February Highlights 2015

February Highlights
February 3
Barrington High School —www.barringtonhigh.org
BHS Parents Association
February 5-6
Grade 9-11 Course Selection
February 2015
Volume 51, Issue 5
School Committee (7:30PM)
February 9 (No School)
PD Day—Sr. Project Papers
February 10
Grade 8 Parent Orientation (7PM)
February 11
School Improvement (4:00PM)
Boosters Club (7:00 PM)
February 12
Coffee House (6:00PM)
School Committee (7:30PM)
February 16-20
School Vacation (NO SCHOOL)
February 26th
The BHS Parents Association invites you to attend their
monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 3rd at 7:00 p.m. in
the High School library. Thank you to all the members of
the BHSPA. If you haven't yet joined, please do consider
becoming a member.
Registration for AP Exams will open February 2
and will close on Friday, March 6. See Page 2
and Page 3 for details and registration instructions. Registrations will only be done online at MySchoolBucks.com, which can be accessed through the Parent tab at
barringtonschools.org. Please contact Mrs. Kellner
([email protected]) if you have any questions.
School Committee
Spring Sports Meeting
No School Reminders
February 9
PD Day
February 16-20
School Vacation
All students participating in a spring sport
will meet on March 3rd at 6:30 PM in the
BHS Auditorium. Coaches will meet with
each team individually. Parents are encouraged to attend.
Spring Sports Physicals will be held on Wednesday, March 4th at
7:30 a.m. in the nurses office. The physicals are free, and students
must sign up in the main office or with Mrs. Cobb. You must see
Mrs. Cobb before March 5th to complete preliminary paperwork.
220 Lincoln Avenue, Barrington, Rhode Island 02806
Joseph D. Hurley, Principal
George E. Finn, Director of Athletics/Student Activities
Tel: 401-247-3150 Fax: 401-245-6170
Nicole A. Varone, Assistant Principal
Edward M. Daft, Assistant Principal
January 21, 2015
RE: AP Testing – 2015
Dear Students and Parents:
The deadline for ordering Advanced Placement exams is fast approaching.
Exams will occur between Monday, May 4 and Friday, May 15, 2015.
The 2015 AP
In consideration for going green and being more efficient the District has implemented an online
registration and payment process for all AP Exams through “mySchoolBucks.” This will be the
only form of registering for these exams.
Registration for all exams will begin February 2. All exams must be ordered by Friday,
March 6th. The cost of each exam is $95 and payment must be made at the time of ordering.
A $50 late fee per test will apply after the registration deadline.
Please see the attached detailed instructions for the Online Registration Process.
Joseph D. Hurley
Online Registration & Payment Process
We are using “mySchoolBucks” for you to register and pay for your child’s AP exams via credit card or by
check (also known as an e-check). This is the same system used for making online payments to your
child’s lunch account.
If you do not have a “mySchoolBucks” account you will need to create one using your child’s Local Identifier (LASID) to set up the account. The LASID can be found in your Aspen X2 account - when logged into
Aspen X2 click on Family, then on Detail. This number is typically between 4 and 8 digits long.
Once you have your child’s LASID, create your account on “mySchoolBucks”.
To register and pay:
Log into “mySchoolBucks”
Select which child you are registering
On the left side, click on School Store
Click on High School – AP exams
Exam list will appear
Select the exams – next to Available it should read “in stock”
Follow the check-out process
If you register for an exam and upon cashing out an error occurs, you will be notified
immediately that your card or e-check has not been charged.
Click on either “mySchoolBucks” or “AspenX2” to hyperlink to their websites. Links are also available on
the District website under the parent tab.
Exam Cancellation
You may cancel your registration by emailing Mrs. Kellner at [email protected] A refund check will
be issued by Barrington Public Schools. Request for cancellation after March 6 will be assessed a $15 surcharge per exam, as set by the College Board.
4 4
Students should continue to check the guidance website for the most recent scholarships. These
are just a few:
Hood Sportsmanship Scholarship. Must be a varsity athlete with a GPA of 3.0 or higher
and be a volunteer in your local community. Apply before March 6, 2015.
James Maher Scholarship is available to provide financial assistance who are active in supporting
their community. You may pick up the application in the BHS Guidance Office. Application is due
by April 24, 2015.
