the Gold Distributor level,
attracting a 15% bonus.
After your team each receive their 6% bonus
you keep 9% which is £900.
You receive this on top of anything else you
earn from your own personal retail sales.
You would need to have savings of £225,000
@ 5% interest to create the same income!!
Team Turnover
10 x £1000
% Bonus on Team
Team Bonus
You Keep as %
15% - 6% = 9%
9% = £900
Every time someone joins your team your
residual income continues to grow.
Number In
4 Week Team
*Bonus On Team
*Approximate figures for illustration
Team Building Can Lead To Seriously
High Residual Incomes!
By showing others how to get to Gold
Build a Kleeneze Lifestyle
Build a Kleeneze Residual Income
What is the Best Way
to Build?
We all earn retail profit from our catalogue sales.
However your income can be enhanced through
attaining Volume Profit bonuses. These bonuses can be
achieved through your own efforts or if you build a team
you will be paid bonuses on the combined efforts of you
and your team. Building a team is a much more efficient
way to achieve the upper bonus levels.
This is where SPONSORING can help you achieve a
much higher income.
Building a Team Through Sponsoring
Just share what you do with others……
As you sponsor your income grows…
Benefits of getting
to Gold Distributor
• Earn £36 for every £100 on customer orders
• £1500 Bonus when Gold 1st time and maintained over 10
consecutive periods
• Earn on average £1200 (4 weeks)
• Opportunity to qualify for 5 star overseas conference.
• What does it take to get to GOLD?
• Supercharge Gold In 90 Days for some great tips click on:
Some of the TEAM who have got to
Gold and beyond!!
Sifting Process To Find Your Key People
Rods In The Pond
Attract people via Fishpond Activities
Who would be interested?
Who could I contact?
People We Know
People We Don`t Know
People We Meet
Sponsoring – People You Know
Contact List – Kleeneze
Business Manual
Warm List
Sponsoring – People You Know
“Can you help, we are asking everybody,
would you know anyone who might be interested in an extra income?”
Reply maybe …..“What do you do?”
Get phone number and arrange to meet or
call when you can show the business properly.
People You Don`t Know
Simple ways to advertise.
Cards, Shop Ads, Flyers, Newspaper, Car
Sign, Internet, Hot Pockets,
Notice Boards Etc.
For further info click on and download:
Here are a few simple ideas…
Shop Adverts
Hand written shop advert
Prospect Cards
Can be purchased in bulk or printed
In smaller quantities at home.
For template click on:
- amend to your phone and domain
No limit as to where you can
get cards and flyers out –
here are a few ideas to be
getting on with.
Blutac – cards anywhere with
footfall and at eye level.
Hot Pockets
Two cards stapled or taped on
3 sides leaving a pocket. Pop
cards in pocket. Double sided
tape on back. Position
anywhere with footfall and at
eye level.
Car Advertising
Internet Advertising
Thee following companies supply “Pay For” leads.
They are all used regularly by Kleeneze Distributors.
In a nutshell you pay for their expertise in placing advertising on the internet,
they optimise search engines which attract people looking for opportunities.
They also supply contact manager systems.
Check with your sponsor/upline for further information on
how best to do this and costs involved.
Newspaper advertising
Stickers can go anywhere…..
Earn Extra Income
Text: “info” to 0793 017 6892
Speak to sponsor for best
practice and costs.
Internet Advertising
These sites can be used for placing online adverts.
Check with your sponsor/upline for further information on how best to do this .
Example Text
www.freeads.net This is one of the best…you can add pictures
£75 - £250 PER WEEK
(0117) 9113 966
TEXT ‘SHOP’ TO 07886875180
People You Meet… 3ft rule
Garage, supermarket check out, postman, window
cleaner, waitress, plumber, everyone you bump into.
You Say…“Would you know anyone who might be
interested in an extra income?”
Or hand them a card…
Badge = Trigger
They say…
“What`s that all about?”
Hand card & pen for email & phone details.
Sponsoring Tools – Website + Text
For personal domain name to point to
capture page we recommend…
When ordering cards and flyers don’t
forget to include a text number e.g.
Text “Info” to 0793 017 6982
Essential for prospects to contact you.
Sponsoring Pipeline
1:1 Phone or
Face to Face
Email/DVD Info
Top Tip: Text prospect before calling to establish best time to call, will
save time and will help you with organising calls.
“Hi John, you recently enquired about earning an extra income. Before I
send info it would be useful to speak first. When would be the best time
to call? Please state name in reply. Regards – Andy Cooper”
Top Tip: When sending e-info text prospect to say email sent – will
prompt them to check their emails.
“Hi John, reference your request for details on our income opportunity I
have now sent you an email with full information.”
