February 7th, 2015 Pastor Joshua Majors

Please contact the Elder of the Month for visitation or crisis.
Sunset Calendar
February..............Don Cale
Sabbath, February 7 th ................ 5:36 pm
(805) 710-6286 Cell
Friday, February 14 th , 2015 ............................ 5:41 pm
O range Prayer Card...Please remember to continue to pray for the
person on your card that you are planning to invite to church on our
special worship service on Sabbath, February 21st.
Valley View Children’s Center...is looking for a qualified Early
Childhood teacher (minimum 24 ECE units) for our substitute list and a
possible part-time teaching position for the school year 2015/2016.
Please contact Jamie Sanbonmatsu, Director, 805-481-7534 or send your
resume to Valley View Children’s Center, 240 A Vernon, Arroyo Grande,
Prayer Requests
Please remember our homebound church members that are not able
to attend church on Sabbath.
They would love to hear from their church family! ☺
Jo Turner...is at AG Care Center, 1212 Farroll Street, AG, 93420 or call
489-8137, Sylvia Goss...is at Bella Vista Transitional Care, 3033 Augusta
Street, SLO, CA 93401, Esther Hall is at Marian Medical Extended Care,
Room #404, 1530 Cypress Way, Santa Maria, CA 93454, Freddie
Newman...is at home, 274 Longden Avenue, AG, 93420 or email
CA 93420 or email – [email protected]
[email protected]
CCC Women’s Retreat 2014...January 30th – February 1st at Tenaya
Rey Pena...had surgery on his shoulder last Friday. Please keep Rey in
Lodge. Featured speakers are: Elizabeth Talbot and Carolann DeLeon.
prayer for a speedy recovery, as it will take 5-6 months for his shoulder to
Registration forms are available on the table in the church foyer and
fully heal. Contact info is: [email protected] or 805-260-8855.
Early Bird rates apply until December 1st. Contact Pat at (559) 642-2396
H e a t h e r B o u l a i s ...Wooten family friend and member of the Union
for more info.
College Gymnaires acrobatic gymnastic team, suffered a traumatic brain
January Birthday Blessings to:
Brock Wooten & Marco Pereida-Olmos (2nd), Ena Rasmussen (7th), Csissa
Csaszar & Hilda Pritchett (10th), Carma Pollard (15th)
Kiya Teal (18tH), Kate Yun (20th), Anna & Daniel Lavery (24th), Sherry Bushey
(27th), Capri Majors (28th), Lynda Burnsed, Chris Lovato & Steve Behrens
injury and skull fracture when she fell 23 feet while hanging her aerial silks
on the gymnasium ceiling on January 14th.
According to a family
spokesperson, the medical team has seen small improvements, but she
remains in critical condition.
Her family is very appreciative of the
prayers from around the world that continue to go up for Heather.
(29th), Freddie Newman and Doris Austin (30th) & Michael Specht (31st).
Small Group Bible Study
Sabbath Afternoons at 4:00 – LeRoy...661-203-9151
Tuesday Nights at 7:00 – Bob & Mary...805-481-0214
Wednesday Nights at 7:00 – Mark...805-574-9329
Our Speaker Next Sabbath will be Anthony Nelson
February 21 st and February 28 th .......Pastor Joshua M ajors
We invite our guests to join us after the Worship Service
for our weekly fellowship meal in the Fireside Room,
across the breezeway .
Happy Sabbath!
The Vege-Store at VVAA...has Loma Linda & Worthington Food for sale. Tuesday & Thursday
Welcome to the Arroyo Grande
Seventh-day Adventist Church
We pray that your Encounter with Jesus today
will fill you with His abundant love & blessings!
Hours are 2:00 – 3:00 pm. If you are unable to come during these times, please call the school
office at 489-2687 to make other arrangements.
Anne and Paul Nazario Memorial Worthy Student Fund at VVAA...donations should be
sent directly to
the school at 230 Vernon Street, AG, CA 93420.
Box Top Labels for Education...Just a reminder that there are EXPIRATION DATES on these
labels so please
check them before you put them in a zip loc bag and put on Jill’s desk in the office.
There is a flier in the foyer literature rack with a list of
Box Tops products.
February 7th, 2015
Pastor Joshua Majors
Sabbath School...9:30 am
[email protected]
Office: (805) 489-6622
The church bulletin and sermons are posted online each week.
Opening Song...Congregation
Welcome & Church Family
Church Address: 240 Vernon Street, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
Call to Worship...In Songs and Prayer
Office Manager: Jill Wooten
[email protected]
Church Website: http://agadventist.org
Phone: (805) 489-6622
Fax: (805) 489-4412
Principal, Kris Phillips
(Local Church Budget)
Dismissal for Foot Washing
(305) 588-4294 Cell
Office Manager: Terri Behrens
Email: [email protected]
(805) 489-2687 Work
Families: Fireside Room
Website: http://vvaaonline.org
Praise in Song…Congregation
Church Family Giving Through January 17 , 2015 Scripture Reading...John 13:7...Brock Wooten
Tithe 2015 (YTD) Received in 2015 Received in 2014 Over/Under: Church Budget 2015 (YTD) Need: Received: Under: Student Scholarship Worthy Student Fund: Need: Received: Under: Valley View Growth Fund Need: Received: Under: 11,514 14,489 -­‐2,975 Receive His Word...Pastor Joshua Majors
“In the Upper Room”
Special Music...Teatsy Farris
5,925 3,907 -­‐2,018 Prayer for Emblems…Larry Pena & Don Cale
Partaking of the Emblems
15,030 8,168 -­‐6,862 Benediction
" ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________#
19,000 14,110 -­‐4,890 Sanctuary Flowers Generously Donated by:
David and Kate Yun
Circle of Prayer
W E A R E D O W N $ -­‐2,018 I N O U R B U D G E T F O R T H E Y E A R . Please prayerfully consider this when planning your giving. Women: Adventurers Classroom
(In Sanctuary during foot washing)
Email: [email protected]
Men: Primary Classroom
Children’s Story...Lynnette Yeo
Director: Jamie Sanbonmatsu
Tithe & Offerings...Larry Pena
Worship Service...10:45 am
Sabbath mornings at 9:00 in the Youth Room