Test Dates
March 14, 2015
U.S. Registration Deadlines (Expire at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, U.S.A.)
SAT only
Late (a fee applies)
February 13, 2015
February 27—Mailed
March 3—online/phone
May 2, 2015
SAT & Subject Tests
April 6, 2015
April 17—Mailed
April 21—online/phone
June 6, 2015
SAT & Subject Tests
May 8, 2015
May 22—Mailed
May 27—online/phone
Test Date
Registration Deadline
(Late Fee Required)
April 18, 2015 (BHS)
March 13, 2015
March 14–27, 2015
June 13, 2015
May 8, 2015
May 9–22, 2015
AP Test Dates — May 4-May 15, 2015
From the BHS Technology and Guidance Departments:
Students: Course registration will begin soon – In order to sign up for courses you will need
your student login to X2. Don’t remember your password, account is locked out?
[email protected] to request a password reset.
“Heads Up !” There are phony college scholarship services…….
Recently, the Federal Trade Commission found a number of Web sites with
deceptive practices. Companies posing as scholarship search or financial-aid
foundations charge from about $25 to provide lists of scholarships, to more than
$800 to guarantee eligibility for a minimum amount of financial aid. These
promises of guarantees are not possible. To identify false claims, consult the
following web site: www.ftc.gov/scholarshipscams Beware of services that do
“all the work”. Don’t give out credit card or bank account information to “hold a
Source: Dallas Martin, Ph.D., president, National Association of Student Financial
Aid Administrators, Washington D.C. www.nasfaa.org
Course selection time
On Thursday February 5th and Friday February 6th the Guidance Department will be visiting
the English classes to distribute the Program of Studies and Course selection sheets to students
in grades 9-11. Please take the time to have discussion with your child as to “what courses
should I take”. Choosing the appropriate courses will allow your child to have a positive and
successful school year. Please review the bulleted information below.
Parent/ student will have access to teacher recommendation on X2. Please see the BHS
homepage for instructions as to how to access the course selection and teacher
recommendation page
Student is responsible for adding courses in X2 up until February 13, 2015. Please
remember that students need to sign in to their account. If they are unable to access their
account, please email [email protected]
After that time, teachers and counselors will be reviewing the list of students who did not
follow the suggested teacher/course recommendation.
As always, please feel free to contact your child’s guidance counselor with any questions
regarding their course selection.
Spring Sport PE’s are scheduled for Wednesday, March 4th at 7:30 am. You must sign
up with Mrs. Cobb prior to this date and complete paperwork before seeing MD on
March 4th. Students will not be able to show up the morning of the 4thth and expect to
be seen by MD.
As of August 2015; 12th Grade students will need to show evidence of a meningococcal (MCV)
vaccine given after the age of 16 and a physical exam upon entrance to 12th grade. This is a
new mandate by the Departments of RI Education and Health.
All Rhode Island School Departments in cooperation with the Department of Health, Department of Education, and the Wellness Company continue to hold Vaccinate before You Graduate clinics in our school. Does your child need any of these immunizations: Tdap, MCV, HPV,
Hep A and Varicella? All Students are eligible to have the vaccines at school through this
program. Only students who have completed necessary forms with the Wellness Company
will be eligible for the next clinic. These forms are available from the nurse. If you
have any questions please contact Mrs. Cobb.
From the Barrington High School Library …
Join Read Across Rhode Island
Rhode Island’s One Book, One State community read program and statewide reading initiative is kicking off its 13th year!
The 2015 Reading Across Rhode Island selection is Norwegian By Night
by Derek B. Miller.
For more information about Reading Across Rhode Island and to learn the Kids Reading
Across Rhode Island book selection announced in February, please go to the Rhode Island Center for the book at http://ribook.org/rari/
Tweeting in the Library!
For Library News You Can Use…
Follow us on Twitter @BHS_Read
Librarian Mrs. Suzanne Costa, Ed.D. [email protected]
Page 7
S.A.T. Prep: Spring 2015
Barrington High School and Barrington Community School are again co-sponsoring a number of programs
designed for the college-bound student, including "Preparing for the S.A.T. ," an 8-week course designed to
prepare students for the May 2nd exam. A brief review of English and math will be supplemented by
coaching in test-taking skills for this standardized examination, used as a major criterion in evaluating for
college admissions. The Tuesday evening course, which begins March 3rd will consist of eight 2-hour classes,
which will meet from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the high school. Tuition, which includes both course tuition and
required text, is $225. Kevin Blanchard of the BHS English department, and Lawrence Byrne, former BHS
Director of Guidance, will conduct the course.
