February 2015 - St Anthony`s Canossian Primary School

February Parents’ Connection
School Calendar of Events
6 Feb (Fri)
P3 & P4 Math Parent Workshop
16 Feb (Mon)
Total Defence Day
17 Feb (Tues)
Sports Day Heats
18 Feb (Wed)
CNY celebrations (whole school) &
Ash Wednesday Mass (for
For P3 & P4 parents only
A letter has been issued
P1 – P6 pupils
School hours as per normal
For selected P3 – P6 pupils
After school hours
P1 – P6 pupils
7.45am to 10.30am
February Parents’ Connection
1602 Bedok North Ave 4 Singapore 469701
Tel : 6449 2239
Fax : 6449 2146
Email : [email protected]
Website: http://www.stanthonyscanossianpri.moe.edu.sg
Catholic pupils only)
19 and 20 Feb
(Thurs and Fri)
23 and 24 Feb
(Mon and
26 Feb (Thurs)
6 March (Fri)
Chinese New Year School
Mother Tongue Book fair
Public Holidays
Our School Mission
To nurture and empower Canossians to be persons of integrity
committed to serving God and others
Our School Vision
Canossian Saints’ Day &
Prefects’ Investiture
Sports Day
P5 & P6 Mock Exams
25 Feb (Wed)
Higher Mother Tongue
2 March (Mon)
3 March (Tues)
4 March (Wed)
Mother Tongue
5 March (Thurs) Mathematics
For P3 – P6 pupils only
7.45am – 10.30am
School holiday for P1 and P2
Please note that the canteen
will be closed that day. All
must have their
breakfast at home and water
bottles with them.
For P3 – P6 pupils only
School holiday for P1 and P2
A letter will be issued at a later
 Please note that Mock Exam marks
are NOT added into the Semestral
 No supplementary classes for P5 &
P6 pupils from 3 March to 6 March.
Supplementary classes resume on 8
 Higher Mother Tongue classes will
be held as per normal
 P2 to P4 remedial classes will be
held as per normal.
 CCAs for P3 & P4 pupils will be
conducted as per normal. Please
refer to the given schedule for each
Leaders with a Heart for Others
Our School Values
Charity, Humility, Forgiveness
Total Defence Day falls on 15th February and marks Singapore’s fall to the
Japanese during World War 2. This annual event reminds us that nation-building is
not easy and that we must all play our part towards preserving our present
prosperity and stability.
The theme for this year’s Total Defence Day is The Strength of Our Nation. 2015
marks 50 years of both Singapore’s independence and the formation of the
Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). The impact of the SAF is seen from the prosperity
of the thriving economy, to the social harmony across the heartlands, forming the
nation’s inner strength. We must always remember that the responsibility of
defending Singapore lies with each and every Singaporean, because Singapore is
our home, and worth defending.
To commemorate this important day, our school has lined up a variety of activities
for our pupils to enhance their understanding of the 5 aspects of Total Defence and
how they can be a part of each aspect.
We will be simulating the experience of food rationing, during the recesses on 13 th
February, through the sale of food commonly consumed during the period of
Japanese Occupation such as porridge and sweet potatoes. We hope to give our
pupils a glimpse into how life was like for our pioneer generation during the war.
More details will be given at a later date.
February Parents’ Connection
February Parents’ Connection
Morning Mass Exercise
Chinese New Year Celebrations
Morning mass exercise for pupils has commenced on 25 January for P2 to P6
pupils and will commence for P1 pupils on 3 February.
The schedule is as follows:
The school will be celebrating Chinese New Year on 18 February (Wednesday).
Curtailed school hours on the day will be from 7.45am to 10.30am. Pupils are
encouraged to bring two Mandarin oranges for the exchange of oranges. Pupils
can be attired in traditional Chinese ethnic costumes. Hair accessories and
proper school shoes worn must be in accordance to what is approved by the
school. Pupils should come in school uniform if they do not wish to wear the
Chinese ethnic attire. Pupils are reminded to have a good breakfast at home as
the canteen will be closed. Pupils should have their water bottles with them.
P1 & P4
P2 & P5
P3 & P6
P1,2 & 3
P4,5 & 6
Venue (dry weather)
Indoor Sports Hall
Void Deck
Venue (wet weather)
Indoor Sports Hall
Pupils should proceed to the respective venues with their school bags when they
reach school. The mass exercise will begin at 7.15am. If your child arrives at school
after 7.15am, she is required to go straight to the respective venue immediately.
Pupils must be in their PE attire on the stipulated days. In the event that your child
is unable to participate in the mass exercise, do write a note in her student’s planner
or ensure that she produces a valid medical certificate and informs the teacher incharge.
Maintaining a Conducive Environment for Pupils and Staff
Under the Environmental Protection and Management (Vehicular Emissions)
Regulations, it is an offence to leave the engine of a motor vehicle running when it
is stationary other than traffic conditions. A stationary motor vehicle with engine
running wastes fuel and causes air pollution. Errant motorists can be fined up to a
maximum of $5000.
To achieve better air quality in and around the school as well as to safeguard public
health, parents are reminded that they are to switch off their engines while waiting
to pick up their children from school.
Through collective efforts by schools and NEA, we hope that to work together in
2015 to ensure and maintain a conducive environment for your daughters, our
pupils and our loved ones.
Student Leadership Training
During the March holidays, the Character and Citizenship Formation (CCF)
Department will be conducting Student Leadership training for the following
groups of pupils on 16 March (Monday):
– P6 Prefects
– P6 Class Leaders
– P6 Canossian Ambassadors
– P6 Media Monitors
– P6 School Librarians
– P6 CCA Leaders
8.00 am –
8.00 am –
8.00 am –
8.00 am –
8.00 am –
8.00 am –
3.00 pm
12.30 pm
12.30 pm
12.30 pm
12.30 pm
12.30 pm
If your child has been appointed for any of these roles, she is strongly
encouraged to attend the training session as it will equip her skills which will help
her in her leadership responsibilities. This training will take place in our
school. A letter with more details will be issued at a later date.
e-Learning Week for P4 and P5 pupils
The e-Learning English and Mathematics activities for P4 and P5 pupils will be
held on week 8 (Mon and Tues) and the e-Learning activities for Science and
Mother Tongue will be held on week 10. School hours will proceed as per normal.
Safety and Security Reminder
Sports Day
The school will be holding its annual Sports Day on 6 March (Friday) morning at
Bedok Stadium. All P3 to P6 pupils are required to attend the event. It is a school
holiday for P1 and P2 pupils. There is no CCA on 6 March for all pupils. More
information will be made available at a later date.
For the safety and security of our pupils, parents and caregivers are reminded not
to peer through or hold on to the fencing at St Raphael gate, especially in the
morning and at school dismissal. As the school cannot ascertain whether a person
standing at the gate or fencing is a parent or stranger, do stand a safe distance
away from the gate, as you wait for your child. Do arrive only at the time of
school dismissal, to pick up your child.
You are also reminded not to take any photographs or videos of the pupils at St
Raphael Gate. If the school notices any suspicious individual or behaviour, we will
not hesitate to call the police.