Using a Script
Purpose – to arrange 1:1 or info to be sent
For Script click on: http://tinyurl.com/poboczq
Practise Script - 3 Way Call or Role Play
Not for explaining the business in detail
Upbeat, positive, but not hyper
Date + time for 1:1, confirm before setting out
If info sent fix date & time for follow up call
Following Up
Follow up script click on: http://tinyurl.com/p9g44ms
Three way call or role play
Closing – ask if they would like to get started
Sifting not selling
Add to mail shot f/u system, no is not for ever!
Make full use of contact manager.
SW.SW.SW. Next
Useful Sponsoring Tools
Presenter Phone / Face To Face www.kplan4u.co.uk
Weekly online presentation www.view4more.info
Email info pack - click on: http://tinyurl.com/prtd2gs
Testimonials: http://tinyurl.com/bmkbrh3
Company Info Brochure - DSA Sales Aids For Code
Flyers / Cards etc.: www.multileveldevil.co.uk
(PW: kleeneze)
Flyers & Cards - www.kleenezeprinting.co.uk
Free cards and much more: www.vistaprint.co.uk
Tip: always check links when emailing to prospects
Register New Distributor
• Kleeneze site - Registration - select start up package.
• Go through registration form over phone (or in
person) with prospect as they complete it.
• Start induction training – www.ftgtraining.info .
• Highlight 30 day bonuses.
• Start bite size induction training ready for first drop.
• Agree times for future training.
• Discuss goals and reasons why.
• Make a plan of action.
Communication Tools
Face to Face – coffee moments
Team / Kleeneze Facebook – keep up to date
Team email loops – latest news
Phone – speak several times a week
Skype – free + great for training at distance
Twitter – news and links to training
Communication is a 2 way thing
Goals, Targets & Plans
Goals Setting – Buy this book
To help with setting targets & tracking
activity – download useful weekly planner
and tracking sheets – click on: click on:
Gold Plan - Retail to 10%, Generate 30+ leads a week,
teach others to copy. For getting to GOLD top tips click
on: http://tinyurl.com/pvj4zxb
10 Presentations
Face to Face
Or Phone
Aim For
1 Distributor
Per Week
1 New
Team Member
Simple Team Building Plan Of Action
Never Stop Learning
• Kleeneze Distributor Support Arena (DSA) click on:
• Training audios click on:
• Training videos click on: www.ezetrain4u.co.uk
• Kleeneze training from the company leaders www.youtube.com/kleenezehq
• Training webinars & archive – www.TeamWebinar.co.uk
• Jim Rohn – www.jimrohn.com
• Tom (Big Al) Schreiter - www.fortunenow.com
Recommended Reading / Listening
For training, personal development books
and audio`s visit: www.knowledgeisking.co.uk
Ask your sponsor for recommended reading and listening
Fantastic Rewards & Incentives
Overseas 5 Star trip of a lifetime.
Previous trips include: Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Asia,
Caribbean and USA . www.destination2016.co.uk
Qualify for a Mini, complete with Kleeneze branding, to
which you can add your personal details to or take the
money – £10,000
Qualify for a BMW 3
Series Coupe OR a
Qualify for a 5 Series
BMW Z4 or take the
BMW or a 3 Series
money – £25,000
Convertible or take
the money – £30,000
Qualify for one off cash rewards starting at Gold Distributor –
over £10,000 is currently available!!
Retail Appendix
Click on links for downloads – personalise to suit
Day Slips – click on: http://tinyurl.com/nwlstfo
Polite reminders – Click on: http://tinyurl.com/n9ccaes
Stuck catalogues – click on: http://tinyurl.com/qxsynge
Thank you for your order note – click on: http://tinyurl.com/npdb57o
Here is your order note – click on: http://tinyurl.com/pk47roy
Sorry we missed you slips – click on: http://tinyurl.com/o429jwz
Street Sheets – click on: http://tinyurl.com/q6oxm7n
Sponsoring Appendix
Click on links for downloads or useful websites
Flyers & Cards - www.multileveldevil.com (PW: Kleeneze) Flyers &
Cards - www.kleenezeprinting.co.uk
“Rods in Pond” info – click on: http://tinyurl.com/pv99uw4
Books & Audios - www.knowledgeisking.co.uk
Planner, activity tracker – click on: http://tinyurl.com/na355dh
Presenter (phone or face to face) – www.kplan4u.co.uk
Email info pack – click on: http://tinyurl.com/qd37pt5
Basic phone script & info – click on: http://tinyurl.com/poboczq
Follow up script & info – click on: http://tinyurl.com/pcnwc6u
Sponsors check list – click on: http://tinyurl.com/pxfukoq