Scholarships are available for all BCS courses, including SAT Prep. All scholarships are treated with complete
confidentiality. Call the BCS office, 245-0432, for more information or to request an application. Or, e-mail
[email protected]
To register, send completed form below with check, payable to Barrington Community School, to: BCS, Box
256, Barrington, RI 02806
Preparing for the SAT Registration Form--- Spring 2015
Name: ____________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________
Amount of enclosed check $ ________
Important Dates From the Music Department
February 4
All State Jr. Band, Orchestra, Choral Rehearsal Grades 7-9 Cranston HS West
6:00- 8:30 PM -Bus leaves BHS at 5:00 PM
All State Sr. Band, Orchestra, Choral Rehearsal Grades 7-9 Cranston HS East
6:30—9:00 PM— Bus leaves BHS at 5:30 PM (Snow Date Feb 5)
February 10 - Music Department Coffee House 6:30 - 8:30
February 25 - All State Jr. Band, Orchestra, Choral Rehearsal Grades 7-9 Cranston HS West
6:00- 8:30 PM—Bus leaves BHS at 5:00 PM
All State Sr. Band, Orchestra, Choral Rehearsal Grades 7-9 Cranston HS East
6:30 - 9:00 PM— Bus leaves BHS at 5:30 PM (Feb. 26 - Snow Date)
New England Math League
The math team recorded a 28 out of a possible 30 points at the fourth meet in the New England Math League on January
13th. Teddy Ni, Brian Mc Gartoll and Matthew Lamontagne led the team with a perfect score of 6 points. Harrison Kraus,
Adam Kelly, Eliot Laidlaw, Kieran Mc Gartoll, Vivian Tian, and Sahil Mishra made valuable contributions to the team with 5
After four competitions, Teddy Ni leads the senior class with 22 points, Sahil Mishra leads the junior class with 20 points,
William Yao leads the sophomore class with 17 points, and Eliot Laidlaw leads the freshman class with 19 points.
Current standings among the top teams after three meets: (perfect score = 90 points)
Taft School, CT
Worcester Academy
Brooks School, CT
Choate Rosemary Hall, CT
Cheshire Academy, CT
Framingham HS, MA
Maine Sch. Of Sci./Math
Portsmouth Abbey, RI
Weston HS, MA
AMSA Charter School, MA
Boston Latin School, MA
Kent School, CT
Northfield Mt. Hermon, MA
Barrington HS, RI
Page 9
Full instructions for ordering your
2015 BHS Arrow Yearbook!!!
Go to: www.coffeepond.com
Click on the link that says "Order Central" and choose the "yearbook"
Enter the BHS password which is BHS2015
You may choose either "online order" or "mail in order". If you choose
"mail in order", you may write a check or money order and mail it in to
the company (*if mailing, leave yourself at least 10 days before the
next price change deadline OR final deadline!). If you choose "online
order", you may use a credit or debit card.
You will be directed to our BHS ordering page.
PLEASE type your name (your child’s name) into the boxes accurately
so that we know who to distribute the book to in the spring.
Where it says "select homeroom", use the drop down menu and
choose "Barrington High School"
Notice the price changes that occur as follows:
Order now through January 31st @ $60.25
 Order February 1st through February 28th @ $85.25
 Order March 1st through March 31st @ $105.25
Books cannot be ordered after March 31, 2015
Page 15
BHS Parents Association – Membership
We welcome parents to join the BHS Parents Association for the 2014-2015 school year. This is the Parents Associations only
fundraiser. Dues are $25/family. Your $25 collectively does make a difference.
Cash or checks payable to BHS Parents Association can be dropped off at the BHS office or mailed to: BHS Parents Association,
220 Lincoln Avenue Barrington, RI 02806; Or you can use PayPal which can be accessed through our website from the BHS
homepage. Our goal is 100% participation by all BHS families.
