Agenda - Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

The CMCSS mission is to educate and empower each student to reach their potential Agenda
The Clarksville-Montgomery County Board of Education will meet in a Formal Session
on Tuesday, February 10, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room, Central
Administration Office, 621 Gracey Avenue, Clarksville, Tennessee.
Agenda Item
6:00 Convene
Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Moment of Silence
6:03 Point of Pride Awards
 Please see attached Supplemental Agenda
Public Conversation
Any person may address the Board for a maximum of five minutes
on any agenda item. Each speaker must fill out a request form
24hrs.prior to the Board Meeting.
Approval of Consent Agenda
1. January 13, 2015 regular session minutes
2. Surplus Property Recommendation for 633 New Providence
Blvd., first reading January 27, 2015
3. Naming of Frances C. Sumner Library at New Providence
Middle School, first reading January 27, 2015
4. Naming of Frank Sutton Library at Norman Smith Elementary
School, first reading January 27, 2015
5. Naming of Bobby Petties Automotive Center at Northwest High
School, first reading January 27, 2015
Policy Monitoring
EL-3 – Personnel Administration
Goal 12 – Increase alternative funding sources
1. Fort Campbell School Liaison Officer
2. County Commissioners
3. Board Members
Director of Schools Report
**Policy Reference:Policy Governance is the model of leadership used by the Board of Education,
allowing members to focus on student achievement and the vision needed to improve our public schools.
Each item on the agenda is tied to a specific policy. The entire Clarksville-Montgomery County Board of
Education Policy Governance Manual can be found at:
Clarksville‐Montgomery County Board of Education Supplemental Agenda February 10, 2015 Board Point of Pride Awards Presenter Deputy Tim Adair, School Resource Officer at Moore Magnet Dowdy CMCSS Schools and Bookkeepers for audit results: Lobdell 10 Years No Findings: Montgomery Central Elementary ‐ Natalie McCaslin, Bookkeeper; Nancy Grant, Principal Six Years No Findings: Hazelwood Elementary – Jewel Cole, Bookkeeper; Jessica Harris/Mason Bellamy, Principals Kenwood Elementary ‐ Judy Richardson, Bookkeeper; Kim Masters, Principal Minglewood Elementary – Jackson Smith, Bookkeeper; Phyllis Boswell, retired Bookkeeper; Bonnie Digby/Jane Winter, Principals Norman Smith Elementary ‐ Tonya Weakley, Bookkeeper; Margaret Hausauer/Beth Unfried, Principals Northeast Middle – Ellen Cline and Michele Kirby, Bookkeepers; Tracy Hollinger, Principal Rossview High – Jodi Ranallo and Teresa Hughes, Bookkeepers; Jo McElfresh, retired Bookkeeper; Frank Myers, Principal Three Years No Findings: East Montgomery Elementary – Adeline Kraeling, Bookkeeper; Amy Munson former Bookkeeper; Tracy McPherson/Yvonne Hackney, Principals St. Bethlehem Elementary – Charli Hall, Bookkeeper; Melisse Williams/Tracy McPherson, Principals Sango Elementary – Kathy Barnhill, Bookkeeper; Emily Vaughn, Principal West Creek Elementary ‐ Lisa Nowack, Bookkeeper; Lynne Rains, Principal Montgomery Central Middle ‐ Shelia Jones and Becky Greer, Bookkeepers; Dee‐Etta Whitlock, Principal Richview Middle ‐ Kim Maiolo and Donna Moore, Bookkeepers; Lisa Clark, Principal West Creek Middle – Lauren Fry and Renee Theriault, Bookkeepers; JoAnn Darnell, retired Bookkeeper; Bryan Feldman, Principal Rossview Middle School Hawkbotics Gold Team 4570: Murtha Briana McMurchie, Kyleigh Colp, Krista McSwain, Tatiana Hernandez, Jonathyn Edwards Mackenzie Richey, Chloe Yoder, Andrew Joosse, and Jariel Jiminez‐Lopez. Coaches Bridget Harding, Roxanne Morris, and Teri Summers Northeast Middle School E3‐Soar Team: Baggett Tyrese Belcher, Cleveland Brookhart, Arian Collazo, Navarone Dupont, Ava Ploeckelman, Gabe Quintero, Lauren Veltri, and McKenzie Ward. Coaches Polly Kopp and Whitney Joyner. Student Mentors Nick Bouder, Bailyn Dupont, and Scott Moore February 10, 2015 Point of Pride Awards, Continued Rossview High School – American Field Study (AFS) recognition 2015 Valedictorians and Salutatorians Valedictorians Salutatorians CHS Emily Elaine Watson Allison Nicole Smith KHS David Kai Zhang Annie Cho Lindsey MCHS Allison Nicole Schmittou Lauren Michael Tucker NEHS Ricky Dean Pugalee Diya Daswani NWHS Gauge Lewis Sellmer Ciara Marie Westbrook RHS Samuel Anderson Boehms & Akash Bharat Patel* Jan Rhys Guido Kuan WCHS Hannah Jihye Chong Amy Laurel Wyer *There was an exact tie for Valedictorian at Rossview High Board Presenter Freeman Giles