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#407, 4th Floor Al Shami Building, Al Karama Street
P.O. Box: 8956, Ajman - U.A.E.
Tel.: +971-6 740 8662
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Focusing on Construction and Engineering, Healthcare and Hospitality we
founded Kanz Management Consultants in 2009.We integrate our outsourcing
capability and consulting expertise to enable organizations to attract, engage
and retain top talent. Every day Kanz Management Consultants and clients from
a wide range of industries partner to deliver creative talent acquisition and
integrated talent management solutions in over 15 countries, on two continents,
Asia and Africa.
Kanz Management Consultants blends our teams and their powerful insight with
measurable innovation and operational rigor, to deliver impactful business
outcomes. We deliver these business outcomes through a blend of consulting
and outsourcing services.
With the dedicated mind, our expert teams are uniquely placed to support the
thinking behind, and delivery of your people strategy. We deliver our solutions
across the full talent lifecycle; from strategic workforce planning and employer
branding, to assessment and selection, on boarding and engagement, from
school leavers and graduates, middle managers and executives, skilled
workers, permanent and contingent labor. All solutions are bespoke to meet
your individual needs and objectives.
Now, we have deep industry expertise in a number of sectors, Technology
specifically Retail and Financial Services; Construction and Engineering;
Energy; Healthcare and Hospitality. In meeting some of our clients’ talent
challenges in these sectors, we do not fear exploring unique approaches,
looking to the consumer world for inspiration, integrating tools and technologies
that have not yet been integrated.
We leverage our proprietary recruitment and staffing quality process to match top
candidates with the right opportunities.
We understand the requirements of leading organizations which have outsourced their HR
processes to us. We understand what clients want… And we know exactly how to deliver it.
Whether you are looking at making savings in time, cost and process or to improve the quality of
candidates, KANZ has the answers.
Market Analysis
Kanz Management Consultants’ international relationship network gives us valuable insight into
today’s labor market. We can advise our clients based on local market intelligence and
competitive insight.
Kanz Management Consultants proactively seeks out high-performing candidates by leveraging
our relationship network, referrals, networking and other channels. We have access to proven
resources and passive job seekers.
Customer Knowledge
We take the time to learn the needs, requirements and organizational profile of each client. Using
this knowledge, we help develop a tailored employee value proposition to attract top talent.
Screening and Selection
We present our clients with the top professionals for each individual opportunity. We thoroughly
screen and interview each candidate personally, and our process is fully transparent to our
Relationship Management
Kanz Management Consultants maintains contact with our candidates and contractors
throughout their assignment, encouraging high performance and retention. Our commitment to
ongoing contact allows us to proactively plan for our clients’ upcoming workforce needs.
Place advertisements, arrange interviews, and select employees on behalf of
clients on the receipt of written legal demand.
Assist the prospective employers by short listing candidates for final interview
by the employers or their representatives. Negotiate salaries and brief the
candidates about their legal rights, terms and conditions of the employers
Provide services relating to required documents like Identity Cards, Passports
and all government requirements.
Keep the employer informed about the progress at every stage, our team of
experts at the staffing agency can select the right candidate for you matching
your job descriptions
The selection is made solely on the basis of merit and talents. Kanz always
honors its commitments and proceeds as per the instructions of the clients.
We have legal advisors to assist us in our manpower employment services.
Sector from all over Asia and Africa that varies from Labors, Surveyors, and Engineers to
Facilities Management and will be added to our database.
Sector varies from Security Guards, CCTV Operators, and Security System Operators.
Department focus on all types of office employment in total UAE. Our efficient network assists
the academically qualified youth to find out their bread and butter.
Sector from all over the world that varies from Waiters, Travel Guides, and Caretaking
Attendants to Travel Agents. As the need of HOUSE MAIDS increases in UAE, we recruit
thousands of maids from Asia and Africa
Recruitment specialists filter the right person from the crowd and provide them with right
If any queries, you can contact with our team. Alternatively you can Upload your CV and
let our Specialist contact you.
#407, 4th Floor
Al Shami Building, Al Karama Street
P.O. Box: 8956, Ajman - U.A.E.
[email protected]
Tel.: +971-6 740 8662