Herminio & Patti Augustin
Kiran & Jay Adhiya
Julian & Robin Alssid
George & Jayne Anderson
Ken & Kim Andsager
Jason & Susan Amendolara
Bassam & Nora Aswad
John & Jen Auber
Noreen Bachetti
Jeremy & Rachel Baldwin
Boris Bally & Lynn Taylor
Tamara Barney & Tim Harrall
Maria Bazyk
Christina Bellanti
John & Midge Berkery
Arthur Berriman & Jennifer Sargent
Todd & Cherylann Bertoncini
Mark & Lisa Biagetti
Timothy & Cathy Bledsoe
William & Kathy Block
Brad & Debbie Bloom
Steve & Liz Booth
Jennifer Boland
Chris Borden & Leigh Anne Hohlstein
David Brown & Susan Dettling
Al & Claudia Cardarelli
Rich Carolan & Carolyn Greeley
Michael & Siobhan Carroll
Bill & Jill Caskey
Judy Cheng
Chris & Sue Cherau
Peter Child & Margaret Codola
Tom & Anna Clancy
Ray & Allison Clark
Candace Clavin
Nichole & Matthew Collins
Joseph & Caroline Conaty
Clare Connolly
Frank & Valerie Connor
Andy & Susan Constable
Ed & Susan Coogan
Paul & Laura Cooke
Christopher & Sharon Corvi
Stephen & Laura Coutu
James & Rosemaria Cowden
Gerald & Cynthia Coyne
Tom & Marcia Culligan
Anthony & Jonna D’Adamo
Edward & Lisa Daft
Bill & Tracy Daugherty
Jim & Linda Davis
Ian Dell’Antonio & Barbara Leasher
Steve & Kim DeLuca
Jessica DeMarco
Richard Demopoulus & Elizabeth Lazarus
Robert & Kathleen DeRiso
Stephen & Theresa DeRiso
Rick Desimone
Roger & Robin Deslauriers
Bill & Mary DeWitt
Michael & Heidi Dolan
Scott & Deanna Donnelly
Nancy Downing-Schloss
Jonathan & Julie Duffy
Robert & Kathryn Eden
James & Lisa Egan
Thomas & Dymphna Egglin
David & Tanja Epps
Andrew & Deb Faulkner
Chris & Doreen Feeney
Mark & Adela Felag
Bob & Elise Ferrara
Jerry & Cindy Fiske
Richard & Nancy Fitzgerald
Paul Fortin & Tara Cunningham
Christopher & Deborah Francis
Bill & Eileen Fullaway
Chris Gagliano & Pamela Robertson
Bill & Anne Galbraith
Monica Gambino
Tracy Gausland
Monique Gelsomino
Glenn Giuttari & Lelia Couzyn
Kim Godfrey
Paul & Lynne Goodale
Clifford Gordon & Linda Coleman
Paul Gordon & Susan Duffy
Greg & Jennie Grant
Jim & Roxanne Green
Scott & Ellen Greenberg
Stephen & Karen Greene
Chris and Mary Grover
Daniel & Barbara Guglielmo
Kifle Hagos & Wunesh Bairu
Nicole & Tim Hall
Jack & Tracy Hands
Ronald Hardner
Andrew & Camilla Hemingway
Michael Hill & Jill Glickman
Mark & Maryanne Hilty
Steven & Susan Hirsch
Mark & Susan Hoder
Jim & Beth Holmes
Scott & Kristen Howarth
Jay & Lori Howell
Kimberly Gilmore
Dennis Hughes & Bonnie Grassie- Hughes
Jim Hummel & Wendy Smith
Kevin & Karen Igoe
David Inman & Linda Carpenter
Dara Iserson
Jim Jackson
Jenn & Dave Jageler
Philip & Gretchen Jurgeleit
John Karl & Susan Short
Randy & Jocelyn Kaplan
Monika Anderson-Keller
Chris & Alison Kelley
Tom & Jody Kelsey
Heather Kenneally
Lisabeth & Todd Kenyon
Rick & Christie Kilgus
Katherine Kloc
Selvi Kumar
David & Joann Kunitz
Mark & Mae Kurkoski
William & Kirsten LaMotte
Marc & Ozlem Lamontange
David & Pamela Lauria
Brian & Melissa Lawrence
Bill & Jean Marie Layton
John &Terri Leary
Parish & Kate Lentz
Jonathan & Perri Leviss
Jeff & Pamela Lewis
Michael & Lisa Littman
Omi Locke
Pascale Lord
Jonathan & Marion Louttit
Shaolei & Xiao Lu
David & Pamela Maher
Michael & Julie Mahoney
Brian & Carol Mannix
Anthony & Dawn Marcello
Donald & Kerianne Marino
Michael & Maria Marra
John & Nancy Martin
Isabel Mashburn
John Massey & Susan Bellaire
Doug & Gretchen Mayhew
Heather Mazjanis
William & Tracy McCaughey
John & Gail McElroy
Todd & Carolyn McGarry
Paul & Lisa Mc Gartoll
Dwight & Clare McMillan
Page 16
Tim & Lee Ann McQueary
Brian & Carroll Medeiros
David & Tricia Medeiros
Charles & Rachel Mellen
Dan & Angela Memmolo
Joanne Mercer
Joe & Gena Merlino
Paul & Anne Merlino
Daniel & Tanya Kubus-Meyer
Gordon & Lisa Miller
Eric & Cara Mitnick
Bethany Modica
Mike & Sue Moniz
David & Lisa Monti
Tim & Zeth Morgan
Michael & Nancy Morrissette
Paul & Dina Morrissey
Stephen & Marguerite Muldoon
Jack & Debra Nassau
Andy & Brenda Nowak
Roger & Barbara Nozaki
Michael & Carolyn Obel-Omia
Paul & Sarah O’Brien
Thomas & Ani Odjakjian
Stephen & Christine O'Grady
J.Timothy Ouhrabka
Chris & Mary Ellen Patton
Jonathan & Jen Pfeffer
Michelle Pimentel
Gregory & Ann Piper
Sol Pittenger & Monica Gambino
Jack Pitts & Jackie Burns
Jim & Kellie Polando
Deanna Polin
Michael Pomerantz & Alane Torf
Paul & Kim Peecher
David Portelli & Laura Laurence
C.E. Ray & P.M. Barfknecht
Bob & Gail Read
Nat Rea & Andrea Ross
Peter Regan & Janet Coit
Andy & Jennifer Reich
Geoffrey & Rebecca Reilly
Chris Rein & Candace Clavan
Samuel Richards
Ian & Patty Ridlon
TR & Barbara Rimoshytus
Alan & Cynthia Roach
Doug & Susan Roach
Susan Roach
Gordon & Candace Roberts
Bob & Jane Rockwell
Estela Rodriques
Augusto & Kristen Rojas
Anthony & Beth Rondeau
Kyle & Kate Roy
Nancy & Kevin Ryan
Gary & Ann Marie Sabula
Gregory Sadovnikoff & Audrey Tyrka
Michael &Teresa Sarli
Scott & Ellen Sawyer
James & Donna Scanlon
Patrick & Jeanne Scarella
Kenneth Schauble
Bill & Elizabeth Scheibi
Al & Chris Schrade
Richard Schwartz & Brienne Brown
Kevin & Page Sciotto
Roberto & Amy Serrano
David & Mimi Sevin
Mark & Anne Shannon
Bob & Lisa Shea
Jordan & Tina Sheff
Baishu Sheng & Yunfei Huang
Peter & Jane Shuman
Alan & Tisha Singer
Amy Skadberg
Dave & Elizabeth Small
Carolyn Smith
David & Denise Smith
David & Robin Snow
Paul Soares & Martha Donovan
Rafael & Amanda Soares
Ben & Nancy Somera
Matthew & Achina Stein
Mark & Suzette Stephens
Steven & Rebecca Stockhecker
Pat & Deb Sullivan
Benjamin & Luei Sun
Annette Sutherland
Luciano & Karen Sztulman
Nathaniel & Julie Taylor
Andy & Lois Teitz
Jennifer Theroux
Jim & Ann Marie Thompson
Todd & Maureen Thurston
Andrew Tiplady
Robert Tisler & Tracey Phillips
Andy & Jamie Triebwasser
Mary Turco
Geoffrey & Laura Turner
Gabrielle Uri
John & Julie Vanier
Lori Vastano
Robert & Elizabeth Vetromile
Michael & Katie Vorenberg
George & Lisa Voutes
John & Kelley Walter
Michael & Deidre Walton
Erik & Betsy Warner
Peter & Joan Warren
Peter & Karen Weber
Lei Wei & Xiaojuan Sun
Amy Weinstein
Kathryn West
Vince Wicker & Maura Contrata
Oscar & Heather Wilkerson
Ulrika Winblad & Kalle
Robert & Kimberly Wind
Chris Wohlever & Kim Jacobs
Marshall & Anne Wold
Steve & Sandy Wright
Lu Yun Yun & Huling Xu
Chris & Sharon Zanghi
Robert & Kimberley Zeleznik
Gerald & Jami Star Zeltzer
Rhode Island Volleyball Academy
Page 17
On behalf of the Barrington High
School Parents Association we would
like the thank everyone who attended
and supported the 2015 Winter Food
Truck Fest on January 16th.
It was terrific to have hundreds of community members gathered on a cold
winter night in support of this event.
The evening featured four local food trucks, activities run by student
organizations, a bake sale, two raffles and three basketball
games. Proceeds benefit participating student organizations, including Barrington After Prom.
Thank you to our many volunteers, especially the following for their extra
effort and support: Tracy Orchard and Amy Skadberg for organization of
the bake sale, Bindu Mallick, Lisa Mc Gartoll and Suzette Stephens for organizing and coordinating student organization participation, Mr.West's
Sports Marketing class for help with the raffle/shot contest, and Mr. Hurley,
George Finn and the Barrington Boosters Club for their support.
The combined efforts of many resulted in a great community celebration
that we hope to make an annual event.
Lee Ann McQueary
Jennifer Jageler
Page 18
283 County Road, P.O. Box 95 Barrington, Rhode Island 02806 Tel: 401-245-5000 Fax: 401-245-5003
Michael B. Messore, III
Ronald D. Tarro
Director of Administration & Finance
Katherine J. Miller
Director of Technology
Paula A. Dillon
Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Susan Healy-Mills
Director of Pupil Personnel Services
September 2, 2014
Dear Parents:
Outlined below is Barrington's Early Dismissal/School Closing Emergency Plan. This plan will be put into effect
should schools need to be dismissed early or closed due to the onset of a serious storm.
In the event that a situation arises when students must be dismissed during the course of the day and schools
closed, the following plan will be put into effect:
1. The decision will be made by the Superintendent of Schools or his designee at least one hour before the
action is taken. He will make this decision after checking with 1) the Fire and/or Police Chief; 2) the
Director of Public Works; 3) the Transportation Company; 4) the RI Department of Education Statewide
Transportation for Special Education; 5) the RI Federal Emergency Management Agency; and 6) the
National Weather Service.
2. After the decision to dismiss is made, the Superintendent and members of the Central Office staff will notify
the principal of each school building of the early dismissal time or closure and post information on the
district website.
3. Notification - The Superintendent will utilize the RI Broadcasters Association of the early dismissal time/
cancellation, which distributes communication to all local media.
4. Walkers – Middle School and High School – will be dismissed by the building principal at the announced
early dismissal time. Elementary student walkers will be dismissed when accompanied by a parent/guardian.
5. Parents can be notified of school closings with an email or text message sent to a mobile device by
registering with the RI Broadcasters Association, using the following link:
“Barrington Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, gender, age,
religion or sexual orientation in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its services, programs, and activities"
Page 19
Through a joint effort between Barrington Public Schools and the Town of Barrington, CodeRED
Emergency Communications Network provides notification to families in case of an emergency.
For school related messages, CodeRED will be using phone numbers periodically updated from the
student information system.
Schools will be dismissed in the following order:
A. Barrington High School
B. Barrington Middle School
C. K-3 Elementary Schools
D. Hampden Meadows School
Parents should make arrangements for an alternate destination for their children in the event of an
early dismissal. In the event of early dismissal, a serious problem could be created for the child who
is dismissed from school and has no other destination after arriving at an empty or locked home.
In the event of a serious storm warning that has had widespread announcement, parents who choose
to should feel free to pick up their children as early as possible.
Please take some time to discuss the possibility of an early dismissal with your children and the alternative
arrangements they should follow.
Michael B. Messore, III
“Barrington Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, gender, age,
religion or sexual orientation in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its services, programs, and activities"